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I love the night it’s, Quiet and calm and I can hear whispers, no, shouts, of disbelief and sorrow telling me to return home. The night hides us, our group of soldiers, who are fresh faced and young. The night cloaks us, but the light makes us afraid. Night is dark and bitter, but night is my shield, as the blood of an enemy drips from my knife. Flashes from nearby startles us like wild animals we hide, the best we can and wait, the ticking of my heart grows louder and louder. I try to stop the ticking of my heart, but voices can be heard demanding us to come toward the light, we don’t. Flashes from dying stars are seen, even my flashes fade into the night, then silence. Flashback. A light shines brightly toward me, the darkness far behind. A voice calls out, telling me to come toward the light. I do, but I feel, something. The light encircles me, and then…



This one may confuse you.

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