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Saori Yamane Design Portfolio

1. Studio Work material, modification, analysis, system of reformation

Material and System Analysis extended fold

san telmo

puerto madero shanty town

line C ship factory

la boca

surface condition

alteration of material constitution in macro scale

heat application extended fold internal fold

alteration of material constitution in macro scale

Fall 2006: Claudio Vekstein

existing nodes of activity

branch fold surface condition


kids on the street office workers college students residents tourists shanty towners factory workers vendors cartaneros

1. Studio Work applied foreign system + the site, existings, modification

Po i ld

creative activity

ad er o



er ge

M r


Pu e

play and learn

er ge & Po Sa n i

Te lm

nt o

physical activity

po in t

e re St

om tc

m ity un



M ge er

Ex is


CA I tin N

the street


sit e

create and learn

t en em ttl se

t in ops PoBus st

Centro de Atenci贸n Integral de la Ni帽ez y Adolescencia


ra AI di N o A st at u io n n fo

Pe de str ian


er ge

radio station

communicate and learn

cr os sin gs




er ge

Au to m

ld fo u n it y A tiv IN al ac CAhysic


co AIN m m A un u ica n tio fo n ld bo ar d

ob il fl ow

Po in t

System Overlay

play to survive CAINA UnFold : kids had learned enough, public need to learn about them as a part of citizens with opinions

application of foreign system

1. Studio Work CAINA + the city + overlay = new system

CAINA Unfold

physical activity area


passage zone


D passage zone


passage zone bathrooms public communication



passage zone


Fall 2006: Claudio Vekstein

under-roof corridor to the physical activity area public communication base bus schedule and ticket information bus stop lounge

1. Studio Work new system + modification = new context

CAINA Unfold multi purpose field staging radio booth bus waiting area



communication base radio station indoor / outdoor large meeting spot

corridore private communication zone

radio station bus stop / lounge

public communication base

1. Studio Work it’s just a bridge over the aquatic center

Community Aquatic Center in Urban Environment of Southwest Within the underused community park the site was set right on the pedestrians’ pathway. By directly overlaying the volume and opening up either side to the main avenue, the lobby and concession area on the ground floor serves as a bridge to allow through traffic over the aquatic activity center down stairs. The pathway was chosen out of several for its location between the competitive activity space (north side with multi-use sports field) and more personal and slow activity space (south side with dog park and senior center.) By maximizing the permeability and visibility of the building volume the aquatic center will serve as the center of interaction for both park visitors and aquatic center users.

A Spring 2006: Steve Fucello


1. Studio Work 11








07 08

01 02 03 04 05 06 07

1 8 16 64



lobby/concession area front desk / office spectators’ seating men’s locker room women’s locker room wet classroom first aid station

08 09 10 11 12 13

pool storage mechanical / electrical filtration / chemical diving pool lap pool recreation / therapy pool



1. Studio Work enriching the Papago Park Water Loop

from fenced landscape to a treated landscape shift new Papago Park gateway

The buttes and the natural landscape

Municipal Stadium


designed landspace as a buffer

Transit Point designated desert paths


accessible green parks and event spaces

neigborhood access

2 urban landscape

new lightrail station

Spring 2007: Catherine Spellman

1. Studio Work extending the Papago Park Water Loop to the Gateway

Papago Gateway Park: blended urban + park environment 1 merge point: centralizes multiple directions and means of transportation

the park edge and residential zone mediate two zones with landscaped pathsalong the canal

profiles: park tram, pedestrians, cicyclists, office workers directions: the park, the hall of flame, the municipal stadium, the light rail station, SRP and other offices

2 the park edge zone along the street increase the accessible area to the papago park

merge point: city sidewalk of the urban environment and the landscape of the park gradually overlaps key nodes: the lightrail station, the park environment, event spaces, tram station, the municipal stadium, Papago Park

the park edge and commercial zone blend two activities along the water to develop the local identity

activities: access to the surrounding office and facilities, family hang out, public outdoor game viewing, other events

1. Studio Work landscape, water, hill, and the dialogue

Cemetery Garden: place of memory

the landscape had to be quiet yet not mute. not to bother the personal moment yet not absent. without a strong notion of programmatic organization, the landscape had to embrace the delicate moments at the grave yard away from the service spaces. the dialogue between water and the hill shaped its answer. only such a simple gesture could control the complexity of the place of sorrow.

Spring 2006: Philip Horton

1. Studio Work continuity of memory, discontinuity of moments, hardscape

Cemetery Garden : place of memory

1. Studio Work Place of gathered information, place to gather people

A house of a book binder and the town center park 1F work space & public space: 1 work studio 2 reading room 3 reading patio 2F living space: 4 living and dining 5 kitchen 6 bedroom 7 W.C.


north gateway




after relocating her property to the center of the town, the book binder decided to collaborate with the libraryan to open up the south side of their properties for a public park. throughout the site, indoor or outdoor, it had to be permeable in both physical circulation and information.

5 4 1



center park



summer 1st year studio: Leslie Van Duzer

1. Studio Work Place to work, place to open up, and place to live

A house of a book binder and the town center park

1. Graduate Studio Work Collective Housing

vicinity pap - central west end , st. louis

4F plan

2F plan

3F plan

1F plan

Fall 2010: Pablo Moyano

1. Graduate Studio Work

longitudinal section

perspective elevation

2. Design Competition diVert

Flip - a - Strip Competition

diVert: strip mall franchise concept. franchise malls are a community oriented, green enterprise that strengthen local economies by growing locally owned businesses. Branding: the diVert franchise provides a strong brand image, and large group advertising & marketing in order to foster identity and provide consistent expectations. ReUSE: this brand franchise could then be purchased and incorporated into any strip mall. the tenant mix is irrelevant. the typical low boq building form is time tested and accepted. modifications that require additional building area, difficult zoning adjustments, existing false fronts, exuberant canopies, and ad hoc signage add cost and visual difficulty, and are rejected.

brand signage

uniform store signage


site furniture cleaner visual communication

existing structure

Designer: M. Imirzian, H. Pierce, S. Yamane, S. Wheatcroft, Competition Held by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, 2008

2. Design Competition

2. Design Competition connecting the dots

Canalscape Design Competition

2. boardwalk + sidewalk: city park

The unyielding grid of Phoenix clashes with the geo-historic weave of the canals, chopping the canal system into so many threads. The development which followed the grid isolated and hid these threads as the city grew. When people see the isolated canals behind developments, it is associated with the nearby power lines or dumpsters. At best, people see the canals as infrastructure; at worst, stinking eyesores. To change public perception, it is necessary to create nodes which seamlessly knit the canals and the city together. For these nodes to function, they must be a meaningful interplay between the two systems. It is therefore necessary to design different nodes to best fit each area of the city/canal interface, loosely categorized as urban, suburban, and desert. While the developments shown here are site specific, it is intended that they serve as prototypes for the three types of areas. While varying in scale and program, the prototype developments share common elements to functionally and visually re-link the canals spread across the city. Each development literally blurs the boundary between the canal and the city, which serves as an interface to the canalscape for residents, pedestrians, and cyclists. Earth crust inspired building forms reflect the heritage of the native landscape, and provide maximum site shading. Cool towers act as iconic city landmarks while providing shelter and naturally cooled spaces for public gatherings, dining, and retail. As these developments coalesce along the canal system, the city of grids and threads meshs to form an integrated city fabric.

01 boardwalk 02 retail / office 03 boardwalk park

1. life + water: mixed use

3. city + desert edge: recreational

Designer: Directed by K. Kurooka + Scheme 1 by D. Encina + Scheme 2 by S. Yamane + Scheme 3 by A. Perkins, 2009

2. Design Competition

event space

retail &boardwalk

boardwalk city park

3. Etcetera professional experience

J.L. Residence, Phoenix Arizona


14 12


single family residential 3 bedroom 4 bathroom 2300 sqf interior 3896 sqf gross construction (1st phase)












1 15


6 10


all architectural, plumbing and electrical design works and construction documents by Saori Yamane and Salvador Pati単o sturctural supervision by Chris Sosnowski Pati単o Yamane Design, 2008 - 2009

3. Etcetera

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

J.L. Residence swimming pool additional grage, workshop and roof garden (2nd phase) guest-houses (3rd phase) entrance hall living and dining kitchen office / studio grage / future studio expantion lavatory utility room bedroom master bedroom laundry room patio

3. Etcetera professional experience

L.P. resident remodeling and built-in furniture design

schematic to construction document, at Marlene Imirzian and Assocites, 2007 - 2008

3. Etcetera professional experience

PVCC Life Science Building

boardwalk city park

schematic, 3D modeling, construction document, graphic work at Marlene Imirzian and Assocites, 2007 - 2008

Etcetera 3. 3. Etcetra graphic work

Project Display Board

all graphic works by S. Yamane, architectural works by Marlene Imirzian and Associates, 2007 - 2008

Etcetra 3. Etcetera 3. side works

Free hand drawings, paintings, etc.

boardwalk city park

medium: acrylic, charcoal, pencil, ink, oil, cardboard

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Saori Yamane's projects throughout her academic and professional careers.