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Area of Isolation


Color Palette


Black and White


Solid Color Options


Improper Usage




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Brand Story At Paper & Piece, the love of crafting has always been a part of its values. I am driven by the process and craft of a piece. It brings me back to the old-world art of silhouettes and paper dolls, which are long established art forms that have stayed alive throughout the centuries. I like to bring that old-world feel into my work, mixed with a new style to create portraits that are truly unique. It is a timely process that is deep and meaningful. When you order from Paper & Piece, you will always receive a piece of art that is quality made with archival materials and has a distinct human touch.


Core Values Creativity . . . In every piece of artwork made.

Building Relationships . . . through customer service and fast responses.

Quality . . . archival materials used to create products.

Honesty & Clarity . . . in communication and service.

Stakeholders The ideal consumer for Paper & Piece is a woman ages 20 to 40. This woman is always looking for a unique piece of art that represents a family member, special moment, or pet. She is married with (or without kids) and owns pets. This woman loves personalization and the freedom to choose what picture she would want turned into a paper piece. She cares about quality and will spend several hours doing research on what she is going to buy before making her final decision. She wants non-traditional portraits of her kids or pets done so she could have a nice keepsake in her house. Her family would have a household income of $50k + a year so they can afford to pay extra for artwork that they really love. In addition to this woman, the husband would be another ideal customer. Paper & Piece offers one year anniversary portraits, making it a great gift for them to surprise their wives.


Positioning Statement For people who love unique and traditional artwork, Paper & Piece is an online shop that offers customized portraits hand crafted from cut paper. Our pieces are made using high quality materials that will maintain it’s quality throughout it’s life in our customer’s home.

Testimonials “Sydney did such an amazing job creating our wedding paper portrait. She was so tru to the details of our big day, and in tune to our personality from the colors, to the lyrics, to the frame. The portrait was thoughtful and beautifully created.” - Danielle, TN

“I have tons of photos of my dog, but none of them compare in capturing his essence and personality like his cut paper portrait by Paper & Piece. It’s one of my most treasured pieces of art and something I’m sure to keep and cherish forever.”

- Rachel, SC


“I looked around for a good amount of time before realizing Paper & Piece was the one to make this portrait for us. The final artwork turned out so beautiful and my wife absolutely loves it. We will cherish this piece of art for a lifetime to come. � - Allen, CA




Area of Isolation


Color Palette

Pantone P 63-10 U

Pantone P 10-13 U

C 91% M 70% Y 45% K 1%

C 12% M 38% Y 96% K 0%

Black & White


Solid Color Options


Typography Primary Bodoni Bol d

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*()

Secondary Gotham Regular ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 !@#$%^&*()

Improper Usage

Don’t change the typeface

Don’t resize the ampersand

Don’t use unapproved colors

Don’t stretch or warp


Stationary Stationary for Paper & Piece includes a letterhead, business cards, envelope, and invoice.


Product Photography Photography must be clean in exectution. White backgrounds, muted textures and patterns are all approved background options. Props that can be used are: paper cutting tools, knives, scissors, paper, cutting boards, rulers. other objects for added aestheic are; coffee cups, pearls, jewelry, photographs, flowers, ribbon, decorative plates.


Website Design Web design for is clean and professional. The main page includes large, high quality images to give a clear example of what the customer will recieve when they purchase online. The copy on the website should be warm, personable, and friendly, making any visitor feel welcome when they shop or visit online.

Ordering Procedure With each order request, customers need to send at least 2 high-quality photos (at least 72 pixels per inch) of each person or animal that they want to be portrayed in their custom portrait. They also must send additional images of specific outfits, collars, jewelry, or hairstyles that they would like each figure to have.


(at least 72 pixels per inch) of each person or animal that you want to be portrayed in your custom portrait. Please send additional images of specific outfits, collars, jewelry, or hairstyles that you would like each figure to have.

Portrait Package Wedding Portrait


Add - Ons + Ad d ition al F ig u res


+ Ven u e Backg rou n d


+ Lyrics / Qu ote


+ Pet


+ Sh ad owb ox F rame


+ Ad d ition al F ig u res


+ Backg rou n d


+ Lyrics / Qu ote


+ Pet


+ Sh ad owb ox F rame


+ Backg rou n d


+ Lyrics / Qu ote


solid or patterned background

+ Ad d ition al Pet


Pet’s name (optional)

+ Sh ad owb ox F rame


Includes: 2 figures solid or patterned background 8” x 10” unframed

Family Portrait


Includes: 3 figures solid or patterned background 8” x 10” unframed

Pet Portrait


Includes: 1 pet

5” x 7” unframed

Work shops The goal of all workshops hosted will be to create an enjoyable atmosphere while teaching others and encouraging creativity as they make a unique work of art that will hold memories.

Preparation: Decide on a project that will suit the occasion. Ex: Wedding Shower - Design The Dress game, Papercut Place Cards.

Agenda: Introduce your work, and the project that you’re about to do. Bring pre-designed pattern and all materials and tools uncluding paper, knives, glue, and pencils.

Charity: Hold workshops in which participants can create items such as bookmarks, greeting cards, place cards, and magnets. All proceeds from the sales of these items will go to charity.


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