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The process of accountability, self-evaluation and self-criticism within the MQM is unprecedented in the political history of Pakistan


The process of accountability, self-evaluation and self-criticism within the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is unprecedented in the political history of Pakistani politics. In the national elections held on May 11th, 2013, in which the MQM managed to keep its share of national and provincial assembly seats in Karachi, Hyderabad and Mirpur Khas but on the other hand faced a four percent loss in its overall share of popular votes.

4. Pak goes to polls 5. Nawaz meets Imran 6. Big Political Thrones Fall In

The MQM, through its founder leader Altaf Hussain, has announced a massive organizational restructuring; Altaf Hussain furthermore declared a movement against crime and corruption within the party.

Election 2013 7. European Union

Whilst this declaration may have been slightly delayed it was nonetheless, a desperately needed action for Altaf Hussain to have taken. He openly criticized senior party officials and workers for collecting donations, becoming involved in land encroachment rackets and advancing their own business and commercial interests by exploiting the MQM’s name and influence.

8. Rigging in Election 2013 9. Election turnout shows na-

tion can defeat terror:PM 10. Why PTI Only Win 30-35 Seats? 11. China praises Pak strategy against terror 12. PPP accepts mandate of all parties: Bilawal 13. Nawaz to work with army to solve problems 14. Army wants MPs to serve public: Gen Kayani 15. MQM Condemns Zara Shahid Hussain’s Murder 16. Altaf dissolves MQM Pak, UK coordination 17. Ex-PM Ashraf’s name put on ECL

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According to rumors certain MQM stalwarts, who are now multi-millionaires, were proved as being both corrupt and greedy, if not more and of acting like politicians from feudal, tribal or business backgrounds; building huge business empires from Nazimabad to Dubai and to the United States. As a result of this corruption within the MQM party, Altaf Hussain along with his die-hard companions and his dedicated followers have every reason to feel angry and betrayed by the way the party which claims to represent the lower and middle classes has been exploited in order to fulfill personal agendas and satisfy personal greed often at the cost of martyred citizens. Even though the margin of victory of MQM candidates remained large in most of its constituencies, the number of votes polled in favor of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) provides a genuine cause of concern to the MQM leadership. PTI emerged at the number two position in most MQM-dominated areas with a considerable amount number of votes. The PTI also claimed one national and two provincial assembly seats in Karachi. The question is; why do a number of Karachites especially the apolitical educated middle and upper-middle classes feel so frustrated with the old political order, including the MQM? The reason it would seem, is the failure of these mainstream forces to address any of the issues that affect, and damage, the lives of the common man, nearly 7,000 people lost their lives. The paradox was that militants belong to the three ruling partners: PPP, MQM and ANP. The period of this coalition has also witnessed an unprecedented rise in street crime and extortion. Traders, business-owners and industrialists staged extraordinary shutter-down protests against the extortionate mafia led by the PPP-backed AMN Committee of Lyari, which proved to be even more brutal and ruthless compared to the ‘old boys’ on the scene. As street crime, extortions, killings and lawlessness increased, the common man began to feel more helpless and defenseless on the streets of Karachi. The MQM’s frequent protests and discussions with its senior coalition partners failed to change the situation on the ground. The nexus between crime and politics was strong, political and religious parties contributed to the disruption due to their size and power. The PPP’ s Sindh government also took the MQM for a long ride on the issue of local bodies which are vital to run and manage Karachi. The list of the former ruling coalition’s failures and their disappointments can be stretched a lot further; from mismanaging health care and education to the lack of provision of even basic civic amenities. In my opinion the MQM will face difficult choices to make not just in terms of cleaning its stables and reorganizing the party, but also in the matter of rejoining or not joining another PPP-led coalition at the provincial level. There may be pressure from within the MQM to be part of the PPP-led coalition, but if the past is an indicator, this unity of diversity hardly stands a chance to deliver anything. In this situation the best path for the MQM would be to move forward as a responsible opposition party, lobbying with central and the provincial governments on the core issues of improving law and order in Karachi, and vitalizing the local bodies system without delaying any longer. The party should also fight and purge the criminals and the corrupt from within its own ranks to emerge as a pro-people party and a clean political force not only in Karachi, but all over in Pakistan. Will this be impossible for MQM? Jawaid riaz


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MAY - 2013

Pak goes to polls


A total of 4,670 candidates are standing for parliamentary elections while nearly 11,000 are running for the four provincial assemblies.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that one of the party’s candidates had handed over members of the mujahedeen to the U.S. Till now Taliban violence has claimed more Although it’s yet to be seen wheth- than 100 lives, forced key parties er amidst all the Taliban threats to abandon rallies and large gathand terror strikes voters turn out erings. in large numbers or not as Pakistan is known for having extremely low voter turnouts. Given the terrible condition of the economy the country is in dire need of a stable govt and cannot afford to waste anymore of its resources over any kind of coups.

Nawaz returns with a bang


akistan faces a crucial test in polls on Saturday that militant Taliban jihadists, who seek a Muslim theocracy, have vowed to ruin. More than 100 people have been killed since April in violence against candidates and party supporters, according to media reports.

Tryst with Taliban & Terrorism


The May 11 elections will be the first peaceful change of power from one civilian government to another in Pakistan’s history after decades of army rule that ended only five years ago. The military has ruled Pakistan for more than half of its 66-year history, either through coups or from behind the scenes. Whoever wins the election will be faced, immediately, not only with the challenge ith the Taliban virtually of Islamist terror but also with taking over the north west an economy crippled by a lack of part of the country to its homepower and a looming balance of bred extremist turned militant orpayments crisis. ganizations casting gloom over its law and order situation Pakistan’s vulnerability has been a huge deterrent towards its progress. Secular and liberal parties such as the Awami National Party (ANP) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), meanwhile, have borne the brunt of Pakistan Taliban attacks in the run-up to the elections.


First Democratic transition for Pakistan


or a country that’s always been marred with political instability with governments lasting just for weeks this election sees the first ever transfer of power from an elected government to another in the country’s chequered democratic history. Approximately 40 million young Pakistanis are expected to vote for the first time in the upcoming elections, out of a registered electorate of 90 million.

Attacks by the Pakistani Taliban have been particularly virulent in the election campaign -- the first time Pakistan will experience a civilian-to-civilian transfer of power -- not only targeting secular and independent parties but even attacking a rally held by a right-wing religious party that’s normally sympathetic to the militant movement. At least 18 people were killed in the blast on Monday at the rally organized by the Jamiat Ulema-E-Islam (JUI) party.

outed to be the frontrunner Sharif, a steel tycoon, is tipped to become the first politician to serve three terms as prime minister.

He first held the post from 1990 to 1993, until he was sacked for corruption, and from 1997 until 1999, when he was deposed by a military coup led by then Military Gen Musharraf. Khan, who won only one seat in 2002 and boycotted polls in 2008, has led an electric campaign, galvanizing the middle class and young people in what he has called a “tsunami” of support that will propel him into office.

Imran Khan’s accident doesn’t showdown his popularity

entry into politics being called a publicity to his political ideologies being branded as naïve. But this election could well prove to be a game changer for the Urban educated class’s poster boy who is said to be trailing closely behind Nawa Sharif. Khan has gained popular support from the urban educated class of Pakistan because of his policies that promise to establish a honest democracy.

E l e c t i Final picture: o PML-N emerges as the largest n The PTI chief is a harsh critic of Pakistan’s alliance with the US. Khan says if elected as prime minister, he would end anti-terrorism cooperation, stop American drone strikes on Pakistani territory and restore the country’s financial sovereignty by reducing reliance on Western donors. Khan is also said to be a close aide of the ISI and military generals which experts claim could well turn out to be in his favour given the military dominance in the country.

party in centre

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to most pre-poll predictions, the Pakistan Muslim LeagueNawaz (PML-N) emerged as the single largest party by securing 123 seats of the National Assembly, according to the results released by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).


he election commission has received 256 results out of 268 han, who is hospitalised after having fallen down from constituencies, and are still waita forklift during campaign, could ing for results from 12 constituencies, a senior ECP official said. gain some sympathy votes.


The suave cricketer turned politi- In order to win a simple majority cian has had a tough ride from his in the 342-member lower house,


MAY- 2013


a party or coalition would need 172 seats. Of the total seats, 272 are for directly elected members while 60 are reserved seats for women and 10 are for minorities. These reserved seats are allocated to parties as per their performance in the polls. As per the results from ECP, PML-N has secured 123 seats; Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP) bagged 37 seats, followed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) which managed to get 27 seats. Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) won 18 seats, Jamiat Ulema-eIslam-Fazl (JUI-F) 10 seats, Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) four seats, Jamaat-e-Islami three seats, Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) two seats, NPP and PML two seats each.


ources in the caretaker government informed that the caretaker Law Minister had proposed the summoning of maiden session of the National Assembly between May 18 and May 24 and subsequent transfer of power within this period but interestingly the would-be Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who would assume the office for third term, showed the desire to see the new National Assembly take oath on Eight parties, including the AwaMay 28 or he himself would take mi National Party (ANP), Balooath as prime minister on that chistan National Party-Mengal date in case the session is to be (BNP-M), Qaumi Watan Partycalled earlier. Sherpao (QWP-S), Pakistan Muslim League-Zia (PML-Z), NP, It is pertinent to mention here AMLP, AJIP, All Pakistan Muslim that May 28 holds great signifileague (APML) of General retd cance in the country’s history as Parvez Musharraf have each won well as in the political career of one seat in the National Assembly. Nawaz Sharif, as in 1999 on the same day the Nawaz-led governAdditionally, 26 independents ment had carried out six nuclear have also won seats in the lower explosions in Chaghi in response house. Seven of the independent to the five nuclear blasts conductcandidates belong to Khybered by India, rejecting world presPakhtunkhwa, 16 are from Punsure particularly from the then jab, two from Sindh and one from American President, Bill Clinton. Balochistan. The sources in the caretaker govPML-N, the majority party in ernment said that the summary National Assembly, according to to call the National Assembly sesprovisional results, has already sion between May 18 to May 24 expressed its willingness to acwould be taken up in the cabicommodate all political forces in net meeting called tomorrow. the governments. According to a Of course the request of Nawaz PML-N spokesperson, negotiaSharif would also come under retions for possible coalitions are view of the cabinet meeting, the already underway. sources in the government added.

Nawaz meets Imran in hospital, vows to work together

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Nawaz Sharif visited the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital on Tuesday to inquire after Imran Khan and suggested playing “a friendly match” with him after he recovers fully.


mran is undergoing treatment after he got seriously injured in a fall during an election rally in Lahore. Nawaz presented the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief a bouquet and prayed for his health and early recovery.

ers,” Nawaz said. He claimed that Imran was receptive during the meeting and he admired his high spirits and wanted him to continue with the same spirit. He said he was feeling very happy after meeting the PTI chief and it was his duty to visit him to express his good wishes.

Responding to another query, Nawaz claimed that his party wanted to maintain cordial relations with all countries, including the US, and wanted them to help Pakistan resolve its difficulties. He avoided responding to a Later, talking to reporters, query pertaining to rigging alleNawaz claimed he had resolved gations in the polls. his differences with Imran Khan. He said he recounted a Hadees The PTI information secretary to Imran which says that it is Dr Shireen Mazari said Nawaz not permissible for a Muslim to Sharif visited Imran Khan at the remain angry at a fellow Mus- SKMTH in Lahore, where Imran lim for more than three days. He reminded him about the need hoped Imran would recover fully to resolve the Taliban issue.In a soon and resume his political ac- statement from Islamabad, she said Imran Khan congratulated tivities. Mian Sahib and Nawaz reciproNawaz said the PTI chairman cated with regards to PTI’s vichad congratulated him on his tory in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. success in the recent polls and he too felicitated Imran Khan Imran pointed out to Nawaz on his victory in Khyber Pakh- that it was incumbent on both tunkhwa. He said he conveyed to of them to resolve the Taliban Imran that they had no personal issue otherwise there could be The sources further said that enmity and that they should no peace in the country.She said Caretaker Prime Minister Mir join hands for the betterment Mian Sahib agreed with Imran. Hazar Khan Khoso wanted the of Pakistan which was facing The PTI chief reminded Nawaz transfer of power as early as possi- huge crises. He claimed that Im- that the perspective of both the ble and it on his initiative that the ran agreed to maintain a better parties on this issue was similar median session of the National working relationship with him and both should be prepared to Assembly should be called at the and to bring the country out of work together for the resolution of this major issue confronting Islamabad - An interesting sit- earliest and on his direction the its crises jointly. uation has arisen as the care- caretaker Law Minister had prePakistan today. taker government is eager to pared the summary of summon- Responding to a query, Nawaz transfer power as soon as pos- ing the inaugural session between said his party respected the Nawaz said he would call on Imsible but PML-N chief Mian May 18 and May 24, but when the mandate of the PTI in KP and ran Khan again when he was betNawaz Sharif desires either to same was discussed with Nawaz it would move forward in the ter. The meeting took place in a see the oath-taking of newly Sharif, he expressed his desire to same spirit. “The meeting took cordial atmosphere where both elected parliamentarians on see the MNAs-elect take oath on place in a very friendly and cor- recognised their political differMay 28 or to himself take oath May 28 or he should himself take dial atmosphere and I will meet ences as well as the need to bring Imran again after he fully recov- peace to the country. as prime minister on that date. oath as PM on that day.

E l e c PML-N chief NA t wants tenure start i from May 28 o n


MAY - 2013

Big Political Thrones Fall In Election 2013 I


Zardari sees local, global games behind PPP’s defeat

slamabad: The Election 2013 surprised many Pakistani politicians and some big names couldn’t win. Pakistan Peoples Party leadership suffered more than any other democratic party. PPP’s Raja Pervez Ashraf, Ahmed Mukhtar, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Mian Manzoor Wattoo, Abdul Qadir Gillani, Raja Riaz, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Nazar Muhammad Gondal, Samina Khalid Ghurki and Samsam Bukhari faced worst defeat in their areas.PPP limited in rural areas of Sindh and its leaders rejected by nation in other LAHORE: President Asif Ali Zardari said on Monday the PPP provinces. fell victim to a national (local) This election badly destructed and international conspiracy in Awami National Party in all over the recent general elections and Pakistan. Though ANP former its mandate was still being hiChief Minister Khyber Pakhjacked in Sindh. tunkhwa Ameer Haider Khan Hoti won election, other leader ddressing a crowded meeting faced public angriness. ANP of his party ticket holders Chief Asfandyar Wali and Gh- from the Punjab at the Bilawal ulam Ahmed Bilour lost with big House to discuss the reasons bemargins. hind the defeat of the PPP in reOn other hand, some big politi- cent elections, Zardari said that cians also lost election against the PPP government took all posunpopular candidates on one or sible measures in national interest more seats. Tehreek e Insaf Imran and focused on solution of core Khan won election from NA-1 Pe- issues during its five-year tenure shawar, NA-71 Mianwali but lost when a coalition government was from NA-122 Lahore. PTI’s Shah in power. Mahmood Qureshi also lost one He also stated that in the interest seat from Multan. Nawaz League of the country, he also focused on senior leader Chaudhary Nisar improving ties and signing agreeAli khan couldn’t win from NA ments with different nations 53 and PP7. PML-N Hanif Abbasi which wasn’t liked by some interand Ameer Muqam lost from NA- national forces and consequently 56 Rawalpindi and NA-30 Swat the PPP had to suffer in recent respectively. elections.


Sources said during the meeting, the president also said foreign elements were more active than local forces in engineering the elections and victory was snatched from the PPP on a number of seats.

maintained better relationship with the allies.

that despite reservations, the PPP accepted the results because it wanted to strengthen the democracy, not its derailment. He also said that now it was up to the PML-N President Nawaz Sharif how he ran the government and

A PPP ticket holder from Lahore, on the occasion, stated that PM Gilani used to spend a couple of days in Lahore but instead of meeting his party members, would visit Jati Umra.Another PPP figure from Lahore in his

Zardari also stated that it was true that he couldn’t give proper time to his party while being in office but after three months when his term would over, he would play Sources also quoted the president an active role in strengthening his as saying that it was strange that party in Punjab and other provthe PML-N leadership started to inces. He also said that a commisdeclare victory on most of the sion headed by Barrister Aitzaz seats within a few hours after the Ahsen had been set up to review polling was over whereas in most the reasons behind the defeat of of the seats where the PPP candi- the PPP in the elections. dates had won, results were not Moreover, sources stated that the even announced for four days. meeting of the PPP ticket holdSources said in his nearlyhalf an ers remained highly critical of the hour long speech, the president core committee of President Asif also hinted at the support of ‘hid- Zardari comprising Rukhsana den’ forces behind the victory of Bangash, Fauzia Habib and failthe PML-N and stated still such ure of former premier Yusuf Raza forces were active in Sindh, where Gilani in strengthening the party. efforts were underway to deprive Insiders stated that participants the PPP of its mandate. of the meeting openly criticised Responding to the complaints these members in their presence raised by a number of PPP ticket and asked president to take noholders over the issue of deliver- tice of these complaints. Sources ance, bad governance and above revealed that a PPP activist from all inability of the PPP govern- district Layyah came down hard ment to resolve electricity crisis, on former PM Yusuf Raza Gilani the president replied that it was for his soft corner towards PMLtrue that all didn’t go well in the N parliamentarians and for showPPP tenure but despite that all ing a cold shoulder to his own possible steps were taken in coun- party figure. The PPP worker try’s interest. He said even in 2008, from the Southern Punjab disthe PPP wasn’t given majority trict stated that the former PM and a coalition government came only focused strengthening his to existence but it completed its position in his district and didn’t pay any attention towards other term despite challenges. In 2013 elections, he also said districts.


MAY- 2013



speech paid rich tribute to late Fauzia Wahab for his constant coordination with party workers in her life but came hard on Raukhsana Bangash, Fauzia Habib for their apathetic attitude towards the workers.

of the European Union to Pakistan

“The violence in the campaign and on election day was terrible, but must not overshadow the achievements of the process. The turnout in defiance of the threats against the process was an extraordinary vote of confidence in democracy itself. This election was a step forward, but one from which we call on all those elected to sustain their commitment to reforms, in the interests of good government by overcoming militant viofor the people and good govlence. We saw a competitive ernance for the state.” Richard process, with twice as many Howitt MEP. candidates as there were in 2008. While various aspects The EU EOM will remain in of the election process have country till 5 June to observe the improved, there were still tabulation of results and elecshortcomings. It is important that the framework for elections is further developed, so that democracy is strengthened.” Michael Gahler Chief Observer of the EU Election Observation Mission said.

A Competitive and Improved Election Process Despite Militant Violence and Procedural Shortcomings

The meeting was attended by former Prime Ministers Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Governor Punjab Makhdoom Ahmed Mehmmod, former Governor Sardar Latif Khosa, Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo, Nazar Mohammed Gondal, PPP Parliamentary leader in Punjab Faiza Malik and nearly 350 ticket holders of PPP from Punjab.

According to Geo News, President Asif Ali Zardari Monday evening telephoned Nawaz Sharif and felicitated him on victory in elections.Nawaz thanked Zardari for the felicitation, but said, “ZarPress Release on Preliminary adri Sahib you took so long to say Statement of EU Election Obserthis.” The President also telephoned Maulana Fazal-ur-Rahman, head of JUI(F), and President ANP Asfandyar Wali Khan.APP adds: Spokesperson to the President Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the President felicitated the people and all parties on participation in elections paving way for the first democratic transition in the country.

ment (MEPs) acting as short-term observers and chaired by MEP Richard Howitt.

vation Mission in Pakistan (13/05/2013)

Press release: EU EOM/2013/06 Immediate Release Date: Islamabad 13/05/2013 trong commitment was shown to the democratic process by parties, candidates and voters, who continued to participate in the electoral process despite high levels of militant attacks in parts of the country that escalated and ultimately affected the process as The Spokesperson quoted the a whole. Violence by non-state acPresident as saying that the electors unbalanced the playing field tions followed by smooth transfer and distorted the election process of power in the coming days will considerably in the concerned lobe remembered as a watershed cations. mark in our political evolution and a triumph of the democratic “Election day showed the comethos of the people and the politi- mitment of the people of Pakical parties. stan to democratic governance


There were 62 reported election related security incidents on election day resulting in 64 deaths. Of the stations where the EU EOM was able to observe, polling was generally rated as satisfactory or good, but was however rated as poor or inadequate in 9% of stations visited. The ECP’s late decision to extend voting by one hour, to allow more opportunity to voters, caused confusion and was not officially announced on the ECP website. Counting was more negatively assessed by EU EOM observers.

toral dispute resolution mechanisms. The EU EOM will publish a final report, containing detailed recommendations, within two months of the conclusion of the electoral process. Note to Editors:

The EU EOM is independent of the EU institutions and EU Member States. The EU EOM operates in accordance with the “Declaration of Principles for InternaThe European Union EOM was tional Election Observation” enjoined by a delegation of three dorsed under the auspices of the Members of the European Parlia- United Nations in 2005.


MAY - 2013

Rigging in Election 2013: ECP receives 152 applications, orders recounting in 9 constituencies


of funds. On January 22, it had banned diversion of funds already allocated to various development projects in the country and the spending of funds so diverted stood frozen. The ECP had also banned all kind of recruitments in the ministries and government departments except recruitments by the public service commissions. The decision was taken in view of the fact that mass recruitments and diversion of funds for the sake of development work in a particular constituency on the eve of general elections would substantially influence the results of the elections. “Now, the ECP has withdrawn ban of diversion of funds but ban on recruitment is still intact.”

Presiding officers will be ISLAMABAD - The Election held Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has so far received 152 applica- accountable tions pertaining to allegations of rigging in various constitu- for ‘every single encies and has ordered recounting in nine constituencies upon vote’: ECP concerns shown by the candidates in their applications.


n view of the reports of rigging and allegations of bogus voting, the ECP is also mulling random verification of thumb impressions of the voters, the sources said. The decision on re-polling in NA-250 will be taken today (Friday).

Meanwhile, talking to reporters, ECP Secretary Ishtiak Ahmad rejected FAFEN’s report that stated that voter turnout at 49 polling stations was over 100 percent. He said 49 polling stations made 0.6 percent of the total polling stations established by the ECP on polling day. He said FAFEN reported 116 percent turnout in NA-6 but, “actually, the turnout in the constituency remained at 46 percent”. However, he said the ECP would take action if any irregularity was found, adding that each presiding officer would be held responsible for each and every ballot paper. “The ECP has set up election tribunals which will decide the petitions within 120 days,” Ahmad said.

ISLAMABAD: Contesting the allegations of rigging, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday said the presiding officers would be held accountable for every single ballot paper adding that the system put in place would not spare any faking.


he commission vehemently rejected a recent report by the Free and Fair Election Network (Fafen) on over 100 percent voter turnout at 49 polling stations in the May 11 general election.

The commission said the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) needed two weeks to enhance its capacity to verify thousands of thumb impressions, as it continued to receive complaints. The commission has Meanwhile, the ECP complete- received 110 applications (comly withdrew ban on diversion plaints) within three days.

ed by retired district and session judges, who would be bound to dispose off the cases within 120 days. He said new systems were introduced and work was on for threefour years and the commission was not as it used to be 50 years back. The commission met here again to look into complaints filed by political parties and candidates, mostly calling for re-polling and recounting in their respective constituencies. Chief Election Commissioner Justice (retd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim chaired the proceedings.

Turning to the Fafen report, the ECP secretary pointed out that the commission had changed massively and had a huge IT database. He said Fafen had been told to take the ECP views and comments prior to releasing any report, but this was not done and recently a report was issued.

Briefing media persons here, Secretary ECP Ishtiak Ahmad Khan regretted that, on the one hand, the entire world greeted Pakistan on holding free and fair elections and the European Union and other observers also confirmed the electoral process as free and transparent barring one or two incidents of irregularities, on the other hand, some circles were talking in total contrast.

However, he maintained that the goal of both the commission and Fafen was the same i.e. transparent and free elections. He said the commission not only rejected its report, but also insisted accountability would also be held in this connection.

Ishtiak pointed out the report talked about 49 polling stations, where it claimed the turnout was over 100, 200 and even 300 percent. He said even if this was to He noted that the US President be believed, the figure was just Barrack Obama also congratu0.6 percent while 99.4 percent the lated Pakistan, while the British elections were held in a transparhigh commissioner said the elecent way. tions had added to Pakistan’s dignity. “But some circles are speak- The commission, he noted, had ing otherwise and creating doubts evolved a computerised election in the minds of all. Is it good for result management system based the system?” on 14 results and added that 11 polling stations49 polling staThe secretary said all the stake- tions Fafen had claimed to have holders played their role to en- observed and come up with over sure free and transparent election. 100 per cent voter turnout. Ishtiak maintained now was the time to move forward and as per The ECP secretary said all the rethe Constitution, after the elec- sults shown by Fafen were totally tions within 21 days, the National incorrect and not even at a single Assembly and other assemblies polling station the turnout was were to meet and elect the speak- near 100 per cent.“The facts are er, prime minister, chief ministers with us. Fafen’s observers were and cabinets. “Now we should fo- given results on chits. We shall cus on such things,” he emphasized. hold an inquiry on this and if presiding officers were found issuing This statement comes amid a tor- chits this way, they would be held rent of allegations against the responsible; otherwise, Fafen itECP for not doing enough to take self should think about what to do.” action against those indulging in rigging and manipulation of results. He recalled at the time of Census, Fafen was asked to be careful, as On its part, the Election Commis- reports like the one recently resion, he noted, has been meeting leased were harmful to the nation. till late at night for the last three “As the commission has reformed days and hadreceived 110 com- its system, Fafen must also do the plaints so far. In 8-9 cases, the same,” he contended. commission was convinced to hold recounting and within the Replying to a question, Ishtiak next 3-4 days, the process of elec- said there was an issue in Karation tribunals would begin, head- chi’s NA-250 for which the com-



MAY- 2013


worked day and night to accomplish this difficult task despite adverse circumstances.

mission had called PTI, MQM and chief secretary Sindh and asserted that the eyes of the commission were not shut on this issue.

He also felicitated the nation for enthusiastic participation in the election process.He said it was really a remarkable event as the first-ever democratic transition of power was taking place in the country’s history.

The prime minister said it was the caretaker government’s conviction that in any case and circumAsked about the commission’s po- stance, the elections were essensition on Imran Khan’s demand tial for the strengthening of the for re-counting and thumb veri- cause of democracy and developfication, he said the commission ment of the country. was considering it and PTI’s Hamid Khan had been asked to share with the forum whatever proof he had on this count. The ECP secretary said the commission would look into the matter and provide relief to the aggrieved; otherwise, the election tribunal would take the matter up. About complaints of irregularities and the security forces’ inability to check it, the ECP secretary noted that the commission had evolved a system consisting of 0.7 million personnel and security was the provincial governments’ responsibility.

Election turnout shows nation can defeat terror:PM

FAFEN exposes ‘impossible’ turnout at 49 polling stations ISLAMABAD: Based on data gathered by Free and Fair Election Network observers at polling stations showing impossible voter turnout greater than 100 percent, FAFEN called on the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to release all polling station Statements of the Count (Form XIV) to the public on its website before certifying any final election results in any constituency.


he voter turnout was more than 100 percent in at least 49 He observed that the caretaker polling stations out of 8,119 pollgovernment took all constitutioning stations sampled by FAFEN al and legal steps in collaboration with the Election Commission of across Pakistan, according to Pakistan and government agen- Statements of the Count delivcies to ensure a peaceful election ered so far by FAFEN observers. process.

ECP must not include votes from these polling stations in calculations of constituency election results, and should consider repolling in these stations. At least 32 polling stations with greater than 100 percent turnout were in Punjab, 10 in Sindh, six in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and one in Balochistan. The polling stations with impossible voter turnout figures included 19 female polling stations, 16 male stations and 14 combined (male and female) stations. Voter turnout is calculated on the basis of the registered voters for each polling station as given on the ECP website pk/PollingScheme.aspx. Polling stations included in the analysis are only those in which presiding officers accurately calculated the total number of ballots as recorded on the Statement of the Count (Form XIV). FAFEN has recommended since 2008 that ECP should void the results from any polling station where more ballots are cast than the number of registered voters, and should investigate highly im-

Caretaker Prime Minister Khoso said the elections were held on time as per the promise made by the ECP and caretaker government.He said the next phase of democratic transition, which is the transfer of power to the newly-elected government in accordance with the Constitution and the will of the people of Pakistan, would be completed soon within the stipulated time.

He said he was thankful to the people for coming out in large numbers to exercise their right to ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime vote.The cabinet appreciated the Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso efforts of the ECP‚ law enforcehas said fearless participation of ment agencies‚ media and civil the nation in the general elec- society for their role and cooperations has proved that it can defeat tion to the caretaker government militancy and sectarianism in the for achieving its objective of holdspirit of the collective well-being ing the general elections of the people.


n his opening remarks while presiding over a meeting of the federal cabinet here on Thursday‚ the caretaker prime minister said holding of timely elections was a great victory for the people‚ democracy and the system. He thanked all the institutions that



MAY - 2013


probable cases of voter turnout, PML-N which didn’t happen and Khan Baloch and Abdul Rehman such as those greater than 80 per- PML-N won the elections easily will also hold talks with the party cent. and in Punjab they outclassed PTI. at 3pm today. Best practice for election transparency requires that polling station ballot counts and vote counts should be posted as quickly as possible on the ECP website, both as scans of the original forms and in data tables that can be scrutinized.


PTI is claiming now that massive rigging has been done all over Pakistan. This is somehow true in some constituencies and videos are also circulated on internet. TV channels also didn’t play the role which they should have and they This information was made pubwere creating false hype. Credible lic by ECP for the first time many months after General Election journalist like Talat Hussain has 2008, based on persistent FAFEN stated that rigging claims must be proved by evidence. Many videos advocacy. on social media is circulating and it is time that Election Commission of Pakistan should take notice of all the rigging claims.

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif had constituted two high-powered committees on Monday; one to file a report on the Centre, Balochistan and Sindh, while the second focusing Punjab.

Shahbaz Sharif goes again to CM House


Only Win 30-35 Seats?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has won around 30-35 seat for the National Assembly in the 11th May General Elections. this has disappointed many workers, supporters of PTI and even many PTI leaders are also stunned by the result. Imran Khan Tall Claims:


akistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan was claiming from last two years that his party (PTI) will sweep the elections and because of his tall claims people were excepting at least 130-140 seats for PTI. However many PTI leaders knew that PTI will only win 35-40 seats.

Independent Analysts:

PTI Is Winner PTI has contested this election excellently and they have emerged as second biggest party of Pakistan which is a big victory for Tehreek-e-Insaf. After 30th October, 2011 PTI Jalsa in Lahore PML-N worked a lot in all over Punjab and it won those hearts which were disappointed from PML-N. PTI was busy in intraparty elections which also hurts the preparation of PTI for General elections.

Raiwind meetings: PMLN begins talks with independent candidates

RAIWIND: Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), after Independent and credible anaits victory in the general elections, lysts were also of the view that began holding meetings in Raidespite Imran Khan tall claims wind on Tuesday with successful PTI will be able to win around independent candidates to form a 40 seats. Some big media persons government. also suggested that Imran Khan’s party will win 40-50 seats. Some Independent candidates, Tahir of the media persons were indi- Iqbal and Naeem Bhabha, who cating that PTI may win 70-80 seats. won National Assembly seats from Vehari held meetings with Big Amount On Advertisement: the Sharif brothers in Raiwind Tehreek-e-Insaf spend billions of and announced joining PML-N. Rupees on media campaign like PML-N so people were expecting Other successful independent that they will give a tough fight to candidates including Siddique

Ahmad Hassaan, Mehar Ishtiaq Ahmad and Anwar Waheed Alam. The committee lauded the performance of chief minister-designate Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab and his understanding about the issues and problems of this province. The newly elected Punjab legislators will take oath on May 29 and Shahbaz Sharif will be elected as the leader of house on May 31 after the election of speaker and deputy speaker on May 30. The party sources say that the committee also decided to retain the incumbent speaker of Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan but no decision has been made about the slot of the deputy speaker.

The committee discussed the formation of the government in Balochistan and decided to step LAHORE - Parliamentary Com- up talks with PKMAP and indemittee of the Pakistan Muslim pendent winner who have joined League (Nawaz) on Thursday for- the PML-N for evolving consenmally named Muhammad Shah- sus on the name of the leader of baz Sharif as their candidate for the house. the Punjab chief minister. The PML-N with the support of t would be the third turn of PKMAP, NP and independents is Shahbaz as the Punjab chief in a comfortable position to set minister while he would be 16th up government in Balochistan. CM of the province. Shahbaz Sharif’s first tenure as However, a tug of war like situthe chief minister lasted from ation has erupted after the party March 1997 to October 12, 1999 named its provincial president when the PML-N governments Sanaullah Khan Zehri as the next in the centre and provinces were CM but later revised the decision overthrown by military coup of and named Nawabzada Changez Khan Murri for the slot. Sana is General Pervez Musharraf. being placated to accept the party Shahbaz Sharif completed the decision. second stint as the Punjab CM on March 26, 2013 that began on June 8, 2008.


Shahbaz Sharif’s name as Punjab CM was announced by Nawaz Sharif after the former was asked whether he wanted to serve in Punjab or in the centre. Shahbaz Sharif left the decision to the committee and the party president who decided to retain him in Punjab.

PPP nominates Qaim Ali Shah as CM Sindh

KARACHI: The Pakistan Peoples Party nominated Qaim Ali Shah as the Chief Minister of Sindh whereas Agha Siraj Durrani was Before the recent polls, Shahbaz nominated as Speaker of Sindh Sharif had evinced the desire to Assembly on Tuesday in a party become the minister for water meeting presided by President and power in the centre. Asif Ali Zardari. Earlier on MonThe meeting of the parliamen- day, Senior PPP leader Syed Kurtary committee was attended by sheed Shah had told media in an Senator Ishaq Dar, Ch Nisar Ali exclusive conversation had said Khan, Khwaja Muhammad Asif, that Qaim Ali Shah’s namewas Ahsan Iqbal, Khwaja Saad Rafiq, put forward to continue his role Khurram Dastagir Khan, Khwaja as CM in the Sindh government.


MAY- 2013


China praises Pak strategy against terror

connectivity through upgrading Karakoram Highway and other such transport infrastructure, working on proposed economic corridor, jointly combating nontraditional threats to maritime security and guarding international sea-lanes, expanding air routes, counter-terrorism cooperation and working together at regional and international fora. It was particularly important for Islamabad that Beijing expressed confidence in its counter-terrorism strategy.

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang wrapped up on Thursday his two-day official visit to Pakistan after promising a deeper and more comprehensive strategic engagement and a closer coordination for security and stability in Afghanistan.


ementing the “strategic partnership is the shared objective of both countries”, a joint statement issued at the conclusion of the visit said. Both sides noted that their bilateral relationship had acquired strategic importance in the context of the changing regional and international scenario.

The roadmap agreed by the two sides for taking the strategic ties to next level included strengthening strategic communication, moving ahead with negotiations on free trade agreement, convening the next round of meetings of Pak-China Joint Working Energy Group for cooperation on conventional, renewable and civil nuclear energy, enhancing

China “reiterates that it respects the anti-terrorism strategy developed and implemented by the Pakistani side in light of its own conditions. … China expresses its appreciation and continued willingness to help Pakistan build up counterterrorism capacity”, the joint statement read.

hanced cooperation — political relations; economy and trade; connectivity; maritime security; aviation and aerospace; people to people exchanges; defense and security collaboration; and cooperation on international and regional issues. “Pak-China friendship has stood the test of time and is more precious than gold,” Li told Senators at a special session of the upper house of parliament that had been convened for his speech. Address to the parliament is a special honour given to some of the visiting foreign leaders. Prime Minister Li had at the start of his visit said that China would consolidate its friendship with Pakistan no matter how the international situation developed. He had also effusively praised Pakistan for significantly contributing to regional and world pace and stability.

Chinese PM

returns after Pakistan visit

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang left for China this afternoon after two-day visit to Pakistan,


resident Asif Ali Zardari‚ Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso‚ Services Chiefs and high ranking officials bade farewell to him at the Noor Khan Air Base Rawalpindi.

Li arrived in the Pakistani capital on Wednesday on the second leg of his first official trip since takMr Li hoped that Pak-China cooping office in March and after a eration in the fields of economy, China had in the past reserva- maritime security, aerospace, en- visit to Pakistan and China’s arch tions over the presence of East ergy, agriculture, transportation rival, India. He leaves for Switzerland and Germany later on Thursday. Turkistan Islamic Movement and cultural fields would grow. (ETIM — a rebel Chinese group) “We want to achieve dynamic balin Pakistan. During Premier Li’s Prime Minister Li and his delega- ance in our trade,” Li said in an advisit the Pakistani leadership re- tion were given a warm send-off. dress to the Senate. committed to “continuous, active The special Air China Boeing 747 collaboration with and assistance aircraft carrying Mr Li was es- “We are ready to work with Pakito China in combating terrorist corted by a formation of six JF-17 stan to speed up the project of upThunder aircraft in Pakistani air- grading the Karakoram Highway, forces including the ETIM”. space as the Chinese leader em- actively explore and develop the ETIM was declared a common barked on the European leg of his long-term plans of building a Chithreat for Pakistan and China. four-nation tour. na-Pakistan economic corridor, Pakistan’s counter-terrorism During his stay in Islamabad, Mr expanding our shared interests.” strategy has quite often been Li met President Asif Ali Zardari, The Karakoram Highway, built criticised by the West for be- Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan through towering mountains ing flawed. The criticism largely Khoso, Senate Chairman Nayyar with China’s help, links northern stems from the continued pres- Bokhari, former speaker of the Pakistan with western China. ence of militants in ungoverned National Assembly Fehmida Mirza, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, Li expressed hope for financial, spaces in tribal areas. Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff maritime, agricultural, defence With Beijing’s endorsement for Committee Gen Khalid Shameem and energy cooperation, and its counter-terror strategy in hand, Wynne, services chiefs and lead- praised Pakistan for its “tenacity some in Islamabad think that they ers of major political parties. He, and fortitude” and “creating one would be able to better counter along with President Zardari, also miracle after another”. the “Western propaganda”. witnessed signing of 11 agreements and was decorated with “The China-Pakistan friendship Beijing and Islamabad broadly highest Pakistani civil award of has stood the test of hardship and identified eight sectors for en- Nishan-i-Pakistan. is more precious than gold,” he said.


MAY - 2013

NEWS of the view that old and flopped leaders could not save the party position.

PPP accepts mandate of all parties: Bilawal

Sources said President Zardari assured the MPAs that the party would respect their point of view and will fulfill their expectation as he was also fed up with the poor performance of the last provincial cabinet.

Most of the provincial ministers were running their departments with their illiterate and corrupt subordinates that damaged the KARACHI: Bilawal Bhutto election was held in the country. party image. It was also pointed Zardari has declared that the PPP out that the Thar Coal project He said the trend of change accepts the mandate of all the could not be started just because through ballot was good and this parties and directed the elected members of the party to follow trend must be followed as it was of lack of interest of the former the policy of political reconcilia- in the interest of Pakistan. He chief minister and this was the said the PPP had a majority in big lose of the party and province tion. Sindh but the party would con- as well.Sources said Bilawal Bhutongratulating the elected par- tinue to take along its allies in the to Zardari also directed the all ty MNAs and MPAs, the PPP future set-up. He appreciated the provincial party heads to resign as patron-in-chief Bilawal Bhutto efforts of the party leaders Makh- their performance was not up to Zardari said the party would play doom Amin Fahim, Faryal Talpur the expectation of the party. its role as the opposition in the and Awais Muzaffar and others National Assembly and in Senate. and advised them to continue this Meanwhile, the names of Amin spirit. Fahim and Faryal Talpur are being considered for the slot of the Sources said about 100 elected opposition leader in the National members both MNAs and MPAs were attended the gathering inAssembly. cluding 31 MNAs and 79 MPAs. The party invited the elected The party leaders briefed Bilawal MNAs and MPAs from Sindh to about the rigging and tactics used the Bilawal House for a dinner by the authorities to defeat the on Tuesday and Bilawal Bhutto PPP candidates. He was informed in his telephonic address advised that many ROs still refused to the elected members to avoid con- provide official results to the elected party members. frontation.


Yousuf Raza Gilani resigns from PPP’s vice-chairman post

He said the party would continue to take along the allies in the new set-up as the party believed in reconciliation and wanted to strengthen the democratic system in the country. Bilawal said the other parties would also have no option but to follow the trend of reconciliation process as this was the only weapon to defeat the anti-democratic elements. The PPP chairman said the party accepted the mandate of all the parties and would not confront any party on whether the election was rigged. He said it was the responsibility of the Election Commission to check and take action if they found any rigging in the election. He said the PPP participated in the election despite all the hurdles and threats. He said it was the victory of the people and democracy and despite all efforts of the anti-democratic forces, the

Earlier a group of elected MPAs called on the President Asif Ali Zardari in the evening and conveyed him that the party needed a young and dynamic leader for the government to running the affairs of the provincial government in Sindh.

Lahore: Former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday resigned from the post of vice-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, accepting responsibility for its resounding defeat in the general They also shared some bad expeelection. riences they faced in the previous term just because of the bad “I am tendering the resignation on governance and the party faced the basis of the election results,” critical situation in this election. Gilani told a news conference in The young elected party members his hometown of Multan. conveyed President Zardari that the provincial party chief did not “The PPP did not want to contest take interest in the election cam- the May 11 elections but Presipaign in Sindh while the decision dent Asif Ali Zardari did not let about the selection of the can- us do so,” he said. didates also one of the factor to However, he did not agree that damage the party in Sindh. voters “punished” the PPP for Sources said the majority of the failing to tackle issues like power party MPAs wanted a young cuts and inflation. leader to serve the people of the province who could give mandate “Time will tell about our governonce again to the PPP and were ment’s services for the country,”

he said. Gilani said the PPP could not run its election campaign properly because of security threats. The PPP wanted to convene a public meeting in Multan on May 9 but could not do so due to security concerns while his son, Ali Haider, was abducted two days before the polls, he said. Sources told PTI that Gilani had resigned from the party post because he wanted to maintain a low profile. “Gilani’s son, Ali Haider, has been kidnapped and there is a threat to the other members of the Gilani family,” a source said. Police are yet to make a breakthrough in tracing Gilani’s son or his abductors. Last year, the Supreme court disqualified Gilani after convicting him of contempt for refusing to revive graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari. Gilani said his disqualification had been a “big blow” for the PPP. He said he had no differences with the PPP?s leadership but called for the party to be reorganised. A new leadership should take on the responsibility of heading the party, he said. For now, the PPP had emerged as the second largest political party in the polls and would play the role of an active opposition, he added.

PPP to play active role as oppositionin: Bilawal

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has expressed the resolve that his party would play active role as opposition in the National Assembly, Geo News reported. He was talking at a PPP meeting through video link held at the Bialwal House. President Asif Ali Zardari presided over the meeting attended by PPP’s newly elected MPs. The meeting discussed political situation emerging after the general election. Speaking on the occasion, Bilawal said that the PPP would continue politics of reconciliation and would avoid confrontation.


MAY- 2013

Nawaz to work with army to solve problems

NEWS cabinet, a party spokesman said. Dar, who served as finance minister in a previous Sharif cabinet in the 1990s, has said he plans to push provincial governments to collect agricultural taxes, a policy that could set him on a collision course with some of the PML-N wealthy backers. Sharif said ahead of the election that Pakistan should reconsider its support for the US war on Islamist militancy and suggested he was in favour of negotiations with the Taliban. As prime minister-elect, Sharif chose his words carefully, saying Islamabad and Washington have “good relations” and “need to listen to each other”.

He said the mistrust that has long dogged relations with India Asked about US drone strikes must be tackled. He added he had against militants, he said, “Drones a “long chat” with Indian Prime indeed are challenging our soverMinister Manmohan Singh on eignty. Of course we have taken Sunday and each man extended this matter up very seriously. I an invitation to the other to visit think this is a very serious issue, his country, a diplomatic nicety and our concern must be underawaz was talking to foreign in some parts of the world but a stood properly.” reporters at his Raiwind resi- heavily symbolic step for South “We will sit with our American dence.Nawaz said he would con- Asia’s arch-enemies. friends and talk to them about sult all political parties to develop a consensus national policy to Asked by an Indian journalist this issue,” he said. “If there are tackle terrorism, as many people if he would invite Singh for his any concerns on any side, I think fell victim to terrorism during the swearing-in as prime minister, he we should address those conPPP government. said: “We will be very happy to cerns,” he said about Pak relations invite him, whether he will come with the US. He asked the Pakistan Tehreek-e- or not is a different issue but I Insaf (PTI) chief to form the gov- hope that he will visit Pakistan Sharif said that he would facilitate the US withdrawal from ernment in Kyber Pakhtoonkhwa soon.” Afghanistan.“American troops are (KP), urging it to respect people’s mandate and accept the elec- “There are fears on your side, being withdrawn in 2014. We will tion results.Nawaz said his party there are fears on our side,” Shar- extend full support to them. We would respect the mandate given if added during a news confer- will see that everything goes well to parties by the people from the ence at his home on the outskirts and smoothly,” he said. areas where they have won. of Lahore. “We have to seriously He said PTI should adopt demoaddress this.”Nawaz said his govHe said economic revival was the ernment would establish friend- cratic attitude and accept the his party’s top priority. He added ly ties with India. He said after mandate given to PML-N by the his government would work to forming a new government he people.Nawaz said his governimprove the law and order situ- wants to end tension between ment would promote relations ation in Karachi and Quetta. He the countries and restart the re- with all neighboring countries on the basis of sovereign equality. said the PML-N government, in lations where it were in 1999. its first 100 days, would come out He said Pakistan and India with policies on all major issues, He said his party won enough should resolve all issues through such as terrorism, the economy of the 272 National Assembly dialogue.PML-N leader said his etc. Nawaz said Pakistan would seats contested in the election party would take forward relabecome an ‘Asian Tiger’ during to rule on its own, but suggested tions with Afghanistan on realhis tenure. he was open to allies joining his government.“I am not against any istic basis.Sharif will likely need About the attack on Sanaullah coalition. But as far as Islamabad only the estimated 27 indepenZehri in Balochistan, Nawaz said is concerned, we are ourselves in dents and his proportion of seats it was not fair to say that terror- a position to form our own gov- reserved for women and minoriism had not affected the PML-N. ernment,” Sharif said. “All those ties, to secure a majority in the NA. The PML-N chief also reached who share our vision, we will be US President Barack Obama said out to India and the United States, happy to work with them.” Washington was ready to work pledging to strengthen relations after his thumping victory in He has picked Senator Ishaq Dar with Islamabad “as equal partners” landmark elections. as his finance minister in the new and welcomed the transition. In

RAIWIND: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif on Monday said elections were held for the first time without army intervention and he would work with the army in the future to solve the problems faced by Pakistan.


Washington, US Secretary of State John Kerry has said that Washington will be working with the new government in Islamabad to advance shared interests including a peaceful, more prosperous and stable future for Pakistan and the region.

In a statement on Sunday, Kerry said the national and provincial assemblies’ elections mark an historic step in Pakistan’s democratic journey. He appreciated that Pakistani people stood up resiliently to threats by violent extremists.

US envoy calls on Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: US Ambassador, Richard Olsan called on Pakistan Muslim League-N president and prime minister-in-waiting, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at Jati Umra, Raiwind on Tuesday morning here, Geo News reported.


S Ambassador Richard Olson congratulated the Nawaz Sharif on his landslide victory in the elections-2013.

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Senator Ishaq Dar, Salman Shahbaz and Mayam Nawaz were also present on this occasion. US Ambassador said that his country has great regard for Pakistan people’s mandate and respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and solidarity. He also wished well for the PML-N and its leaderships.


MAY - 2013

Army wants MPs to serve public: Gen Kayani

RAWALPINDI: Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Thursday said that the army respects the elected institutions and wants public representatives, elected through free and fair elections, to serve the nation.


en Kayani said this while talking to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim who called on him here at the General Headquarters (GHQ) to express his thanks for the army’s full cooperation during the holding of May 11 election.

The top general also assured the CEC of the army’s wholehearted support, help and cooperation to conduct re-election in several constituencies.According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the CEC met Gen Kayani and thanked him for the meritorious services rendered by the army to ensure peace to make the electoral process a success. They also exchanged views on the successful materialisation of the electoral process.Sources said the CEC also met the DG Military Operations. The two officials exchanged views on security arrangements for re-polling in NA250, Karachi.


the notification of their victory. The commission also asked them to apply in writing to join any political party and the chief of the party should notify the ECP accordingly in this regard. However, the ECP added that they had the option to remain independent. “The independent returned candidates are required to apply, after notification to the leader of the political party for joining his party and the leader of the political party forthwith is required to inform the Election Commission of his joining through a letter to be delivered to the Election Commission in terms of sub-rule (5) of rule 3 of the National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies Allocation of Reserved Seats for Women and non-Muslims (Procedure) Rules, 2002,” said a notification issued by the ECP.

COAS calls Imran, expresses best wishes

ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Tuesday called the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and inquired about his health.


eneral Kayani congratulated Imran Khan over his party’s victory in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and for getting the mandate in the Centre. He expressed his best wishes for full recovery of Imran Khan so that he could resume his positive role in politics of the country.

Imran Khan is under treatment at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust Hospital in Lahore after falling off a lift taking him on the stage for an election rally.Earlier, Meanwhile, the Election Com- Imran Khan received a call from mission of Pakistan on Thursday India’s Congress Party vice-presiasked the independent winners to dent Rahul Gandhi, who inquired join a party of their choice within after his health and they spoke for three days after the issuance of about 10 minutes.

Pakistan: senior PTI leader Zara Shahid Hussain killed

murder as he openly threatened PTI workers and leaders through public broadcasts,” he added in a tweet.

Gunmen killed a senior female politician from a reformist party in Pakistan on Saturday night, the “I also hold the British governlatest violent incident in a bloody ment responsible as I had warned election campaign and one that them about British citizen Altaf set off a war of words between Hussain after his open threats.” two major opposition parties. MQM leader Hussain is wanted round 150 people were killed on murder charges in Pakistan in the run-up to national and leads his party remotely from elections held last week, which exile in England. His party is deshanded a landslide victory to opignated a terrorist organization position leader Nawaz Sharif and by Canada, a charge it strongly his PML-N party. denies. It marked the first time an elected In recent days he gave a speech government replaced another one which many Pakistanis felt was in a nation that has been run by an incitement to attack politimilitary leaders for more than cal rivals. The British police have half its history. been flooded with complaints deResults from a handful of con- manding an investigation. stituencies are still awaited amid The MQM leader insisted his accusations of vote-rigging. The words were taken out of context. shooting came hours ahead of reMQM leaders held a press conferpolling in a key area beset by alence within hours of Hussain’s legations of voting fraud. death to disclaim responsibility and demand a retraction from It was not immediately clear who killed Zara Shahid Hussain, a Khan. senior member of the Pakistan Khan’s election campaign electriTehreek-e-Insaf party. The PTI fied many Pakistanis, pushing the has promised to reduce endemic PTI from a marginal party with no corruption in the nuclear-armed seats in the legislature to become nation of 180 million people. Pakistan’s third largest party. The PTI’s leader, former internaNational polls held a week ago tional cricket star Imran Khan, gave the MQM 18 out of 19 naimmediately blamed the killing tional assembly seats in its powon the Muttahida Quami Moveer base in Karachi. Repolling is ment. The MQM has a strangledue to be held Sunday in the fihold on politics in Pakistan’s bignal constituency, thought to be gest city, Karachi. a stronghold of PTI, after many polling stations failed to open on “Her death has sent shockwaves election day. across the rank and file of the party,” Khan said in a statement. The steamy port city of Karachi Police said that two gunmen shot is Pakistan’s financial heart and Hussain dead outside her home in home to 18 million people. It typan upscale neighborhood of Kara- ically sees about a dozen murders a day, a deadly combination of chi, he said. political killings, attacks by Tali“I hold (MQM leader) Altaf Hus- ban and sectarian militant groups, sain directly responsible for the and street crime.



MAY- 2013

MQM Condemns Zara Shahid Hussain’s Murder And Imran Khan’s Immature Allegations, Press Conference At Nine Zero


MQM decides to sue Imran Khan for defamation

men occupied the streets leading up to the Karachi Press Club. They demanded an apology from Khan, who has held the MQM chief Altaf Hussain responsible for Zah“If a series of blame games start ra’s murder. The city would have then it would make the investiga- witnesses a massive showdown tion prejudiced.” had the PTI not changed its own KARACHI: The Muttahida Qauprotest venue to the Quaid’s mauThe MQM leader condemned mi Movement (MQM) has decidImran’s allegations and said that soleum at the last minute. ed to sue Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf they will now be filing a civil and Shouting ‘Munna Bhai, Imran chief Imran Khan for defamation. criminal defamation suit against Khan’, Shahida Mansoor from QM leader Wasay Jalil said Imran Khan and a case under Ar- Gulberg said that Khan had inthat the party would sue ticle 62 and 63 over the Sita White sulted the entire nation. “WithMr Khan for Rs50 billion for issucase. Source: The News out investigations, how can he ing statement against Altaf HusExpressing strong reaction over hold our leader responsible?” sain. Imran’s Khan allegations against The MQM Rabita Committee Altaf Hussain for the killing of his members and other leaders ad- Imran Khan on Saturday held Mr party leader Zahra Shahid Hus- dressed the crowd from a truck. Hussain responsible for the mursain, MQM has termed Khan’s be- The protesters held posters, open- der of his party leader Zahra Shahid, drawing strong reaction from havior provocative. ly calling Khan a “playboy”. Other the MQM. Addressing a press conference demonstrators burnt his plastic here on Sunday, MQM senior effigy and pretended to hit a stray Leader Dr Farooq Sattar con- dog who had a PTI banner on its Hours after the senior vice presi- demned the brutal murder of back. dent in Sindh of Pakistan Teh- Zahra Syed and said that Imran reek-i-Insaf (PTI) was shot dead Khan has showed his immatu- MQM leader Nabil Gabol said in Karachi, the Muttahida Qaumi rity by blaming MQM supremo that the doors of Karachi would Movement (MQM) demanded before the preliminary investiga- be shut on those who speak that a high level judicial inquiry tion. He said that Khan’s state- against their leader. “They won’t be conducted into the events sur- ment would undermine the probe be able to enter Karachi if they insult Altaf Hussain,” he roared rounding the murder. into the murder, adding that the as the crowd cheered. By highpeaking at an emergency press remarks were tantamount to pit lighting the voting rights of only the residents of DHA and Clifton, conference early on Sunday, the people against each other. a visibly agitated MQM deputy Dr Sattar said that the MQM Imran Khan tried to create differconvener Farooq Sattar, on behalf would sue the PTI chief for defa- ences among the residents of Karachi, he said. “For how long will of the MQM further extended mation. you enjoy power on one national their party chief’s condolence assembly seat from Karachi…. you and condemnation message to the can’t divide our people.” family of Hussain and PTI workers. LONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Personal attacks on Imran Khan’s Movement (MQM) Quaid, Al“We express our condolences and relationship with Sita White were taf Hussain Friday said that his solidarity with PTI workers. We often part of the speeches at the movement aims at struggling for also have to look at the implicaprotest. Waseem Aftab pointed the rights of the deprived masses tions of this murder and who out that in his youth while Imran as against the vicious propaganda could be behind this.” Khan was busy dancing at night of fanning hatred against any reHe also expressed concerns at clubs, Altaf Hussain was strug- gional nationality or community. how the incident occurred degling for the rights of his people. spite stringent security measures QM handout issued here in the area for re-elections in the Protesters also gather in said that Altaf Hussain was constituency in just a few hours. Hyderabad addressing the members of dissolved Rabita Committee, interim In the same stride, Sattar conMQM protest against PTI chief demned PTI chief Imran Khan’s Imran Khan entered the second Rabita Committee and other eximmediate allegations against Al- KARACHI: Kicking off its series day as scores of MQM supporters office bearers of MQM subsidiary taf Hussain even before the facts staged demonstrations in parts of organizations. ty move on part of the PTI chief. “They [PTI] demonstrated their political immaturity and made a petty move by blaming Altaf Hussain.”


MQM doesn’t believe in hate mongering: Altaf Hussain


Dharna wars: MQM kicks off series of protests


of protests against Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Monday, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Shortly after the incident, Imran in a statement said that he held (MQM) activists held Khan and the MQM chief responsible for the “thunder squad” of Jamaate-Islami responsible for Zahra the death of the PTI leader. Shahid Hussain’s murder. around the incident had become clear.

Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sanghar, MQM Quaid said that initially we Umerkot, Tando Allahyar and had started the movement for the Benazirabad on Monday. rights of those who had migrated In Hyderabad, rallies from differ- from the sub-continent, but later ent areas converged at the press it became the voice of the 90 perclub where a two-hour-long sit-in cent poor and oppressed masses. was staged. He reiterated that MQM was “We think this was a move to maMQM’s newly elected lawmakers uring the MQM’s protest struggling for the rights of delign the character of Altaf Hussain.” on a hot Monday afternoon, from Hyderabad also addressed prived people from every corner Sattar added that this was a pet- hundreds of workers, women and the protesters. of the country.



MAY - 2013


Altaf dissolves MQM Pak, UK coordination committees

MQM terminates basic party membership of KTC in-charge


he two coordination committees are the main consulting bodies responsible for making all the major decisions for the party. An ad hoc committee comprising seven members was put in place to carry on basic activities till a fresh panel is announced. It is expected that party chief Altaf Hussain will announce the new team at the general workers’ meeting scheduled to be held on Saturday at Nine Zero. The seven members of the makeshift committee are: Dr Farooq Sattar, deputy convener and spokesperson; Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, former state minister and deputy convener; Amir Khan, a senior leader; Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, former provincial health minister; Naveed Jamil, former mayor of Hyderabad; Saif Yaar Khan, former member of the nowdefunct co-ordination committee and Dr Nusrat, also a member of the coordination committee and a deputy convener. It may be mentioned that on Wednesday, Altaf Hussain had announced that a ruthless reform is under way within the party to cleanse the MQM of the elements who earned the party a bad reputation.

The KTC is arguably the backbone of the party in Karachi, as it is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management of party activities through a network of 26 sectors and about 260 units spread across the city.

KARACHI: In a statement released on Wednesday, the Coordination Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said that the basic party memberThree more members suspendship of Karachi Tanzeemi ComedThe MQM had also suspended mittee (KTC) in charge, Hammad the basic party membership of Siddiqui has been terminated. Coordination Committee members Shakeel Umar and Saleem his decision was taken on the Tajik for indefinite period.Acbasis of an accountability procording to the statement issued cess started on the instructions of by the MQM’s coordination com- party chief Altaf Hussain, which mittee, the party’s membership led them to conclude that Sidof Karachi Tanzeemi Committee diqui violated the party discipline, (KTC) member Farooq Saleem the statement said. has also been suspended. The committee issued instrucThe statement also issued instruc- tions to the MQM party workers tions to the MQM workers not to stop maintaining contact with to maintain any direct or indi- Siddiqui and has warned memrect contact with any of the sus- bers that violations of the instrucpended members.It further stated tion would result in disciplinary that party chief Altaf Hussain is action. busy in the continuous process of cleansing undesirable elements The decision to terminate KTC from the MQM. Altaf is working in-charge’s membership came shortly after MQM announced its 21 to 22 hours a day. decision to dissolve the Karachi Consultations among the mem- Tanzeemi Committee itself, folbers of coordination committee lowing complaints received about are also part of the process, the the committee’s inefficiency. statement added.On WednesAltaf Hussain’s telephonic day, Altaf Hussain addressing instructions the members of the coordination committee via telephone at In his telephonic conversation Nine Zero, expressed resolve to with MQM party workers, MQM cleanse the party.He said MQM chief emphasised that if any strictly prohibits collection of member is found asking for mondonation and warned that if any ey from shops and businesses, his office bearer or worker is found membership should be immediinvolved in this practice his basic ately terminated. membership will be revoked.

Altaf said the MQM adheres to the policy of ‘zero tolerance’ when it comes to the instances of illegal occupation of land, plots, residences and shops or their sale/ purchase, and advised that in case any member of his party is directThe MQM chief had also dis- ly or indirectly involved in such solved the Karachi Tanzeemi practices he should voluntarily Committee (KTC) on Wednesday tender his resignation.


MQM to join Sindh govt, Amin Faheem

and terminated the partymembership of Hammad Siddiqui, the incharge of KTC.

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has disbanded the party’s coordination committees in Pakistan and the United Kingdom with immediate effect on Thursday. The administration of the party’s headquarters, Nine Zero in Azizabad, was also dissolved.

PPP formally


ISLAMABAD: President of the Pakistan Peoples Party – Parliamentarians (PPPP) Makhdoom Amin Fahim said on Wednesday that his party had formally invited the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to from a coalition government in Sindh.


he senior PPP leader said that the people of Sindh had given a heavy mandate to the PPP and MQM, adding that his party would form the provincial government in Sindh and continue the people friendly policies.

He further said that the PPP had invited the MQM to join the provincial government and that talks with regards over formation a government had been initiated. Mahdoom Amin said that both the party would soon enter the phase of negotiating the setup of a government.

The stalwart politician said that the PPP accepted the results of the The MQM chief added that mem- recently held historic polls despite bership should also be revoked of reservations. party workers who have illegally Meanwhile, MQM leaders when occupied properties and buildcontacted said that the party’s role ings in the city. in provincial government would Altaf said that MQM is a party come to the forefront in a few days that strives for the rights of the adding that the party leader ship people and must have “zero toler- would not disappoint the mandate ance” for workers who are proven of the people of Sindh, especially to be involved in corrupt activities. Karachi.


MAY- 2013


According to sources, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has been asked to appear before the investigation officer probing the corruption and corrupt practices in awarding the RPP contract as it was revealed in the investigations, made against the officials and others regarding corruption and corrupt practices and misuse of authority in award of RPP contract to the M/s Walter Power International (Naudero-II), ISLAMBAD: Former prime min- that Raja Pervez Ashraf possessed ister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf’s name the information/evidence has been put on the ECL and the National Accountability Bureau The Supreme Court has given one (NAB) has summoned him today month time to the NAB for com(Tuesday) to record his statement pleting the investigation in the on his role in awarding the con- mega corruption scam of RPPs tract for the Rental Power Projects. and the deadline is going to expire on May 27, which is next date aja Pervaiz Ashraf, dubbed as of hearing in the apex court. Raja Rental, was also warned that if he failed to appear before Subsequently, Chairman NAB the investigating team, he would directed the Operation and Prosface the consequences accord- ecution wing to complete the ining to S.2 of the schedule of NAB vestigations at the earliest so that Ordinance, 1999 under which he a references could be filed if proscould be arrested. ecutable evidence were found in the cases.Accordingly, the regionInterestingly, in a call-up notice al bureaus of the NAB are investiwhich was sent to him, Ashraf gating and prosecuting the cases. was mentioned as a former minister for water and power rather With the change of guards at the than the former prime minister. helm of affairs, the NAB adopted The call-up notice that was issued proactive approach to pursue the to him, after two days of general high profile cases pending with elections, asked him to appear be- the Bureau.Sources in the NAB fore the investigation officer to said that some of the other acexplain his role in awarding the cused including bureaucrats and RPP contract to M/s Walter Pow- former ministers of water and er International (Naudero-II). power have also been interrogated.

Ex-PM Ashraf’s name put on



PTV Global USA, gladly announced the appointment of Mr. Jawaid Riaz, a prominent column writer of Pakistan Abroad, Urdu Times, Chicago and editor of Bridge Mag International monthly, as bureau chief of PTV Global ( Pakistani TV channels) , for the territories of Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri. PTV Global Pakistan’s first ever TV Channel launch in USA. PTV Global is pure family oriented channel that provide the need of the every family member. PTV Global offer the best knowledge base

and entertainment programs, like News, Current Affair’s, Drama’s, Movies and talk shows from back home and locally produced live and interactive programs . PTV Global is available for US Viewers on Dish Net Work and Canadian viewers on Bell Canada Cable. Mr. Jawaid Riaz will execute all the operational rights to manage Ad Sales Business, and will perform as a bureau officer. He will be covering all the community events, programs, interviews and productions for PTV Global. He can be reached at 773-828-5126, cell # 973-517-5586 or through email at



5640 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660 Fax: 773.334.5757

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PTV Global North America, gladly announce the appointment of Mr. Jawaid Riaz, as bureau chief of PTV Global (Pakistani TV channels)

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MAY - 2013

IPL 2013 spot-fixing controversy: Mumbai police make 3 more arrests


manshu Roy. “They are linked to those bookies whom we have already arrested and those who are wanted,” Roy told media-persons on Tuesday. Earlier last week, Mumbai police nabbed six bookies - Ramesh Vyas, Pandurang Kadam, Pravin Bera, Pankaj Shah, Ashok Vyas and Neeraj - whose custody was extended till May 22 by a Mumbai magistrate on Tuesday.

Hours after the sensational arrest of 49-year-old Vindoo, a Mumbai magistrate Tuesday sent the Bollywood actor to police custody till May 24.

IPL 2013 spot-fixing scandal: Sreesanth, Chavan and Chandila’s police custody extended by 5 days

Police sought his custodial interrogation after Ramesh Vyas, one of the bookies arrested in the scam and currently in police custody, revealed Vindoo’s name.

With Vindoo’s arrest, Mumbai police have sounded the first knock on Bollywood, completing Seeking further remand, the the cricket-underworld-BollyDelhi court on Tuesday sent police informed the magistrate wood triumvirate in the betting cricketer S Sreesanth, his Racourt that they were investigat- and spot fixing scam that has hit jasthan Royals teammates Ankeet ing whether any of the Pakistanis the sixth edition of the IPL. Chavan andAjit Chandila, and who were in touch with the areight bookies, all arrested for alrested bookies had terror connec- Son of the late wrestler-cum-ac- leged spot fixing in the IPL, to tions or mafia crime syndicates. tor Dara Singh, Vindoo shot into additional five days in police custhe limelight a few years ago afBesides these nine arrests till date, ter winning the “Big Boss 2010” tody. nching ahead in the investiga- Mumbai police are on the lookreality show on TV. Metropolitan Magistrate Saumya tions into the Indian Premier out for two bookies from New Chauhan granted police custody League (IPL) 2013 spot-fixing Delhi, four bookies from Jaipur, Though police are reluctant to of the players and the bookies till controversy, Mumbai police on two from Gujarat and one from divulge details, it is learnt that May 26 when they were presentTuesday arrested three more peo- Pune, besides others who work Vindoo, picked up from his subed before court at the end of their ple, including Bollywood actor under different aliases. urban home by a team of Crime earlier police remand. Branch sleuths, had been under Last Thursday, Mum- the scanner for the past few days The court also sent to 14 days’ jubai police raided the after Vyas was arrested. dicial custody five other bookies, hotel rooms occupied after the prosecution said they by Rajasthan Royals The three Rajasthan Royals crick- were no longer needed for further cricketer S Sreesan- eters and over a dozen bookies interrogation. thand his relative-cum- have been arrested in the ongobookie Jiju Janardhan, ing investigations into the spot- Meanwhile, Sreesanth is said to both of whom were fixing controversy busted last have gone on a shopping spree a day earlier arrested week. with the money he earned from by Delhi Police, along spot-fixing, buying apparel worth with teammates Ajit Vindoo has acted in several mov- Rs.1.95 lakh for himself and a moies, including the recent “Son of bile phone costing over Rs 40,000 Vindoo Dara Singh, a bookie and Chandila and Ankit Chavan, for Sardaar,” “Partner” and “House- for his girlfriend, Delhi Police a hawala operator, a top official the IPL 2013 spot-fixing controfull” among others. versy. said Tuesday. said.



Mumbai police investigations are veering around to confirming if any ‘honey-traps’ were used to lure the cricketers since the Vindoo, Patel and a third bookie photographs of some nabbed on Tuesday, Prem Taneja, female models have have been remanded in police been found on the custody till May 24, said Joint seized laptop belongPolice Commissioner (Crime) Hi- ing to Sreesanth. Mumbai police Crime Branch also seized Rs 12.80 million in cash from the residence of the arrested hawala operator, Alpesh Patel.

He wanted to quickly dispose of the money which he got after fixing, a police official told IANS. “Sreesanth went to buy clothes from Diesel’s showroom in Mumbai where he spent Rs.1.95 lakh. From the money which he got from spot-fixing, he also bought a Blackberry Z10 phone for his girl friend,” the official added.


MAY - 2013

Sunidhi Chauhan and Ali Zafar Take Desi Chicago by Storm

SHOWBIZ of stars, such as Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. It was as if the whole of Bollywood stood behind this dynamic duo during this Chicago stop on their North American itinerary.

first time, to Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle with a yesteryear medley of their famous old song.

Many Chicagoland fans came away from the Krazy 2 live performance by Ali Zafar, Bollywood teen star from Pakistan, and singer prodigy Sunidhi Chauhan declaring that that they had just participated in the best show of their lifetime. For not only did the audience rock to their infectious rhythms and melodies, but were literally touched by the outstretched hands of their Bollywood idols. Rather than be worshipped from a distance, Zafar descended and moved among the faithful, who screamed in adoration. Girls in particular were swept hysterically off their feet by their long cherished heartthrob. Fans likewise gathered below to pull the hands of Chauhan, who had set the stage on fire with the high octane energy of her singing and dancing.

Ali Zafar, Bollywood teen idol from Pakistan, performed in the USA for the first time. Zafar, the versatile actor of many talents, will perform beyond your typical song and dance show. The Hearthrob Ali Zafar will rock you with his dance numbers famous song Madhubala from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Tere Bin Laden, London Paris New York, and sing his super hit tracks like “Channo”,”Jhoom”, “Masty”, “Huqa Pani” and many more surprises by these dynamic stage performers!Ali Zafar, who has acted in 5–6 Bollywood films. Chicago audiences will get to enjoy numbers from comedy film Chashme Badur Asian Media USA © directed by David Dhawan, which hicago IL : Co-hosted by is yet to be released. Zafar perSaahil Exclusive and L.A. formed on Feb. 17 at the “TempTan “Krazy 2” Featuring Suni- tations Reloaded 2013” festival dhi Chauhan & Ali Zafar Live In in Muscat with Katrina Kaif and Concert is a collective effort of Shahrukh Khan. The extravaganza startBhavesh Patel, Babu Patel, Mayur ed at 8:30 pm on Friand Nick Patel. Sunidhi Chau- Each performer will be accompa- day, April 26, 2013, at han and Ali Zafar rocked Sears nied by his and her separate or- the huge Sears Center Centre Arena, 5333 Prairie Stone chestra. These 21 musicians from Arena and continParkway; Hoffman Estates, IL on all over India will also incorpo- ued into well past 8:30 PM, Friday April 26th, 2013 rate jazz instruments (e.g., saxo- midnight. The duo with yet another unforgettable phone) to perform Indo-jazz fu- had brought a team of concert. Sunidhi did not disap- sion Sponsors Saahil and LA Tan over forty from India point enthusiastic crowd of more are not skimping on state of the that included the Masfor about 3and half hours. Suni- art Sound and Light, which will ter of Ceremonies and dhi Chauhan sang all her hot new feature linear ray focused-direct- accompanying dancers numbers (old and new) from vari- ed sound technology at the Sears and musicians. Chauous Bollywood films songs which Arena. Though this doubles the han, who enthralled the cost, all the speakers will be hung audience with old and rocked the crowd. from the ceiling to give ultimate new Bollywood favorThe Sensational Sunidhi Chau- experience to the audience. With ites, even had her own han came with her new Hit songs, this dynamic duo of Zafar and makeup artist and hair“Halkat Jawani”, “Disco Deewane” Chauhan, spectacular show. stylist. At a late point of and many more. Halkat Jawani the show, Zafar suddenly from the movie Heroine, Disco SAAHIL and LA TAN are orga- reclined at a front corner Deewane from Student of the nizing such big shows in Chica- facing Asian Media USA Year, and Chikni Chameli with goland area for years. Saahil set cameraman backstage to be Bappi Lahiri, which is a new track the mood from the beginning by photographed against the being released now. She will also showing video clips of endorse- wide backdrop of cheering fans. be paying a special tribute, for the ments and support from a litany



MAY - 2013

FIA-Chicago hosts a ‘kick-off’ event to announce India Independence Day festivities Asian Media USA ©


hicago IL: Federation of Indian Associations-Chicago [FIA] hosted a ‘kick-off’ event to formally announce a series of events in celebration of India’s Independence Day at a luncheon hosted on Sunday May 5, 2013 at Punjabi Dhaba Banquet Hall on Devon Ave. in Chicago.

Alderwoman Debra Silverstein [50th ward] joined by State Senator & Committeeman Ira Silverstein, Hina Trivedi, Iftekhar Shareef and a host of FIA Trustees joined together to light the lamp signaling the ‘kick-off’ that will set in movement the hosting of a series of grand-scale events in honor of India’s Independence which includes Grand India Inde-

pendence Day Parade, Gala Banquet and Flag-hoisting ceremony in Chicago’s downtown. In her remarks Alderwoman Debra Silverstein said “Indian Americans are an important part of the City’s 50th ward and I commend you for bringing such vibrant richness and diversity to the ward. Ald. Debra Silverstein further added that Indian Americans have helped to bring flourishing business establishments on Devon Ave and pledged that she will work with the community to foster growth and development of adding more businesses in the sprawling India Town in her ward. Ald. Debra Silverstein thanked the kids for presenting beautiful dance presentations

SHOWBIZ Later, Iftekhar Shareef declared the three major events to be hosted in honor of India’s Independence: (1) India Independence Day Parade -- Saturday, August 17, 2013; (2)India Independence Day Gala Banquet-- Friday August 16, 2013; (3) Indian FlagHoisting -- Thursday, August 15, 2013 I downtown Chicago. Later, Iftekhar Shareef recognized the 2013 executive board comprising of Keerthi Ravoori, Executive Vice President, Ravi Harsoor, Vice President, Veenod Patel, Vice President, Amar Upadhya, Vice President, Vandana Walia, Secretary, Minhaj Akhtar Treasurer, Kalyan Anandula Reddy, Joint Treasurer and Chris Christian, Joint Secretary.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, FIA’s and said steering children in such Executive Vice President earlier traditions will help build healthy welcomed the guests and led the opening festivities. Keerthi Racommunities. voori reminded the guests of the State Senator and Committee- rich historical traditions of FIA men Ira Silverstein echoing the in hosting ceremonious kick-off sentiments commended FIA for events to herald the hosting of hosting events that highlight the major events honoring India’s Inspirit of Indian Independence. Ira dependence. Silverstein appreciated FIA for inviting him and said he is proud Young children in colorful costo represent the Indian American tumes presented three beautiful folk dances which depicted the community. traditions and rich culture of FIA President Hina some of the Indian states. Trivedi speaking on the occasion Babu [Marsha] Patel, FIA thanked the ex- Trustee – in his remarks ecutive board and was critical of Chinese intrustees for their cursions over the territocollective efforts rial integrity of India and in making FIA a lamented on the prevailing vibrant umbrella land & order problems and community organi- economic outlook projeczation. Hina Trive- tions. di paid tributes to the spirit of Vandana Walia, FIA Secrevolunteerism that is the hallmark tary proposed a vote of thanks of FIA and thanked FIA for its and especially thanked the deep-rooted commitment to the Media and acknowledged community. Ankur Chaudari for spearIftekhar Shareef, FIA Trustee heading new website for FIA Chair who presided the event, and Harish Kolasani for prothanked the host of trustees and viding valuable assistance board members for their un- in hosting the kick-off prostinted support. While conduct- gram. ing the event, Iftekhar Shareef Among the prominent atgave historical information about tendees include Dr. Asish FIA and its steadfast growth. To Sen, President Indo Amerishow FIA’s appreciation for chief can Democratic Organiguests, Iftekhar Shareef invited Hina Trivedi to honor Ald. Debra zation, Dr. Basanti BanPresident,Indo Silverstein with a colorful shawl; nerji, American Center and Chanwhile he invited Vandana Walia, FIA Secretary to put a golden dresh Brahmbhatt AAHOA’s shawl on State Senator Ira Silver- Upper Midwest Regional Director. Some of the FIA stein amidst applause.

Trustees present were Babu Marsha Patel, Anil Pillai, Bhailal Patel, Prahlad Patil, and Ranjit Ganguly. The event concluded with lunch hosted by FIA.


MAY - 2013

Art exhibition: US and Pak artists infuse their paintings with each other’s dreams


drawings inspired by her surroundings and her relationship with people compliment and contrast Marian’s work who builds her personal mythologies based on the images she has been observing while she grew up. Chloe, Sundas and Saad strive to share thoughts on the longing for love, affection and identity. In the spirit of exchanging thoughts and space, these three developed a visual narrative based on their understanding of the prose and poems written by Sundas. The poems and illustrations on “Red and White” and “I want, I want, I want” are symbolic of the human tendency to try to fill emotional and psychological gaps with physical objects and desires.

Each artist also contributes individually to the show creating a variety of more than 38 pieces for the viewer to reflect upon. Chloe ISLAMABAD: himsical yet riveting, in- depicts people’s need to gain acfusing the works of East ceptance and affection through meets West, the latest exhibition their possessions and outward to open at Satrang Gallery, “What image as she uses watercolours to remains are children’s lullabies” paint materialistic people collectfeatures the works of six artists ing items and storing them away who manage to transcend bound- in makeshift beehives. aries and speak through the lan- Saad with his powerful visuals showcases pixilated semi-nude guage of art alone. American artists Chloe Boden and and nude people “Most of the Marian Barber add their unique time we’re very much aware of own dimension and colour to the what is right and what is wrong works of Saad Ahmed, Sakina around us but there are certain Akber, Samreen Asif and Sundas acts that we unconsciously obRana. Rana who is also the cura- serve that tend to be very unusual. tor of the show explained the col- These acts we grow comfortable laboration is about meshing each with so they no longer seem unusual to us,” he said. individual’s fantasies.


“It’s not just about sharing art pieces but also about sharing each other’s dreams, emotions and realities, Rana stated. Each artist creates a personal narrative while plotting around magical and supernatural fantasies simultaneously merging and tracing the realities of their fellow artists,” she added.

Sakina with her images exuding childlike innocence as she plays with colours and narrates children’s dreams and its connection with Sufism.

At the inauguration, US Ambassador Richard Olson praised the collaborative work of US and Pakistani artists. “Building cultural ties creates mutual understandThe artists managed to collabo- ing and enhances productive diarate by mailing their work back logue. It also enables inspiring and forth across continents. Sam- collaboration, such as what we reen’s preservation of traditional see here today in this exhibit,” he miniature imagery and Sakina’s said.


MAY - 2013

Daily dose of calcium helps women live longer

ISLAMABAD: Taking a calcium supplement of up to 1,000 mg per day can help women live longer, according to a research.


he study conducted by the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RIMUHC), found that daily use of calcium supplements in women was associated with a lower risk of death, irrespective of cause.

The study`s lead author, Prof. David Goltzman, Director, Calcium Research Laboratory at McGill said that the benefit was seen for women who took doses of up to 1,000 mg per day, regardless of whether the supplement contained vitamin D. The longitudinal study of participants living in or near 9 cit-

HEALTH - BEAUTY TIPS - HOROSCOPE 4.Homemade facial bleach by using wheat flour:

Take a jar and mix 1 teaspoon of wheat flour with a little amount of water. Apply the mixture on face. Now take a little quantity of sugar and massage it for 5-6 minutes on your face together with Gemini Horoscope 2013 the wheat flour’s paste. Leave it Love & Romance Forecast ies across Canada, monitored for 10 minutes and finally wash it Certain problems are seen with the health of 9,033 Canadians with simple water. your spouse. However, things will between 1995 and 2007, during 5.Homemade facial bleach take a positive turn eventually. which 1,160 participants died. by using orange peels: In fact, the troubled times with Goltzman said that the same benspouse will ultimately prove to be Take dried ground orange peels, efits were seen when the calcium beneficial in understanding each came from dairy foods, non-dairy curd and 1 teaspoon of lemon other more effectively. The year is juice. Mix them well and apply foods or supplements. harmonious for love relationships this thick paste on face it will as well. Although the data showed women bleach your desired hair and dewho took calcium supplements tox your skin also. It is natural Possibilities of intellectual conhad a lower mortality risk, there way to bleach your face and with flict between married couples are was no statistical benefit for men. out any side effects you will get on the card; handle issues with your required results. care. You may go on short trips The study found no conclusive with your wife to spend your holevidence that vitamin D had an idays during May and June. impact on mortality. The month of August, September The study was published in the and October may cause some disJournal of Clinical Endocrinolturbance in your relationship. So ogy and Metabolism (JCEM). avoid any verbal duels and misunderstandings with your partner. Those seeking for divorce should give one more chance to understand each other. Be patient and Gemini Horoscope 2013 try to visit some beautiful place Health Forecast and spend more time as much as fter the month of June, you possible to understand each other. it on face. Leave it for 2-3 minutes may face allergic reactions, Both of you may find a reason to and wash it with water. You can heartburns and acidity related ailget united and live together insee the result very quickly. ments more frequently. Take more stead of taking extreme measures 2.Homemade facial bleach by water and citric fruits, as possi- to get separated. bilities for calcium deficiency are using milk and papaya: there. You need to start exercising Gemini Horoscope 2013 Make a mixture of milk and pa- and avoid being inactive. It is also Business & Career Forecast paya pulps. Mix them well and ap- necessary to stick to proper food ply this paste on your face, make habits. Following these practices 2013 indicates success, name and sure your face should be properly strictly, would help you maintain fame in career. Your hard work cleaned. Massage it on your face good health. However, health will be rewarded. You may expect in circular motions for 10-12 min- of mother can be a concern af- increments and promotions as per utes and leave it for 8-10 minutes, ter May. Health of your children your desires. Your customers or resin it with cold water. This will might also require attention due end users will be happier about give you marvelous and fabulous look. to chances for hospitalization and your services or products. Those on the lookout for jobs will remajor diseases. ceive favorable results during the 3.Homemade facial bleach months of May and June. Many by using lemon juice: Gemini Horoscope 2013 favors like vehicles or free trips Financial Forecast As we all know that lemon could be expected. Also, support is great bleach it is used as for This year, there will be significant from superiors would enhance bleaching body and facial hair. For improvements in the financial your comfort level. this purpose take lemon juice and sector. You may receive your monmix it with 2 tablespoon of honey ey back from borrower during the The time is good till May after and make a paste, spread it over months of April and May. There which care is needed while dealface and neck area, leave it for 20 are possibilities of gains from ing with colleagues and while minutes and wash it with water. It your spouse or from business making commitment regarding will lighten your facial hair and it partners. Financial institutions deadline projects due to possibilneeds more repetition because it will support you and they may ity of delays. Professionals in law, has mild effects. You can increase grant additional loans. There are teaching, asset management and the quantity of honey and lemon possibilities for more profits after banking will find the year very according to the area. the month of May and till the end favorable.

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Top 5 natural homemade facial bleach



ere are different natural homemade bleach, these are free from chemicals and any side effects. You use different methods of removing hair but if you use bleach either cream or natural it is more effective way and help you to create the illusion of removing unwanted hair.

Some basic and effective natural homemade facial bleaching methods are as follow;

1. Homemade facial bleach by using tomatoes: Take some tomatoes, because tomatoes have quality to lighten the facial hair. It is known as natural hair bleachers. In order to apply bleach first step is to clean your skin, and remove all makeup, dirt and residues. Then it is time to apply tomato bleach by cutting tomato in to two parts and apply

of the year. However, be cautious while dealing with strangers and lending money. After the month of June, you are likely to receive unaccounted money. Service increments will add to your financial status.


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