Southern Cross MAY-JUNE 2022

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Your heart’s desires

Who we are and what we want should be shaped by the desires of God’s heart – not our own, writes Chris Conyers.



hat do you want in life? What are your

heart’s deepest desires? To own a house? To travel the world? To experience the world’s fanciest restaurants? To get married? The desires of our hearts drive everything we do in life, so what is it that you desire? But our desires don’t only shape what we do, they can even shape who we are. A man desires a romantic connection with another man, so he identifies as homosexual. His desire controls his identity. Or a woman desires more wealth and excitement and this shapes her identity, which becomes bound to pleasure. This leads her to steal from her employer to fund her plans. She becomes a daily, unapologetic thief – changing who she is and how she lives because of her desires. We are told by our world that “You can be whoever and whatever you want to be” and “You do you!”. From a worldly perspective, our desires control what we do and make us who we are, and many of our friends and neighbours celebrate this as a good thing. We are constantly surrounded by this way of thinking, and so as believers we are constantly in danger of thinking the same way: that our desires are good, and that “authenticity” means living out our desires in who we are and in what we do. From a biblical perspective, however, our human desires are not something to celebrate, but a serious problem. Different desires SouthernCross

May–June 2022