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Trapped “What is the capitol of Germany Mr. Hanizuski?” This was the only class that I completely zoned out of. “ Uhh Berlin.” Of course I knew that it was easy but other than those types of I-knowthe-answer-because-it-is-easy questions I really knew nothing. My friend Allen and I completely agreed on this, he is my best friend that I have had for years. We sit next to each other in practically every class, and I think that is the best part of this jail we call school. “Allen I’m not sure how much longer I can keep the act up... I think this is it I have to tell her.” On our way to lunch I had to tell Allen that I couldn’t keep it in any longer… I started walking away when I turned around to see if Allen was following behind me ( of course he wasn’t) when I turned back around I ran straight into Lilianne. We collided straight into each other and we both fell to the floor. “Oh my goodnessI am so sorry.” All of my books fell to the floor I quickly pick them up and make no eye contact and walk away. “That was the biggest mistake of my life Allen I didn’t say anything now what does Lilianne think of me? Probably that I am just a big huge jerk!” “What are you talking about? What did you even do?” “ I-I was walking down the hallway and I ran right into Lilianne she probably hates me now.” After I caught up to Allen in the hallway telling him all about what happened he said it was nothing but it is a big deal. *************************************** As I walk through those doors I see Lilianne and once again make no eye contact what so ever. My teacher is talking to us about what is happening right now in Germany. My home is in Germany so our teacher told us that it was the right thing for her to tell us what was happening right now and that we should all be aware of it. that she has heard about the Holocaust my teacher told us to be very cautious and alert when we are outside and to never be alone. The class is over finally “Oh hold on class there is an assignment I want each and every one of you to bring the class some brand new and important information about the epidemic that is going on right now.” Great just another thing I have to think about. Allen and I were walking home today…extra cautious. I get home not expecting to seewhat I saw. My mother, father, sister, Allen’s mother and father all in my home sitting around the kitchen table with 6 tall men in dark green uniforms with this weird flag around their upper arm with a symbol on it… I instantly knew what was happening. No one said a word but they were all crying. You could see the despair in their faces, their eyes crying out for help. There was nothing we could do about it the two men came up and forcefully pulled Allen and I towards the table. There was no use of trying to pull

away they had us, there was no way of getting out of their grasp. They blind folded us and threw is into a back of a carriage ... it wasn’t just us there was more, more people like me and Allen and my mother and father. The van came to a jolting stop and the men came out took me by the arms and threw me on the ground “Ow!” “ Aufhören zu reden, du Narr! “ ( stop talking you fool!)

“What does that mean!?” He threw me up by my arms and pushed me along so I was quickly walking “Mom, Dad, Allen where are you!?” “Jonathan is that you? It’s me Lilianne.” “Yes it’s me where are you?” “I’m right next to you” my heart started instantly racing the man pulled me along faster and faster. I heard all my friends and families voices there was a huge line of men, women and children behind us all getting thrown into the same room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It has been eight months now. We are hungry, tired and sick we have been living in the ghetto now day by day and night by night I don’t think I can survive one more night. Even if I get the smallest piece of bread I cannot fathom the taste of this revolting piece of bread. Every day I see someone being tortured, I want this to end. I can’t go on living one more day seeing the piles of shoesfrom the dead people that had lost their lives here. We all just don’t have enough strength. One night one of the keepers left the doors unlocked. It was about three in the morning and we knew that this was a sign, a sign for us that it is time we leave. We snuck out through the door crept quietly through the hole in the fence and made a run for it. For three says and nights we would hide everyday, I was expecting a solider to come and find us and just shoot us right then and there. After the third night we finally made a run for it me still half expecting for a solider to find us but I did all that praying and it finally paid off. That’s it, after being stuck in a place with people that I didn’t know for months and were home now were safe and at peace. The next week there was an article in the newspaper saying that the Nazis leader (Hitler) had killed himself and the people in the concentration camps were set free. In those eight months of hard times I have really learned a lot like not to take things for granted and to be more responsible. I taught myself how to repair holes in clothes, salvage food so I could make sure my parents had enough to eat those nights. I found a friend to have some fun with in my free time his name was Jacob. His parents had been shot right in front of his eyes, so my family offered to take him in with us. I was taught to share... everything, so it wasn’t a big deal for me to share my sleeping quarter with him. I always helped the little kids and their parents in the room next to us, it kind of kept my mind off of other things that are happening. I can’t begin to explain all of the things that had happened in the amount of time I had been in the camps. Not to sound tacky or anything but it can really change a person. I was almost caught by soldiers when i snuck out of my sleeping quarter to use the restroom. When they found me they took me by the back of my neck and threw me into my room, at that

moment I instantly knew to never, ever do that again or it would be my head on a silver platter. Even though the Holocaust was such a horrible thing it really taught me to become more grown up and more cautious and to value life to the fullest.

Author’s Note

Story Title takes place in Germany during the period known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a tragic incident that had a huge impact on all of the people in Germany during 1933-1934. It had a large effect on the many Jewish people living in the community.The men would force people out of their homes and place them in these tiny places called ghettos and eventually move them into concentration camps where they would be prosecuted. Most people could not hide from the Nazis.

The Nazis were soldiers who followed their leader and hated the Jewish community and others who didn’t follow in Hitlers path . Their leader was Adolf Hitler. Adolf was a cruel man who hated the Jewish community and everyone else that was different form him. He hated the Jewsfor many different reasons one is his mother was sick with a deadly diseaseand the doctor that had tried to save his mother couldn’t save her so he blamed the Jewish doctor. He did everything in his power to make sure that the Jewish community was hated. They would all be sent to concentration camps to sit there and rot in a small room with many people. The conditions in the camps were horrid. There were no bathrooms and little to no food, if there was it was not very good tasting. People were treated horribly, they were tortured and beat and kept in rooms with at least 100 other people. There would be piles of shoesfrom deceasedmen, women and children. The first six camps were Auschewitz, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Sachsenhausen and Treblinka. Thesecamps were the most overrun with Jewsand

had the most power and strength to torture. The bigger the camps the more soldiers there where to kill men, women and children. Outside of the concentration camps the Jewsthat did not get captured yet were being harassed and possibly tortured by someone else that wasn’t in the camps they would stay inside these walls called “Ghettos”. Ghettos are like an enclosed fort that Jewslived in instead of the camp. The food was scarcely low, diseasewas spreading and starvation was coming quick. Over 75,000people died of diseaseand starvation inside of the ghettos. Hundreds of Jewws were being shipped of to other ghettos or other concentration camps. So basically the ghettos were like temporary homes. The Nazis didn’t have to abduct us, the just had to force us out of our own homes by gunpoint. Ghettos were places that the Jewslived in for years not knowing how they were going to survive. People would often get shipped off to concentration camps by train. In some ghettos such as the Lodz children were forced onto trains to go to the camp, parents not even knowing where their child was. Dead or alive. Every day they would live in fear thinking “this could be the end, it could be the end of my life.” and knowing their lives could slip between their fingers at any moment. Food outside of the camps was scarce. The families were running low on food stamps to just keep them alive for one more day. Because of economic troubles from WWI the Germans had to pay off a debt of 33 billion dollars it made it easy for the Nazis to rise to power. After WWI it strained Germany of money so the Nazis easily rose to power. I think that this historical event is so worth remembering is becausewe need to remember how far the two communities have come together as a whole. Instead of leaving people out of the Nations happiness we should include people. Even though this has no link to my family I think it is extremely important to remember those we had lost to the horrible event that happened back then and keep them in our memory. By: Sydney DeThomasis

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This story is about a boy named Jonathan who is living his life durring the Holocaust and gets captured by the Nazi Germans.