Southern Cross DECEMBER 2021

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Book review.

A great addition to the kids’ bookshelf Tara Sing Bible Stories Every Child Should Know Written by Kenneth N. Taylor; illustrated by Jenny Brake 10Publishing


his is the latest offering in the “A Child Should Know”

series, and brings more than 120 key Bible events to life with clever retelling by Kenneth N. Taylor and beautiful illustrations by Jenny Brake. Our family has appreciated Everything A Child Should Know About God (an earlier book in the series), so when I saw this had been released I immediately bought copies as gifts for the young people I know. It slots into the series well, helping primary school-aged children access and engage with the purple passages of Scripture at a deeper level than their earlier children’s Bible story books may have done. Each Bible story is retold over two pages and ends with a few questions designed to promote comprehension and discussion. It’s 30

easily the kind of book you could read each evening with your children without it dragging on too long and delaying bedtime. As the chapters occasionally summarise several Bible passages into one story – such as when events are told in different books of the Bible – clear Bible references allow readers to easily jump back into Scripture. The Old Testament stories not only celebrate the great achievements of God through his people but often foreshadow the greater work to come when Jesus steps on to the scene. Throughout the book, anticipation for the coming of the Messiah builds with each Old Testament story, I was surprised to come across some Old Testament passages retold that aren’t included in many kids’ Bibles. Although containing some confronting details of war, sin and death, their SouthernCross

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