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Sydney Festival 2011 Review

“… Sydney Festival is a celebration of all that is good about Sydney.” Sydney Morning Herald 28 January 2011 

Illustrations Marcela Restrepo

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review

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Summary Age of Visitors Visitor Origins Visitor Motivations Visitor Income

03 New Projects

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis in The Famous Spiegeltent, Festival Garden. Photo Prudence Upton.


Trocadero Dance Palace Festival Inside Out Festival TV Your Name in Lights Transforming Spaces

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04 Accessibility


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Free Events ANZ Tix for Next to Nix About an Hour

05 Marketing & Communications


25 25 29 33

Branding  Campaign Elements Online Publicity

06 Sponsorship


Highlights Sponsor Grid Opportunities

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07 The Future 


Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review


Snapshot The most wonderful summer festival in the world Sydney Festival celebrates summer, art and life in Sydney, engaging with audiences and artists across the city and stretching to its greater boundaries. Every January the Festival enriches the experience of being in Sydney, making it the most exciting place to be in the world at that time. The Festival presents a bold and exuberant contemporary arts program that inspires, stimulates and brings our diverse community together through shared ideas and heightened experiences. It transforms the famous Sydney cityscape and captures the optimistic spirit of the New Year, creating a welcoming and uniquely charismatic global meeting place that connects and showcases Sydney to the world, attracting visitors and nourishing Australia’s cultural and imaginative life. This year, Sydney Festival has solidified its position as Australia’s leading arts and cultural event, offering the unique experience that is our city in summer. Key results  Sydney Festival 2011 contributed $50.2M to the NSW economy*  Almost 500,000 people enjoyed free events as part of the 2011

program (excluding Ferrython) 

153,000 tickets were issued with an average ticket price of $43

$5.7M box office revenue

109 events with 338 performances, including 17 free events

 33 venues across Sydney, including Sydney Opera House and

Parramatta Park 

More than 931 artists from 17 countries

 20 sold-out shows including Emmylou Harris, Paul Kelly,

Smoke & Mirrors and Trocadero Dance Palace

Festival First Night 2011. Photo Prudence Upton. *Source: Access Economics survey

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“Bold, relevant programming that forges new creative territories, reflects our time and place and celebrates Sydney’s contemporary, global identity.” Lindy Hume


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

“[Smoke & Mirrors] is almost without exception, the most stupendously brilliant show you will ever see in your life.� Sydney Morning Herald 28 January 2011

Opposite page clockwise from the top left: My Bicycle Loves You. Photo Prudence Upton; Ghost Opera & A Chinese Home. Photo Jamie Williams; The Red Shoes. Photo Prudence Upton; Nukkan Ya Ruby at Festival First Night. Photo Prudence Upton. This page, top to bottom: Smoke & Mirrors. Photo Jamie Williams; Entity. Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


Free Events Origin

Household Income 7%




14% 4%




7% 16% 8%




13% 24%









$100 – 125K $125 – 150K $150 – 175K $175 – 200K > $200K


10% 25-34

< $25K $25 – 50K $50 – 75K $75 – 100K

Sydney Rest of NSW Interstate Overseas




Age Group

Ticketed Events Household Income 2% 13%





25% 15%



11% 12%

Sydney Rest of NSW Interstate Overseas


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

< $25K $25 – 50K $50 – 75K $75 – 100K


$100 – 125K $125 – 150K $150 – 175K $175 – 200K > $200K

10% 5% 0










Age Group


Audience Profile Summary Sydney Festival conducted a visitor survey across a number of events, both ticketed and free, at the 2011 Festival. The survey was undertaken both online and in face-to-face interviews, yielding around 1,500 responses. 17% of attendees at the 2011 Festival described themselves as living outside of Sydney. 11,500 visitors from interstate and overseas attended Sydney Festival events. The 25-34 age bracket is the most strongly represented for both free and ticketed events. A third of all attendees have a household income of over $125,000, with another third of households earning between $50,000 and $100,000. The factors influencing attendance at Sydney Festival events include the quality of the artistic programming, the entertainment and fun derived from attending, and the uniqueness of the events.













Rest of NSW


0 Proportion of visitors citing Sydney Festival as a major reason for coming to Sydney

Source: 2011 Sydney Festival Visitor Survey

97% 92% 89%

of attendees would attend the event again in the future

of attendees thought that Sydney Festival enhances Sydneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reputation as a cultural and arts destination

of attendees would recommend visitors come to Sydney to attend Sydney Festival events

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“Dust off those dancing shoes and get ready to lindy hop like it’s 1949.” Sydney Morning Herald 19 January 2011 


Sydney Festival 2011 Review


New Projects Trocadero Dance Palace Sydney Festival’s re-imagined Trocadero was a sell-out success across four nights with almost 7,000 people, young and old, taking to the dance floor in true 50s style. Based on Sydney’s Trocadero of the 1940s and 50s, Trocadero Dance Palace transformed the newly refurbished Sydney Town Hall into a swingdancing heaven with a 2011 edge. The Trocadero included a huge dance floor, a fabulous floorshow, aerial artists and sizzling swing music played by Sydney’s spectacular all-girl big band, The Sirens.

Festival Inside Out In 2011, Festival Inside Out was Sydney Festival’s newest addition to its annual free outdoor program. Its success was such that we hope not only to bring it back in 2012, but also extend it to additional locations in Western Sydney. The initiative brought together two of Australia’s finest and most innovative arts companies, Australian Chamber Orchestra and Sydney Dance Company, to perform under the stars at Parramatta Park and Penrith International Regatta Centre in a double bill enjoyed by 7,000 people. Some of Western Sydney’s brightest young dancers and musicians also joined the line-up, which offered these young people a dream opportunity to work alongside some of the best artists in their fields.

Festival TV Festival TV engaged a whole new audience with behind-the-scenes stories, artist interviews and vox-pops at Festival venues. Hosted by local media personalities Nell Greco and Nick Hayden, Festival TV’s content was published exclusively on Sydney Festival’s YouTube channel. Attracting over 20,000 channel views and almost 240,000 total views of all video content, Festival TV was a new venture which will undoubtedly grow in 2012.

Trocadero Dance Palace. Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Trocadero Dance Palace. Top left to right: Stage and dance floor. Photo Prudence Upton; Vestibule. Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo. Bottom left to right: Dancing couple; Royal Crown Revue; dancing couple. Photos Jamie Williams. Opposite page: Vintage Allsorts Styling Parlour. Photo Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo.

Your Name In Lights

“Love the Troc!” Facebook User

Attracting nearly 100,000 registrations, Sydney Festival was proud to work with Kaldor Public Art Projects to bring to Sydney one of the art world’s pre-eminent conceptual artists, John Baldessari, to create Your Name in Lights. Taking inspiration from Andy Warhol’s famous concept of “15 minutes of fame,” the 30 metre artwork hung from the façade of the Australian Museum, offering everyone 15 seconds of fame as their name went up in lights. The artwork operated 24 hours a day for all three weeks of the Festival. 16% of domestic registrations came from interstate and 22% of landing page impressions came from overseas. Everyone had the opportunity to tune-in and watch their name appear on web-cam 24/7, while a constant stream of people visited the platform in front of St Mary’s Cathedral to watch their name appear in a brief sweet moment of fame.

“Thanks for this opportunity. Even family overseas were able to share this with us.” Facebook User Your Name in Lights

Transforming Spaces In addition to the established venues such as Festival Garden in Hyde Park and Beck’s Festival Bar at Hyde Park Barracks Museum, in 2011 Sydney Festival also transformed some unlikely spaces into entertainment hubs and experiential installations. A Night at the Quad at The University of Sydney’s Quadrangle Over six nights, almost 5,500 people lay claim to the lawn in the iconic Quadrangle amidst the grandeur of the University’s oldest buildings. The evenings featured live music from or inspired by a film, a forum with the artists, followed by the film screening. The season opened with the World Premiere of Brendan Fletcher’s Mad Bastards and featured performances by The Pigram Brothers and Alex Lloyd. Power Plant at the Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour Power Plant was a playful and truly enchanting Sydney Festival experience for all ages where Sydney’s tranquil Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour were transformed into an enticing nocturnal wonderland of sound and light. More than 18,500 people came to gaze at 30 different installations of sound, light, fire and projections.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Highly recommend going to Penrith, saw it in Parramatta on Friday night and loved it!â&#x20AC;? Facebook User


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Top: Festival Inside Out (FIO) at Parramatta Park. Photo Prudence Upton. Middle left to right: Sydney Dance Company at FIO; Australian Chamber Orchestra at FIO; FIO at Penrith International Regatta Centre. Photos Jamie Williams. Bottom left to right: A Night at the Quad at The University of Sydney. Photos left Jamie Williams; right Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo.

“Some have been legends in their lunchtimes, others have been stars after supper, each famous for 15 seconds.” Sydney Morning Herald 28 January 2011 

Top: Your Name in Lights. Photo Jamie Williams. Middle left to right: Festival TV (film still). Produced by Alex Parker; Your Name in Lights. Photo Prudence Upton. Bottom left to right: Power Plant at The Chinese Gardens. Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review


Accessibility Accessibility is central to the Sydney Festival ethos. It is reflected in the commitment to free events, affordable ticket pricing policy and geographic reach with particular reference to the extension of activities to Western Sydney. Sydney Festival also has a comprehensive Disability Action Plan.

Free Events         

Festival First Night Your Name in Lights Summer Sounds in The Domain Symphony in The Domain Exhibitions Festival Garden/Beck’s Bar (non-ticketed) Festival Inside Out (Parramatta & Penrith) Microscope Minto: Live (performance)

200,000 attendees 96,000 registrations 60,000 attendees 60,000 attendees 14,000 attendees 54,500 patrons 7,000 attendees 1,500 attendees 900 attendees

ANZ Tix for Next to Nix The ANZ Tix for Next to Nix initiative is a highly visible example of the Festival’s commitment to ticket affordability. Every day during the Festival, $25 tickets are available from the booth in Martin Place for virtually all performances taking place that day. In 2011, more than 3,000 tickets were sold.

“Just had my first Tix for Next to Nix experience. Almost as much fun as a show!... I got the last two tickets for The Red Shoes!” Facebook User

About an Hour Concentrated in the Inner West hub at the Seymour Centre, with shows also at CarriageWorks and the Sydney Opera House, About an Hour again showcased a program of international and Australian theatre, dance and comedy for only $30 a ticket. In 2011 over 13,000 tickets were sold.

Midsummer Shakespeare, Symphony in The Domain 2011. Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“Sydney Festival’s free program is our heart because it is our strongest connection with our community,” Lindy Hume. The Daily Telegraph 19 January 2011 


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Festival First Night 2011 photos, clockwise from the top: Orkestra del Sol; Smoke & Mirrors; Dancing Flash Mob. Photos Daniel Boud. Opposite page: Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“Lighten your mood, but not your wallet.” The Daily Telegraph 10 November 2010 About an Hour 


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Top left to right: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend; The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer. Photos Prudence Upton. Middle left to right: Good Cop Bad Cop. Photo Prudence Upton; Driven to New Pastures. Photo Jamie Williams. Bottom left to right: 2 Dimensional Life of Her; Gareth Liddiard at the opening of Live. Photos Prudence Upton.

“A beautiful space is made even better.” The Daily Telegraph 18 January 2011 Power Plant 

Power Plant, The Chinese Gardens. Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“The illustrations show a hip and proud Sydney that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” The Daily Telegraph 27 December 2010

Marketing & Communications Branding The 2011 Festival look again featured the playful yellow balloon which was joined by a cheeky cockatoo and beautiful illustrations of iconic Sydney venues and settings. This delightful imagery by Marcela Restrepo captured the spirit of Sydney Festival and its connection to this city beautifully with its delightful visual representation of our tag line this is our city in summer.

Campaign Elements The marketing and communications campaign for Sydney Festival ran for three months, from the launch in early November 2010 through to the last performance of Smoke & Mirrors on 6 February. Collateral  More than 350,000 brochures and 420,000 other pieces of collateral

(e.g. pocket guides, bookmarks, flyers and CDs) were distributed via partner channels, print media, street distribution, at appropriate venues and through Sydney Festival’s mail database of 70,000.  700,000 Sunday Telegraph Sydney Festival guides, 700,000

Sunday Telegraph Festival First Night features and almost 390,000 Sydney Festival highlight supplements in The Weekend Australian were distributed nationally by long standing and valued partner, News Limited. Advertising  Local newspapers: Inner West Courier, Southern Courier,

Wentworth Courier, Parramatta Advertiser and Penrith Press  Major Metropolitan newspapers: The Daily Telegraph,

The Sunday Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald as well as The Age in Victoria  National newspapers: The Australian  Street press: The Brag, 3D World, Drum Media, Sydney Star

Observer, SX, MX and Real Time  Ethnic press: Irish Echo, Indian Link and Die Woche  Magazines: Fine Music, Dance Australia, Limelight, Rhythms,

SAM (University of Sydney) and Art & Australia

Illustration Marcela Restrepo

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


January 8-30

Avant Card Inner West Hub Mini Mag

Avant Card Pocket Guide

Greater Sydney

January 8-30

Summer 2011. Illustration: Marcela Restrepo

Inner West Hub

Summer 2011. Illustration: Marcela Restrepo

January 8-30

Summer 2011. Illustration: Marcela Restrepo

This is our city in summer

York Theatre, Seymour Centre | January 18-30

AustrAliAn ExclusivE

Avant Card Greater Sydney Mini Mag

World Premiere


Kneehigh Theatre (UK)

January 8-30

on Ets tick



Photo: Lynton Crabb

This is our city in summer

‘Perfect’s vision is an almost unimprovable mingling of satire and homage, cheek and deference, music and comedy.’


Job Name/Ver: avant Card_3.4_FA

Trim Size: 101(H) x 151(W)mm

0148 LNA





3mm K





The Guardian Full terms & conditions available at Promotion closes 26/1/11. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/10/9384.

‘Exquisitely dark, sexy and mischievous.’

To enter visit: H H H H H The Times

A Beck’s Festival Bar VIP double pass to be won every day during Sydney Festival. —

Seymour Centre: 02 9351 7940 Sydney Festival: 1300 668 812 Ticketmaster: 1300 723 038 Festival stay & Play accommodation packages available Visit

SOLD OUT? NOT FOR US. Avant Card Fast Festival Feasts Mini Mag

Daily Telegraph Full Page Advertisement

Avant Card Misanthropology Postcard

Sydney Festival and Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority present


Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Australian Premiere

Avant Card Beck’s Festival Bar Postcard


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Avant Card Power Plant Postcard

Middle right: Misanthropology postcard. Photo Lynton Crabb. Bottom right: Power Plant postcard. Photo Christian Petersen. Illustrations Marcela Restrepo. Opposite page: Photo Jamie Williams.

Radio  Targeted advertising on FBi: Beck’s Festival Bar, Live and About an Hour  A range of on-air mentions, competitions and artist interviews on FBi

and ABC Radio Content Distribution / Broadcasts  ABC Radio National Live: Nukkan Ya Ruby (free live concert at

The Domain) and Hope 2011 (the Festival’s keynote address)  ABC Radio National The Night Air Live: The Last Kinection,

Arrested Development, Super Wild Horses and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  ABC Radio National – The Planet: Hanggai, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis,

Wu Man, The Necks, The Pigram Brothers, Sufjan Stevens and The Unthanks  FBi Radio: Mountain Man, Gold Panda, Holly Miranda, WIRE &

Health, Owen Pallett, Cobblestone Jazz & Mathew Jonson, Ólöf Arnalds, Beach House, Holy Fuck, Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme, Villagers, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  sTVdio (Subscription TV): Smoke & Mirrors  Moshcam: Los Lobos

Television Advertising (60 and 30 second TVCs)  Almost 700 spots on Channel 9 (Melbourne) and GO! (National)

from November to January  More than 6,800 screenings on Qantas domestic in-flight entertainment

and during international flight news bulletins in January Outdoor Advertising & Signage  717 street flags (563 in the Sydney CBD, 60 in The Rocks and

Darling Harbour, 34 in Parramatta and 60 in Penrith) The A to Z Shows

 11 APN Tribe billboards  78 APN Buspaks  540 JCDecaux street furniture posters  160 Rova taxi backs (110 in Sydney and 50 in Brisbane)

‘IfIwasonly allowedtolisten tooneartistfor therestofmylife, Iwouldchoose PaulKelly.’ Kasey Chambers in The Daily Telegraph

Unfolding over four nights during Sydney Festival 2011, Paul Kelly takes audiences through three decades of his highly celebrated work. On stage armed only with his guitar and a piano, and joined by a couple of special friends, Kelly will perform 100 songs over four nights – in alphabetical order with no repeats. CityRecitalHallAngelPlace January 20-23 at 7.30pm $70 – $50. See two or more shows and save! Book now: 02 8256 2222 Additional fees may apply.

SF11_PaulKelly_Bookmark.indd 2

 Curb side information columns (triffids) in the CBD and Parramatta  Show specific and Festival generic banner stands  Information and ANZ Tix for Next to Nix booths in Martin Place

and Circular Quay  Comprehensive venue dressing for over 20 sites, including Festival

Garden and Beck’s Festival Bar for the Festival duration

Paul Kelly Bookmark

Outdoor advertising through these partner channels was complemented by high visibility branding in key precincts:

11/10/2010 12:09:58 PM

The outdoor presence was extended further by integrated sponsor activity including ANZ and The University of Sydney campaigns. Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Top left to right: Rova taxi back; Seymour Centre elevator; APN Tribe billboard. Middle left to right: JCDecaux street furniture; Seymour Centre triffid. Bottom left to right: Festival Garden ticket booth and entrance. Photo Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo.


Key statistics (9 Nov – 1 Feb)

Sydney Festival reconfirmed its role as a leader within the cultural sector in the conception, planning and implementation of online activities.

824,625 visits*

3,633,630 page views*

327,408 unique visitors*

 8.5 min average time spent

on site (4.21 min in 2010)*  The top five international

Website Building on initiatives begun in 2010, the 2011 website allowed for greater social media integration and improved opportunities for sponsor display advertising.

origins were the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Japan*  Sydney Festival outranked

other Australian city festivals by significant amounts of traffic†  Sydney Festival outranked the

major UK festivals (including Edinburgh’s Fringe) in traffic† *

Google Analytics


Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“The dancers were so strong, fluid and majestic! Our children were enthralled by them and the music!” Facebook User Festival Inside Out Parramatta

E-Database Subscriber numbers to our eNewsletter, Festival Buzz, jumped 50% to more than 60,000 in 2011. Emailed weekly from November to the end of January, Festival Buzz kept subscribers informed about special ticket offers, exclusive prizes and partner promotions, and provided the latest Festival news and programming updates. From February to October, Festival Buzz is emailed monthly. Key Sydney Festival communications were also pushed out to hundreds of thousands of people by utilising the extensive databases of partners including City of Sydney, ANZ, The University of Sydney and Visa. Social Media and other digital activity Sydney Festival embraced and expanded the use of social networks as an integral part of the digital marketing strategy generating high-level awareness amongst the online community. From November to the end of January, the outstanding public response surpassed expectations:  Facebook: 14,302 fans and 2,308,109 post views 

Twitter: 12,813 followers

 Blog: 98,348 views of 20 blogs  Flickr: 115,339 views of 972 Sydney Festival uploaded images  YouTube: 20,453 channel views and 238,891 total views of all videos.

You Can Ukulele! was the single most viewed with 25,035 views  Mobile phone app: 15,000 downloads


Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Festival Inside Out. Photo Prudence Upton.

Clockwise from top left: Festival Buzz; Twitter page; Facebook profile; iPhone app.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Festival First Night 2011 Media Briefing, featuring Emmylou Harris and her Red Dirt Boys. Photos Prudence Upton.

Publicity Publicity for Sydney Festival 2011 was as always high volume and high impact across the three month campaign. Coverage across television, print and radio reached a cumulative audience in excess of 240 million people. Sydney Festival is gathering online coverage from the last three festivals to compare results. 2011 saw an increase of television coverage (38%) including national coverage, with almost 1,400 syndicated reports. Television coverage included the major events such as Festival First Night and the Ferrython, as well as individual shows (including Trocadero Dance Palace, The Red Shoes, The Giacomo Variations and Your Name in Lights). There were more than 1,200 articles in print across national, regional and suburban magazines and papers, as well as free papers and street press. The Sydney Morning Herald was the leading publication with 210 articles (many syndicated to The Age), followed by The Daily Telegraph (156 articles) and The Australian (89 articles). There was an almost equal number of reports on radio with the majority (78%) being on NSW stations. Key results 

3,637 media reports referred to the Festival

240,146,740 total cumulative audience / circulation

$17.8M in media value

Publicity Split Number of items




Television Radio Print

Source: Media Monitors ASR Report 2011

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review


Sponsorship Highlights Sydney Festival worked with a large community of sponsors from a wide range of industries resulting in more than $8.5M in cash and in-kind revenue. Partnership with Sydney Festival in 2011 offered sales, business development, customer and staff engagement and branding opportunities through activations, advertising, signage, product placement, corporate hospitality and social media integration.

“See yourself in this photo? Standing at the República Coffee queue at Sydney Festival in Hyde Park?... Tell us who you are here on Facebook to receive your Fair Trade Organic República goodies.” República Coffee Facebook 

The Festival also facilitated business to business relationship brokering. Regular Sponsor Buzz eNewsletters kept the sponsor community up to date on relevant news and provided further B2B opportunities. In 2011, the Festival welcomed Zip Industries as the new Principal Sponsor with the Zip HydroTap instant boiling and chilled water product featuring as the hero brand. The partnership saw wide reaching integration and on-ground activity. Zip also used the Festival as a promotional anchor for their Zip Stories social media campaign, asking people to share their family traditions.

Zippy the Zip HydroTap and Kevin the ANZ ATM at Festival First Night 2011. Photo Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review



Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Top left to right: Zip’s free filtered chilled water activation, The Domain; Bar Kronenbourg 1644, Festival Garden. Middle left to right: Domain sponsor signage; The GenerationOne Ferry, Ferrython, Sydney Harbour. Bottom left to right: NSW Bike Parking, The Domain; Stoneleigh Bar, Festival Garden; República Coffee, The Domain. All photos by Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo, except top right by Jamie Williams.

Clockwise from top left: ANZâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s picnic blanket give away, The Domain; Tasmanian Rain activation, A Night at the Quad; Cointreau menu and cocktail, Trocadero Dance Palace; The Daily Telegraphâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sydney Festival 2011 microsite with Visa Platinum integrated advertising; Telegraph newspaper give away, Festival Inside Out. All photos by Paul K Robbins, Monde Photo, except middle right by Jamie Williams.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


Sponsor Grid

Supporters PrincipalPrincipal Supporters

Sydney Festival Sydney Festival SponsorsSponsors

Sydney Sy Fe

Leadership Partners Leadership Partners

Spe Special Distinguish

Dis Distinguished Spo

Star Sponsors


Strategic Partners Strategic Partners

Major Sponsors

Major Sponsors

Special Distinguished Sponsors Special Distinguished Sponsors

Co Ale Au Av Bu Co De ES Flo Ice

Opportunities We invite you to start a new partnership or to build on your experience in 2011 by collaborating with Sydney Festival for 2012 through: 

Positive brand alignment

 Access to a loyal,

educated audience 


Broad media coverage

Sydney Festival 2011 Review

 Recognition across an

extensive marketing campaign  Bespoke leverage  Product placement and

sales rights  Measurement and

research tools  Access influential corporate

and government stakeholders  Exceptional corporate


Planning for 2012 is well underway and there are many significant properties available for partnership. For further information on how your brand can be integrated into Sydney Festival 2012, please contact Malcolm Moir on 02 8248 6500 or at

Sydney Festival Sponsors

Special Distinguished Sponsors contâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d

Distinguished Sponsor

Star Sponsors

Contributors Alex Parker Australian New Express Daily Avant Card Butlers Hire Coates Hire Deepend Sydney ES Group Australia Flourish Flower Merchants Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

Motorola Rental Direct pureprofile Robert Albert AO Tasmanian Rain The Nest Unilever

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


“What Hume did was bring people together in often inspiring and joyous ways” Sydney Morning Herald 29 January 2011 


Sydney Festival 2011 Review


The Future There is an undeniable shift in the rhythm of Sydney each January. With the joyous brilliant blue skies, buzz of cicadas, the raucous screeching of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, balmy evenings and the smell of barbeques, endless cricket commentary comes the excitement of a brand new Sydney Festival. The energy and adventure of Sydney’s iconic festival perfectly complements the romance of Sydney in summer. Festival time is a special time of adventure, hope, passion and optimism, as people of all ages gather in public spaces across the city to share ideas and revel in the communal experience of music, dance, theatre, images and performances of all kinds by some of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists. It’s the perfect way to start the year. This shared experience began in 1977 and, like our city, has evolved and grown in confidence, sophistication and scope. The Sydney Festival adventure continues in 2012 and beyond with bold, relevant programming that forges new creative territories, reflects our time and place and celebrates Sydney’s contemporary, global identity. 2012 programming will deepen Sydney’s connection to the Asia-Pacific region, celebrate Sydney’s Indigenous culture and social history and create closer ties with Greater Western Sydney. In 2012 and beyond Sydney Festival will continue to enrich the experience of living in Sydney by engaging the hearts and minds of Sydneysiders. And of course, embedded in our DNA – and at the heart of all we do – is our ongoing commitment to the community we serve. As we build on our illustrious history with growing community support, Sydney Festival’s future is bright.

Lindy Hume Festival Director

Festival First Night 2011. Photo Prudence Upton.

Sydney Festival 2011 Review


Level 2, 10 Hickson Road The Rocks NSW 2000 Australia T 61 2 8248 6500 | F 61 2 8248 6599 | E 44

Sydney Festival 2011 Review

Sydney Festival Annual Review 2011  

Every January, Sydney Festival enlivens and transforms Sydney with a bold cultural celebration based on the highest quality art and big idea...

Sydney Festival Annual Review 2011  

Every January, Sydney Festival enlivens and transforms Sydney with a bold cultural celebration based on the highest quality art and big idea...