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Father of the year at Sydney City Toyota

In the corner of Allan Dabbagh’s office, surrounded by sales awards - the stock in trade of the motor industry – is a handsome sterling silver plate.

It is inscribed NSW Community Father of the Year and Allan, even several years after it was awarded, still remains modestly embarrassed.

“My daughter Soriah put me up for it and I had no idea until the day before the award ceremony at the Opera House,” Sydney City Toyota’s General Manager said.

The annual award is given by the Australian Father’s Day Council to fathers regarded as being inspirational in their community and who have made a significant contribution to Australia.

Soriah nominated her dad because of the ‘incredible support’ he’d been to his wife, her mum, Sheenagh in her successful fight against cancer.

And he’d also begun a national campaign ‘Locals Against Graffiti and Gangs’ (LAGG) in a bid to contain the spread of defacement of buildings and public places.

Allan’s campaign had struck a community chord right up to levels of government and led to a crackdown and the institution of new laws to contain graffiti.

“It was a pretty surreal moment receiving an award for something I just did because it seemed the right thing to do,” Allan said.