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How three families are preparing to celebrate Jesus this Christmas.

’Tis the season to be jolly Cook, be merry and remember Jesus: Katrina Pritchard makes gingerbread men with her son James.

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ith all the glitz and glamour of Christmas in stores

– and Michael Bublé bursting into song everywhere – it’s easy to get swept away by the magic of the season and unintentionally leave what makes Christmas truly magical behind. We spoke to three families to hear the different ways they keep Christ at the centre of the holiday season. GATHER WITH GOD’S FAMILY Caroline and Rob Freitag love the excitement of Christmas, and long for their children to understand what is truly exciting about this time of year. “We do our Christmas tree, lights and decorations, but we always make sure we say Christmas is a time for celebrating because Jesus was born, and that’s when God

SouthernCross December 2021

volume 27 number 11

came to earth to be Immanuel – God with us,” says Mrs Freitag, children’s minister at St Andrew’s, Wahroonga. Conversations about why Jesus’ birth is exciting or what it means for people come naturally as they set up decorations or go about their lives in December. “There are lots of handmade decorations on our tree, so some of those decorations will be of the Christmas story,” she says. “One is in the shape of a box and talks about the gift given to us at Christmas. We also use the ‘Names of Jesus’ advent calendar... and when my son was young he loved turning the card each day. He couldn’t read but the anticipation that we were looking forward to a day was exciting. Now he will ask, ‘What does Lord mean?’ or ‘What does Messiah mean?’.

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James Pritchard as the Bethlehem star last Christmas.

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