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There is more to hand drying, than just drying your hands… By Syed Ahmed, Former Contender For Lord Sugar’s Apprentice Syed Ahmed, founder and CEO of Award winning Ecomanufacturing business SA Vortex Ltd a National Green Specification approved manufacturer and supplier of patent protected, ultra energy efficient hand dryers, have reduced the power consumption of its range. We find ourselves in tough economic times and in a race against climate change. Business leaders must take a lead and look at ways of implementing sustainable practices that reduce energy use through their businesses which ultimately cut costs. I have spent the last three years channelling all my energy into SAVortex Ltd, a UK company that has developed revolutionary air-spinning heating technology for hand-dryers. British design, British innovation, and manufactured in Wiltshire. Building a company with an eco conscience from scratch isn’t easy. Our journey in the past few years has been painful, frustrating, scary, exciting, edgy, and a never ending adventure of creativity and creation. I have enjoyed every minute of it. I am not afraid to say that I have risked it all, I’ve had doors closed in my face and several good ones open, I’ve created a product from scratch, filed patents, enticed an influential board of directors, a management team and learnt a lot about myself and business in my mission to raise finance. I have met some amazing and inspiring people and I now have a talented experienced team around me to take us to the next phase of our expansion – I am forever grateful for their unwavering commitment and support. We are working hard to lead and inspire our sector via innovation. Our goal is increase awareness of “Green drying” within the Hand drying sector and to help people understand the importance of making realistic, informed and energy conscious purchasing decisions that show real cost savings to their bottom line. Our sales team are here to help buyers and users understand the short and long term cost and energy benefits and highlight the true ‘cost of ownership’ of hand dryers. We want to drive initiatives and meet the needs of commercial, industrial and domestic customers helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce cost, while maintaining and improving hygiene standards. We are very keen to work in partnership with like-minded leading companies and have already started that with several organisations. To close 2010 and to launch our latest eco-smart hand dryer, the first 10 second dryer using 550 watts, we organised an event in London at Savoy Place, the home of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). Entitled “Innovation for Success”, we celebrated sustainability, British innovation, British design and British manufacturing. ‘Innovation for |176| ENVIRONMENT INDUSTRY MAGAZINE

Success’ was hosted by ITV’s Daybreak Newsreader Tasmin Lucia Khan with expert speakers on energy saving and sustainability including David Penfold, Sustainability and Innovation Manager Sainsbury’s, Hassan Atiq, an Energy expert, and Steve van Dulken, an Information Expert at the British Library. Steve van Dulken went on to congratulate SAVortex team on our diligence and success so far. The British Library was instrumental in providing SAVortex with research and guidance in the early days with their Patents. He added “with less than 3% of filed patents getting through, SAVortex have done very well in such a short period of time with three filings to date”. More from his blog at patentsblog/2010/11/the-vortex-hand-dryer.html. The regenerative heating technique conserves energy by recovering and reusing heat that is used whilst drying, saving money as well as reducing the impact on the environment and producing the industry’s lowest heat emissions. Not only will this reduce electricity costs, increasing over-all carbon efficiency, the Vortex is the lowest carbon foot-print dryer in its class. With a 97% cost saving against paper towels, combine this with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any high speed dryer on the market and you have an unbeatable drying solution. SAVortex is continuing to push the boundaries and driving down costs enabling their customers to reduce their environmental carbon footprint. The Vortex 550 is our latest eco-smart hand dryer, the first 10 second dryer using 550 watts that recovers energy and cuts cost whilst drying hands. The total ethos of the SAVortex hand dryer is minimum energy use without loss of effectiveness. Our hard work to improve energy efficiency and produce the greenest quietest and fastest dryer is paying dividends. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us, visit


There is more to hand drying, than just drying your hands… By Syed Ahmed, Former Contender For Lord Sugar’s Apprentice