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G ino h Bib wih rinds – wihou h rakou Lights, camera...: Presenters of The Word One To One video course prepare to film a segment at the MTS office.

Judy Adamson You’ve asked a friend to read the hope we have in Jesus, but m e m b e r s l e a r n v a r i o u s Bible for yourself rather than,

the Bible with you, and praise the Lord, they’re keen. You co u l d s i mp l y p i c k u p t he Word, read through a gospel together and talk about it, or use one of the many tracts available to help you along. Or perhaps you need some training before you start? Then again, maybe you’re afraid of rejection and don’t even ask the question in the first place? We’re encouraged to always be prepared to give reasons for

it’s easy to doubt ourselves and evangelistic or Bible reading wonder whether we’ll know how tools and how to use them. to handle someone’s questions or Mr Pfahlert wanted to add The negative pushback. Word One To One – a booklet and The national director of the reading plan that originated in Ministry Training Strategy, Ben England, which helps a Christian Pfahlert, became a Christian guide someone through the through reading the Bible with Gospel of John. a friend more than 30 years “I love it, it’s just awesome,” he ago, so it’s something he’s very says. “We want to make it one passionate about. of the things our church does, He takes par t in regular reading the Bible with their training events at his church, mates and introducing them to Park Road Anglican, where Jesus – but meeting Jesus in the

‘This is what I think Jesus is’.” Mr Pfahlert rang up the office of City Bible Forum, distributors of The Word One to One (TW121) in Australia, to ask about a linked course he assumed they must have. Except they didn’t. So he asked if they could create one – write a course that he would run as a pilot at Park Road Anglican – and the answer, of course, was ‘Yes’. CBF’s facilitator of The Word One to One, John Board, sat down

How long ? A service of

lament, hope, and healing for survivors of abuse


7:00pm, Monday 4th July 2022 St John’s Anglican Church 138A Glebe Point Road, Glebe For more information:


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