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Thoughts & Recreation is a UK monthly magazine dedicated to capturing the events and experiences that commonly define what it means to be young and a part of this generation. Thoughts & Recreation is a niche magazine. It’s a lifestyle magazine for 18-25 year olds which defines and relates to their everyday thoughts and experiences through pictures and words.

Written and produced by a team from the same generation as the readership, the magazine and its content will remain relevant providing advertisers with an insight into the interests and personality of our readers.

Thoughts & Recreation offers a unique opportunity to advertisers to reach an elusive audience of young, engaged consumers

60% MALE

constantly at the forefront of social trends and events.

Despite a gender ratio of 60:40 in favour of male readers, we have both female and male content providers meaning we are able to communicate with both sexes on topics unique to each.




ohn is 19, living and studying in London. He is funny, smart

Game of Thrones. Those who know John know that there is an

and engaged in the latest social trends such as new social

intelligent conversation to be had on this topic as John enjoys

platforms and fashion. Among his friends he is the one who

discussing his and others opinions on the latest episodes. This

knows entertainment. He especially knows films, particularly

is furthered by John’s activity online. He actively follows blogs

those that were significant to him when growing up as well as to

and his favourite publications, checking on them daily. He is also

others, which makes him a useful resource in friends’ arguments

a dedicated gamer. John owns an Xbox 360 but is well aware of

of which Godfather was better, part one or part two. He pursues

what games are also coming out on the PS3 simply because he

and owns the latest technology, being one of the first among his

has a deep interest in what’s on the market – this indicates a keen

friends to own an iPhone. He is known for being up-to-date with

sense of consumerism.

the latest popular television series, such as Breaking Bad and


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Social Networks Our knowledge of social media will ensure that Thoughts & Launching alongside the magazine, our online presence will ensure

Recreation is constantly at the forefront of our reader’s twitter and

our maximum potential to reach our audience is met by delivering

Facebook feeds delivering them with everything they need to know

a simplistic style of enticements and teasers to invite our readers to

about the content, our affiliations, and ideas for the magazine.

find out more about the magazine and what areas of content we’re providing for them.

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Thoughts & Recreation Media Kit 2013  

A media kit designed by Sybil Odiaka.

Thoughts & Recreation Media Kit 2013  

A media kit designed by Sybil Odiaka.