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Reconciliation Action Plan APRIL 2023 TO MARCH 2024

About the Artwork


Vegas Fitzmaurice (VGF) grew up with a strong sense of his Aboriginal family heritage, spending many hours of his childhood learning and listening to stories which explain the importance of family, the land and the environment to First Nations Peoples.

“Throughout history, stories have been created to educate and communicate. As children, we are taught right from wrong, and what we need to care for and cherish. Nothing is more important than family, the environment we live in, and the animals we share it with”


VGF’s artworks express his love for Country and pays homage to our First Nations Peoples. Ultimately, his art tries to allow people from all cultures and backgrounds to understand and appreciate the beautiful First Nations culture that has been in this land for hundreds of thousands of years.

VGF is Kinaway certified and a member of Indigenous Art Code. His studio, VGF Creative, offers original commissioned pieces, prints and non-commissioned originals.

Visit his website at

These childhood memories fostered a love of storytelling in words and art, which has allowed VGF to develop his painting abilities and express his own unique perspective of the environment and the importance of Country. With a strong focus on trying to increase visibility and inclusiveness, his art is appreciated for depicting his family heritage, tradition and culture through modern interpretation, explosive colour and a vibrant graffiti edge.

I want all Australians to have part of their story told in my art. What they feel represents why they are part of this land. Indigenous art should be part of all Aussie homes, this hopefully can share the true history and open more eyes. United is the only way forward and I hope I can express that in my art. - VGF

The artwork exemplifies an abstract aerial view looking down on Darug/Dharug country, the home of SXP’s national head office in Silverwater, Sydney. The Morning Sun is shown along with the Southern Cross (which features our very own Ginan Star). The colours represent coastal and country areas of the region, and the dual boomerangs show protection, strength and resilience with a nod to deep tradition. Paying great respect to the area, my aim was to use techniques I’ve been taught from my mob, while at the same time honouring the traditional custodians of this region. - VGF

The morning sun over Darug/Dharug, across the night sky to represent SXP being a 24-hour service, and our teams watching over the lands we service –day and night.

The boomerang has been used to represent protection, strength and resilience, also forming the ‘X’ in the SXP logo.

Meeting Place representing bringing people together, and paying homage to our ‘Family, Village, Tribe’ management style and work culture ethos.

The Southern Cross constellation and the Ginan star. Ginan, the fifth star in the constellation, has been called by this name for thousands of years by the Wardaman people of the Northern Territory. It is now officially recognised by the International Astronomical Union.

About the Artwork


On behalf of my team, I am pleased to present Southern Cross Protection’s first Reflect Reconciliation Plan. As one of Australia’s oldest security organisations, we recognise our responsibility to develop and strengthen our commitments to First Nation’s inclusion and engagement. This Reconciliation Action Plan is an important step in that process and the beginning of our company’s wider reconciliation journey.

Established more than 100 years ago, we have built our reputation on protecting Australians and Australian businesses. And whilst Southern Cross Protection has a long history of engaging First Nations Peoples within our workforce and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses, we know we can do more.

We’ve watched our peers define their vision and commitment through their own Reconciliation Action Plans, and have been inspired to formalise, document and improve our own initiatives.

With a significant national footprint in every state and territory, we endeavour to drive change and innovation amongst not only our direct teams but also our extensive supply chains. Focussed on the four pillars of our Plan - Relationships, Respect, Opportunities and Governance – we are committed to not only championing improvement within our organisation, but also influencing positive change within our wider sphere of influence.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank our dedicated Reconciliation Working Group - the team of managers and front-line team members who have helped craft this Plan and will lead its implementation.

The next 12 months will see this team researching and developing various initiatives and implementing the range of activities and changes we’ve set out. I look forward to watching this team thrive in their mission to bring about positive change, education and a deeper cultural understanding within our organisation.

We know we’re at the beginning of a long yet powerful journey, which simply lays the foundation for future reconciliation initiatives. We recognise that we have much to learn, but our team is passionate about improving the communities in which we live and work, and paying homage to our country’s First Nations Peoples.

A message from
our Managing Director

Since 2006, RAPs have provided a framework for organisations to leverage their structures and diverse spheres of influence to support the national reconciliation movement. The program’s potential for impact is greater than ever, with close to 3 million people now working or studying in an organisation with a RAP.

The four RAP types — Reflect, Innovate, Stretch and Elevate — allow RAP partners to continuously develop and strengthen reconciliation commitments in new ways. This Reflect RAP will lay the foundations, priming the workplace for future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives.

The RAP program’s strength is its framework of relationships, respect, and opportunities, allowing an organisation to strategically set its reconciliation commitments in line with its own business objectives, for the most effective outcomes.

These outcomes contribute towards the five dimensions of reconciliation: race relations; equality and equity; institutional integrity; unity; and historical acceptance.

It is critical to not only uphold all five dimensions of reconciliation, but also increase awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, knowledge, and leadership across all sectors of Australian society.

This Reflect RAP enables Southern Cross Protection to deepen its understanding of its sphere of influence and the unique contribution it can make to lead progress across the five dimensions. Getting these first steps right will ensure the sustainability of future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives, and provide meaningful impact toward Australia’s reconciliation journey.

Congratulations Southern Cross Protection, welcome to the RAP program, and I look forward to following your reconciliation journey in the years to come.

A message from Reconciliation




In the spirit of reconciliation, Southern Cross Protection acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we conduct our business, and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We’re in the Business of Protecting Yours

Southern Cross Protection (‘SXP’) is one of Australia’s oldest and best-resourced security organisations. Founded in the 1920’s, we service a variety of clients – from small businesses and residential properties to large corporations and government entities. Our customers also span many industries, including finance, education, health, aged care, retail, property management, transport logistics and critical infrastructure.

Our core business is developing and delivering security solutions, helping to protect our clients, their people and their assets. We do this through offering a range of integrated and stand-alone services, including:

Mobile patrols

Security guards

Loss prevention

Gatehouse operations

Cash logistics

Risk advisory

Private investigations, and Electronic security services

SXP directly employs over 1000 team members, while our extensive subcontractor network sees us engage over 2500 additional security officers (primarily in regional and remote locations). Our teams work 24/7 across various roles, from administrative, management and operational support, to security officers, electronics technicians and private investigators. Currently more than 50 of our direct employees identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This is a 5% engagement rate across our team.

In 2020, we became part of the global SIS Group – one of AsiaPacific’s largest publicly-listed security companies, headquartered in India. Whilst SIS has an extensive service delivery reach across several countries, SXP’s focus – and the key to our 100-year tenure as an industry leader - is our local operations, and our long history of protecting Australians and Australian businesses.

Our Coverage

SXP is a national security provider, with the largest fleet of mobile patrol vehicles and one of the largest guarding resource pools in the country. We operate in every state and territory, with an extensive geographical footprint that covers metro, regional and remote areas.

With 22 office branches throughout Australia, our head office and National Operations Centre are located in Silverwater, Sydney. These offices allow us to provide localised services to our clients, supported by our subcontractor network in areas not directly serviced by an SXP branch.

NT Larrakia QLD Yidinjdji Yuggera Bundjalung Wulgarukaba/Bindal NSW Eora Bundjalung Awabakal Dharug ACT Ngunnawal TAS Tommeginne VIC Woiworung Boonwurrung SA Kaurna WA Wajuk


I believe every person is entitled to live or work in a community that is safe and secure. I believe that through my actions our environment and our lifestyle are improved. I make this happen for our customers and our customer’s customers by adopting our security standards and practices. Southern Cross Protection is the market leader because I care.



We believe that safety is the ability to make the right decisions at the right time, regardless of the conditions.


We are always honest and earn the trust of clients and our peers through consistent actions, in accordance with the company values. We stand up and take responsibility for our own actions.


We show care, concern and consideration of ourselves, our peers and our customers.


To thrive we must trust, so we share openly and informatively with total disclosure.


We see change as opportunity and always look for ways to innovate. We display resilience by quickly adopting new process and procedures.


We make informed, rational decisions that lead to sustainable, long-term success through discipline.


Our Pathway to Reconciliation

For many years, SXP have maintained a stateled approach to the support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-owned businesses and the engagement of First Nations Peoples within our workforce. Individual team members have silently led various local initiatives and projects that, unfortunately, have generally lacked leadership oversight and national adoption. This has largely been due to a lack of communication to our wider teams and the absence of a central group of influencers to develop and drive these activities. It became apparent that we could – and should – do better.

Observing the growing chorus of Australian organisations “walking the walk” by publishing a RAP and publicly defining their vision and commitment, we knew it was time to change our approach – for the betterment of both our existing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and the community at large. We were inspired to put out a “call to arms” across our workforce, seeking those within our business with an interest and passion to shape and formalise SXP’s reconciliation journey...and the RAP Working Group was formed.

In looking at our approach to implement our RAP, we have developed the acronym ROAR to summarise the overarching goal of our reconciliation journey.



To offer education, employment and support for local economies, through training initiatives, recruitment methods and sourcing goods and services from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. We aim to increase the participation and representation of First Nations Peoples in our business, by creating opportunities which promote inclusion and help to transform lives.


To formally, publicly and sincerely accept the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Nations Peoples of Australia and emphasise the importance of our diversity and inclusion policies and activities.


To make a difference and succeed in our reconciliation efforts will rely on us supporting our teams as they engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, helping them to develop respectful and beneficial relationships. A R

To respect the rights and interests of all our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. We support our people in learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, cultures, histories and achievements, encouraging a culturally safe and inclusive workplace.

The SXP RAP Working Group meets regularly to discuss strategies on how we will achieve our objectives.

Having received the support of our executive team and state managers, our focus is on creating awareness within our wider teams, generating interest in our activities and ultimately changing the ways in which we source our suppliers, engage our workers and interact with our communities.

We will do this by:

Developing an engagement and communication strategy, providing streamlined and direct distribution of information between the RAP Working Group and our frontline teams

Incorporating this engagement and communication through multiple channels: including toolbox meetings, social media posts, website blogs and internal company intranet posts, and as part of our recruitment and onboarding process

Working closely with national functional managers and individual state managers to implement the required data collection methodologies, policy and procedure changes and other actions required to meet each of the deliverables

Monitor the effectiveness of our activities and identify opportunities for improvement

Continue convening the RAP Working Group on a regular basis, driving the initiatives and working with our state and national teams to implement the changes

Our Journey

Whilst we recognise we’re at the very beginning of our reconciliation journey, SXP are proud of our achievements over the past few years and look forward to witnessing how our RAP will bring positive change, educational opportunities and cultural understanding within our organisation and sphere of influence.

Appointment of Sophie Barnes in the newly created role of National Governance and Compliance Manager. Sophie is tasked with leading not only our legal and ethical compliance activities, but also becomes our “Diversity Champion” with a focus on gender and racial equality

Partnership with Brotherhood of St Laurence’s ‘Given the Chance’ program, supporting the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers

Partnership with i24s and Six Seasons Resources, an Aboriginal-owned security and training business, offering training and development opportunities for our existing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teams (as well as recruitment opportunities for First Nations jobseekers)

Sponsorship of Larrakia Nation’s ‘Outreach Program’. Larrakia Nation is one of Darwin’s leading First Nations Peoples organisations, and this program provides security patrols, relocation of vulnerable persons and referrals to various community assistance programs

Successfully assisted i24s and Six Seasons Resources in achieving a funding grant from the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)

Awarded a security contract with Darwin City Council (through a tender process heavily focussed on engaging a socially-responsible provider). Our success was partly due to our First Nations Peoples engagement achievements over the previous few years

Appointment of SXP’s first senior managers who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples: Jaie Makepeace as our QLD Loss Prevention Operations Supervisor, and Terry Fox as our Darwin Branch Manager

Appointment of Oli Vrtkovski in the newly created role of National Human Resources Manager. Oli is tasked with leading strategies to further promote engagement within our recruitment activities, and explore the creation of a formal Reconciliation

Action Plan

SXP’s national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples employment rate hits 5%

SXP’s Darwin branch achieves a 10% First Nations Peoples employment rate

Representatives of our National Management Team attend the ‘2022 National RAP Conference’ held in Sydney

Formation of our Reconciliation Working Group, in preparation for our RAP and ongoing First Nations Peoples engagement

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Training and Recruitment

SXP have been working with Six Season Resources (‘i24s’), a 100% Aboriginalowned security and training business, since 2019. Offering employment, training and development opportunities, this is one of the first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples security partnerships of its kind in Australia.

Based in WA and led by a hands-on management team, i24s Directors Justin and Angela Kickett bring over 20 years’ combined experience in law enforcement, security, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples affairs and training. Justin is a passionate advocate for First Nations Peoples affairs and developing strategies to bring tangible results and positive outcomes.

By offering training and development opportunities for our existing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, as well as recruitment opportunities for First Nations jobseekers, this partnership supports our corporate objectives in providing employment opportunities, promoting local community engagement and creating a positive social impact.

We have also teamed up with i24s to support their new training initiative to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples engagement and participation in the security industry. In 2020, our formal written support was instrumental in helping i24s secure a funding grant from the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). This grant helps to create employment opportunities to jobseekers, including training placements for 40 jobseekers to attain a Certificate II in Security Operations.


SXP and the Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL) began its partnership in 2019 through the ‘Given the Chance’ program. BSL works closely with a number of Victorian local councils, supporting their procurement teams with social procurement strategies. As SXP is Australia’s leading mobile patrols organisation, providing services to a number of councils throughout Australia, the partnership made perfect operational and ethical sense. BSL assists SXP by:

Supporting employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers

Screening and preparation of jobseekers

Provision of customised pre-employment training

Organising additional training

Post-placement field support



SXP take great interest in our community involvement. We are one of the main sponsors of the Stirling Saints Football Club, of which Justin Kickett (company director of i24s) is Head Coach. His motivational leadership has been instrumental in providing support and mentorship to the team.

Additionally, SXP host regular Security Forum Breakfast events throughout the Perth region for our government and corporate clients. Top industry risk and security professionals are invited to share their insight on various topics such as risk planning and emerging technologies. We invite i24s to partake as guest speaker at these events, discussing topics around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples employment opportunities with local business leaders.


SXP are also financial sponsors of the Larrakia Nation Outreach service, which provide an alternative response to reducing anti-social behaviour in public spaces. The program includes nightly patrol services, providing assistance to homeless persons and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples requiring stable accommodation, AOD assistance, return to Country and access to other government services.

Sponsorships and First Nations Community Outreach

Introducing the RAP Working Group


Sophie has been involved in the security industry since 2012. Having worked in various roles within SXP, including Branch Manager (ACT) and National Operations Centre Manager, Sophie heads our compliance team as Head of Compliance. This role sees her responsible for driving a positive compliance culture where legal, ethical and social awareness is built into our dayto-day decision making and business activities.


NICHOLAS HARDY HR Administrator Dharug

As our RAP Champion, Sophie is also tasked with helping to shape, lead and promote our reconciliation activities. Working closely with our RAP Working Group, internal and external stakeholders, and our teams throughout the country, Sophie is passionate about promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples engagement across our workforce and spearheading our reconciliation journey.

SOPHIE BARNES RAP Champion, Head of Compliance Gadigal TERRY FOX Branch Manager – Darwin Larrakia OLIVER VRTKOVSKI Head of HR Dharug GARRY KEEGAN National Tenders Manager Gubbi Gubbi LAUREN JACKSON Functional Administration Assistant Bunurong LEEANNE MICHAELSON Head of Sales Gadigal ROB KESZLER State Manager – SA/NT Kaurna BROWN Recruitment Coordinator Dharug



1 Establish and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and organisations


Fostering and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and stakeholders, we will ensure our connections are meaningful and genuine. This includes developing stronger and more inclusive polices and processes and promoting our journey throughout our sphere of influence.

• Identify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and organisations within the areas we operate, and our sphere of influence, including current suppliers and clients

• Research best practice and principles that support partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and organisations

2 Build relationships through celebrating National Reconciliation Week (NRW)

• Circulate Reconciliation Australia’s NRW resources and reconciliation materials to our staff


April 2023 State Manager – SA/NT Branch Manager – Darwin

April 2023

Head of Sales

National Tenders Manager

May 2023 Functional Admin Assistant

• RAP Working Group members to participate in an external NRW event May 27 - June 3 2023 Head of Compliance

• Encourage and support staff and senior leaders to participate in at least one external event to recognise and celebrate NRW

• Communicate our commitment to reconciliation to all staff, stakeholders, clients and the general public

3 Promote reconciliation through our sphere of influence

• Identify external stakeholders that our organisation can engage with on our reconciliation journey

• Identify RAP and other like-minded organisations that we could approach to collaborate with on our reconciliation journey

4 Promote positive race relations through antidiscrimination strategies

• Research best practice and policies in areas of race relations and antidiscrimination

• Conduct a review of HR policies and procedures to identify existing anti-discrimination provisions, and future needs

May 27 - June 3 2023 Managing Director

April 2023 National Tenders Manager

May 2023 Head of Sales

July 2023

Head of Sales

September 2023 Head of Compliance

September 2023

Head of HR

Head of Compliance



5 Increase understanding, value and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, knowledge and rights through cultural learning

6 Demonstrate respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by observing cultural protocols

7 Build respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories by celebrating NAIDOC Week

Respect is not just one of our six company values – it is also integral to our reconciliation journey. We will work diligently to acknowledge and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural learnings, protocols and histories.

• Develop a business case for increasing understanding, value and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, knowledge and rights within our organisation

• Conduct a review of cultural learning needs within our organisation

• Develop an understanding of the local Traditional Owners or Custodians of the lands and waters within our organisation’s office locations

• Develop an understanding of the local Traditional Owners or Custodians of the lands and waters within our organisation’s office locations

• Increase staff’s understanding of the purpose and significance behind cultural protocols, including Acknowledgement of Country and Welcome to Country protocols

• Implement processes to ensure Acknowledgement of Country is conducted/referenced at all conferences, meetings, events and outgoing communications (such as emails and proposals)

• Raise awareness and share information amongst our staff about the meaning of NAIDOC Week

• Introduce our staff to NAIDOC Week by promoting external events in our local area

• RAP Working Group to participate in an external NAIDOC Week event

• Celebrate the individual achievements of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff amongst our wider teams, and provide updates on our reconciliation journey and initiatives over the previous year


June 2023 National Tenders Manager Head of Sales

June 2023 Head of HR

April 2023 State Manager – SA/NT

April 2023 State Manager – SA/NT

April 2023 State Manager – SA/NT

August 2023 National Tenders Manager Head of Sales

June 2023 Functional Admin Assistant

June 2023 Head of HR

July 2023 Head of Compliance

July 2023 National Tenders Manager



8 Improve employment outcomes by increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment, retention and professional development


Acknowledging that our actions must provide real change and improvement within our communities, we will ensure that employment opportunities and professional development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are given the utmost attention. Similarly, we will seek to partner with suppliers who share our goals.


• Develop a business case for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within our organisation

• Build understanding of current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staffing to inform future employment and professional development opportunities

9 Increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supplier diversity to support improved economic and social outcomes

• Develop a business case for procurement from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses

• Investigate Supply Nation membership

• Create a financial support program for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, chosen by our teams

September 2023 Head of HR

September 2023 Head of HR

May 2023 National Tenders Manager Head of HR

May 2023 State Manager – SA/NT

September 2023 National Tenders Manager



10 Establish and maintain an effective RAP Working Group (RWG) to drive governance of the RAP


• Maintain a RWG to govern RAP implementation

• Draft a Terms of Reference for the RWG

Holding ourselves accountable for our tasks, monitoring our progress and celebrating our achievements is vital in ensuring the success of our RAP. Our RAP Working Group will support our wider teams to drive our initiatives, ensure our journey doesn’t stagnate and openly report our challenges and learnings.


April 2023 Head of HR

September 2023 Head of HR

11 Provide appropriate support for effective implementation of RAP commitments

• Establish Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation on the RWG

• Define resource needs for RAP implementation

• Engage senior leaders in the delivery of RAP commitments

• Appoint a senior leader to champion our RAP internally

• Define appropriate systems and capability to track, measure and report on RAP commitments

12 Build accountability and transparency through reporting RAP achievements, challenges and learnings both internally and externally

• Contact Reconciliation Australia to verify that our primary and secondary contact details are up to date, to ensure we do not miss out on important RAP correspondence

• Contact Reconciliation Australia to request our unique link, to access the online RAP Impact Measurement Questionnaire

• Complete and submit the annual RAP Impact Measurement Questionnaire to Reconciliation Australia

13 Continue our reconciliation journey by developing our next RAP

• Register via Reconciliation Australia’s website to begin developing our next RAP

April 2023 Head of HR

April 2023 Head of HR

June 2023 Head of HR

April 2023 Head of Compliance

April 2023 Head of HR

June 2023 Head of Compliance

August 1 2023 Head of Compliance

September 30

annually Head of Compliance

December 2023 Head of HR

OLIVER VRTKOVSKI Head of HR For further information, please contact: 1300 136 102
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