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The Bible is true and can be trusted! Presenting clear and compelling historical and scientific support for the Bible’s reliability, A Defence of the Bible brings together wide-ranging evidence and equips Christians with ready information to answer critics. Now in it’s third edition, A Defence of the Bible answers the common arguments used against Christianity and the Bible, including detailed responses for four major misconceptions:

u That Christianity is “just another religion” u That science through the Theory of Evolution can explain our existence with the need for God

u That the Bible is merely a collection

of ancient myths and is full of mistakes

u That Jesus Christ, if he ever existed,

was merely a good man and was not God

Dr Gary Baxter spent five years compiling information for A Defence of the Bible, which draws on an extensive variety of sources, anchored by the author’s formal scientific knowledge and his biblical faith. Dr Baxter has a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from Monash University.

A Defence of the Bible is published in large-format paperback, consisting of 186 full colour pages with 205 images and 584 footnotes Where to buy: $15.00 KOORONG In store or online at www.kooyong.com.au

WORD In store or online at www.word.com.au

Or directly from www.adefenceofthebible.com/shop

Reader comments: “Before I read A Defence of the Bible, I already believed that the Bible was the true and accurate Word of God, but I also knew that I couldn’t completely persuade an unbeliever of that fact. I dread the thought of being challenged - I simply couldn’t produce any reliable outside evidence. Studying A Defence of the Bible changed the situation entirely. Dr Baxter has made the material in this book both meaningful and memorable, presenting it in a clear and powerful way. As I read chapter after chapter of real, irrefutable evidence, God used this book not only to strengthen my own faith but also to prepare me to share that faith with others. I’m praying that He will use it to bless many others.” Sarah T, Victoria Australia “I just wanted to write you a quick note to say that I have just finished reading your book. It was absolutely incredible! I am sure I will refer to it again and again. I am especially excited about sharing it with one of my work colleagues.” Randy M. Indiana USA “You are a blessing and I appreciate how God is using your passion for Him to help educate and support other Christians. It is becoming more and more important to put into the hands of believers the answers to some of the questions that are being asked about creation, Jesus and religions. Thank you for what you have done in putting together your book.” Steven M, Australia

You can be kept informed on biblical apologetics by going to Gary’s website: adefenceofthebible.com and subscribing to his fortnightly blog

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Southern Cross FEBRUARY 2021  

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