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October is just around the corner, and it is the month that churches predominantly associate with the ADRA Appeal. The words ADRA Appeal conjure up images of Pathfinders, door-knocking, and public collections. But just what is the ADRA Appeal, and why is it so important to get involved? The ADRA Appeal is one of four major fundraising campaigns run by ADRA Australia to raise funding for ADRA’s life-changing community projects, both in Australia and overseas—including eight projects right here in the Greater Sydney Conference. But what separates this campaign from the others is you. During October, you have the chance to get involved and help raise vital funds for ADRA projects impacting your local community. Not only that, you also have a chance to extend ADRA’s reach and get your local church, schools, or community group involved in actively serving others.

So what can you do? Door-knocking is still the most effective way of fundraising within your community. But it’s not the only way your church can get involved. If door-knocking is not for you, ADRA suggests one of the following ways that you can support the ADRA Appeal: hold a concert and showcase your church’s musical talents, gather and sell unused items at a garage sale, host a community meal, or run a fundraiser of your very own. To organise a fundraising activity and access supporting resources, go to Thank you for partnering with ADRA!

Raises vital funds to help Australians in need.

How will you get involved this year?

Register today by calling:

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