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everything on property including the kitchen sink ISSUE #118, June 2013




Photographs: Susan Nel


June 2013




June 2013


BIGGER IS BETTER With a wealth of expertise, experience and capacity DR WEDER KAUTA & HOVEKA INC, being one of the largest conveyancing firms in Namibia, constantly delivers on time and when it matters.

WKH House Ausspannplatz, Jan Jonker Rd Windhoek Namibia Tel.: +264 (61) 27 55 50 Fax: +264 (61) 238 802 4

June 2013


issue 118 JUNE 2013

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June 2013


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‘n Pa is dikwels die spil waarom ‘n gesin draai. Die held, die rolmodel. ‘n Pa leer sy kinders regverdigheid en menslikheid. Hoe om mense te waardeer en vroue te behandel, hoe om die goeie in die lewe te geniet. ‘n Pa herinner sy kinders aan God. So, wil ek elke Pappa in die gees van Vadersdag, uitdaag om betrokke te wees as koning, priester en profeet in hulle huis, en jy sal verbaas wees oor hoe die respek wat jy van jou vrou en kinders vra, sommer vanself kom. Vir al ons lesers daarbuite, ons het ‘n opwindende Vadersdag kompetisie net vir julle – Skryf in, en bederf jou Vader hierdie maand. Windhoek is no doubt, still one of the best places to invest in property, says Jimmey Construction. You average an 18 % growth per year on your property. Read more on page 2 about the property development of Jimmey and why it is the best investment still. We are proud to announce the winners for our Mothers day competition. Winner for the Spa Treatment at Oukolele Day Spa is Maxine Cloete and the winner for the bouquet of flowers that will be delivered to your mom from Flowered Earth, is Phillip Mouton. Congratulations to you and thank you for all the participants. This Winter’s issue we bring you a lot of information from various companies that you can benefit from. Truly belief you will enjoy this edition with us from Housefinder.

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June 2013

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Welcome home! Let us help you make your dream home a reality.

The time has come to take charge, step up and OWN IT! At FNB Home Loans we don’t just offer bonds, we offer control, convenience and peace of mind when house-shopping. With a smooth application process, a quick turn-around time and a stoep full of professional Home Loans consultants, you’ll find your nest and you’ll own it! Own it today and call (061) 299 2222 or click your way to

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Home improvement tips • Do not wait until November if you need work done this year; rather organise now to avoid getting caught in the rush. • Always allow more time than you imagine is necessary, inevitably, contracts take longer to complete than estimated. • Use a reputable contractor from a reputable source, and rather wait a couple of weeks for the right contractor to commence, than impatiently select someone on the merit of their available start date. • Make sure all quotations received are on paper with legitimate company details. • Your quotation must have an accurate breakdown and be specific with regards to all work you expect to be included for the price. • A professional quote will also describe the cleanup process or rubble removal procedure. • Remember if you do not have the final details in writing, it's your word against theirs. • Always demand a receipt for all payments. • Never pay up front 'in full'. Most contractors will require a deposit to secure the job and purchase materials. This is quite normal, anything from thirty to fifty percent

deposit should be sufficient; however, if the start date is still a few weeks away, ten percent should be more than adequate to secure your position in the contractor's schedule. • Retain at least ten or twenty percent of funds until the work is completed to your satisfaction. As soon as your payment is made in full, your leverage is lost. • Do not put up with unreliability during the course of your 'work in progress'. If you do not express your dissatisfaction you will be last in the queue for finalisation. • If the contractor constantly does not pitch up or is working slower than agreed with a smaller team than agreed, you are within your rights to re-negotiate the original contract and insert financial penalties for exceeding time restraints.

• Keep a detailed progress report including any additional work with agreed pricing changes. Ten minutes of your day to keep an accurate log will keep you in control of any disputes that may occur later. And here's what FNB Home Loans can offer you: A Building Loan provides financing to buy an empty piece of land and build your dream home from the ground up. Once the home is built, your Building Loan automatically then becomes a Traditional Home Loan. A Re-advance facility provides existing customers access to the funds that make up the difference between their original registered home loan amount and the outstanding balance. It's simpler than registering an additional bond and the funds are

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June 2013



June 2013

June 2013



June 2013



Mediation or a “custody battle”? When people decide they no longer want to live together, be married or remain partners with each other a major component thereof is the issue of how to handle their children when they are no longer living together. It is quite common for parents to have strong feelings about which of them will have custody and when or under what circumstances the other parent should spend time with the children. B e c a u s e f e e l i n g s o f a n g e r, disappointment, and fear of change goes hand in hand with the decision to separate or divorce, those feelings can often overshadow a parent's ability to discuss and resolve the issues in a manner serving the best interests of the children. The most typical response to the conflict is to hire a lawyer to” fight” on their behalf and represent them in court. Sadly, litigation typically escalates the conflict that exists between the parents. Child custody orders can be issued by the court, but meaningful resolution is impossible in a process that is by its very nature adversarial- where both sides “fight” to “win” leaving the other side to “lose”, “letting the court decide” “Fighting” parents so often loose

sight of the fact that in the process a judge or a magistrate has to make some of the most important decisions on behalf of children who are unknown to him or her. In addition to turning over complete control of vitally important decisions to be made on behalf of the children, parent's also loose sight of the effect of litigation on whatever family structure will remain after separation. Litigation is extremely stressful and takes its toll, emotionally as well as financially, on the entire family. Whilst parent are divorcing or separating from each other they are never divorcing their children. Both parents will continue to have a relationship with them for the rest of their lives. It is essential for parents to determine what lies ahead in order to ensure that children have a relatively normal life, good interaction with both parents and other family members and have both parents involved in the important happenings and decisions in their lives. If that cannot be achieved the reality is that children will be torn between two bickering parents who detest each other or have

nothing but animosity towards each other. Surely that can not be beneficial to either the children or their parents who will continue to suffer the effects of the “custody battle” long after the matter is no longer in court. In most instances whatever anger and animosity exists when the “battle” begins becomes even worse when the one “wins” and the other one “loses” and only bitterness remains. The reason for going to court so often is because the one parent wants the court to know how “bad the other parent is and find validity for their own perception that the whole cause of the “battle” in the first place is the “fault' of the other party. But unfortunately that simply does not happen in the way it is expected as the judge or magistrate does not have a magic wand to make everyone live happily ever after. What happens in a court room is often in the end considered not to be kind or even fair. Parents who understand the need to learn to love their children more than they hate each other will be the most successful in mediation and their children the most able to survive the consequences of divorce and separation. To be continued

June 2013





Outapi Shopping Centre Outapi (Omusati Region) Claude Bosch Architects 8 702m2

Outapi, capital town of the Omusati Region, is situated near the northern border of Namibia with Angola. It’s strategic location as one of the first major towns to be entered from Angola is currently causing rapid growth and investment to the town. Various infrastructure projects have recently been undertaken in the town which emphasizes the ever growing need for public amenities. The proposed Outapi Shopping Centre is 14

June 2013

strategically located next to the main road from Oshakati to Ruacana. Increasing influx of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is resulting in a growing need for retail space. The layout and orientation of the shopping centre feeds off the main circulation route of pedestrian and vehicular movement. The complex mainly caters for retail space, but two first floor sections offer ample office space. Public ablution facilities are

also provided for. Large covered walkways present the shopper with much needed shelter from the harsh sun. Occasional seating opportunities ensure that the shopping experience is a comfortable and relaxing one. Natural light is used abundantly to create an outdoor shopping experience within a covered structure.

The complex is divided into five structural blocks. Two of the blocks are double storey structures with the other three being single storey structures connected to each other with covered circulation spaces. The local authority requires that all new structures should be raised to at least 600mm above the road surface. This principle ensures

that the structure is protected against potential flooding. A large double volume space is proposed on the south-eastern flank of the complex, close to the anchor tenant retail space. This multi-purpose space will allow informal trading to take place, as well

as important local events to be exhibited. Access to first floor office spaces is expressed on the facades of the double storey structures. Large butterfly-shaped roofstructures cover double volume lobby spaces, as well as provide covering for first floor patios.

Fig.1.4. Aerial view of proposed development. The complex is divided into five structural blocks. Two of the blocks are double storey structures with the other three being single storey structures connected to each other with covered circulation spaces.

June 2013




Joubert Balt Real Estate

Joubert Balt


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Johan : 085 585 9911

N$ 3 400 000

PROPERTY OF THE MONTH!!! : A HOUSE YOU CAN CALL A HOME…3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, kitchen (scullery, etc) with TV area, dining room and lounge with fireplace/bar -opens up onto the stoep… Braai on stoep, sparkling pool, lots of palm trees..PLUS : One bedroom flat…plus, plus plus !!! (excellent security)…a definate jewel !!!

Johan : 085 585 9911 N$ 1 900 000.00 (CC reg) FURNITURE AND ALL COSTS INCLUDED….!!! Perfect for the young and upcoming/investor....3 beds, 2 baths, open living area, guest toilet, garage….braai with neat garden, situated in a very nice complex ….you will love this !! Very neat!!



N$ 4 700 000.00 (cc reg) THE LAST…THE LAST… 10.7 hectaar plot near Kapps Farm – with a borehole. Fantastic view to the mountains (Build you dream house here)….20km from town, near the main road. Lots and lots of potential..!!

Johan : 085 585 9911 N$ 1 900 000 JUST STUNNING…!! 3 beds, 2 baths, big open plan living area (with beautiful kitchen), stoep with braai and sparkling pool, BIG garage with extra store/work room..very neat – you can just move in !!




3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, TV room, open plan living area, braai, study, kitchen and pantry plus alarm. Erf 420m², house 119m² Available immediately

KARIN: 081 251 3090 N$ 2 980 000,- CC reg. Stunning new townhouse in the heart of Klein Windhoek for sale. Up marked finishes, 3 bedrooms, lapa, braai, double garage. Low maintenance! Walking distance to restaurants and shops.

KARIN: 081 251 3090 N$ 3 100 000,Beautiful family home nestled in a well established garden. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living area, double garage, lapa Plus flatlet. Very quiet in a cull-de-sac



KARIN: 081 251 3090 N$ 3 590 000,- CC reg. Stunning new town house in the heart of Klein Windhoek for sale. Up marked finishes, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet, Lapa, braai, double garage. Low maintenance! Walking distance to restaurants and shops.

KARIN: 081 251 3090 N$ 6 090 000,- CC reg Watch the kudus and birds right from your doorstep... 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms…Verandah with stunning view over the swimming pool and the mountains. Feel like living on a farm... North facing! 1868m² erf!

Johan : 085 585 9911

KARIN: 081 251 3090


Simply the Best

June 2013

N$ 1650 000,- CC reg.


Johan : 085 585 9911 from N$ 980 000.00 HOA Membership. NEW DEVELOPMENT!!!!! Perfect for the quick getaway from town (12km from town CBD). Plots range form 3000 m² to 4000 m²…where you can build your dream house (with your stables/granny flat). Fenced and fully serviced…and lots more. Once in a lifetime opportunity


KARIN: 081 251 3090 N$ 6 800 000,- CC reg Fantastic property! 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Guest apartment, Big Entertainment areas! Lovely kitchen with separate scullery, laundry and pantry., BBQ Room separate from main home. 2 Garages, 2 Steel carports. Top Security & Finishes!



Isabeau Balt: 081 128 0006 Joubert Balt: 081 127 2322 Jan Balt: 081 127 0088 Alison Balt: 081 127 1584

Gretha Dos Santos: 081 284 3180 Johan Van Lill: 085 585 9911 Karin Lühl: 081 251 3090 Amoré Scriven: 081 689 7163

Joubert Balt


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GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 830 000 Easy investment! Two Bedrooms, One Bathroom, Neat kitchen. Ground Floor apartment with big yard. Brand New. Close to shopping mall. Valuation in place.

GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 2 450 000 CC Luxury 4 Bedroom townhouse (246sqm). THE LAST ONE AVAILABLE! 3 bathrooms, study nook, open plan living area with ultra modern kitchen & wine cellar, big stoep & BBQ. Double garage with automated doors. Designed by Top Architect. Selling below valuation.

GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 2 900 000 (reg in trust) BIG ERF!! 1366sqm. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Neat kitchen, open plan living area leading to garden with mature plants, pool, big lapa & BBQ. Double Garage & Carport. Fairly level erf with OUTSTANDING VIEW!!!



GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 2 990 000 Two for the price of one! Spacious 4 bedroom home with lapa, BBQ, pool and 4 steel carports. PLUS: 75sqm flat, completely separate from main home with own carport, lapa & BBQ. Selling price almost half a million below valuation!!!

GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 3 250 000 Renovators Delight!! Corner plot with unlimited potential. Ideal for doctors consulting rooms. Close to Medi-City. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, very spacious living areas, big kitchen, Double Garage, Electrical Fence & Alarm.




GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 1 850 000 CC 152sqm luxury townhouse! Two BIG bedrooms, Two bathrooms. Main bedroom with aircon and huge balcony. Living area with aircon. Big stoep with BBQ. Ultra Modern Kitchen. Automated garage door. Very popular with tenants! Valuation in place.

GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 3 550 000 Ultimate luxury! Big townhouse with HUGE erf (big enough for pool, dogs and kids!). 3 Bedr, 2 Bathr, Study nook, spacious open plan living area, lovely entertainment area, double garage. Walking distance to shops & restaurants. Only 8 units in this boutique complex.



AMORE: 081 689 7163

N$ 4 000 000

THREE FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. MAIN HOUSE: 4 Bedr, 4 Bathr, HUGE open plan living, scullery/ laundry/pantry, carport for 8 cars, inside braai and pool – THE ENTERTAINERS DREAM – PLUS: bachelors flat…PLUS: 2 bedroom flat (own entrance, own garden)…GREAT INVESTMENT!!

AMORE: 081 689 7163 N$ 3 700 000 STUNNING FAMILY HOME! This great home has 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Swimming pool, Entertainment area, Fireplace, double Garage, Huge erf. PLUS a Spacious 2 Bedroom Flat with own entrance.


GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 4 350 000 CC 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Spacious living area with breathtaking view, study, very private entertainment area with Jacuzzi & BBQ. Under floor heating. Modern kitchen & scullery. Double Garage. Free standing lock up & go! VERY SECURE!


GRETHA: 081 284 3180 N$ 6 200 000 CC You will feel right at home in this gorgeous 4 bedroom home, with 3 bathrooms. Study, spacious open plan living areas, separate TV room, splash pool and Jacuzzi, very private entertainment area. Beautifully maintained. Lush green garden. 1200sqm erf.


AMORE: 081 689 7163 N$ 1 250 000 Investors Dream Purchase!!! This cozy flat has 2 Bedrooms, Full Bathroom, Guest Toilet, Open Plan Living Area and a Garage!! A MUST SEE!!!

June 2013






N$ 6,1 million - SHARED SOLE MANDATE! BRAND NEW RELEASE! Location, space, classy fittings and in pristine condition! Very secure! This house offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, stunning, spacious kitchen with separate scullery and granite tops, two lounges, gym, laundry, lapa and much, much more. Don't let this one slip through your fingers! Margit on 081 2443433

N$ 3,8 million Very strategically situated, this property is in an office zone area close to schools, shopping centres and various medical facilities. The stand is 1416 m² with a 3 bedroom house, double garage and swimming pool as well as additional parking space. Huge potential for offices or medical practices. Rezoning still needs to be done. Margit 081 2443433

N$ 1,680,000.00 cc




N$ 4 320 000 cc Location! View! Classy!! What more do you want? 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor braai areas plus big living spaces. A big double garage, storeroom and walk-in cooler room (for those winter hunts) complement the rest of this stunning home! To view or for further information, please call Margit 081 2443433

N$2 900 000

New Development.

Beautiful Double Storey, 4-bedroom house with 2 Garages and inside braai located in a cul de sac.

3 Bedroom, 1 ½ bathroom Units with Carport for sale.

Tel: +264-61-278 100 Fax: +264-61-278 120 / 110 61 Independence Avenue Windhoek



June 2013

House has very neat finishes and a great view from the balcony!

This house offers 4 bedrooms, a study, 2 bathrooms a stoep with an outside braai area and a nice view ! To view please call Margit 081 2443433

Ideal for a first time home owner or investor Units from:

N$1 020 000.00

Leana Marais – 081 127 4584

Leana Marais – 081 127 4584




From N$ 3 200 000

N$ 1 499 000


Only 3x 3 bedroom units and 3x 4 bedroom units available. Modern finishes . Double garage .

NEW RELEASE! A 3 bedroom 2 bathroom unit, all on one level, spacious lounge dining room, small garden and single garage.

Modern, beautiful and lovely views!! Free standing 2 and 3 bedroom houses to rent from N$ 8 500 to N$12 000 per month.

Meyer Kolver 081 250 5678 Hilda Louw 081 124 5217

To view, contact Hilda Louw @ 0811245217 or 278100 /

To view, contact Hilda Louw @ 0811245217 or 278100





Warehouses To Let – Showroom Style - Available immediately Size: Ground floor 354m², Mezzanine floor 78m², offices, kitchenette, toilets etc.

Northern Industrial Park Warehouses To Let Sizes: 283m² Includes offices, toilets and kitchenette Secure complex Rental rate: N$ 50/m² (N$ 13 000 + VAT) Available immediately

Offices and Warehouses To Let

Price: N$ 83.00/m² (N$ 36 000 p.m + VAT) Denis Golding @ 081 124 4581

(1) Central Area – Prime office space (2) Prosperita - Warehouses Contact Frank Schultz 061-278143 or 0811284386

Call Denis Golding @ 081 124 4581 or



Retail Warehouses Upmarket Warehouse Showroom facility – approximately 684m² Ground floor 339m², 1st floor 217m², 2nd floor 128m² Rental rate N$ 90.00/m² N$ 61 560.00 per month + VAT Available 1st June 2013 Three year lease required! Call Denis Golding @ 081 124 4581

Upmarket A-Grade Offices Size 315m² @ N$ 110.00/m² 13 Covered parking bays @ N$ 380.00 per bay


Available almost immediately Denis Golding - 081 124 4581 Frank Schultz - 081 128 4386



FOR SALE : N$ 3 750 000 TO LET : N$ 22 000 p/m Ultra-modern! Space &Views are only a few words to explain this beautiful home. To view this property with Meyer call 081 250 5678

N$2 400 000 to N$2 900 000 CC Brand New development in Avis , various options! Only 8 units in this complex! Unique design and spacious ! Completion February 2014. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms , guest toilet , double garage , braai area , decent garden area ! Meyer Kolver 081 250 5678 Denis Golding 081 124 4581 Frank Schultz 081 128 4386

NEW RELEASE! This north facing family home, with beautiful views, offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, private lounge, open plan modern kitchen, dining room and family room, separate scullery/laundry, bachelor flat, pool, 3 garages and carports. POR - CC. To view, contact Hilda Louw @ 0811245217 or 278100

43 years of property experience


June 2013




N$ 5,900,000

EROS HILLS: Stunning and in pristine condition thatch roofed house offering 4 bedrooms (all en-suite), 2 living rooms with fireplaces, study, hobby room, pool 3 garages and parking for more cars..

N$ 40,000 PM

EROS This home offers everything! Lovely gourmet kitchen, 3 living rooms, dining, guest room, guest flat, 3 bedrooms, servants room, gargage for 6 cars, parking for more, study with bic, pool, BBQ, entertainment area.

N$ 3,450,000

LUDWIGSDORF: Modern, spacious 3 bedroom duet with open plan kitchen, dining and living area leading to swimming pool, roofed patio, BBQ, double garages and parking for more cars.

N$ 3,550,000

KLEINE KUPPE Amazing views! Lovely and very modern 3 bedroom house with large 2 bedroom apartment with garden and own entrance, Double garages, large roofed patio with BBQ, gorgeous kitchen..

N$ 1,700,000

KLEINE KUPPE 3 Bedroom duet offers open plan kitchen and living area and 2 bathrooms, garages was converted to study and storeroom. Small patio with BBQ, parking for 2 cars, pan-handle down to house.

N$ 1,400,000

LAFRENS: .Brand new, modern design 165sqm warehouse with offices, toilets and showers, 3 phase electricity, roller-shut doors, visitor parking..

N$ 2,900,000


Beautiful and very spacious 3 bedroom house offers open plan kitchen (scullery), large living areas, 2.5 bathrooms, roofed patio, BBQ, , double garages, parking for more cars.

N$ 1,100,000

NORTHERN INDUSTRIAL Warehouse in established complex close to Chinatown, comprises of 132sqm with office, kitchen and bathroom, store room plus parking, roller shut door..

Sue 085 559 1619 Office 23-0901 E-mail:

N$ 3,300,000

LUDWIGSDORF Beautiful multi-level 3 bedroom duet tucked away against the mountains, guest room, study, wine cellar, 2 living rooms, large garden, pool house, swimming pool, double garages.

N$ 32,000 PM

LUXURY HILL Lovely renovated 3 bedroom house with most amazing views, open plan kitchen, dining and living area. Extra guest flat, roofed patio with BBQ, large garden and swimming pool, Double garages.


June 2013

N$ 1,100,000

TRIFT TOWERS Windoek: 1 Bedroom apartment with balcony, open plan kitchen and living area, bedroom and bathroom. Basement parking bay, communal entertainment area and swimming pool.

N$ 13,500 PM

LUDWIGSDORF Spacious 3 bedroom duet. Masters offers en-suite plus walk-in closet. Large open plan kitchen, scullery, dining and living area with guest toitelt, roofed patio with BBQ, gargen, dbl garages..

N$ 1,630,000

TRIFT TOWERS Windhoek: This is a great investment. Beautiful duplex 2 bedroom apartment with amazing view. Large open plan kitchen with dining, living area plus study with bic, balcony and parking bay.


Ausspannplaza Offices for professional seeking short tem furnished offices. Sized 45sqm with office and reception / visitor area. Professional. Kitchen and bathrooms, basement parking and visitor parking..

N$ 1,400,000 CC

HENTIES BAY: Neat.3 bedroom house with open plan kitchen, dining and living area with indoor BBQ, large living room, scullery, outdoor courtyard and BBQ, double garages, large erf for expansion and vehicles.

N$ 31,200 PM

OFFICES Ausspannplatz Excellently located and visibility. Offices sized 197sqm offer large boardroom, reception, 5 offices, openplan office area, kitchen and male / female bathroom, Ample parking bays..




tel / fax : 061 - 272117 email :

KLEIN WINDHOEK N$ 3 450 000 - CC


081 124 4043 - Estelle


081 235 2443 - Tallichya 081 777 4851 081 229 5881



081 451 9678


LUDWIGSDORF N$ 6 500 000 - CC

USE E N WHO SHO AY 1 JU h00 URD SAT h00 - 14 str 10 Ludwig 4 John ara Unit Cam

Luxurious 3 bedroom all en-suite townhouse in small complex. Prime location.

Guesthouse with 11 rooms, gym, pool, jacuzzi.. and much much more, fully furnished.

Melanie : 0818657887

Tallichya: 0817774851

AUASBLICK N$ 4 600 000

EROS N$ 4 300 000

In a quiet cul-de-sac, lies a piece of obscured paradise in tranquil, private surrounds. Feel, breathe & view nature from your glass haven offering you double volume living on 2 levels with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study in private lounge, open plan kitchen (with scullery), lounge, diningroom, pool, Jacuzzi, lapa & double garage. If you're wanting that “green feeling” this is your house!! Sylvie 081 124 4043

A very rare jewel !!! You will not find a property like this in a hurry. This home on one level offers you tranquil farm like surroundings in quiet cul-de-sac away from neighbors. Enjoy this unique environment with small animals visiting your 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with study, TV lounge with fireplace overlooking pool and patio and formal lounge and open plan kitchen and 3 garages (two tandem). Sylvie 081 124 4043

AUASBLICK N$ 4 100 000

AVIS N$ 2 750 000 - CC

Beautiful brand new home with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, open plan living areas, lounge, 4 garages, pool, entertainment area with braai. Self catering flat with independent entry. Tallichya: 0817774851

Family Home with 4 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, guest toilet, kitchen, TV room, diningroom, self catering flat, staff quarter, 2 store rooms, double garage, swimming pool, braai... Tallichya: 0817774851

This family home offers 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet, open plan kitchen, pantry, lounge, diningroom TV room. 3 garages, 2 carports, garden, braai. Tallichya: 0817774851

This stylish townhouse with a beautiful view over the mountains of Avis and Klein Windhoek offers you 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan granite top kitchen with scullery, diningroom, lounge with balcony, fire place, double garage, established garden with irrigation, with own entrance. Holle: 0812352443

An erf with a spectacular view over Ludwigsdorf situated in private cul-de-sac.

Only a few left !! - Dream townhouses on Golf estate in lush nature, Offering : 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining/lounge, patio & braai area, double garage and garden. Holle: 0812352443

Beautifull fully furnished townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living areas. Garden and very secure.

Neat office with kitchen, small storeroom and parking place. W & E included

LUDWIGSDORF N$ 2 750 000 - CC

Holle: 0812352443

OMEYA N$ 1 650 000


Tallichya: 0817774851


Holle: 0812352443

June 2013




Email: Stefan: 081 124 0484 Tel: +264 61 23 34 91 Fax: +264 61 23 34 92 PIONIERSPARK N$ 3 750 000

Spacious family home, with open plan kitchen, lounge, lovely indoor entertainment area with braai. Swimming pool and manageable garden, double garage, 2 bedroom flat with separate entrance and carport. It is a definite MUST SEE!!

KLEINEWHK KUPPE N$ 1N$299 2 350 KLEIN 000000 CC

Private and cosy 4 bedroom family home in quiet area. N$ 4 700 000 - GARDEN LOVERS! 2 Bathrooms, open plan kitchen, scullery Very Large Family Home with 6 (yes SIX) bedrooms, spacious double garage, outdoor patio with braai, living areas, lovely outside entertainment area & GORGEOUS pool and stunning view. established garden; also suitable to be converted to small B&B! Lourette 081 124 5868

Edene - 081 284 2944

Edene - 081 284 2944


LUDWIGSDORF 3 390 KLEIN WHK N$N$ 1 299 000000 CC

Spacious 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, scullery, store room, laundry, lounge, dining room, tv room , study, indoor and outdoor entertainment area, swimming pool, dbl garage, dbl carport, servants quaters and seperate flat. Don't miss this one !

3 Bedroom House, 3 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Dining TV Room, Double Garage, Double Carport, Braai Area, Garden, View ! Simone - 081 260 2699

Cornel - 081 277 8250



N$ 6 600 000

LUDWIGSDORF 3 700 KLEIN WHK N$N$ 1 299 000000 CC

Extremely beautiful modern double storey house for an Executive, very close to the state house: 5 bedrooms, 路 4 bathrooms, 3 garages, Lounge, TV room Kitchen and Dining room, Swimming pool, Braai area, Beautiful garden, Scullery, Tight security and more

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Elegant open plan kitchen, Entertainment area with braai, Flat, Stunning view Double garage, Erf size: 380 m虏 REMARKS: New and modern, exquisitely finished home in quiet street.

Rosalia at 081 24 91319

Chris-Jan - 081 309 4212

June 2013


N$ 3 850 000

Big Family home in Mint Condition 5 bedroom house, 3 bedrooms, guest toilet, open plan kitchen, laundry, scullery, pantry, lounge dining room, tv room, heated pool, garden. Almost no stairs! Cornel - 081 277 8250


N$ 5 200 000

Lovely plot in Brakwater 5 bedroom house with own bathrooms. Own Water very private. 2 bungalows as well Hakkies - 081 317 8460


N$ 24 000 p/m

Immediate available. This 6 Bedroom house, very spacious, has 3 bathrooms and a very nice openplan kitchen/lounge /dining area which opens to the balcony and swimming pool area. It has 3 bathrooms of which the main bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. The main bedroom is huge and has a very nice view. It has also a outside BBQ and swimming pool. Callie - 081 270 0977



Simone Konings Rosalia Haihambo Lona Van Wyk Cornel Koegelenberg Alexia Theissen Chris Jan Brand Portia Jansen


- 081 260 2699 - 081 249 1319 - 081 127 9808 - 081 277 8250 - 081 122 6616 - 081 309 4212 - 081 499 1284

N$ 6 900 000 CC

Willem Koegelenberg Daniela Vorster Hakkies Husselman Stefan Loftie-Eaton Callie Mans Edene van Wyk


Best location, stunning view and loads of character This large home offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, bachelors flat and double garage. The main entertainment area consist of build in braai and large patio as well as a indoor pool. There is a formal lounge, the kitchen is spacious and the house is newly painted.

- 081 129 3500 - 081 484 8133 - 081 317 8460 - 081 124 0484 - 081 270 0977 - 081 284 2944

N$ 3 850 000

4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 ensuite), study, open plan kitchen and dinning room area with fireplace, living room with fireplace, big entertainment area with braai, pool and sauna, garden with big trees, tandem garage with store room, carport for three cars, separate Flat with bedroom and bathroom Alexia - 081 122 6616

Chris-Jan - 081 309 4212

OLYMPIA N$ 2 480 000



Not a cent to be spent. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage and carport, kitchen, lounge and dining room, pool and lapa with braai. Spacious erf of 1332m²

Westvale-P/Park Ext 1: N$ 1,200,000 cc reg. 2 Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, courtyard with braai, carport. Rental income N$ 6500p/m Langenhoven Hills- Eros: N$ 1,599,000 Neat 3 bedroom townhouse, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, guest toilet, garage, small courtyard. Lona - 081 129 7808

SLE Properties would like to welcome Portia on board, if you have any properties to sell or rent - please contact her for fast, excellent and friendly service.

Lona - 081 129 7808


N$ 4 550 000


N$ 23 000 p/m

Portia - 0814991284

TO LET Kleine Kuppe: N$16 500p/m 3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, scullery, lounge, dining area, entertainment area with braai, pool and 1 bedroom flat, double carport. Klein Windhoek: N$23 000p/m 3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, guest toilet, dining area, lounge with fire place, stunning garden, patio, braai, pool, double garage.

Under evaluation - for Investors!!! Current lease agreement in place N$23 000 per month until September 2013. 3 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, guest toilet, study could also be 4th bedroom, 2 braai areas, pool spacious kitchen, dinning room, with big family Room, plenty of parking. Fully equipt 2 bedroom flat with own entrance and Carport. Simone - 081 260 2699

N$ 4 700 2000 - GARDEN LOVERS! For the executive. bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, Very Large Family with 6 (yes bedrooms, spacious openHome plan kitchen with SIX) scullery, living areas, lovely entertainment area & GORGEOUS panoramic views outside with stunning outside patio with braai, established garden; also suitable to bemore... converted to small B&B! garden, pool and much Lourette 081 124 5868 Daniela - 081 484 8133

Ludwigsdorf: N$22 000p/m 4 bedroom house, 3 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, fireplace, indoor braai with stunning view, pool, double garage, domestic quarters. Daniela - 081 484 8133

June 2013




Tel / Fax : 061 307825

Let experience work for you! Joanie Meyer 081 129 6689

KLEINE KUPPE - N$ 2 930 000 CC Double Storey Neat, Cosy and Secure! 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Open Plan fitted kitchen, lounge, dining, TV Room and Indoor braai, double automated garage.

LUXURY HILL - N$ 6 150 000 In a Prime Position, you can just move in. 4 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 4 air-cons, study, large TV room, open plan lounge dining and gourmet kitchen, separate scullery, stunning entertainment area, swimming pool plus Jacuzzi, double garage, irrigation system, walled, electric fence.

LUDWIGSDORF - N$ 6 800 000 neg

OLYMPIA - N$ 3 500 000 CC

A stunner of note!! Brand new, be the first owner! Wonderful spaces with light dancing everywhere. Open plan living areas, designer kitchen with separate walk in pantry and scullery, Indoor entertainment area with braai. 4 Bedrooms, main bedroom characterized by wonderful en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi bath & walk-in closet, study, flatlet/office. 4 Automated garages, top quality finishes, stunning views with balconies.

Excellent house PLUS flatlet! To work from home - or use separately for your teenager or granny. Minutes away from shops and schools. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, scullery and laundry, lounge and dining with fire place, lovely kitchen, flatlet, domestic quarter, heated pool, lapa/braai, 3 automated garages, neat garden.

TO LET AVIS Townhouse, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open plan living area, Double garage, Unfurnished N$ 15 000 p/m Furnished N$ 22 000 p/m Avail 01 June KLEIN WINDHOEK Townhouse, 3 Bedrooms En-Suite, Open plan living area, small garden with braai, Double garage N$ 17 500 p/m Avail 01 June KLEIN WINDHOEK House, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Flatlet, Double Garage, Pool, Great location N$ 30 000 p/m Avail 01 June EROSPARK House, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Large living areas, Kitchen, Entertainment area with pool and braai, Double Garage, Views N$ 35 000 p/m

Rina de Bod Cell: 081 127 0258 HENTIESBAAI




N$ 4 200 000,00 Ocean view from the north dune. Newly build family home on huge erf. 5 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, Servants quarters. Open plan living with indoor entertainment area, 2 garages

N$ 4 300 000,00 This north facing duet is situated in a quiet street. 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Dining room, living room, TV room, Jacuzzi with entertainment area, 2 garages

N$ 2 200 000,00 Quiet and secure, with a view, ideal lock up and go. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Garages Designer kitchen with open plan living, Jacuzzi with entertainment area

N$ 6 800 000,00 A huge family home - on one level Erf : 1600m², 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Guest suite, Study, living room, dining room, TV room, gym, Indoor entertainment area, Pool with lapa, 4 Garages





N$ 3 700 000,00 Huge play area for children 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen with open plan living, Pool, Entertainment area, 2 garages

N$ 4 500 000,00 In a quiet cull-de-sac, with beautiful view 3 Bedrooms, 2,5 Bathrooms, Dining room, living room, TV room, study 2 Garages, Jacuzzi with entertainment area

N$ 1 900 000,00 Situated in a popular complex 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Open plan living, 1 Garage

N$ 1 150 000.00 Furnished one bedroom flat in very popular complex, within walking distance from centre of town. Excellent return for investors.


June 2013



Tel: +264 61 229951 Fax: +264 61 229949 E-Mail: Mandela Offices, Unit 1 Klein Windhoek C/O Nelson Mandela Ave and Arians Road




N$ 18 000.00 PM Beautiful and neat T/House, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/lounge, scullery, garden, double garage, out braai and Jacuzzi - Available immediately. Call Cammy - 081 612 2220

N$ 3 700 000 Spacious and modern family home comprising 3 levels. Ground floor : 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom. Second floor: living area, kitchen leading onto enclosed verandah with built-in braai and top floor, 3 bedrooms 2 full bathrooms. Double Garage. To view call Margie 081 300 4016

N$ 18 000-00 pm 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms. Beautiful kitchen, scullery and laundry. Living room and dining room. Indoor barbeque. Lovely spacious garden with water features. Double garage. Contact Marietjie - 081 268 9069




N$ 4 320 000.00 - CC reg. A beautiful duet with an amazing view!! 3 Bed, 3 Bath, well fitted open plan kitchen, scullery, 3 living areas with a fire-place, patio with built-in braai and jacuzzi, double garage, cooler room, storeroom. Lots of extra parking. Lovely finishes throughout. Avoid disappointment and call ANITA – 081 127 5828

N$1 100 000 o.n.o. Fantastic investment. Rental income between N$ 6 000 and N$6 500 per month. One Bedroom, open plan lounge/diningroom, small balcony. One parking bay. Excellent Security. Communal Deck Pool. For further details call Margie Stainton 081 300 4016

N$ 4 800 000 - CC Reg LOCK UP AND GO for the executive. Very secure 3 bedroom, 3 en-suite bathrooms, open plan living area, kitchen, scullery, patio with barbeque and a double garage. View by appointment only. Please call Anneke - 081 283 5990.




N$ 8 346 000 Entertainers dream 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, modern kitchen, scullery, big lounge, TV room with fire place, 3 garages, lots of parking space, lovely garden, sauna, pool and Jacuzzi and gym, large lapa and bar area, outside braai, 1 bedroom flat, it has a great view - a must see! Leandra 081 453 4374

N$3 700 000 Great Investment and good location! 3 Bedroom house, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, garages + 3 seperate flats, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, erf size 711m2 and dwellings of 917m2! Renovations have been done recently + rental income of about N$30 000 per month!

N$ 1 470 000 Neat and spacious 3 bedroom freestanding house, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge/dining, 2 carports + 2 outside bedrooms + boundary walls (Little TLC needed)

Tinkie 081 268 8960

Tinkie 081 268 8960

June 2013






Paradise Properties “Your ultimate Property Consultant”

Leon - 081 269 2645 Office 061 300 895

Lilly - 081 255 8153 Fax: 088 610 405

email :



TO LET Ideal for Print shop, Manufacturing, Warehouse/Offices, 160m² in Gold Street N$11 200.00 + Deposit VAT INCLUSIVE

Workshop, Industrial Area: Erf Size: 2700m2, Underroof 680m2, Fit For Mechanical Workshop, Motor Spares, Windscreen Shop, Fit Tyres, Panel Beating and Spray painting, Second Hand Car Sales:

Beautiful family Home 3 Bedrooms (bic), 2 full bathrooms, kitchen (bic, stove), scullery, dinning, lounge, study, entertainment area, braai, pool, double garage.

Available Immediately

N$ 3 000 000 as GOING CONCERN

N$ 2 750 000

Klein Windhoek




Spacious family Home 4 Bedr (bic), 2 bathrooms, kitchen (bic, stove), dining, lounge, braai double garage, single garage, 2 Bedroom Flat. Available 1 August. TO LET for N$ 20 000 p/m

Seagull Haven. Upmarket Townhouse, 3 Bedrooms (bic), 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen(bic, stove), Lounge, Dining, Braai, balcony, Garage.

6 Hect Plot in Town, 3 Bedr Home, 2 Bathrooms, Fitted Kitchen, Lounge, Dining, TV. Room, Garage for 4 Cars, Carports, 1 Bedroom Spacious House with Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen/Dining, + 1 x 5 Room Lodge, Camping Site, 3 x Solar Geysers, Pool, Borehole, Security, N$ 4 900 000

Stunning 2 Bedroom (Bic), Bath, kitchen (bic, bis), lounge, parking.

June 2013

N$1 290 000 CC reg.

Kleine Kuppe



On Show, Saturday 8 June, 11H00 till 14H00, Dobe Str. No 5, Follow our Boards, price neg.

N$ 980 000



Please Call: Dianne 081 128 2837 / Nadja 081 696 9505 /

The past is where the future is created…

Dianne Loock Real Estates

OTJIMUISE DEVELOPMENT - N$ 565 000 WILLOREID – OTJOMUSE N$ 565 000 PHASE 1 SOLD OUT!! Now selling PHASE 2 Off the Plan 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom plus basement parking. Ground floor units also available. Completion 2014

Sole Mandate

Dianne 081 128 2837 or Nadja 081 696 9505

REGENSTEIN - N$ 7 875 000 cc Rustic country Home & Cottage in a private nature est. 12km outside Windhoek. 24 hr security & electric fencing around the perimeter. 3 bedrooms all en-suite, study, 4 with bedrooms, W.C. & shower, domestic quarters, 2 garages, 1 double carport & Pool. PLUS separate self-contained bachelor flat. Also Cottage – living area with braai, kitchen, 2 bedroom en-suite, study, garage.

KLEINE KUPPE DEV. from N$ 3 450 000 – N$ 3 650 000 MOTH CORP UNIT AVAILABLE END JUNE Selling Off Plan: Stunning double volume townhouses, 3 bedrooms en suite Main bedroom has a balcony Choose your finishes. Double Garage. Spectacular Views! Dianne 081 128 2837 OR Nadja 081 696 9505

N$14 000 pm OR N$800-00 pd. Fully furnished 1 bedr, 1 bathroom, open-plan, garden. Wifi, Lift access, Basement parking. 24 hr security. Dianne 081 128 2837 OR Nadja 081 696 9505

SWAKOPMUND - TO LET - N$ 5 500 pm THE TRAILS - TO LET - N$ 11 000 pm On the Beach ! 2 bedrooms, double garage. 24 hr security. Communal pool plus communal laundry.

Unfurnished unit 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open-plan, all on one level. 2 Carports.

Immediatly availbale

Dianne 081 1282837 OR Nadja 081 6969505

Dianne 081 128 2837 OR Nadja 081 696 9505

June 2013



Property Finance Tel: 061 2990500 We all dream of owning a home. A place in which we can live the way we want to and which is an extension of our taste, personality, thoughts and feelings. Contact a Bank Windhoek Property Consultant today and we will show you how to realise this dream. TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY

For home improvement ideas, follow us on Pinterest.


June 2013


Benefits of using

AN ESTATE AGENT There is a perception that hiring an Estate Agent to either sell or buy one’s house is an extra financial burden that cannot be entertained, especially with the high costs of property in Namibia. Estate Agents are required by law to be paid a commission, although the fee can be negotiated between the seller and the agent. However, the benefits that come with recruiting the services of an Agent, heavily outweighs the costs. This is especially true for homeowners who have very little knowledge about the housing market and lack negotiation and persuasion skills needed to sell or buy their dream house.

Before working with an Estate Agent, one should do a screen check to ensure that you are hiring a registered and credible Estate Agent. Estate Agents in Namibia are registered with the Namibian Estate Agents Board.

Bank Windhoek’s Property Consultants are with you every step of the way. For more information, contact Property Finance at Tel: (061) 299 0500.

Some of the benefits of using Estate Agents are: Time • Looking for your dream home can be time-consuming and not all of us have the time to run from one house to the other and from one neighbourhood to the other. Estate Agents can assist in searching for your dream home based on your requirements, and available finances. Expertise • Estate Agents have expert knowledge on the local housing market and can advise if a house is under-priced or overpriced for a particular neighbourhood. • They will advise you on the best possible presentation of your house to attract more viewings and its eventual sale. Clinching the deal • Estate Agents can also negotiate a deal that will be acceptable to both the seller and the buyer and in the fastest time possible. Publicity • When selling your property, the Estate Agent will place advertisements in the classifieds of the local newspapers and magazines as well as the broadcast media to reach as many buyers as possible to view the house. Estate Agents also do the work when it comes to the legal documents to be drawn up. As you are buying/ selling through an Estate Agent, your risk of being defrauded is mitigated. Too often, owners who have sold their houses have been defrauded. When you use an Estate Agent, that Agent is liable to the contract, and should not be breached by any party.

Michelle Garoes Bank Windhoek Property Sales Consultant Tel: (061) 299 0544



Yolanda: 081 394 3951


June 2013

DM0201300040217 MD




Para Assistência em Lingua Portuguesa, Por favor contacte-nos através do seguinte email:

FOR SALE! CONTACT US FOR PHOTOS & MORE INFO ON ANY OF THE LISTED PROPERTIES Commercial Property: Sought after area – close to Maerua Mall. 390.49sq.m: Ground & 1st floor. 13 Parking bays. Quality fittings & high finishes. 2 Tenants in place. CC registered. Pre-valued. Very neat & safe – with security guard. N$ 8,270,000

Avis: Hamlet-on-Avis: Beautiful family unit. All on 1 level. 3 bedr unit – main en-suite – all with sliding doors opening on garden & pool. Braai. Open-plan lounge, dining room & kitchen. High finishes. Double garage. 24h security. N$2,450,000

Auasblick: 4 Bedroom & 3 bathroom home. TV Room, Living room & Lounge. Fully fitted open-plan kitchen & dining room. Scullery & laundry. Entertainment area. Pool & lapa. Inside & outside braai. 3 Garages & 2 carports. N$3,895,000

Auasblick: Luxury at it’s best! Beautiful views. 4 bedr – all ensuite. Guest- bedr and Bathr. TV Room, Study, very modern kitchen. Laundry, Storeroom 3 garages. 3 Phase power. Lots more! Reg in CC. N$7,140,000. Far Below Valuation!!

Klein Windhoek: Views!! 4 Bedr with 2 bathroom home. Office, TV room, Store room, 1 bedroom flat with own entrance, Pool & Braai. Stoep with beautiful views. Double garage. Reg in CC. N$5,610,000. Below Valuation!

Kleine Kuppe: 3 Bedr duplex townhouse. Main en-suite. All BIC’s. Open-plan Kitchen (fully fitted) , lounge & dining room. Covered lapa with Bar. Single garage & 1 covered parking. Remote entrance & electric fence. N$1,995,000

Kleine Kuppe: Views!!!4 Bedroom home with main ensuite. One level home. Open-plan lounge, dining room & kitchen. Kitchen fully fitted. Scullery. Wooden deck & pool. Boundary walls with electric fence. Dbl garage. N$2,500,000

Olympia: 4 bedr home. Kitchen with pantry & scullery section. Openplan kitchen & dining area. Fireplace in lounge. Separate office/domestic room with bathroom. Aircon, alarm. 4 Garages & 2 carports. Verandah. N$3,255,000 CC Reg.

Eros: Close to MediClinic with possible office consent. Corner erf. Old 4 bedr home with main en-suite. Large office/TV room. Fireplace. Large garden. Pool & outside braai. Lots of potential. Double garage. TLC. 2x Carports. N$3,255,000

Olympia: View! 1 Level 4 Bedr home – main en-suite. Open-plan Lounge & dining room. Large kitchen & pantry. Big lapa with Braai. Pool. Double garage with single carport. Guest WC. Fans. Alarm system. Paved driveway. N$2,835,000

Herborths Blick: Nature Living: 5ha Erf with beautiful views! Nampower & Namwater. Clubhouse with tennis, squash courts, gym & entertainment area. Lots of wildlife. Views! N$1,340,000 Below Valuation!

MORE PROPERTIES: *Hosea Kutako Apartment 2 bedr flats. Plot-and plan: N$1,030,000. Invest! *Auasblick: NEW: Plot-&plan: Modern & beautiful views.Get your name listed *Puteoli – 4 bedr unit with stoep & braai N$2,430,000 *Auas View Nature Retreat 1ha stand N$1,650,000creg *Brakwater: 30ha plot with 5 bedr home: N$7,245,000

June 2013




Tel +264 (0) 61 - 220 673 Fax +264 (0) 61 - 220 674 Physical 63 Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo P.O. Box 5068, Windhoek, Namibia Email | Web http://

Schantal Teichmann Windhoek Branch Cell. 081 129 5125





FOR SALE - N$ 3 900 000 Child friendly family home in an awesome area !!!! 4 bedroom, swimming pool, entertainment, double garage & Lots more. Call Schantal @ 081 129 5125

FOR SALE - N$ 2 961 000 (CC) 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms with BIC, Hobby Room, Small Ent. area with built-in braai, Open plan Kitchen BIC, Stove, Living room, Fire place, Double Garage, Electric fence, Alarm Automated Garage & Gate Call Maricobi @ 081 124 2012

Lovely DUET for sale! - N$ 2 595 000 (CC) 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge with fireplace, kitchen with scullery, entertainment area with built in braai, splash pool, double garage + extra parking, garden. Call Maria @ 081 129 2341

Nature on your doorstep ! Great INVESTEMENT ! 24 hour security. Only 6 units available! 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, double garage, outside braai, entertainment and much more! All just for N$ 1 550 000 (INCLUSIVE) Call Schantal @ 081 129 5125





FOR SALE - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, tv room, kitchen with pantry, fully fitted study, garages for 3 cars + carports, lapa with built in braai, swimming pool, bachelor flat as well as servant's quarters. Erf size 1000m². N$ 3 100 000 Call Maria @ 081 129 2341

NEW/MODERN 4 bedroom family home, 3 bathrooms, study/hobby room, spacious open plan living, airconditioning throughout, kitchen with scullery, double garage, pool, entertainment, alarm/beams. EVERYTHING YOU COULD WISH FOR AND MORE! N$ 5 100 000 (negotiable) Call Schantal @ 081 129 5125

Big family home for Sale! 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, tv room, kitchen with scullery, 2 single garages + extra parking, servants quarters and laundry, lapa with built in braai and big sparkling swimming pool. Erf is 1260m² - N$ 3 450 000 Call Maria @ 081 129 2341

NEW development. Cheaper Housing. 3 bedroom house with 2bathroom and carport. Open plan! - N$ 631 200 2 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and lounge/ open plan! - N$ 535 200 Call Maricobi @ 081 1242012


FAX 2 E-MAIL 088 617 315 P. Box 909 Windhoek Office: 060 803 8462 Email: WE ARE LOOKING FOR PROPERTY TO SELL OR TO LET PLEASE CALL


N$ 1 280 000 (Neg) Vacant Erf

Windhoek West N$ 3'600'000 (neg)


N$ 1 185 000

with approved plans & Engineers report

Cosy 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Corner Unit. kitchen, lounge, Carport, alarm, burglar bars, braai, and a spacious courtyard.



N$ 945 000 (Neg)

N$ 6 800 000 (Neg) Newly built, 3 bedr, 3 bathr, baby room, gourmet kitchen, pantry, study, walk-incloset, indoor entertainment, guest suite or cinema room, 4x garages

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Garage, Carport, Pool, Domestic quarter, Nice View !! Great potential for investors Erf size 1140m² Building size 320m² Contact: 081 356 9664

Beautiful modern 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, fitted kitchen, lounge, Fully airconditioned, extra cupboards, alarm.

VENUS : 081 129 9899


June 2013



GLENDA P.O. BOX 80588. OLYMPIA, WINDHOEK CELL: 081 124 2358 | FAX: 061 238 321 E-MAIL:

AUASBLICK - N$ 4,500,000.00 CC Brand New Modern family home • Erf 1 321 sq/m • Buildings 330 sq.m • 4 ensuite bedrooms • Study • Tv room • Open plan lounge, dining area • Large entertainment area • Double garage



KLEINE KUPPE - N$3,700,000.00


• Right behind Windhoek Gymnasium • 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Kitchen • Spacious living areas • Study • Entertainment area • Double garage • Two basement storerooms • Pool • Entertainment area

BEAUTIFUL OLD HOUSE: N$ 31 000.00 EXCL VAT • Walking distance to town • 6 Secured parkings, • 3 Offices Furnished • Boardroom, Reception, Kitchen • Server room, WC • Available immediatly MODERN OFFICE BUILDING: N$ 25 300.00 EXCL VAT • Reception, 4 offices, WC • Open plan area for 8 desks • Boardroom, Basement parking • Lovely view over the city

KLEINE KUPPE - N$1,240,000.00 CC

LUDWIGSDORF - N$6,700,000.00 CC

• Ground floor unit in well managed complex • 2 bedrooms • 1 bathrooms • Open plan kitchen • Entertainment area • Small garden • Covered parking

Mediterranean Charm with lots of view: • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Dining area • Lounge area • Tv room • Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry • Indoor pool with sliding roof • Bachelor flat (could be part of the house) • 2 one bedroom flats totally separate • Double garage • Erf 1000 sq.m


TO LET: CBD - N$ 23,625.00 EXCL VAT PM

Offices To Let: Robert Mugabe Ave N$22,000.00 per month +- 160 sq.m

Offices to let Close to Snyman Circle Ample parking 175sq.m office 70sq.m balcony

June 2013






C’est La Vie Village






 

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Double Garage Duplex 216 m²

N$ 2 325 000

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Single Garage Simplex 191 m²

N$ 2 225 000

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Single Garage Duplex 180 m²

N$ 1 975 000

KEY FEATURES  15 Unique Units in the Village High Quality Finishes, Spacious Units, Back Yards Near Windhoek Gymnasium, & other amenities (on corner of Kleine Kuppe and Otjivero streets)

C’est La Vie - Such is Life

Lu-Wayne 0811290476 / Elise 0811295520 / Denise 0811243191 / Ilze 0816698720 / Magda 0811272850 / Claudia 0812595311


June 2013






Bernie - 081 148 8510 Zola - 081 293 5565 Retha - 081 128 6958 Office - 061 300 327

For more rentals available, visit


Loft style unit, 1 Bedroom, Aircon, Alarm, 1 Parking N$ 5,500.00


2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Aircon, Alarm, Tandem Garage N$ 9,300.00


2 Bedrooms,1 Bathroom, Aircon, Alarm, 1 Garage N$ 6,957.50


2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Aircon, Alarm, Tandem Garage N$ 10,000.00



2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Alarm, 1 Parking

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Alarm, 1 Parking

N$ 7,150.00

N$ 7,250.00


Modern 3 Bedroom units, 3 Bathrooms, Aircon, Alarm, Double Garage N$ 13,500.00

Modern 4 Bedroom units, 3 Bathrooms, Aircon, Alarm, Double Garage N$ 14,500.00 - 15,500 .00

June 2013




Ernst Kubirske Wilko Aschenborn Carla Tagliaferri

081 148 5558 081 128 8681 081 124 0886

8 Schinz Street, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek

Office: 061 231 006

Klein Windhoek Tuscan family home Open plan, 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, Office, Balconies with amazing view over Klein Windhoek, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Entertainment Area, Walk in safe, 1 Bedroom Flat All on a 1132m² erf Price N$ 5 800 000-00 Contact Ernst 081 148 5558

Central Business District 50 – 200 m² Offices available for rent. Contact Ernst 081 148 5558


TO LET & FOR SALE Several Warehouses from 400 m² to 3500 m² around Windhoek

Tel/Fax : 061 - 251 398 email :


FOR SALE : 2 Restaurants in the CBD as well as Klein Windhoek

Jasmin - 081 124 1667 Tanja - 081 401 3861



N$ 6 700 000 CC Reg ... or To let for N$ 50 000 p.m. Established 11 bedroom B&B in walking distance to beach and shopping center. 3 garages, lots of parking. Jasmin 081 124 1667


TO LET - N$ 19 000 neg Brand new 3-bedr house with first class finishes, double garage, small, level garden. Nice, private terrace, kitchen with appliances. Tanja : 081-401 3861


June 2013

N$ 1 380 000 CC Reg - 2 bedroom town house in well managed complex, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/ lounge, central aircon, double garage, yard. Tenanted for N$ 7000. Tanja : 081-401 3861


TO LET - N$ 22 000 neg Spacious, older 3-bedr. house with guest quarters, huge garden with pool, palm trees, lapa. Double garage, quiet street. Tanja : 081-401 3861

P.O.R - Double erf with a large, renovated 3-bedroom Plus a new 1-bedroom house and a dream, tropical garden with pool. Views. Double garage, double carport, endless possibilities! Jasmin : 081-401 3861


TO LET - N$ 20 000 Centrally situated, modern 4-bedr. double storey house with guest suite, manageable garden, pool, lapa, open double garage and views. Jasmin : 081-124 1667



Tel: (061) 232 503

Fax: (061) 226 640 Ona Smit 081 616 4868 Jacques Smit 081 813 7485



N$11 000 pm NEW DEVELOPMENT!! TRIPLE STORY TOWN HOUSE 2 x 3 Bedroom units, 2 bathrooms and guest toilet open plan lounge/kitchen/dining area with sliding doors onto small patio with BBQ , 1 Garage and 1 carport. Please contact me for a viewing Available 1 June


N$2 400 000- 2 900 000 Selling below valuation!!! NEW DEVELOPMENT 8 VERY UPMARKET UNITS UP FOR GRABS!!! ONLY 5 UNITS AVAILABLE Buy directly from the developer!!! - Spacious three bedroom units - Double Garage - FROM 157m2 – 199m2 - Different types of units - Entertainment Area - Study - Balcony


N$1 955 000 MONDOVI ESTATE NEW DEVELOPMENT Buy directly from the developer LUXURIOUS UNITS Elegant, natural and modern 200m2 Spacious 3 x bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and double garages Completion date: Approximately October/November 2013


N$14 000 pm BRAND NEW DEVELOPMENT!! LUXURY TOWNHOUSE 222sqm 3 Bedroom, 3 bathrooms open plan lounge/kitchen/dining area with sliding doors onto “stoep” with BBQ , Double Garage. Please contact me for a viewing Available 1 June

June 2013


18 Yea Experiencrse

• Vertical blinds • Venetian blinds • Wooden blinds Call us for a comprehensive and • Bamboo blinds • Roller blinds

9 Feld Street

profe ssio nal se rvice which includes:

Tel 061-251 498 Fax 061 251 497 ¥ Real Estate Sales Cell 081 128 8812

and Mark eting;

¥ Reside ntial and Commercial Rental; ¥ Property Project Coordination; ¥Reside ntial and Commercial

Alynsia Bruna Principal Agent

Property Manageme nt

¥ General Property Legal Advise ; and ¥ General Inve stment Advise.

LUDWIGSDORF                                    N$  4,300,000  

Vincent Bruna Agent

This magnificent   property  boasts   3   bedrooms,   2   bathrooms   (main   en-­‐suite)   2   guest   rooms   (en-­‐ suite),   guest   toilet,  spacious   lounge,   dining   room,   big  kitchen  with  separate  scullery/laundry.  

EROS PARK                                                N$  3,400.000  




This modern   house   is   set   in   a   very   tranquil   and   natural   setting   while  the   entertainment   area   with   swimming   pool   offers   beautiful   river   and   mountain   views.  

AVIS LOFTS                                          N$  2,400,000  

Renovator’s Dream!  Ideal  for  offices  or  B&B.   Spacious   4   bedroom,   2   bathroom,   kitchen   and   more.     Big  yard  with  big  trees  &  swimming  pool!  

Brand new!      Very  spacious!      Just  move  in!   4   bedroom,   2   bathroom   family   home,   triple   garage,   2   lounges,   TV   and   study   with   a   big   yard.   Situated  in   the  hills  of  Auasblick.    Ultra  modern!    

HOCHLAND PARK                                  N$  3,750,000  

KLEINE KUPPE                                  N$  1,200,000  (CC)  


Beautiful garden!  Ready  to  move  in!   4   bedrooms   (all   en-­‐suite)   with   another   big   bathroom,  study,  lounge  and  TV  room.    Additional   1  bedroom  flat  &  swimming  pool.    

Close to  new  shopping  centre.  Invest  NOW!   Beautiful   and   cosy   2   bedroom   townhouse,   with   carport,   courtyard   and  braai.  Excellent  investment   opportunity!      

June 2013

For the  executive!    Very  upmarket!     Fully   furnished,   modern   2   bedroom,   2   bathroom   apartment   with   magnificent   views   over   the   mountains.  Patio  with  splash  pool!  Double  garage!  

CONSIDER  SELLING  OR  RENTING?   We   are   fluent   in   English,   Afrikaans,   German,  French  &  Italian.      

June 2013



windhoek shop

• Waterproofing • Roof Sealing • Water Seepage • Road Surfacing • Retaining Walls


Walls • Floors • Roofs • Metal • Road Surfaces

Authorised Distributors for SWEPCO Roofing & Building Maintenance Products... Quality Service since 1933!

• Sleeper couches • Orthopeadic mattresses • Pine furniture • Appliances

Officeconomix Complex, 13 Voigts St. Southern Industria, Windhoek Tel: (061) 248444


June 2013

Tel: 061-307 226 Fax: 061-307 228




+264 81 260 4849



+264 81 288 5319




Hochlandpark - N$ 3 000 000

Okahandja - N$3 600 000

This beautiful 3 bedroom modern house offers you 2 bathrooms, dining, lounge, 2 garage, and an outside flat

Guesthouse: Main house 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, dining room. 2 garage Outside flat: 10x Outside room with bathrooms, Kitchen, lapa with braai area, pool

Pionierspark ext. 1 - N$3 000 000 (including costs) This beautiful house offers you 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining, lounge, 2 garages, outside flat, Erf of 1047m²

12 th Road Heidi's Ecke Shop 9 , CBD Walvis Bay Cell 081-128 8960 / 081-288 6572 Tel 064 -221 000 Web site : E-mail: find us on facebook: anjo estates


Web Ref:HWA 7324


Web Ref: HWA 7325

N$ 9 500 PM 2 2 3 Newly renovated in best location, large outside area, available immediately.

N$ 3 675 000 5 4 3 Seldom to find, large property 1,250m² with a structural (under-roof) coverage of 418m².



Web Ref: TWA 7154




N$ 4 595 PM

Newly renovated, spacious with garden, prepaid electricity Alarm and Burglar bars.


Web Ref: HWA 7173

N$ 1 250 000 2 2 3 New, absolute winner CC registered, right location, fantastic price .

Web Ref: HOT 7101




N$ 1 390 000

Residence has been (in portion) applied as a B & B establishment. The composition of structure allows for the generating of income as B&B or renting out rooms for longer periods.


Web Ref: HWA 7227

N$ 1 895 000 3 2 5 Urgent Sale - Impressive offer all well below valuation, good location. Attractive composition !


Web Ref: HWA 7256

N$ 1 795 000 3 2 4 REDUCED TO SELL FAST! Perfectly situated near the Lagoon on large Erf. Indoor swimming pool. EXTREME VALUE!!


Web Ref: HWA 7311

N$ 1 680 000 2 2 4 Huge Erf of 1250 m2 offers scope of further development, GEM for the investor.

June 2013



properties Swakopmund Office: 064 463338 Langstrand Office: 064 221995

Swakopmund Office Susan Curtis: 081 275 7929 Hettie Beukes: 081 374 9787 Erni Rosemund: 081 2721375 Langstrand Office Lorin Burger: 081 332 8037 | LANGSTRAND




FAMILY HOME ON THE BEACH 4 Seafront bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large living area, kitchen, garage, very spacious yard and so much more! Furniture included N$ 3 400 000 CC Reg.

291m² BRAND NEW – ONE LEVEL HOME Spacious 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining, ent. area and kitchen, indoor BBQ, large scullery, laundry. Very close to the beach Price drastically reduced to N$1 900 000

SPECTACULAR OCEAN & DUNE VIEWS Elegant and Spacious 3 Bedroom apartment, 2 bath, modern kitchen, large living area, balcony with BBQ, tandem garage. Furniture included in N$1 280 000 CC Reg.

SUPERB FAMILY HOME Warmth and appeal. Great for a big family! 4 Spacious rooms, separate living areas, modern kitchen and so much more. Second row from the beach. N$2 620 000





KRAMERSDORP On the sunny side of the street! Secure complex and private garden. Opportunity for a good buy. N$ 1,600 000

KRAMERSDORP - Exceptional value! Price drastically reduced. Lovely family home with freestanding 2 bedroom flat in beautiful garden in walking distance to private school! N$ 3,200 000

CBD This one has got it all! The view, the rooms and the entertainment area, in the heart of town. N$1,960 000

VOGELSTRAND Enjoy views of the Ocean from the balconies! Four bedrooms, 4 garages and a lovely garden. Mr Seller awaits offers, must relocate. N$2,750 000

Best Buy

OUR AGENTS Christine 081 128 2402 Retha 081 250 2889

Marius 081 627 4061 Anet 081 122 2118

Office: 064 404400





Really lovely home with 4 bedrooms, spacious open plan living area, indoor and outdoor braai, and 4 garages. N$2,750,000

Brand New!!! This lovely home is just waiting for your own defining touch. Double glazedwindows for temperature control. N$1,980,000

Stunning views of the dunes and sea from this penthouse apartment located on the beach. 3 bedrooms, open plan living and double garage. N$2,560,000.

TENANT ALREADY IN PLACE!!! Bachelor flat in town with single garage. Hurry, this won’t last! ONLY N$ 560 000.00





Well maintained 4 bedr house, 2 bath, large erf, lounge, dining, ent. area, indoor braai, laundry, 2x tandem garages, PLUS 1 bedroom flat. N$ 2,200,000 neg

Very neat family home, with external laundry room, indoor entertainment area with built in braai and outside braai. N$1,800,000

Naturally elevated plot with beautiful views! Fenced 11ha level plot with house, flat, studio and outbuildings, water & electricity. N$ 2 650 000

Perfect lock-up & go for your next holiday! UNDER 1 MILLION! Neat, furnished 1 bedroom flat on ground floor, Open-plan kitchen/ living, Patio and garage. Yours for N$ 895 000

ifference! Still making a d 42

June 2013





081-129 6790

081-231 9653




Fantastic Investment, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 living areas, entertainment area with indoor BBQ, 4 garages plus N$ 2 750 000 office


Stunning beach front apartment fully furnished, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen living area with beautiful views, N$ 2 300 000 BBQ, Tandem garage


This upmarket unit is situated in a beachfront development with the ocean on your doorstep, 3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, N$ 5 950 000 double garage


New family home , 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, modern kitchen, indoor BBQ, double garage N$ 1 790 000

Walking distance from the beach, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen living area, small garden plus single N$ 957 500 garage


Brand new modern North facing house, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with scullery, indoor BBQ, double N$ 1 495 000 R/C garage


Holiday retreat, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen & living area leading to a balcony with outdoor BBQ facilities N$ 960 000 plus single garage


Brand New Industrial Warehouse, 513 sqm complete with managers office and restrooms N$ 4 690 000

Value for money situated in town centre, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, modern open plan kitchen,Indoor BBQ N$ 1 255 000 plus 2 single garages

EXT 19

Brand new townhouse development, 3 bedroom units, 2 bathrooms, plus double garages only 7 in development as from

N$ 1 350 000


Thinking of retiring no stairs, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, open plan kitchen living area, enclosed veranda, N$ 689 000 single garage


Enjoy your privacy, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large erf, plus granny Flat and 4 garages N$ 2 900 000

June 2013






REF 3/413 HF

REF 1/413 HF



N$ 3 200 000

N$ 3 500 000 - MAKE AN OFFER TODAY!





CC Regis tered


REF 1/513 HF

REF 2/513 HF

REF 3/513 HF

REF 4/513 HF

3 LARGE BEDROOMS, 2 BATHROOMS, Great location. Two properties on one erf! LOUNGE & DINING AREA, ENTERTAINMENT 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, lounge & AREA, KITCHENS. 4 GARAGES. dining room,2 laundry room & extra outside room. Flat: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen & lounge, 4 garages. N$ N$2 2 100 500 000000

WITHwith GREAT VeryPROPERTY modern House lotsPOTENTIAL of wood work. 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining & lounge area, additional large scullery & lounge with gas fireplace. Indoor BBQ area and double garage. PRICE N$ ON 4 600REQUEST 000


2 BEDROOMS, 2 BATHROOMS, Prime location & sea view, walk toOPEN beach. KITCHEN, DINING & LOUNGE AREA. 7PLAN bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, large kitchen with INTERLOCKED & SINGLE GARAGE. scullery, large TVYARD room/entertainment area with indoor BBQ. 2 one bedroom flats with kitchenette. N$ N$1 6180 300 000000

June 2013

N$ 2 700 000





smart move’

Office - 064 413 400


email :


N$ 3 640 000

N$ 5 350 000

N$ 695 000

N$ 1 195 000 - CC

SWAKOPMUND Value for your money 4 Bedrooms with 3 Bathrooms. Kitchen, Pantry and open plan Lounge. Dining room. Family room and a Study. Breath taking views of the dunes. Double garage and a big yard.

SWAKOPMUND Well managed Bed & Breakfast 11 Bedrooms with 8 Bathrooms. Reception area and Entrance Hall. Kitchen, Lounge with Dining room. Family room and Fireplace. Braai room with a Bar and great garden condition. 5 Garages and Off street parking.


Established garden with Interlocking.

SWAKOPMUND Townhouse - Brand new look & feel! 3 bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. Guest toilet. Kitchen, open plan Dining room room and Living room with Indoor braai. Single garage. SPECIAL OFFER: get Suzuki, 2 door, 4 wheel drive, 70 000 km included when buying this property!!

Contact: Magda 081 400 4227

Contact: Magda - 081 400 4227

Contact: Magda - 081 400 4227

N$ 2 600 000

N$ 3 700 000 incl. (neg)

N$ 950 000

N$ 900 000

SWAKOPMUND Family home in established area 3 Bedrooms with 2 full Bathrooms. TV room and an enormous Kitchen and open plan Living room. Indoor braai. Scullery and Double garage. PLUS: 3 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. Kitchen and open plan Living room with private courtyard in front and back with outdoor braai area. Contact: Ansu - 081 242 9198

SWAKOPMUND Industrial warehouse complex!! Erf size is 1500sqm. Consists of: 10 Workshops - 70 sqm each 6 Garages - 18 sqm each 1 Security room & Bathroom.

TAMARISKIA Double storey townhouse with own entrance This double storey townhouse has it's own entrance, private courtyard front & back. Spacious open plan Kitchen and Living room. Guest toilet. 3 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. Walking distance to Vineta shopping centre.

DOLPHIN BEACH Perfect lock up & go!! Luxury 2 Bedroom unit with 1 Bathroom & garage in a sought after complex in Dolphin beach. Spacious open plan Kitchen with a balcony and a sea view. Only a stone throw away from the beach.

Contact: Ansu - 081 242 9198

Contact: Charlene - 081 365 3843

Contact: Charlene - 081 365 3843

N$ 970 000

N$ 2 750 000 - CC

N$ 2 000 000

N$ 1 830 000





Remarkable character 2 bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. Open plan Kitchen & Living room. Single garage, Balcony with Braai. All furniture included! Walking distance to the beach.

Vogestrand Double storey house 4 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. Kitchen and Lounge. 4 Garages. 380 m²

Industrial warehouse!

Rental income estimated @ N$6600.00 per month.

Ext 15, Plot and Plan 3 Bedrooms with 2 Bathrooms. 2 Garages. Double volume Living/TV area. Size 254 m²

Contact: Charlene - 081 365 3843

Contact: Louis - 081 374 1953

Contact: Louis - 081 374 1953

Easy living - retirement village 1 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom. Kitchen and Lounge. Single garage.

Size of building 311 m²

Contact: Ansu - 081 242 9198

Completion date: October 2013. Contact: Louis - 081 374 1953

June 2013



properties Maureen 081 129 5484 Dirk 081 329 1366 Office 064-404004

SWAKOPMUND N$ 2,000 000 CC reg.

N$ 1,500 000

N$ 1,400 000 CC reg.

N$ 2,600 000

For Sale :

Spacious Apartment in Town 3 Bedrooms, 1 Full Bathroom, Sep. Toilet, Open plan Kitchen, Dining room and Lounge, 2 Garages. 123m²

Perfect Lock up and go ! 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Large single Garage, Indoor Braai. Furniture Included. In Town.

Luxurious Living ! Townhouse with 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 Balconies, Large Tandem Garage, Outdoor Braai, Little Garden. 199m². Only 4 Units.

N$ 1,980 000

HENTIES BAY - N$ 1,600 000

KARIBIB - N$ 700 000

OMARURU - N$ 2,700 000

Something Special ! Cozy 3 Bedroom House, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Garages. Courtyard with Braai. High Boundary Walls. Durable Finishes.

Spacious and Neat House ! 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 3 Garages. House = 336m², Plot =1142m² Lots of space to extend

Excellent Investment ! 3x 1 Bedroom Flats on 900m² Plot with Tenants. More building potential

Breathtaking ! Fully Furnished, Spacious House with 2 en-suite Bedrooms, Living room, Big kitchen, 2200m² manicured garden and 2 x 1 Bedroom Flats

311m² Workshop

BRIGGITTA: 085 604 9025 LU: 081 261 0025


OFFICE: 064 - 404 028


LANGSTRAND PANORAMIC SEA VIEW 4 Bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor BBQ, Massive entertainment room. Flat with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge, kitchenette. 4 Garages. Ideal family/holiday home Size of house: Approximately 560m2


N$ 485 000

HAGE HEIGHTS INVESTORS DREAM 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen Separate TV room Size: 190 sqm

N$ 4 700 00

PLUS - Many more

N$1 695 000

Vacant erf Size: 600 sqm

KRAMERSDORP IDEAL FAMILY HOME 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study separate spacious family room, open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen, scullery/laundry, double garage PLUS 2 bedroom flat, shower/toilet, big lounge/kitchen with BBQ, Total size: 349 sqm N$ 2 900 000.00 (neg)



EXTENSION 15 BRAND NEW HOUSE 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, indoor BBQ Open plan kitchen/lounge/dining room Scullery/laundry Double garage Size: 210 sqm

EXTENSION 15 BRAND NEW HOUSE 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with urinals Stunning kitchen/dining room with BBQ Scullery/laundry, Separate lounge, 2 single garages, Beautiful!! Sea view Size: 250 sqm

PALM COURT RETIREMENT VILLAGE 1 bedroom, shower/toilet, open plan kitchen/lounge, enclosed patio, single garage Levies: N$1 800 p.m. includes lots of services

N$1 825 000 CC

N$ 2 250 000

N$ 685 000 - CC

June 2013

KRAMERSDORP TOWNHOUSE Safety complex, 2 bedrooms, Study, 2 bathrooms, Open plan kitchen/lounge/dining room Double garages, Big paved garden Levies: N$970 p.m. Size of flat: 165 sqm N$1 585 000.00

coastal shop


Think indoor braais and cosying up around the fireplace in the security of your home. Think BBS



OFFICE: Tel: 064 22 09 25

Fax: 064 22 09 26


COAST: Elie Nel: 081 232 9399 WINDHOEK: Elmarie: 081 128 4555 GOBABIS: Walter: 081 259 3189 HENTIES BAY: Jan Buys 081 256 4485

June 2013


The only choice.


June 2013

African Skylights

Benefits of Skylights Skylights are increasingly common in new homes today. Skylights are not only practical, they're beautiful too. Few things compare to natural sunlight streaming into your home. Natural sunlight helps to regulate the body's circadian rhythm, inducing better night time sleep and staving off the "blues" in the winter. These are just a few of the advantages to installing skylights in your home. If you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, there are four other advantages to installing skylights, including: 1) Skylights maximize natural light in darker parts of your home. Rather than cutting down that hundred year-old tree that is casting shade over the front of your house, a skylight in your entryway might let you keep the tree and still enjoy natural sunlight. They will brighten up just about any dark area in your home. They add a sense of spaciousness. This can be especially advantageous in a smaller home, creating an illusion of space and depth. The actual size of the skylight greatly affects the illumination level

and temperature of the space below. As a general rule of thumb, should the aperture never be more than 5 percent of the floor area in rooms with many windows and no more than 15 percent of the total floor space of the room spaces with few windows. 2) They can help cut down on your electric bill. Strategically-placed skylights replace the need for electric lighting, at least during the daytime. They also add heat to your home, cutting down on the amount of electric or gas heat you'll need to generate. All of this can translate into big savings, even up to 20% per year. 3) Skylights are "green." Since you're saving electricity, you're helping to preserve the environment. In fact, one of the latest trends in home building is "green" homes, houses built with maximizing efficiency and preserving nature in mind. These green homes almost always include skylights in some manner. Even if you can't afford all of the latest innovations in green home technology, skylights are still relatively affordable, especially

when you consider the energy cost savings they can produce. Plus, you can feel good about helping to reduce your carbon footprint. 4) They increase the overall value of your home. You can usually count on getting back any money you invest in installing skylights in the way of increased home value. Skylights have modern appeal, both for their energy-efficiency and for the beauty that they add to a home. Installing skylights in your home is a relatively easy way to add warmth and value to a home. If you're building a brand new home, it's easy to include them in your initial plans. If you plan to add them to an existing home it will be well worth the effort and the investment. One of the biggest advantages to installing skylights in your home: they can transform an average, ordinary home into an extraordinarily-livable space. 41 Edison St, Southern Industrial, Windhoek Tel: 061 308 411 Fax: 061 307 228

June 2013


short or long term convenient storage 24 hour controlled access security & surveillance lockable weatherproof containers mini warehouse storage Parsons Rd, Southern Industria, Windhoek Tel: 061-236797 Fax: 061-249 023 Cell: 081 252 6504


June 2013

June 2013


“Don't delay, test today!” Isn't it ironic that we only tend to think about the efficiency of our burglar alarm systems when we and our most precious ones are not at home? We secure our homes to keep our families and our prized possession safe, but we never test to ensure that everything is still in proper working order – much like doing a check-up of our vital signs at the doctor. Only difference is that the “health” of your home or business' security system should be checked once a month, not only for when you are not present – burglars don't keep office hours, they also visit from January to November. How do you test your burglar alarm system? • Call your response company to notify them that you are testing your security system. • Notify everyone in the house that you will be testing the system to avoid any medical emergencies (e.g. heart failures, anxiety attacks, etc.) • Make a checklist of all the armed entry points and check them off when you test them. Close all windows and doors that have sensors, open individually and

• •

check that each one indicates changes correctly on the control panel. Test motion sensors by having someone move in each zone and checking the control panel for a violation. Also remember to test electrical fencing, beams, panic buttons etc. If the response company has not received any signal from you, call in an expert, like the team from Master Alarms. After testing, call your response company again to inform them that you are done testing the system.

How do I install a new security system at my home? If you do not have any security system and need one before you leave for the holidays, here's what you need to do: • Contact Master Alarms for an appointment. • They will visit your home and do an assessment of your security needs. • Master Alarms will provide you with a quotation. • After signing off their quotation,

they will make an appointment for installation. • According to your choice, they will install a radio for response to G4S, but it is the responsibility of the client to sign a contract with G4S. Even if a radio signal is received by G4S, they cannot respond if there is no agreement between them and the client. Master Alarms can assist to secure you and your family in the following ways: • Alarm Systems • Access Control • Door / Gate Automation • Intercom / Video Phone Systems • Digital CCTV • Television Surveillance Systems • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems • Electrified Security Fencing Contact Master Alarms today at tel. 061 237824 Cell (24 hrs) 081 124 1196, or visit their offices at 30 Acacia Street, Suiderhof.

GET GAS! GAS! GET 131Mandume MandumeNdemufayo NdemufayoDrive, Drive,Southern SouthernIndustria, Industria, Windhoek 131 Windhoek 54

June 2013

Tel:061 06138387000 7000 | | Fax: Fax: 06123238877 8877 Tel: 061

It is time to warm up your home, and with electricity prices soaring, gas has become a much more effective and economical way to cosy up your home this winter. Many people are afraid of using gas though, so here are a few tips to make gas a user-friendly source of energy in your home:

• • • • • •

Gas appliances • If your gas appliance is brand new, take a minute to read the instructions before you start to use it • If the appliance has not been used for some time, take a soft cloth and wipe off any dust that may have settled on burners or ceramic panels • Check that the jets haven't become blocked with dust or spider webs, which can make igniting difficult • Gas appliances needs plenty of fresh air, therefore, always keep a door or window open where possible • Check the connection hose from the appliance to the cylinder, if it looks worn or perished, let Afrox replace it for you • Never replace the hose with a common garden hose • Never test for a leak with a naked flame • Check the o-ring situated on the tip of the regulator where it screws into the cylinder valve, this is a small black rubber ring that ensures a perfect seal...if it's worn, either replace it yourself, or contact Afrox to do it for you • Remember that the regulator has a left-hand thread, thus connect the regulator to the cylinder in an anticlockwise direction • Do not hang washing over your gas appliance...check that curtains or

• • •

other flammable objects cannot blow towards your gas appliance, which could possibly catch flame....also make sure that the appliances are well clear of any furniture. Always switch the appliances off when moving it...preferably allow time to cool down before moving it. Install and service gas appliances by a qualified LPG installer Maintain gas meters and pressure regulators in a safe condition and free from damage Light a match or press ignition button before turning on your gas burner Your gas burner should produce a blue flame. Call a technician if the flame is yellow or red Store flammable items away from your gas appliances Switch gas appliances off when sleeping or leaving your home Keep outdoor gas appliances outside, don't use them indoors Flueless heaters require permanent ventilation.

Barbecues • Ensure your gas cylinder is tested and stamped by a qualified service person at least every 10 years • Check for gas leaks by spraying soapy water on the connection or hose and watch for bubbles (do not immerse in water) • Remove all combustible material from around the barbecue • Remove excess fat/oil from barbecue after each use • Do not use barbecue indoors or in a confined space. Cylinders • Gas cylinders should be maintained

• • • • • •

in an upright position and not exceed 9kg when transported inside a passenger car Connect or disconnect cylinders away from a naked flame or ignition source Store cylinders in the shade away from direct sunlight Dented or damaged cylinders should be returned to your supplier Ensure your gas cylinder is tested and stamped by a qualified service person at least every 10 years Replace cracked or damaged hoses (if unsure of how to do it or whether safe call a qualified technician) Store petrol, flammable liquids or aerosols away from cylinders.

Gas leaks If you suspect a leak, here is a simple tip (1) Take an ordinary paintbrush and a cup of soapy water. (2) Dip the brush into the solution and “paint” around every connection on the appliance and the cylinder; any leaks will show up immediately as the mixture will bubble to indicate the leak. (3) Switch off the appliance and close all valves, fix the leak or take it to your nearest Afrox authorized dealer for a safety check P l e a s e r e m e m b e r, a n y p e r s o n undertaking work involving gas must be appropriately licensed. Contact Afrox at 061 38 7000 if you have any further queries on the safety of using gas in your home, or visit them at 131 Mandume Ndemufayo Drive, Southern Industria, Windhoek.

LED Lights and Solar Electricity Components and Systems


June 2013

Home sauna maintenance There is generally very little maintenance involved with a home sauna. Discoloration can be caused by perspiration, but the high heat of the unit will remove any moisture buildup by the time the sauna cools. Regular sauna maintenance is similar to maintaining any other area of the home. The unit should be swept or vacuumed every few days to keep it free from dust and hair, it should also be washed with soap and water to keep the seats and walls clean. Harsh chemical cleaners should not be used in a sauna because the residue from the cleaner may be released when the sauna is in use causing odor and possibly breathing difficulties. Caring for the Wood Towels should be available for bathers to sit on to help protect the benches from perspiration. This will keep the wood in good condition but it will still require cleaning every few months. A mild detergent should be used to wash the wood and rinse it with clear water afterwards. Ammonia based

cleaners must be avoided as they may cause the wood to turn grey.

attempt to do electrical repairs without the proper education.

If the wood becomes discolored, it can be sanded to remove the stains. Another option is to wash the wood with a mixture of oxalic acid and trisodium phosphate to remove stains. These chemicals are poisonous and should be handled with care. They should also be mixed with water in a non-metal container. Rubber gloves and goggles should be worn while mixing and using the chemicals. The chemical should be rinsed off the wood with clear water.

Sauna Stones Sauna stones should be inspected regularly to ensure they are not cracking. Sauna stones should be replaced occasionally because of the high stress they endure with the constant heating and cooling. Stones with a rough surface should be used because they release steam faster. The most popular types of stones can be found in any sauna supply store.

Caring for the Heater An electric heater requires little to no maintenance. The stainless steel surface should be wiped clean but other than this the heater shouldn't need any other care. A soft cloth and mild detergent will sufficiently clean the unit. Steel wool should not be used because it will scratch the finish and cause rusting if some of the steel particles are left behind. An electrician should be called if the unit stops working as it is not safe to

Occasionally sauna stones will give off a foul odor requiring replacement. This could happen with new stones but shouldn't be a problem with stones that have been in use for a while. Easy Maintenance Home saunas are quite easy to maintain and require less work than most bathrooms. A sauna is one of the most carefree areas of the home. Maintenance should not be an area of worry with a sauna.

Sauna & Steam World Tel: (061) 303 986 June 2013 Fax: (061) 307 228 E-mail:



June 2013

Marble vs granite vs technistone Milestone Marble & Granite CC manufactures beautiful tops and working surfaces from granite, marble and engineered stone (Technistone) for residential and commercial use. We have experienced staff to deliver work of high quality and craftsmanship. Due to our years of experience, we are able to assist and advise homeowners, architects, contractors and joiners with any specification concerning granite, m a r b l e a n d Te c h n i s t o n e (engineered stone). We are able to handle both large and small projects to exact specifications and time frames.

Granite and Technistone are available in a variety of colours and pricing options which will accommodate any specification, design and budget requirements. Granite, marble and Technistone are obtained from local as well as international suppliers. Granite: Granite is an ingenious rock that is composed of four minerals, from magma that has cooled far under the earth’s surface over hundreds of years. It is very hard and weathers slowly. Granite is highly resistant to heat, scratches and cracks and requires low maintenance.

Marble: Marble is porous and a softer stone than granite and requires more attention. Technistone (engineered stone): Technistone is a fine quartz / granite composite stone, made by bretonstone technology. It contains about 90% of natural crushed granite and quartz bound together with high-performance polyester resin and light-fast pigments. Technistone is also very hard and requires low maintenance; it is guaranteed for 25 years. Milestone Marble & Granite CC for all your table top needs.

June 2013



June 2013

Don’t let this be your property! Thatch and Timber Protection Services was established in 1991with the head office in Gauteng and represented nationally and internationally via nominated agents. Important facts: • We are an approved service provider by the City of Windhoek. Our treatment is a must when selling your property with regards to getting your compliance certificate. • With our dry climate bush fires destroy thousands of hectares of veld every year, posing a great risk to buildings of farms and lodges, especially with the great distances between towns and cities. Our product eliminates that risk. Extra protection is also given to houses with

lappas that are situated next to “veldjies” - and we have lots of them as they are normally a magnet for fire. As true Namibians our lappas are a cosy “kuier plek” with lots of sports supporter memorabilia, memories and sentimental value that can never be replaced, so the added advantage of making sure you don’t loose it is at your fingertips. • Resistant to fire, sunlight (UV filter), fungus, bacteria, monkey, bird and bug damage. • Retards the ageing process of the roof therefore extending the lifespan of the roof. • Reduction in maintenance costs  In some cases reduces the rate of insurance. • The product prevents open flaming by

allowing the grass to smoulder only. The fire can be extinguished with dry foam extinguishers preventing water damage to contents. • Our product is “green” with no toxic components in our formulation. • Supercote is applied to the roof with a high pressure spraygun (200 bar) • Professionally manufactured under licence to TPS against SABS and ISO specifications by Specialised Maintenance Products in Johannesburg. Call Techno Spa for more detailed information and quotes. Tel: 061 304 460 Cell: 081 122 4022 / 081 128 8921 Email: Shop 14 Old Power Station Complex

June 2013



Do you want cash with that?

Use your new Nedbank debit card for ultimate convenience and draw cash from Pick n Pay checkout points. Applicable to all Namibian debit cards and only with a purchase at any Pick n Pay store.


June 2013

June 2013



June 2013



What is the best choice Cement/Gunite or Fibre Glass Pool? When you buy a new house or look at building a pool there are several choices to be made before installing the pool . This month we will give you an insight on the variety of possibilities that you have. A small investment in the correct pool for your house will help ensure a far higher selling price for the same house without a pool.

• It is 40 % more expensive than a fibreglass pool. • Can take higher water temp than a fibreglass pool.

Gunite Pool with a view! wants to have a unique custom designed pool.

Fibre Glass Pool at a private house A Fibre Glass Pool is a premanufactured pool in the Windhoek LIC Pool fibre glass factory. We use a process of applying a release agent to the mould. This is followed by applying a mix of resin and tissue fibreglass. Once sufficiently cured various layer of fibreglass matt is applied to strengthen the shell. This is followed by installing stiffeners to ensure the pool does not warp. After the pool has cured sufficiently it is removed from the mould and the inside is treated to give it the beautiful look you see when arriving at your house. A complete process is followed to transport and install the pool the correct way at your house. We have more than 22 different shapes of fibreglass pools and due to the fact that we have our own factory in Windhoek we can do small changes to the final product relatively quickly. There are many quality differences due to the amount of layers. A Gunite pool is for someone who

After the rough pool hole is finished we install a hand formed Y 10 to Y16 steel (depending on size) structure in the ground. Upon completing the final shape and height of the pool we bring our machines onto the premises. We make a dry mixture of cement and sand and this is fed into the gunite machine. By way of very high air pressure this is shot onto the new pool walls and floor. A small bit of water is added to the mix before it is released from the pipe. After the shape of the pool was formed it gets finished with a beautiful layer of marble plaster to give it the individual look.

A Pool is not only for your kids swimming, it is a “ feature” in your garden. Therefore more than 50% of the new pools (fibreglass or gunite ) we install have a water and/or rock features linked to them. We encourage our clients to use their imagination to the max since we can build any dream you have.

A gunite fish pond combined with glass Conclusion A personal appointment at Lic ensures that we ask the right questions to help you make the correct choice when it comes to the size, shape and material used to build your pool. Property is very expensive and it makes sense to decide carefully on the correct pool and water feature as this can really help create the “wow” effect when people enter your premises.

A gunite pool being prepared Guinte has the following characteristics: • It is a slightly colder pool than a fibreglass pool. • It is the best way to go if you want an individual look pool. • It is very strong.

Until next time. Burgert Terblanche

Macadam Street, Windhoek. Tel: 061-232839 Fax: 061-238602 Email:

June 2013


[ True Colours of Qual ity ]

If not here – where el se? Email:

10 Parsons Street, Southern Industrial, Windhoek, Tel: +264 - 61 - 237 400 Einstein Street, Marvin Park, Swakopmund, Tel: +264 - 64 - 400 353


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June 2013


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Expert advice and quality products for the correct retaining solution and paving option for your project.

• Planting of grass • Mowing of lawn • Pruning of trees • Removing of trees • Garden Maintenance • Garden Irrigation Systems • Slasto • Rock fountains

TE Garden Services Tel: 061-309250 Cell: 081 3644 938 / 081 418 4318 72

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Oh, Sweetpea! To add quick color to the yard, transplant seedlings of annual flowering plants into your garden. Although successful with anything else, many a gardener complains about failure with annual seedlings or sowing by seed. It’s no big deal, just do it right from the start. The fact that it’s a “small” plant or a packet of seed, does not justify a slapdash approach. The turnabout of seasons is an ideal opportunity for crop rotation in order to maintain healthy symbiosis in the soil. Some flowering annuals, like Petunias, can be planted all year round, but please not in the same spot each time. 1. Soil gets organically depleted, so we have to prepare beds with ample compost (one can never “overdo” compost), as well as a handful per square meter of Efekto’s Vitaboost organic p e l l e t s . Wa t e r t h e a r e a thoroughly and wait until the following day before transplanting seedlings. Thus you will ensure that the Vitaboost pellets broke up completely and that the soil is humid, making it easier to firm down the seedlings. Plant in the cool hours of the day or when it is overcast, especially in summer. Warm sun baking down directly after transplanting, has a stressful effect on young seedlings.

2. A n h o u r o r t w o b e f o r e transplanting, water the seedlings well – it will make it easier lifting them out of the seedling trays. If small roots are knotted outside of the drainage holes, pinch off the roots and discard them before trying to remove the plants. Then push and squeeze on the bottom of the container to make the entire root ball slip out intact. If it won’t come out easily, use a table knife to gently pry it out, the same way you might remove a sticky cake from a pan. Pulling on the top of the plant will result in breaking off most of the roots and the little seedling will more likely than not, wilt after a day and die. 3. GENTLY TEASE ROOTS APART Use your fingers or a table fork to loosen the tangle of roots at the bottom of the root ball, which encourages the roots to spread out into the surrounding soil. 4. Spacing is important, at least 15 – 20cm between seedlings. Planting too close together will restrict airflow and could cause fungus related diseases such as powdery mildew, as well as making it difficult to spot harmful pests at an early stage. Planting holes should be slightly larger than the root ball and at least the same depth they grew in their containers. 5. Slightly firm soil around the roots with your hands to remove any

air pockets and to ensure that the plant stands upright. Gently water the entire bed until it’s evenly moist but not muddy. Take care not to wash away surface soil, leaving roots exposed. Monitor the situation the first few days to see if any roots are exposed and cover again lightly, using a small hand rake or trowel. 6. Although Efekto’s Vitaboost organic pellets were worked into the soil prior to planting it won’t be available immediately, therefore it is a good idea to apply a liquid fertilizer such as Efekto’s Seagro or Nitrosol directly after transplanting. 7. GOLDEN RULE – do not overwater! Keep soil moist, overwatering easily leads to wilting and root rot, especially with Petunias, Pansies and Godetias. Mulching beds with bark nuggets or an extra layer of compost will regulate soil temperature and minimize evaporation.

Edible winter flowers Pansies, violas, calendula and cornflowers - add to soups, stews, salads and deserts: T e x t by Maria Nel from Ferreira’s Garden Centre Tel: 061 - 234 900

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June 2013

June 2013


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