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Planning a Lolly Buffet in Sydney The fastest growing trend in wedding and other buffets is to set up a lolly buffet. In Australia, there are a number of companies that will arrange to cater for a lolly buffet but there are a number of people who will arrange a lolly buffet for themselves easily. This is especially true in the case of people who have a large number of guests or who love lollies so much that they enjoy a do-it-yourself lolly buffets. The first and the most important thing planning a lolly buffets sydney is to plan the look and design of the buffet. In these Internet times, that is not hard to do. All a lolly buffet planner has to do is download a number of lolly buffet images from the Internet and work around it. If there is a designer in the family or among the friends, all the better. The lolly buffet planner has to first plan the colors of the buffet and the arrangement of the jars that the lolly will be placed in. A very important part of setting up the lolly buffet is buying the jars. Jars are available in a lot of places. They can be found in local stores and also on websites such as ebay. If you are lucky, you might even find a bride selling an entire collection of jars on an Internet shopping site. The other thing that you will have to plan is what containers you will be giving your guests to fill. Some people get noodle boxes, while others customize from the vast range of paper, plastic and fabric. The advantage to using these lolly bags is that you can get printed and designed according to the theme of the wedding. Planning the lolly bags early also helps you estimate the amount of lolly that you will need to buy to fill up those bags. After all the preliminary planning has been done, the next and the most fun step is obviously buying the lollies. It is best to buy the lollies in keeping with the colors and the themes of the wedding. Buying from bulk stores, which will sell 1 kg packs of lolly is the best thing. There are plenty of Australian stores where large lolly bags are available. Again, if a particular type of lolly is not available at a wholesale store, a local store may just be able to do a bulk purchase for you. After all of the buying is done, you will need to see to the decorations. It is best to plan far ahead. Whether it is a special tablecloth or colored balloons, visualize your lolly buffet so that you know exactly how it will look when it has been assembled. Plan ahead and wisely and you will see that your lolly buffet will represent your personality at the wedding and will give the event a special feel. Work with the colors and themes that suit you best and come with a winner lolly buffet Sydney.

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Planning a lolly buffet in sydney  

The fastest growing trend in wedding and other buffets is to set up a lolly buffet. In Australia, there are a number of companies that will...