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==== ==== 7 DAY BELLY BLAST DIET ! ==== ====

Growing from tall evergreen trees that stand up to 65 feet high, avocados may be the best piece of produce for your weight loss management. It is often called an Alligator Pear, referring to the fruit's leathery texture and shape. Weighing anywhere from a few ounces to a couple of pounds, all varieties of avocados help your body fight off cardiovascular diseases and hypertension, while assisting with weight loss. Avocados are made up of many monounsaturated fats. These fats tell your brain that your belly is full, and prevent you from overeating. Any temptations to dig into fattening appetizers can be put off with tortilla chips and a quality avocado dip. Of course, the fruit does have many more calories than many other pieces of produce. Regardless, avocados are certainly better for your weight management than French fries, chocolate chip cookies or sugar-filled candy bars. They can better satisfy your belly too. While quick weight loss from an avocado-rich diet may not have long lasting results, slower diets involving the fruit are quite successful in the long run. Rather than counting calories and following some fad diet, take your time to safety slim down. On top of wholesome eating for weight control, exercise is always important in your quest to lose belly fat. Besides helping you get skinny, avocados have numerous health benefits. To begin, the fruit has been proven to fight off lethal cancer cells. Research proves that the fruit actually hunts down and destroys precancerous and cancerous oral cancer cells with no side effects. Not unlike olive oil, the fruit is rich in oleic acid that has been proven to avert breast cancer cells from growing in women's bodies. Meanwhile, avocados hinder prostate cancer cells from growing in the human body. Men and women can improve the overall health of their hearts by simply eating avocados. After all, they are quite rich in folate to help cells grow and create healthy cell division. As a direct result, both heart disease and strokes are fought off. The fruit also contains plenty of monounsaturated fats, glutathione and vitamin E to keep your heart beat stable and healthy. Vitamin E is fabulous for defending your body from numerous illnesses as well. And thanks to the high amounts of a beneficial compound known as beta-sitosterol found in avocados, the fruit can even lower your cholesterol level. In fact, research shows that your cholesterol can drop more than 15% in only a week, simply by consuming numerous avocados. Carrots are not the only good food to feed your eyes. Avocados contain high quantities of carotenoid lutein that work as antioxidants to protect your retina from sunlight, as well as all other damaging elements in the environment. Thanks to the carotenoid lutein, your eyes can be defended against two of the most common diseases that folks tend to get in their eyes, macular degeneration and cataracts. Carotenoid lutein can even help defend your body from various heart

diseases. As you can plainly see, avocados are ideal for your weight management, along with protection against cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and aging in general.

Now that I am a middle-aged man, my belly has grown big and fat. I began to fear for my health. I decided to visit my family doctor and ask him how to lose weight fast? Along with powerful HCG Injections to quickly see safe weight loss results, he suggested eating the right foods for weight loss. On top of produce in general, my doctor recommended avocados to help me with my weight loss efforts. Thanks Doc!

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==== ==== 7 DAY BELLY BLAST DIET ! ==== ====

Benefits Of Eating Avocados  

Weight Management And Other Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados.