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On a par with David Jones’ Invitation Only Sale and Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, L’Exhibition has become the most anticipated Sales Event on the Lexus calendar and automotive industry – and it’s on right now!

A must-visit for current Lexus owners thinking of updating as well as those who aspire to own their very first Lexus – and it was inaugurated when Sydney City Lexus dealer principal John Roca ran Lexus in Australia.

“It was 2006 and we wanted to differentiate ourselves in the luxury car market”, recalled John who was chief executive of Lexus Australia at the time.

“The proposition was put forward that we should hold an annual event across Australia for our customers to experience the quality and excitement of the Lexus product similar to a product “Exhibition” hence the name L’Exhibition.

“It certainly wasn’t a sale in the accepted sense back then.

“But today everyone appreciates a value proposition and that’s what we set out to achieve. During L’Exhibition we now offer our range of vehicles built to anticipate your needs with most including to a highly completive and exclusive offer with purchase.“

“The result in the first year was a record month of sales and more than 800 very satisfied new owners – many of whom are still with us today.”

Lexus L’Exhibition has become an annual institution and Sydney City Lexus, under John Roca’s guidance, intends being the keenest of participants.

“This October we are offering an exclusive offer on a range of Lexus vehicles. It’s a fantastic opportunity for any prospective buyer to be able to step into their Lexus of choice,” John said. To find out about this exclusive offer visit www.sydneycitylexus.com.au for details.

“And if you’re not in the market to buy right now, L’Exhibition offers a great opportunity for you to “experience amazing” in the Lexus you desire in a festive and hospitable environment.”

“We look forward to your visit”……..