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How Blakehurst Anglican is showing Jesus’ love.

Practical support: (above): hygiene pack delivery to St George Hospital; (right) hand-knitted ear savers. for the healthcare professionals, but also for local businesses. “We’ve bought 550 coffees from local cafes around the hospital, which have seen their business drop dramatically,” he says. “It’s had an extraordinary financial impact.” Many of the health workers have shifts upwards of 12 hours in length, without any opportunity to return home and access basic toiletries. To address this need, Blakehurst church also started distributing hygiene packs to give staff a chance to freshen up after a long day. Mr Ryan says the team has been receiving positive feedback, with one nurse saying it brought her to tears knowing people were caring for her. “A simple gesture can mean so much,” he says, emphasising that it was connections with the community as well as support the church was able to provide that was making the difference. The parish has also been encouraging its members to knit or crochet “ear savers”, which help make tightly fitted masks more

comfortable during the long days. This has also been a way of motivating members to be creative in lockdown and share their efforts with each other. In coming months, as the burden of the pandemic increasingly shifts onto frontline workers, efforts like these will mean even more to those spending their days in crowded hospitals. The local government area of Georges River Council has been significantly impacted by the pandemic and local hospitals have had multiple outbreaks. These initiatives have mobilised the congregation at Blakehurst to be actively involved in serving their community, giving generously and modelling Jesus’ heart for the vulnerable. At a time when reaching the local community has felt difficult, the project is also a great encouragement that the pandemic does not limit Jesus’ love. With some creativity, there are still many opportunities for churches to be a light to those around them and support those doing it tough. SC

Anglicare Senior Living Locations

This Christmas, our wish is for you to connect with family and friends, no matter where you are. The joy of coming together with family and friends is made all the more special this year. We’ve missed celebrating many precious moments together and longed to see our loved ones. At Anglicare, we understand the true heart of a community is the fellowship between people. Our gift to you this year is a set of Christmas Wish cards. Each card showcases the lifestyle in one of our 49 seniors living locations in NSW. Flip the cards for conversation starters to share and create memories with the people you love.


To receive your complimentary Christmas Wish cards and a seniors living guide, Simply call 1300 111 278 or Visit You may have to pay a departure fee when you leave a village.


November 2021