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Imagine a free service loan car and pick-up and delivery service for the life of your Lexus’ ownership; a free Lexus loan car when your own car is being repaired, a no-fuss registration inspection for your ‘heritage’ Lexus, and an ability to have your Lexus serviced anytime to suit you.

Sydney City Lexus is rolling out a range of customer services way beyond what is already regarded as the best satisfaction protocol in the automotive industry.

They are intended to de-stress moments which for some owners are likely to be anxious and provide a service which is truly valued.

Sydney City Lexus general manager Enzo Alessi, a twenty-year industry professional, has brought all his experience of customerstress points to bear to create a package which is industry leading.

He has consulted owners and determined that these additional benefits of Sydney City Lexus meet their needs.

Service Pick-up and delivery.

Lexus has already made itself genuinely valuable to its owners by offering a free pick up from home or office when their car is due for service and by leaving a loan car behind.

The service exists while ever the car is in warranty.

Now Sydney City Lexus will extend the pickup and loan vehicle service to all its owners, regardless of the age of their vehicles.

Accident assistance App – a Lexus loan car at no cost.

Accidents do happen – sometimes they’re your fault, sometimes they’re the fault of others.

Either way you don’t want to be off the road while your Lexus is being repaired.

Sydney City Lexus is developing an App to allow its owners to register for a free Lexus loan car at the time of greatest stress.

Importantly it’s a no-fault policy – so you qualify whether or not you caused the damage.

There are conditions. We want your car repaired in an approved manner – and we presume you do too.

We’ll work with your insurer to make sure you are kept on the road, when your car is not.

Free Registration Inspections.

Sydney City Lexus will offer free registration inspections for Lexus vehicles of any age.

NSW law requires any car over five years of age to be fully roadworthy inspected and to be given a ‘green slip’ to have the right to remain driving.

It seems a bit superfluous for a Lexus. Many of our original 25-year-old LS400 luxury limousines are still giving superb daily service. But we agree that the law must be obeyed – and a roadworthy inspection is a good idea.

But should you pay for it?

At Sydney City Lexus, we think not.

Bring your car to us and we’ll do the check as a complimentary customer service.

Some garages charge substantially for the inspection – but for us it’s not really about the money. Our objective is to keep every Lexus in good condition, and every customer in our Sydney City Lexus family.

No Appointment Service.

Enzo Alessi is confident enough of our relationship with our customers to be able to make this astounding offer – even at the risk of giving service manager Zac Acevski a stressful life.

Enzo believes the majority of his owners will always book their cars in for service at a time to mutually suit them and our service division. Most avail themselves of Sydney City Lexus’ pick up and loan car service.

But just occasionally, a spur of the moment situation will arise when a customer simply wants to drop in for service unannounced.

We’ve now made it part of our policy – to be able to spontaneously accommodate our customers’ requirements. We’d hope that no-one would take undue advantage. But we’ll also not turn anyone away.

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