Southern Cross MAY-JUNE 2022

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The foundation of Christian unity Kanishka Raffel


was asked recently to speak about Christian unity at an

online prayer meeting for global Anglicanism. Since 2008 I have been privileged to enjoy fellowship with Anglicans around the world through the Global Anglican Future Conference, now known as GAFCON Global Anglicans. Although GAFCON began as a conference, it has become a movement in the global Anglican church for biblical truth, renewal and mission. Energised by Christ’s love, it has sounded a clear call to prayerful and courageous proclamation of the biblical gospel,

especially calling for renewal and repentance in churches where structures have failed theologically and, as a consequence, missionally. I thank God for it. I’m looking forward to the GAFCON Australasia conference in Canberra later this year, and plans are well underway for the fourth Global Anglican Future Conference next year in Rwanda. But back to the theme of Christian unity. In Ephesians 1:10 we read that the mystery of God’s plan, that has now been made known in Christ, is to gather up all things “in him” – to unite all

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May–June 2022