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How to prepare before you walk in the door.

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Tara Sing The roadmap for churches to reopen was met with great YOU WILL BE SAFE

excitement by parish leaders and members alike. After more than We know that having safe church services honours the Bible’s three months of online church with no end date in sight, it was commands to love one another and look after the vulnerable. In wonderful to see this transform into joyful anticipation about response to the roadmap, Archbishop Kanishka Raffel said that meeting in person. churches will implement Government guidelines and COVID-safe There has been a long gap for everyone between physical church plans to make everyone as safe as possible. services, and really, many of us had almost forgotten what an When you attend your service, you can be confident that leaders at-church Sunday felt like. So as we head towards and pass our are following the guidelines and won’t take risks with your health. parish’s opening dates, there may be questions that linger. What is it going to feel like? Will things actually be back to normal? How EVERYONE WILL BE EXCITED TO SEE YOU should I prepare for re-rentry? Be assured that you will be welcomed through those doors, because Here are some things Christians can expect as they return to this is the beautiful reunion we have all been longing for! church: It will be a particularly exciting moment for your church staff. Ministry online can be draining and discouraging at times, and for YOU MIGHT FEEL NERVOUS leaders to see you faithfully turning up after the many months of With so many unknowns, it’s understandable to have some anxiety separation will be hugely encouraging. about church services returning and how they will run. It may be helpful to remind yourself in these moments that your whole church IT WILL BE FILLED WITH JOY family is also navigating these unknowns, so we can and should Even if the meeting doesn’t feel quite like normal, you will still be lean on each other for support. We are going through a moment in able to enjoy many of the familiar “church things” we have been history together! missing. Seeing church family, listening to a sermon with others, You can pray that this trial will unite the church, and grow us in hearing music played live and being back in the church building our love and compassion for one another. are just some of the normal joys we’ll be able to share. Most of all, it will be a great way for us to praise our heavenly Father and give IT WON’T FEEL NORMAL STRAIGHT AWAY glory to him. You can expect that some things will feel different or new. Service Meeting together means we get to actively participate in the elements will need to be adapted to keep everyone safe. Some details profound mystery of Christ and the Church. Meeting together means will be familiar from 2020, while others may not be. You should also we can experience the joy of the gospel corporately. Despite the expect that not everyone will be there at first. challenges of holding physical church services, all these blessings As we get used to these changes, it will be important for us to be make them worth overcoming! patient with each other, and to be praying for our staff to manage We are eagerly awaiting this opportunity to glorify and enjoy God the new procedures well. together as the body of Christ, his bride. SC 6


November 2021