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25 OCTOBER 2010 ISSUE 511

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25 October 2010


NEWS national

Marriage support grows Brendan Bolger

Australians are increasingly warming to the idea of allowing gays and lesbians to marry their partners with men’s attitudes in particular changing since the first poll was conducted on the issue last year. While women still outnumber men agreeing that same-sex couples should be allowed the right to marry, five per cent more men indicated their support for law reform “suggesting that males have improved in acceptance of the idea”, according to Galaxy Research. “Clearly same-sex marriage is a status whose time is coming,” Galaxy researchers wrote in the main findings of the poll, commissioned by Australian Marriage Equality (AME) and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). And despite the Prime Minister’s opposition to allowing a conscience vote on gay marriage, almost 80 per cent of Australians believe MPs should vote according to their own values and not along party lines, the Galaxy poll found. The Labor Party’s policy of supporting the Marriage Act in its current form appears to be out of step with its voters, with nearly three-quarters “who intend to vote for ALP” agreeing that same-sex couples should be afforded the right to marry. Tasmanian federal independent MP Andrew Wilkie – one of the key independents to return Julia Gillard’s Government to power this year – told the media on Friday in Canberra that it was time for the

Light for survival and hope Reg Domingo The City of Sydney has installed a light structure in Surry Hills laneway Mary’s Place to commemorate a brutal assault more than a decade ago. In 1996, a woman named Mary was assaulted on Flood Lane off Bourke Street. In the wake of the attack, the laneway was renamed Mary’s Place and a community artwork was installed. However, the artwork was later removed during nearby construction works. In 2009, council invited artists to submit proposals to reinstate a new work of art, selecting local artist Mikala Dwyer, who created the pink street lamp. Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said the structure was an important tribute to all women who have experienced violence as well as the GLBT community. Photo: Courtesy City of Sydney

Prime Minister to explain why she opposes same-sex marriage. “It’s up to the government to try and explain how on earth they can tolerate legislated discrimination the way the Marriage Act is currently,” Wilkie said, according to The Australian. AME and PFLAG have launched an online campaign in the wake of the poll’s findings calling on both the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to allow their members a conscience vote. Wilkie, Argent, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP and openly gay 2Day FM newsreader Geoff Field have added messages of support to the online campaign. AME national convenor Alex Greenwich said “it is clear that Australians support love and equality over discrimination”. PFLAG national spokesperson Shelley Argent questioned why Australia cannot “right this wrong” when conservative Catholic nations abroad have provided marriage equality to gay and lesbian citizens. The Greens are expected to push for a federal Parliament debate on the issue of same-sex marriage when its newly elected Senators take their seats in the federal upper house on July 1 next year. The online conscience vote campaign provides for messages to be sent directly to Gillard and Abbott and is located at freevote.



NSW surrogacy laws on the table Brendan Bolger

Debate over the state Government's surrogacy laws that will "provide certainty for the parties to surrogacy arrangements and protect the interests of children born as a result of such arrangements" could take place as soon as this week. NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos introduced the bill in the upper house last Thursday night. Last month City Voice reported the Government's

intention to introduce the bill shortly after adoption laws were amended. "This bill introduces, amongst other things, a comprehensive scheme for new parentage orders, which may be granted by the Supreme Court to transfer parentage in surrogacy situations, provided certain safeguards are observed. "The bill is subject to a guiding principle – that the best interests of children born as a result of surrogacy arrangements are paramount," Hatzistergos told the Legislative Council.

The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby welcomed the bill's introduction that will clarify "reasonable expenses" reimbursement while maintaining a prohibition on commercial surrogacy. Greens MP David Shoebridge said the legislation "is finally catching up with the reality in our society". "This legislation reflects modern ideas of what family is, including that parents don't necessarily need to be of the same gender, or biologically linked to their children."


25 October 2010 3


HIV infection figures released A total of 1050 Australians were diagnosed with HIV in 2009 while in NSW there was a decrease in gay men contracting HIV from 243 in 2008 to 234 in 2009, annual surveillance figures from the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research have shown. There were a total of 327 new infections across the state, representing a small increase from 323 new infections in 2008. The results differ across the states where in Queensland its highest rate of HIV diagnosis was recorded last year with 4.7 per 100,000 people. Infection increases among heterosexuals has been attributed between 2005-2009 “to people from high prevalence countries or their partners” outside Australia representing 58 per cent of new diagnoses.

MÁRTON DEPARTS NEW MARDI GRAS New Mardi Gras (NMG) has announced the departure of its executive producer Katrina Márton at the end of November. Márton is relocating to her home state of South Australia with her partner to pursue “new professional interests” and to be “closer to her family”. Márton joined NMG in 2009 in the events role, overseeing planning, management and delivery of all NMG events. Márton brought “enormous experience” NMG, being the producer of Sydney’s recent New Year’s Eve celebrations as well as serving as executive producer to the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras on two separate occasions between 1997 and 2001 and as production manager between 1991 and 1994. “She has consistently provided us with a level of strategic vision and creativity that has seen the potential for enormous change in the organisation and her legacy will be felt for many years to come,” NMG co-chair Steph Sands said.

WORLD AIDS DAY CONCERT UNVEILED The 2010 World AIDS Day concert will be a tribute to the music of composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, it has been revealed. Now in its third year, the annual event is a fundraiser for ACON, as part of its Red Ribbon Appeal. A complete line-up FOR THE LATEST NEWS


l 25 October 2010

QUEER PENGUIN SAM BUTLER: a queer take on news and politics


Obama, Clinton join ‘It Gets Better’ campaign US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have joined the YouTube campaign raising awareness about anti-gay bullying that tells young LGBT ‘It Gets Better’. In Clinton’s two-and-a-half minute video, she says, “First of all, hang in there and ask for help. Your life is so important to your family, your friends and to your country”. Acknowledging the work of LGBT state department employees, she says, “It wasn’t long ago that these men and women would not have been able to serve openly ... but today they can because it has gotten better. And it will get better for you.” Created by US columnist Dan Savage in September, more than 2,000 videos have now been uploaded on the It Gets Better Project on YouTube. It is estimated that the videos have been viewed more than 10 million times. Savage launched the project in the wake gay youth suicides in the US. Go to - Brendan Bolger

of entertainers from the fields of musical theatre and cabaret will be announced in the coming weeks. The concert, to be held on Monday, November 22 at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, will see the return of the Sydney International Orchestra, entertainer Trevor Ashley as director and Craig Renshaw as musical director. Tickets are $65/$55 concession available from or by phoning (02) 9206 2062.

TAS RIGHTS CHARTER MOVES FORWARD The announcement of further consultation on a state Charter of Rights by the Tasmanian government has been welcomed by human rights advocates.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Right Group spokesperson Rodney Croome said the charter will be a “way to ensure government decisions about the lives of ordinary people are kept honest, transparent and fair”. The establishment of a Charter in Tasmania will see the state join the ACT and Victoria, which both already have state charters. Currently there is no Charter of Rights in New South Wales. In 2009, the Rudd Government rejected recommendations for a National Charter of Rights. “The failure of the Federal Government to enact a national charter throws responsibility for protecting human rights back to the states,” Croome said. “We welcome the fact the Tasmanian Government is rising to this challenge.”


Props to the Roman Catholic Church: somewhere in the Vatican there is a PR department so diabolically brilliant – so good at making the crap into credible – it would make Edina Monsoon blush. In the musical Chicago, shyster lawyer Billy Flynn tells us that if you “give ‘em the old razzle-dazzle … they’ll let you get away with murder”. And things don’t get much more razzling-dazzling than the canonisation of Mary MacKillop. What a splendiferous distraction for Benedict XVI, the Pope who has spent the better part of his time at the top apologising for numerous abuses against children by Catholic clergy – not to mention, fending off several allegations of personal complicity in covering up abuses and shuffling on alleged abusers to other dioceses. “Things don’t And even more get much ingeniously, what better way for the Catholic Church more razzlingto show it’s truly opposed dazzling to paedophilia than by canonising a nun who was than the allegedly excommunicated canonisation as revenge for helping to of Mary expose a paedophile priest? A stroke of poetic mastery MacKillop.” of which all spin doctors should take notice. Of course, all this could just be a remarkable coincidence and have nothing to do with creating a distraction. But it does seem strange that ‘Saint Mary of the Cross’ should be recognised as a saint now, by this particular Pope, even though the idea of MacKillop being canonised has been seriously considered since 1992, when her “heroic virtue” was first declared, or at least since 1995, when she was beatified by Benedict’s predecessor, Pope John-Paul II. The canonisation of Mary MacKillop more than a hundred years after she was punitively excommunicated makes you wonder for how long the vicious cycle will continue. Will those who are working right now to weed out the current risks to children in the Catholic Church only be properly recognised decades after their death, rather than being snubbed, scorned and ridiculed by the Vatican hierarchy as they are at the moment? Surely, if Mary MacKillop – a humble servant of God and protector of innocents – were alive today, she would ask not for herself to be canonised, but for her church to accept and address the dangers she was raising in a transparent and accountable manner. To end victimising the victims and protecting the guilty, and to acknowledge that covering up paedophilia was never high up on Christ’s checklist. Sadly, however, the Catholic Church seems intent on following another Billy Flynn pearl of wisdom: “When you’re in trouble, go into your dance.” Next week: Rodney Croome

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Andrew Heslop: the The problem with Relationship Register World New Yorkers band together in the wake of attacks


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18 October 2010



Editor’s note: A letter by ‘Alan from Darlinghurst’ (‘Next time, wear a sign’, October 11) in response to a letter by ‘Cath from Marrickville’ (‘Do not touch, please’, October 4) drew an unusually large number of letters to the editor and comments online. Published here are some of those responses. To view the letters by Alan and Cath, as well as other readers’ comments, go to


In response to Alan from Darlinghurst: Thank you most kindly for your considered response to my letter concerning being groped at events such as Sleaze. I appreciate your consulting of the legal profession and the great lengths it must have taken to get any lawyer, particularly one with any sort of qualifications or practice, to agree with your antiquated viewpoint that women deserve to have their person violated if they choose not to cover themselves neck to knee when out in the world (that seemed to be the gist of it). That you managed to get a QC on board is even more remarkable! Now to address your points: Firstly, I do not see how my “walking around with bare/ painted breasts at a party called Sleaze and expecting people to look but not touch” is in any way remarkable. I manage to walk past many topless women at the beach, or – gasp – naked men at Obelisk without feeling any compulsion to jump out of the crowd and molest them. If I see a man with a testicle hanging out of his King Gees I don’t just run over to cop a feel. As an adult, with an understanding of, and control over, my feelings and desires, I am quite able to keep my mitts to myself. I do not see that it is unreasonable to expect others to be able to behave with restraint either. I notice that you claim that men also do get subjected to unwanted attention but that you do not then go on to assert that they somehow deserve it. Just saying. As for the ‘nightmarish vision’ of my adorned bosom, well, I daresay that the men groping my tits didn’t seem to find it so quite so gruesome. Unless it was some sort of fetishisation with, and irresistible pull towards the abject, of course. Thanks for the compliment though – I might have to include it on my next business card!


l 25 October 2010

Now, regarding your statement: “NMG has gone to great lengths to cater to a minority of partygoers, creating women’s spaces so Cath and kin can have space to themselves. And they still feel unsafe – what more to do?” Here is a simple suggestion: how about explaining to partygoers, perhaps in the same set of information that tells them not to take in anything illicit or bring any liquids, that molesting other patrons will not be tolerated. Seems quite simple to me. Finally, I do not see how creating segregated spaces is the solution, as much of this abuse occurs, as you point out, between people of the same sex also. Besides, I couldn’t dance with my bears and my leather boys then, could I? Cheers, and just to warn you, last week it was feathers on my tits. Blue ones. Sweet dreams! Cath Marrickville


Though, surely, he is trolling, Alan from Darlinghurst wishes to pontificate on the values of our community. Whilst responding to his letter is to bite the bait he has cast, a response to assuage his opinion to those who may have been nodding their heads in silent agreement is necessary. The law is quite clear on what constitutes assault. An assault is any act which intentionally or recklessly causes another person to fear immediate and unlawful violence. The violence, in this case, bordered on sexual. On Alan’s point of Cath “asking for it” – this is not a legal defence and surely “the several lawyers and a QC” would have made this abundantly clear to him. I’d like to know who these people are just so I could avoid obtaining legal advice from them should I ever need it in the future. I, as a man, applaud NMG for providing the women-only environment. This articulates their understanding of the concerns about safety held by members of the community. The recognition of the party’s attendance ratio (92% male/8% female) may well explain why NMG has gone to great lengths to provide a safe space for “a minority of partygoers” and with the offensive behaviour of some of the patrons, one can understand why.

Finally, a brief troll of my own is to be concerned about the issues that Alan is harbouring if he finds the vision of the feminine form to be so “nightmarish”.  Coza Marrickville


Let’s not forget how lucky we are to be living as gay and lesbian people in Australia in 2010. Our predecessors did not have it so easy. In fact it was only through a long struggle – of which the Mardi Gras Parade in 1978 was a milestone – that we reached a point where we had our basic human rights respected. For most of history, gay people have had to deal with societies that have had little or no respect for their personal boundaries. They had inhumane conditions put upon them for fighting for their right to be who they were. In every society I am aware of, in which the repression of gay and lesbian people has been repealed and an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance created, it has taken more than individual action. It has been as a result of the development of a gay and lesbian consciousness and a community of individuals determined to fight for their rights. It was a community that created the first Mardi Gras parade in 1978. It was Sydney’s vibrant, ballsy gay and lesbian community that showed the police force, government and conservative forces in NSW society that it was they that needed to change, not us. Post-1978 this community grew even stronger. I fled to this community and felt it like a trusted cocoon around me for a long time. Like all families you were lumped together with some people you wouldn’t pick out as friends, but nevertheless I felt a degree of common purpose and love. Gays and lesbians sometimes make strange bedfellows, but it’s a marriage that has worked well for both sides. Like all communities there were, or there developed, norms of behaviour that maybe weren’t accepted by all, but were broadly adhered to. Of course there was always a minority that would Continued on page 11

Reg Domingo

JOIN THE CONVERSATION This week’s issue of SX begins with a debate that seems to have hit a nerve in the community. As you can see from the letters on this very page, and page 11, it’s an issue that seems to have struck a very loud, and sensitive, chord. And while the discussion has elicited some reaffirming messages about respect and courtesy, it has also unearthed some disquieting standpoints in the community. On October 4, Cath from Marrickville submitted a letter to the editor sharing her frustration at being groped numerous times by gay men at this year’s Sleaze Ball. Cath revealed that, as part of her costume, she had her breasts painted with body paint. Cath concludes with a suggestion that a public education campaign should be launched to reinforce the message of respect, courtesy and consent in the GLBT community. Cath’s letter drew several “Judging responses. Published last week was a letter to the editor by the from Alan of Darlinghurst. community’s Alan suggests that, by wearing such a revealing reaction, it outfit, Cath was “asking for it” seems it’s a and implores her to consider wearing something more discussion that modest if she doesn’t want we needed to the attention. have.” This letter has, in turn, prompted a wave of responses, a selection of which is printed here. I invite you to join this conversation. Judging by the community’s reaction, it seems it’s a discussion that we needed to have. To read Alan and Cath’s letters, as well as other comments and feedback, go to Elsewhere in this issue, SX taps into the world of arts, entertainment and community services. News editor Brendan Bolger profiles an important group which, in 2010, is marking 30 years of service – the Inner City Legal Centre. For over three decades, not only has the centre been providing vital legal services for disadvantaged people in the inner city as well as the GLBT community, they have also played an instrumental part in helping shape GLBT reform in NSW. Read his fascinating profile on page 12. On the subject of politics, SX’s TV guru Nathan Mico speaks with Kirby Dick, director of the forthcoming documentary Outrage. A timely film screening on SBS, Outrage attempts to expose the culture of double standards that exists in US politics. Particularly, unearthing the psychology behind US politicians that actively campaign against gay rights but are gay themselves. Read his insightful interview on page 16. And finally, I get to share an audience with adult actor Pierre Fitch who is coming Down Under this week for his first ever Australian tour. Having conquered the world of porn, Fitch is now developing his career in music as a DJ. Hear what he has to say on page 16. Enjoy the issue.











Continued from page 6 there was always a minority that would push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable. It is ever so. Cath’s letter and Alan’s response last week have rightly drawn forth a debate and for me it is absolutely clear where our community should be siding. To me this is about more than just the gender spaces at our events. It’s about fundamental respect within the community we fought so hard to build and to maintain, and the acceptance we have fought for. It is never okay to gawk or to push or poke other people without consent. It will never be okay to say ‘you were asking for it’ because someone dressed some way, whether it is a dyke with her breasts out at a gay party, a girl walking down the street in a short skirt who gets raped, or a boy who gets gay bashed because he can’t hide his campness. I have also suffered like Cath at NMG events and it has got even worse. My boundaries have never been more violated than they have in the past few years. Yes, we could do with some greater community education as Cath suggests, but at the end of the day forums and campaigns can only do so much. As individuals we must do our best to enforce standards of behaviour in our community that reflect the acceptance and tolerance we have fought for. That means no misogyny. That means no racism. That means seeing value in others and giving them their space. If we don’t stand up and support diversity and self-expression then who will? Steph Sands Co-Chair, New Mardi Gras


[Alan writes]: “Perhaps then we can all feel safe and have a great party”. [Yes] if people who don’t respect other people’s space stayed away.  An open set of breasts at a dance party is

not an invitation to touch them, whatever the dance party is called, and whatever the costume. [Alan], why would you go to a party called ‘Sleaze’, if you were insulted by someone wearing a costume in theme? Did you go at all? Finally, regarding men being groped – yes, they do get groped. That doesn’t make it right.  A little while ago, while wearing a kilt at a club, predominantly frequented by male patrons, two women, sitting on a low chair, reached up and grabbed me as I walked past. On slapping one of their hands away exclaiming, “Are you right?!”, one of the women blurted, “Oh, settle down”.  “No,” was my response, “If I did that to you you’d have me for rape – now, you can get out!” I had them evicted. The long and the short is respect.  Look and don’t touch (unless invited). It’s normal courtesy! Mikey via email

regard for seeing me, reading my invitation or otherwise. Which adults do not understand consent? Or personal boundaries? Or politeness and respect? Can I poke your left eye, Alan? Can I grab your balls and twist just because they are there? If I don’t like the cut of your pants or the print on your shirt, may I put my drink down your crack or grab at you? You may have lawyer friends but you are very, very wrong. What you have said is ignorant, illegal and hurtful. I invite you to change. Stella Delight via


As a gay man, I do not like to see female naked breasts so Cath stop complaining – [that’s] meant as a compliment. And here’s a thought – next time, don’t go. Michael on


I am a femme who dresses for pleasure. For myself, my lovers, my friends and the audiences in the queer places I go to. I have a round, fleshy body, I love to wear corsets and shine with froufrou, to show my features and assets, to be sexy, trashy, glam and high femme, in drag, a femme queen. I know this brings delight to many as many tell me. Other women say they feel inspired to dress more boldly, others say they admire or find joy in my ways. It contributes, and it shows pride, assertion and aesthetic. I do experience many intrusions, like Cath describes. I am very good at monitoring my boundaries. I have particular strategies to manage the street aggression and to aim to protect myself. But within, I am usually very sweet and gentle with those who rush up squealing “are those real?” or “can I touch?”, and I make sure they engage with me and get consent. But even this is annoying. And there are gropers who assault without the slightest


What do you expect? I’m a gay male and when I dress up as a slut I get treated like a slut. Yeah, there are times where it’s like “why are you touching me?” but I have to remember that yes, I am wearing glittery short shorts that make my bum perky and my dick stand way out. And yes, I am attending a party with booze and yes, the party is called Sleaze Ball. If you don’t want everyone looking and touching your boobs, then put them away. I have never had a guy come up to me and put their hands down my pants and fondle me (without me consenting). Sometimes I may get the odd pinch, but hey, it’s all in good fun. You’ve got this double standard complex that I am noticing a lot in women. A lot of girls say, “Why can’t I wear a short skirt without guys checking me out?” Well darling, it could be because that short skirts accentuates your long legs and the fact that your ass is hanging out.

Bridge to Bridge on two wheels

If you don’t want people touching your boobs, put them away. Jesse on


On behalf of ACON, I’d like to thank Cath for sharing her experiences at Sleaze Ball and thank her also for her pragmatic, articulate and measured response. ACON’s Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project (AVP) supports people experiencing homophobic violence, harassment and samesex domestic violence. We also work to ensure that public and community spaces are safe. Violence, whether it’s from outside or inside our communities, is always unacceptable. People have boundaries which should be respected. We all have a right to self expression free of assault or abuse, and others do not have a right to violate that right. It should be especially clear that the way a person of any gender or sexual orientation chooses to dress is never an excuse for unwelcome and nonconsensual contact. It is concerning to hear that Cath’s experience was not isolated. ACON encourages people in our communities to care for each other, to look out for each other and to acknowledge how we can be doing this better as both individuals and as a community.   If you have experienced harassment or violence at any GLBT community event I encourage you to contact the AVP confidentially on 9296 2116. People can also officially report any form of violence or harassment to the AVP at www.acon. by clicking the ‘report violence’ box. We also encourage people to report any form of violence via the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. Nicolas Parkhill Chief Executive Officer, ACON

The new Bridge-to-Bridge route is now open

One of the City’s first cycleway routes is now open, connecting the Inner West to North Sydney from the Anzac Bridge to the Harbour Bridge. The 2.6 kilometre route consists of separated cycleways along Union Street in Pyrmont and King and Kent Streets in the CBD, making cycling in city traffic safer for all road users. Riding a bike is a smart and sustainable transport option for short inner Sydney trips and the number of bike riders in Sydney is increasing rapidly. The new Bridge-to-Bridge route is the first of many interconnected bicycle routes that will help keep Sydney moving in years to come. For more information visit:

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP

25 October 2010

l 11



Correcting Injustice and Inequality W

For three decades, the Inner City Legal Centre has played a crucial part in bringing about legal changes and equality reforms in New South Wales. Brendan Bolger reports.

Inner City Legal Centre marks 30 years … top left: Helen Campbell, Jane Sanders, Richard Funston, Dan Stubbs and Rob Wilkons; top right: Brian Knox, Michael Tiyce, Eva Karagiannis, Nora Michael and Steve Mason. Photos: Jason Nichol


l 25 October 2010

hen it first opened its doors to the public, homosexual sex in New South Wales was still a criminal act punishable by imprisonment. Thirty years down the track, the Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) has played an instrumental part in bringing about numerous law reforms as well as fighting for the legal rights of lesbians, gays, bis, trans and intersex people in the courts. Most recently, according to ICLC Director Dan Stubbs, it was successful in “getting a payout for someone who was the victim of homophobic vilification”. And the fight for equal rights is continuing. “We’re still fighting the Department of Foreign Affairs for [trans] women to get a passport in their correct gender,” Stubbs told around 200 supporters, past employees, volunteers and board member at its 30th birthday celebrations last Tuesday night at Slide on Oxford Street. The Centre has over the years worked closely with numerous community organisations including the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Twenty10 and the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre to name a few

Former high court judge Michael Kirby told the audience he was “old enough to remember how the community legal centres came about”. Following the Australian Government’s Commission of Inquiry into Poverty from 1973-1975, one of Commissioner Ronald Sackville’s key recommendations was the establishment of community legal centres. “It was very difficult for people to get access to the courts and the law, and to access legal advice,” Kirby said. Despite the notion of community legal centres providing legal advice to people that could not afford legal representation, the ICLC found itself in the hot bed of GLBTI rights – with many of its clientele hailing from these communities in and around Darlinghurst. Although not every lawyer who has worked or volunteered at the ICLC identifies as GLBTI, Kirby said, the “wonderful” aspect of its work was that “from the beginning it’s been straight and gay”. “Most importantly we’ve achieved it through a gay, straight alliance” showing that law reform was not just about sexuality but the more important issues of correcting

“injustice and inequality”. “This is people law. And this was always in my opinion the most important area in law. The face of justice and bringing justice to ordinary citizens,” Kirby said. The ICLC was part of decriminalising sex workers in 1985, the recent fight for adoption rights in NSW and providing injecting drug users with access to clean syringes in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Kirby said. In 2009, ICLC released its Talking Turkey legal guide “for lesbian mothers, gay fathers and sperm donors in NSW” that outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of people involved in donor insemination, surrogacy and co-parenting arrangements. One of its current initiatives is the Safe Relationships Project that provides advice and assistance to GLBTI in abusive relationships. Organisation Intersex International Australia (OII) president Gina Wilson said while there were differences between gay and lesbian issues and those of intersex people, there was one common theme that united all of the communities – the same “oppression” under the law.



Inside Out

Closeted politicians backing anti-gay policies are the targets of Kirby Dick’s explosive documentary, Outrage. But it’s not about outing people. As the director tells Nate Micó, it’s about exposing hypocrisy.


rom the opening moments of Kirby Dick’s Outrage, it’s clear the exposé on gay US politicians wedged firmly in the closet in Washington’s Capitol Hill has no interest in subtlety. Transposed over the opening titles is a recording of a police interview with a man arrested for soliciting sex in a public bathroom. Man: “I went in to the bathroom; I got in the stall, sat down. Your foot came toward mine, my foot came towards yours; was that natural I don’t know. Did we bump? Yes we did. The next thing I knew under the bathroom divider comes a card that says police.” Police officer: “What about your hand?” Man: “What about my hand?” Police officer: “I could see the gold wedding ring on your finger ... have you been successful in the bathrooms here before?” Man: “No. Absolutely not. I don’t seek activity in bathrooms.” Police officer: “Well you’re not being truthful Mr Senator, I’m kind of disappointed. Sir, we deal with people that lie to us every day.” Man: “So do I” Police officer: “I’m sure you do.” The man is Larry Craig, a US Senator, arrested in 2007 for lewd conduct after playing footsies with another man in a bathroom stall. His story is one of several featured in Outrage. Dick is an Academy Award-nominated director best known for This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which criticised the Motion Picture Association of America’s secretive and irrational film rating system. He is also working on a new project about attacks and rape on women in the US military. “As many as one in three women are raped or sexually assaulted while serving in the military. And if that holds true I’d like to see how that compares to other armies around the world.” Dick tells SX. It’s a no-holds-barred look at US military, in the same way Outrage isn’t afraid to pull any punches. “I was clear about what I wanted to achieve with this film,” Dick says. “Would a host of key members of the Washington political establishment be less hostile to gay rights if they came out of the closet and acknowledged being gay themselves?” Outrage investigates this “massive conspiracy” that keeps high-level political figures safe in the sexual closet thanks to widespread support of

Florida Governor Charlie Crist (above) and former New York Mayor Ed Koch (left) are among the politicians targeted in Outrage. Directed by Kirby Dick (right), the film aims to expose hypocrisy in US politics. Photos: Getty Images.

“don’t tell-ers”, and the damage this inflicts on the American people. Michael Rogers, a well-known blogger and “outer” in America, is featured prominently in Outrage. He justifies his outings in the film: “I’m going to tell people who these horrible traitors are – and they are traitors to their people, I believe that. I felt that it was time for me to start reporting that hypocrisy”. He’s backed up by high-profile US writer

and radio broadcaster Michelangelo Signorile, who says the media is as much to blame for hypocrisy – simply by not reporting on it. “It was the one area where they [gossip magazines] didn’t demand the truth. Everywhere else they wanted to know who was dating who, but when it came to gay celebrities it was accepted and understood that you covered for them.” Dick however, insists, as does the film itself,

that Outrage is not about outing people. “It’s reporting on hypocrisy,” he says. “The position the film took was that if someone was in the closet, and not voting anti-gay, there’s no instance of hypocrisy. So no, I chose not to report on that. I knew several closeted republicans and democrats who were not voting anti-gay. So they’re still closeted.” Outrage makes its point by detailing each politician’s voting record on hate crimes legislation, gay marriage and AIDS funding before probing into their personal lives.  Along with Larry Craig, Outrage targets include Ken Mehlman, George Bush’s 2004 election campaign manager; Jim McCrery, a ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee who retired in 2008; and prominent Fox News anchor Shepard Smith. The most damning accounts are saved for Florida’s current governor Charlie Crist and former New York City mayor Ed Koch. Outrage reveals former long-time lovers of both men, alleging that Koch’s companion – and two of Crist’s partners – were made to disappear at key electoral moments. Following the release of Outrage, there was an obvious lack of response from the men featured in the film, Dick says. Still, those that have seen the film say the documentary is a definite “game changer” in shaping the way politics works. “The ones that were reported on used the typical strategy and ignored it and hoped it went away. Except for Ed Koch who said he was outraged at Outrage. I loved that he used the name of the title twice.” In the wake of a number of youth suicides related to anti-gay bullying in the US, Dick says Obama is moving “too slow” on equal rights for all. And, like the ending of his documentary, Dick refers to the late Harvey Milk, America’s first openly-gay man elected into office on what he thinks is the best way to move forward. “If everyone came out of the closet, it would be very hard for society to not grant equal rights. You would see gays and lesbians are so much part of our society that not to give them equal rights is crazy.” Outrage airs Tuesday, November 2 at 10pm on SBS ONE.

Team Leader, Positive Services We are seeking a creative team player to drive the services which ACON provides to people with HIV. You will be responsible for the dayto-day management of services targeting people with HIV, including staff supervision, volunteer recruitment and supervision, client work and program development. The successful candidate will have a strong background in staff supervision, team leadership, performance evaluation and program management as well as a good understanding of the issues relating to people with HIV. Well developed verbal and written communication skills are also essential in this role. This is a full time position (35 hours/week) and it’s based in Sydney. Applications for this position close 5pm Monday 1 November 2010. For all the details, download a job pack from the ACON website ( or contact our reception after 11am Monday – Friday on 02 9206 2000. All applications must include a completed application form (from job pack), a document addressing the Selection Criteria (from job pack) and a copy of your resume. ACON is Australia’s largest community-based GLBT health and HIV/AIDS organisation. ACON is an EEO employer and encourages people with HIV, in particular, to apply. *GLBT = gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender


l 25 October 2010




MInnIE cOOpER cHaRISMa bEllE caRMEn gEddIT MIllIE pOppInS


MInnIE cOOpER cHElSEa bun aMElIa aIRHEad SHOWTIMES FRIday & SaTuRday 10:30pM, 11:30pM, 12:30aM, 1:30aM. cOvER cHaRgE $15 FRIdayS, $20 SaTuRdayS. publIc baR IS alWayS FREE 35 ERSkInEvIllE Rd, ERSkInEvIllE 02 9519 9899




Beam me up, Scotty When it comes to gay characters and storylines, Brothers and Sisters is among the select few shows that give them prominence on mainstream television. And this is thanks, in large part, to out actor Luke Macfarlane.

It’s been a pretty interesting year for Brothers and Sisters. Talk about what stands out to you with regards to the storyline. I guess this year was a big storyline for us with this, kind of, ‘How do two men have a baby?’ story, which I think is an important area. And they’ve been taking their time with it and addressing the details really carefully so [I’m] really, really impressed with that story line and the boldness of [US network] ABC going out there and telling their story. Certainly something big was playing out back in the US with regards to the politics and everything too. Yes, absolutely. Totally. Well, there seems to always something terrible happening to the gays in the media, so ... there’s always some big story about it. Actually, I remember hearing this controversy when Adam Lambert who was refused an interview or something like that. Do you remember the story too?

Yeah. I remember the season of American Idol and also following up, yes. Right. And I remember listening to some talk radio program and they were saying the “ABC and the news media coverage, they’re not letting Adam Lambert go on and it is just a shame, it’s awful”. And I felt like calling him in and saying, “ABC has these incredible gay story lines that are being represented in both Brothers and Sisters and Modern Family”.

Interview courtesy of Disney Media.


he relationship between Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell on Brothers and Sisters, one of the best-rating dramas on American television, has arguably been a watershed for gay rights. Their courtship, intimacies and eventual wedding have played out in millions of lounge rooms around the world. As Kevin and Scotty prepare to have a baby, Canadian actor Luke MacFarlane, who plays Scotty, talks about his character, the politics of the show, and the craft of acting.

“Everybody takes their storylines really seriously, so yeah, in some sense I think we’re doing good things.”

Do you guys feel like a certain sense of responsibility because you are on the front lines with that particular kind of topical theme that’s happening? Sure. I mean, everybody takes their storylines really seriously, so yeah, in some sense I think we’re doing good things. I was actually friendly with one of the lawyers that was responsible for this new federal case which is trying to overturn some of the legislation at federal level of proposition 8. And he said that quite often, Brothers and Sisters was used as a conversation pointer, that it was a sort of good representation of a gay healthy couple to others. That was encouraging.

Sure, absolutely. I mean, one never knows. I’ve been fortunate enough to be on a show that’s lasted for more than three episodes, which is not often the case in television. So, there’s certainly concern about what life will bring after, but, you know, life’s short. Then you die.

How long do you think it will be before gays are accepted by everyone? Who knows? You know, all you can continue to do is look forward and generally, politically speaking, all political movements kind of move towards inclusion, so we’ll see it one day. Has it restricted you in terms of your career?

A one-man musical? Excellent. Singing and dancing? No, no dancing. I cannot dance. I wish I could. So, this is something that a good friend of mine has written and he’s a fantastic writer and I’ve done his plays before and hopefully this will have a life of its own, and I can go right from Brothers

Are there any other projects looming that you’d like to work on? I began in the theatre and that’s always been my passion. I went to Juilliard and started in New York, so actually, right before we go back to work, I’m going to New York to work on a musical which is new for me. And it’s actually a one-man musical.

No money to study? We can help! The Pinnacle Foundation was established to provide scholarships and mentoring for disadvantaged gay* youth. No matter what your interest or what you aspire to be, we may be able to offer the financial support and resources to help you get there!


l 25 October 2010

We know potential when we see it. Applications closing soon! Call (02) 9990 4708 or visit * Sorry, to be inclusive we really should say Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals but it became a really long sentence…

and Sisters to my touring one-man show. This is quite a different thing. It is, yes. What kind of emotion do you have in one side and then the other one? Well, the theatre is great. I mean it is really the actor’s medium. Television is the producer’s medium and film is the director’s medium. So, I think actors love going back to the theatre so they can kind of get back to a little bit of the control. And do you know Scotty very well? I’m getting to know him better. It took me a little bit of a while to get to know him, but I think I started off in a very different place than I ended up now. But that’s part of the joy of getting to figure a character out over a long period of time. Brothers and Sisters – Season 4 on DVD is out now.


Fever Fitch COVER

With films, websites and sex toys, Pierre Fitch has the porn world in his hands. Now, the adult star has set his sights on the DJ circuit. Ahead of his Australian tour, he spoke with Reg Domingo.

Internship Opportunity


l 25 October 2010

An opportunity exists for a client of The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation to undertake a six-month internship from mid-March 2011. The internship program is designed for people living with HIV who are interested in returning to work.

To be successful and meet the challenges of this role you will need to address the following criteria:

Interns will work alongside a team of highly skilled and motivated people, who are working at the forefront of service delivery of client services, fundraising and corporate support. Interns are paid an hourly rate for the hours worked at BGF, and the program is designed to build skills, resilience and capacity to operate in a contemporary workplace.

• •

Have evidence of previous work history / background / training Demonstrate an interest in and commitment to returning to work Be willing to abide by BGF standards, values and code of conduct Have an interest in and ability to develop skills in, communication and general office duties, computer skills and MS Office Suite

This internship position is based at the BGF office at Level 2, 9 Commonwealth St, Sydney.

For further information and to obtain an application please go to BGF website or contact Paul Beckman on (02) 9283 8666.

As part of the internship program, you will be supported by Job Futures both during and after completing the program.

Please send your completed application with a covering letter to by Friday 26th November 2010. Interviews will be held in January-February 2011.



Pierre Fitch striking out as a DJ; with fellow Fleshjack model winner Brent Everett; and his own line of lube. Photos: Courtesy; Fleshjack Boys/YouTube.

ierre Fitch can barely contain his excitement. For not only is he about to embark on his first ever Australian DJ tour, his trip coincides with the release of his very own Fleshjack collection on his 29th birthday. Yup, that’s right – the Canadian porn star will be available to take home as a Fleshjack mouth, a Fleshjack butt and a Fleshjack dildo. “I’m so excited,” he tells SX. “They’ve already got a mould of my dick, my mouth and my ass. They come out while I’m spinning in Australia on November 1. So that’s really cool.” The opportunity to be immortalised as a sex toy came when the makers of Fleshjack ran a competition earlier this year looking for the next Fleshjack model. Out of dozens of finalists, the list was whittled down to eighteen. From there, three winners were chosen by the public: Brent Everett, Brent Corrigan and Pierre Fitch. According to Fitch, being voted into the top three is one of the highlights of his career. “I’ve always wanted to sell my own products like lube, dildos and toys, and I’ve managed to achieve that. There were fifty people to vote for and I was the second who won!” That he drew thousands of votes alongside porn superstars like Everett and Corrigan is somewhat indicative of the level of fame and notoriety Fitch has achieved in the world of adult entertainment. As far as porn brands, his is a gay household’s name and, well, face. There are his boyish looks set against a taut, muscular frame. There are the trademark tattoos strewn across his arms, stomach and chest. Even his name has an easy ring to it, a mix of French sensibility – Pierre – and American consumerism – Fitch (his real name is Pierre Vivarais). Pierre Fitch is one well-oiled adult entertainment machine. Such success should perhaps come as no surprise as it’s a business Fitch has had in his sights from a very young age. “I began when I was 18,” he says. “I sent my pictures to some websites and I got accepted for work – it all started from there.” Soon after, Fitch signed with Falcon, one of the world’s biggest porn production

I’m trying to lean more towards the DJ business than porn. I want to do something different and I think being a DJ is going to be fun. I’m enjoying it a lot right now.”

houses. It was a move that was all part of the master plan. “I only went to the bigger porn studios to get my name out there,” he says. And he did, generating a string of best-selling films along with several nods from the industry’s highest accolade, the GayVN Awards. A few years later, Fitch struck out on his own. “I wanted to start my own company because I didn’t want to work for other people,” he says. “There’s more money involved.” Today, Fitch is the driving force behind his own burgeoning porn empire, Fitch Media. He produces and directs his own films and releases his own DVDs. He runs a popular website that generates plenty of traffic – his blog is one of the most visited gay porn blogs in the world. As Fitch declares with pride

and pleasure: “I’m one of the top porn stars, one of the most well-known people. I’m very successful in the business”. That he is. But these days, Fitch’s attention is not solely directed at the camera or computer screen. The porn star is also harnessing his popularity to build on his other passion – music. For the past year, Fitch has been cultivating a name for himself as a DJ. “I’ve always had a passion for music,” he says. “When I started going out, pretty much every day I was in gay clubs – I really loved music. So in my tenth year being in the business in the gay world, since I like music a lot, I thought, I may as well use my name, Pierre Fitch, and make something out of it like making people dance.” Among those who haave danced to his music, which he describes as “vocal, progressive and tribal”, are gay folk in cities like Baltimore in the US and Calgary in Canada. Indeed, in his native country, Fitch has headlined nearly every gay pride event. For Fitch, the DJ decks represent a new avenue for creativity. It’s one of many that’s on the cards. “I’m trying to lean more towards the DJ business than porn,” he says. “I’ve spent almost eleven years doing

it and I’m kind of tired of it. I want to do something different and I think being a DJ is going to be something fun. I’m enjoying it a lot right now. “I’m also moving towards television where I’ll be an actor on TV and I’ll get followed around. The life of Mr Fitch. Actually, it’s a producer from Australia that I’m working with right now. It seems everything is happening in Australia.” Indeed it is. This month, Fitch is coming down under for his first-ever Australian DJ tour. Thanks to, Fitch will be hitting Rogue in Melbourne, LoveMuscle in Sydney (with a stop at Live at OneSix Nine) and Fluffy in Brisbane. “I’m super excited and I can’t wait to meet some of the boys down there and have some fun,” Fitch says. “It looks like everybody in Australia is hungry for Fitch.”

Pierre Fitch plays at Love Muscle on Saturday, October 30, at Greenwood Hotel, 36 Blue Street, North Sydney. Event starts at 2pm. Tix from Bang Clothing and On Saturday night, Pierre Fitch will also appear at Live @ OneSixNine, 169 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Doors open 10pm.

25 October 2010

l 19






Rec. Retail price for manual. Auto available at extra cost. Re

Australia’s best selling compact SUV* A *source VFACTS August 2010 *s












Rec. Retail price for automatic.

Rec. Retail price for manual. Auto available at extra cost.

> Electric sunroof > Leather seats4 > Satellite navigation system > Rear DVD entertainment





25,777 25,



>Auto > Auto > Hatch > Sage Green > 3,125kms






Forester X Auto, Steel Silver, 3,300kms. BPV98F Liberty 2.5i Auto Wagon, Satin White, 3,850kms. BPA08N Outback 2.5i Auto, Satin White, 3,175kms. BPV98V Liberty GT 2.5 Premium Auto Wagon, Crystal Black, 4,505kms. BNI07W

$ $33,777 DRIVEAWAY $35,777 DRIVEAWAY $ $40,777 DRIVEAWAY $ $52,777 DRIVEAWAY

> Auto > Steel Silver > 3,300kms






LIBERTY 2 2.5i 5i




>Sunroof > Sunroof > Leather > Dark Grey > 3,050kms


>Auto > Auto > Wagon > Satin White > 3,850kms

> Manual OUTBACK 2 2.5i 5i >Manual > Steel Silver




> 3,265kms


> Attention Fleet, Business, ABN Holders and Government buyers – See us now for a competitive Fleet or Corporate Package At Sydney City Subaru we are here to help and we pride ourselves on putting you, our customer, first.



380 Parramatta Road, Petersham

1300 039 072

1. Price may vary between retailers and is based on a private purchaser with a good driving record and may be higher for other purchasers. 2. Until sold out. 3. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc., and is used under license. System operation ability is subject to the Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual’s phone. 4. Some parts of seating not full natural leather. Offer ends October 24th 2010 and excludes fleet and government buyers. DL397 McKenzie22838

Sydney City Subaru


QUEERIOSITY Arts Entertainment Scene




Fresh from her knockout Sleaze Ball set, Zoe Badwi is set the ignite the dance floor at Live.

In pictures: The hottest Sydney parties and events as captured by SX photographers.

Venture to Milan at this stunning Italian eatery. Take your seat at La Pesa Trattoria.

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A Spice Odyssey


This former Spice Girl has invited cameras into her home to capture the real Mel B. Interview by Nate Micó


ong before Wicked, the Spice Girls ruled the western sky with platform shoes that defied gravity, their ‘girl power’ mantra, and of course, their music. Fast forward to 2010 and the group is no more, but Mel B aka Scary Spice has held her spot as a pop culture fixture over the years thanks to her paternity struggles with Eddie Murphy (the two have a three-year-old daughter, Angel); the Spice Girls’ reunion tour, and a near victory on Dancing With The Stars. Now she stars in her own reality series, Mel B: It’s A Scary World. Mel B called in from her Los Angeles home to tell us what we really, really want ... to know. What made you sign up for a reality show? Well, I figured people are judging me anyway and writing stuff that’s completely wrong, and I’ve been in my own reality show for the past three or four years. Why not do it? The camera crew has become part of the family. My youngest daughter loves having them around. She wakes up and asks, “Where is everybody?”  Is there anything we won’t see? You’re not going to see a sex tape ... but you do see my bedroom. You do get to see me in all my glory, warts and all. You see me cry in therapy or stressing about my husband making me late or school runs. We don’t have a nanny. I’ve just finished cooking dinner for Angel, and then after this I’ll put her to bed. Speaking of Angel, what’s with her hair? She got chewing gum stuck on one side of her head so we had to shave it off. It was all lopsided so I thought what the heck, let’s just give her a Mohawk. Your Spice Girls persona had a reputation for being fearless, but in this show we see you worry about being too old or not sexy enough to perform. Where’s Scary Spice gone? I think there’s always going to be Scary Spice in everything I do. But as you get older, you’ve got more to lose and gain, so why would I want to edit myself? I just want to show people who the real me is. There were many disappointed fans in Australia when you cancelled the reunion tour 2008. Tell us what happened? They just kept adding dates and extending it and extending it. And at some point you have to go, ‘Right, my kids have to go back to school’. Not on a plane or on stage. Would you come to Australia if there was a second reunion tour? I’m always up for a Spice Girls reunion. At the moment, all five of us are working closely together with Judy Kramer who was responsible for the musical and film, Mamma Mia!. True or false – the Spice Girls will be part of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony in London? Maybe. If anyone can pull this off, [producer] Simon Fuller can. I think it’s amazing the Olympics are going to be in London and I look forward to being there with the girls! Mel B: It’s a Scary World premieres Monday, November 2 at 8.30pm on The Style Network on FOXTEL. To read the full interview, go to

Mel B with her husband Stephan and daughter Angel (left) and Phoenix.

25 October 2010

l 21



Nate Micó


David Nate Knox Micó

ROCKWIZ PRESENTS: ARIA HALL OF FAME John Williamson, Models, Johnny Young, The Loved Ones and The Church are this year’s inductees into the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Hall of Fame. For this first time, the Hall of Fame induction takes place in a freeto-air channel with an all-new RocKwiz format courtesy of Julia Zemiro (pictured) and co. ARIA and RocKwiz are combining all the elements that have made RocKwiz a “national musical treasure”, much like the musical geniuses being inducted in 2010. Expect a few surprises, and a whole lot of loving in the room as the industry’s finest comes together at the Hordern Pavilion. For music lovers young and old, it should be a night of top TV viewing.

Continued page 11

Saturday, 30 October at 9.20pm on SBSONE


BREAKFAST IS TIFFANY The world is under threat from mutant piranhas. Thankfully, 80s pop star Tiffany is there to save the day. By Nate Micó


or a small section of us, there’s nothing we like more than a B-grade horror film. Camp, cheesy, unbelievable and with special effects so bad, they’re good. Following in the same vein of telemovies like Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, Mega Piranha is the next stop on the made-for-TV movie train. What does this movie have that the others don’t? Tiffany, for starters. In this film, the 80s pop star, who gave us the hit songs ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ and ‘Hold An Old Friends Hand’, and was Debbie Gibson’s only musical rival, takes on a school of mutant piranha intent on eating the entire human population. The plot goes like this: scientist Sarah Monroe (Tiffany) creates mutant piranhas with two hearts. The piranhas are asexual, hermaphrodite and can reproduce all by themselves (sounds like some drag queens I know). What benefit such scientific research offers is baffling to say the least. That aside, these feisty fish make their way down the Amazon River to open water. They’re  sharptoothed, they never sleep, and they devour every sea creature and human that crosses their path and begin a reign of terror. To make matters

worse, they’re doubling in size at an incredulous rate. Within 48 hours, Tiffany’s offsider and cute scientist Dr Eli Gordon (Jesse Daly) predicts they’ll be “the size of dinosaurs” by the time they reach Florida. Enter Barry Williams (yes, he of Greg Brady fame), who calls in the real stars of this drama: Jason Fitch (Paul Logan) and his abs. Mega Piranha is pasted together in a style akin to 24. Frenetic filming mimics the fast-paced drama.  But the CGI effects are terrible – discerning TV viewers should turn a blind eye. For the rest of us, grab the popcorn and suspend your disbelief in this nod back to a time when films like The Blob served a muchneeded niche of mindless entertainment. Mega Piranha premieres Friday, October 29 at 7.30pm on Universal

Two weeks ago I was at friend’s house where Singstar ruled. It is karaoke and I’m ashamed to say I did not sing a note. Nothing they could say would get me to utter a single “be-doop-de-doop”. That’s all changed in the last week after I was introduced to Hilda, part of a special group of people that gather once a week to sing. The group consists of people mostly over 65 years old. Some in wheelchairs, others with walking sticks, some agile and lively. They all have one thing in common: Alzheimer’s. Many like Hilda are effectively ‘lost’ to their partners. But when they gather in a large hall in Bristol, England to share music, a remarkable transformation takes place. “I don’t know the science behind it. I’m sure people cleverer than me could explain it,” says Hilda’s husband Ted, 81. “All I know is that Hilda connects with the music in a way that she can’t connect to anything else any more. She can no longer read a book or watch TV, or sometimes even talk to me. But when she sings, she’s Hilda again.” Members of this group have allowed TV cameras in to witness the extraordinary impact music is having on their lives, or perhaps, more accurately, on their ability to cope with their lives once they have been ripped apart by dementia. Wednesday, October 27 at 9.30pm on ABC2



“Lip-synch… for your LIFE!” These words must strike terror into the heart of drag queens everywhere. The first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race turned into a huge and unexpected smash, and I know many have been eagerly awaiting the return of the queen and her new subjects. RuPaul is back for season two as she looks for “America’s next Drag Superstar”. After meeting RuPaul for the first time, the queens are pushed into a photo shoot with photographer Mike Ruiz for a Gone with the Wind-inspired photo shoot involving the girls straddling a cannon and a high-speed fan blowing in their faces. Hardly hard work, but it’s not long before the bitching begins and alliances are forged or fought because some of the contestants have met before. Stay tuned for RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked! afterwards too. 9.30pm Tuesday November 2 at 9.30pm on LIFESTYLE YOU


Veronica Hannon

THE WHARF REVUE 2010 NOT again shaped the sketches beginning with a poke wearing wolf but alas it was not to be. Maybe next time. QUITE OUT OF THE WOODS in the eye to the ABC’s hit show Q&A. SYDNEY THEATRE COMPANY WHARF 2 UNTIL DECEMBER 19

BOOKINGS: 02 9250 1777

To a post-show crowd exhausted with laughter, co-artistic director Cate Blanchett couldn’t help revealing that when she and husband Andrew Upton took over nearly three years ago, they were keen to shake things up. However, they hoped the long-running Wharf Revue would continue to return year after year. For the creative trio behind it – Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott – this is their eleventh revue and it’s one of their best. Brilliant musicality and a satirical ear for hot air gusting from pollies, movers and shakers alike has 22

l 25 October 2010

With a title that slyly references the Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical Into the Woods, this revue also has its own collection of fairytale regulars – highly appropriate since politicians like to believe in their own mythic status. Carrying a basket of costed election policies through an ominous forest, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ aka Julia Gillard (a spot-on Amanda Bishop) with dull vocal tones but sharp wits meets Bob Brown, the woodsman; Brian Palmer, one of the seven dwarfs; Hansel and Hansel, who wish to marry; and moving forward to grandma’s house, finds the three stooges – Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott – tucked up in bed. The programme cover hints at a delicious confrontation between Little Red and a speedo-

The show has been on the road since early September, opening two days after the waiting game to see who formed government came to an end. Actually when Biggins, Forsythe and Scott began writing the show Kevin Rudd was still Prime Minister, and so with uncertainty on the home front, the team also looked to global events for inspiration, resulting in hilarious skits involving Japanese whalers, European sovereign debt and Osama Bin Laden – who still hasn’t left his cave. It’s a very tight, very fast-paced show that sees an ivory-tinkling Scott really rip it up with the added joys of Forsythe’s rich baritone, Higgin’s superb clowning and a delightfully sassy Bishop.



Colin Fraser


Garrett Bithell



The Pipettes

Robbie Williams

Fortuna POP!


Rating     




Rating     

The Pipettes have returned – well, sort of. What started as three chicks from Brighton playing 60s-ish twee pop has turned into two sisters from Cardiff churning out a weird kind of space disco. What’s funny is that the band always asserted that they “manufactured” themselves – indeed the name is a reference to a lab instrument and gave a nod to their experimental origins – and now they’ve rotated through all their original members, thus completely deconstructing the initial outfit! Regardless, this is just dull and tacky to me – there is little here that distinguishes them from the onslaught of pop automatons that constantly terrorise our radios. This is a bit of an identity crisis.

Well, Mr Robbie Williams has been making music for 20 years, and this twodisc release is a nice little collection of his greatest hits from 1990 until now. Moreover, disc one also includes two new songs including ‘Shame’, which he wrote with former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow. I have always been conflicted about Robbie. He has an extraordinary voice – a luscious, gravelly instrument full of characterisation and inflection. But I’m always disappointed when he takes the path of least resistance and panders to the masses – his voice and charisma naturally lend themselves to more nuanced material. I’m also surprised ‘Me and My Monkey’ – his ingenious narrative ballad about his addiction to cocaine – isn’t on this because it’s perhaps his best song.


It’s hard to feel particularly sorry for wealthy Claire. She’s unable to communicate with her teenage son and her husband David is having an affair which, in the global light, is unremarkable. What is, however, is Claire’s response. She hires Chloe to seduce David and report her findings. More remarkable is her lust for the detail and the unanticipated relationship that grows between the two women. Those paying close attention to Chloe’s opening monologue would have seen this coming. For the rest of us, it comes as a welcome surprise as Chloe plunges into the less frequented corners of human desire where Egoyan’s exploration of what women want gets interesting. Central to this success is the ever-watchable Moore who invests her character with the right amount of fear and desire: paramount yet not overwhelming. Seyfried (Mamma Mia!) is a perfect foil; her luminescent, otherworldly beauty a splendid counterpoint to Moore’s mature, though no less dazzling, presence. Although Egoyan loses his grip on the film somewhere in the final reel as one too many florid moments suddenly congeal into a brow-furrowing close. Until then, Chloe is a surprising, psycho-sexual thriller that will have you question your motives next time you hire a hooker.


THE SOCIAL NETWORK Having five million friends can only mean trouble when you’re a social network geek. 147,834 people like this.

BURIED Ninety minutes trapped in a box with Ryan Reynolds – anyone with claustrophobia should take heed. For the rest of you, this is not to be missed.

Mardi Gras is an equal opportunities employer

25 October 2010

l 23




It’s time to sink your teeth into the next instalment of Big Bingay with their Halloween special at Paddington RSL. Big Fangbangers Bingay will be hosted by the ‘fang-tastic’ DIVA award-winning Tora Hymen and her blood-sucking barrel girl Naomi Palmer. Expect a night of devilish, side-splitting entertainment. Bingay is one of the best-known fundraising evenings in the community. Held every Tuesday at The Imperial Hotel, the event has been running for over 11 years and has raised over $750,000 for ACON. Friday, October 29, starts 7:30pm, Paddington RSL, 220-232 Oxford St, Paddington, Tix $37. Bookings call (02) 9206 2110.



Best known for her chart-topping hit ‘Release Me’ and her current smash ‘Freefallin’’, singing sensation Zoe Badwi will be part of a super double header with guest DJ Pierre Fitch at Live this Saturday, October 30. The Melbourne-based dance diva, whose first track spent seven consecutive weeks at the top of the ARIA club charts, received a raucous response from her performance at Sleaze Ball. Zoe will take some time out from working on her debut album, set to be released mid next year, to belt out her dance floor club anthems alongside Pierre. Having conquered the world of adult entertainment, the Canadian-born porn star will showcase one of his other creative talents as he spins the DJ decks on his first Australian tour. As he previously told SX: “I’m super excited and I can’t wait to meet some of the boys down there and have some fun”. Along with Zoe and Pierre, local DJ superstar Alex Taylor will be on hand to entertain and enthral. Saturday, October 30, from 10pm, OneSixNine, 169 Oxford St, Darlinghurst. Go to

TRASH & TREVOR TREVOR ASHLEY: Gay Sydney life, showbiz and culture – no holds barred!


I have been a bona fide city-dweller for many years now. Sure, like most of us, I grew up in the burbs but I escaped to the city as soon as I could. I truly love urban life – the restaurants, the convenience and the proximity of bars. So when the opportunity arose to go bush for a weekend, I was sceptical. The deal was this: my dear friend Marney McQueen grew up in the Victorian bush, at a place called Strath Creek. For those of you who don’t know her, we met in Priscilla The Musical, where she played the wife of Mitzi, and she has created the hilarious character Rosa The Russian Beautician. We are fortunate enough to be doing Hairspray together also. Her parents actually own their own


l 25 October 2010

Sydney is throwing open the doors of over 50 of its best-known architectural masterpieces as part of a biennial event presented by the Historic Houses Trust. Sydney Open will showcase areas of buildings and sites normally inaccessible to the public. See the award-winning architecture and fabulous design of some of Sydney’s best kept secrets such as The Great Synagogue, the Barangaroo foreshore and the former Carlton United Brewery as well as heritage buildings such as the State Library of NSW (pictured) and Government House. Sunday, November 7, 9:30am-5pm. City Houses Pass $40 general/$30 concession, Thanks to our friends at the Historic tickets. Pass City HHT Members/$110 family ticket ble Trust, SX has five dou r chance you For available at or $40. at ed valu is t ticke Each au (02) 8239 2211. to win, simply go to

cricket ground – and I’m not talking a small field. It is an enormous full-sized cricket pitch, surrounded by a white picket fence, with its own pavilion. It is quite amazing. Anyway, Strath Creek is, according to Marney, about an hour outside of Melbourne. She invited the entire cast of Hairspray to come and stay for a couple of nights, to get away from it all. Did I mention there is a 30-bed bunkhouse and a bed and breakfast? As the RSVPs came in, it turned out there would be around 36 of us, including some boyfriends, wives and dogs. It was going to be like a school camp only, well, camper. The Sunday show finished and we packed our cars (and dogs) and headed out on the road to Strath. Thank God for iPhones and TomToms – none of us had any idea where we were going. Marney’s detailed instructions like “when you get to the bottom of the big hill” were slightly confusing, as there were many big hills, all seemingly bigger than the last. After two hours out on the road we finally crossed Strath Creek (a stream only slightly bigger than one I could have pissed) and saw the Hume and Hovell Cricket Ground.

It is a truly beautiful place, but nature and I are not close friends. Best get drunk then. The wines flowed, as did the conversation among our hilarious and brilliant cast. The dogs got on particularly well. One was on heat and spent most of his time attempting to impregnate the other male dogs... however generally missing and getting their eye instead. I can only sympathise. We lit a campfire and sang songs, and Marney’s Dad (a four-time bush balladeer champion) regaled us with some Banjo Patterson. There was even a midnight nudie run, which I participated in... by taking photos. As they all retired one by one, to the bunkhouse, I went back to the B&B where I was staying. There is a line I just don’t cross when I’m “roughing it”, and lying down with dogs is way over it. The next day, Marney suggested that we climb the mountain on her property, aptly named Mount Buggery. I just turned to her and said “Darl, I climbed that mountain years ago...” It was a truly brilliant time. It was like what school camp would have been like had I been straight. Now quick, get me back to civilisation. I miss those traffic fumes.

QUEERIOSITY Compiled by Trent McWhinney Send listings to

STONEWALL GOES TO RIO After ten well-oiled years of searching for the hottest underwear models in Sydney, the Stonewall Hotel is launching a hot new quest – this time, they’re looking for the sexiest guys in Speedos and budgie smugglers. Stonewall’s Swimwear Model Search kicks off this Thursday, October 28. “We are so excited about the new search,” says Stonewall promotions and marketing manager Glenn Hansen, also known as Candy Box. “Stonewall has been running very successful underwear competitions for ten years. The underwear contest will be on again for Mardi Gras but we couldn’t wait so decided to launch the Swimwear Model Search.” Hosted by Candy, along with the always-sparkling Verushka Darling, ten contestants each Thursday will show off their stuff until the grand final on November 25. Red Bull will have a spa bath on the top floor to keep models relaxed between heats and models will be decked out in the latest sexy swimwear by Ca-Rio-Ca supplied by BANG Clothing. The winner will receive fabulous prizes including a holiday for two to Noosa, $1000 cash, solarium passes, a 12-month City Gym membership, harbour cruise tickets and a photo shoot. So what advice does Glenn have for potential entrants? “We are always looking for hot bodies but also someone who is confident, articulate and comfortable in their own skin,” Glenn says. “Give it a try. Candy and Verushka will make sure you have fun and the prizes are great. If you can get up at Stonewall in your swimwear you can do anything. You only live once!” Stonewall Swimwear Model Search begins on Thursday, October 28. To enter, fill out an entry form at BANG, City Gym, Stonewall Hotel, Soliel Tanning or online at - Photo: Grant Fraser

HOST OF WICKED WOMEN In a nutshell, describe Wicked Women. What a show! It’s not just stand-up comedy, which I’m part of and we know how good I am, but there are also fantastic burlesque acts. And it’s not just ‘take your clothes off ’ burlesque acts either, it’s more like performance art. There was one girl who did an amazing act with an inflatable bathtub. That was visually spectacular. It’s good to see a production that showcases the talents of women. There are so many great women performers out there. I’d wish they’d all piss off, I’m losing jobs. What can we expect? There’s a lot of colour and movement. It’s a mix – half would be stand up and half would be burlesque. For anyone that’s not too sure about burlesque, they are quirky and funny too, and visually exciting. So it’s not like you have to think too hard. It’s not going to be too esoteric or left-of-field. I hope I’m not making it out to sound terrible. It’s not, I’m jealous. I just want more stage time.

SHAKESPEARE UNDER THE STARS WildRumpuS, a new Sydneybased theatre company, will mount a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Centennial Park for a strictly limited season from November 5-29. The classic Shakespeare play will be an open-air production directed by Anthony Harkin and will feature a stellar cast including Marika Aubrey, Tony Cogin and the strapping Frank Hansen (pictured). Head down on Friday, November 5 – the opening night performance will be a fundraiser for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Every Friday to Sunday throughout November, 7:30pm, Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial Park, Tix $25+bf (children under 12 free) available from au or 1300 438 849.


What defines a wicked woman? I think a wicked woman is anyone who is a little bit assertive. I don’t know – we’re regarded as scum or witches if we voice our opinion. I think it’s a lady with a bit of pizzazz. I think that constitutes a wicked woman. Pizzazz with a bit of attitude and an opinion. The show has been described as appealing to the same audiences that like Puppetry of the Penis and Busting Out. Do the girls do any tricks? I certainly don’t do any tricks myself, but some of the girls might. My genitals are kept wholly within the vehicle.

FRIGHT NIGHT AT IMPY Not sure where to hide from the witches and demons this Halloween? Head to The Imperial Hotel for their Halloween party with the Cellar Dance Bar hosting Halloween Dance. Expect plenty of ghouls, goblins, Elphabas and Glindas. Edwards and Jacobs most welcome. Saturday, October 30, from 10pm, The Imperial Hotel, 35 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville, Tix $20 nonmembers/$15 members. Public bar free.

Any other surprises in store? Julia Gillard is making an appearance. It’s actually me with a wig cut into a bob. No expense spared. She might even take one piece of clothing off. Photo: Penelope Beveridge Wicked Women plays at Harbord Diggers Club on November 4, Penrith Panthers on November 5; and Hornsby RSL on November 6. Go to

POSITION VACANT DESIGNER – CASUAL Evolution Publishing, Australia’s leading gay and lesbian publisher is seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated experienced person to work in our production department, based in our Sydney office. Evolution Publishing, Australia’s leading gay and lesbian publisher is looking for an experienced Designer to work on all Evolution print titles. If you love to design and have a desire to be part of the dynamic world of Gay and Lesbian publishing this role could be for you. You will need to supply the following;

• • • • • • •

Samples of your current work. Undergraduate in design or related study Excellent knowledge of Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator 2 years experience with magazine layout Web experience preferable Good communication skills, both oral and written. Excellent understanding of Design


Please forward your CV to along with a covering letter and folio.

25 October 2010

l 25



All photos by Jason Nichol


Glamazons @ midniGht shift

paris @ supper club

Give hope on World AIDS Day. You can help put a stop to HIV/AIDS and support people with HIV by volunteering to sell red ribbons on the street, to your customers or to your colleagues on World AIDS Day, Wednesday 1 December. 26

l 25 October 2010



All photos by Jason Nichol


DisgracelanD @ neverminD


trance factory @ arq

Like having a spare room on wheels! Now it’s easier to store anything for any length of time. No hassles, no towing, no worries. Drop off and pick up are free!*



Book your Smartbox online or by phone. We’ll deliver it to your door.

You have 24 hours to pack and lock your Smartbox.

We PICK UP and STORE We move the Smartbox to our secure storage facility. Simply call us when you want to access your Smartbox.

*Covers Sydney Central, Eastern and Inner Western Suburbs. Call us for more information.

Information and bookings: Call 1 300 880 800 or visit


25 October 2010 27



All photos by Jason Nichol


insight, inside, twenty10 @ newtown

pollys club


$33,990 DRIVE AWAY


Designed to fit any lifestyle and boasting brilliant new features like a bold front grille, two great new colours and full-length curtain airbags across all variants, this multi-faceted SUV is so versatile, it can take you anywhere you can imagine. Arrange a test drive today. Ask about our limited edition model.

Larke Hoskins Honda Rosebery 9313 8833 Corner Epsom Road & Joynton Ave, Rosebery (1)Price based on CR-V Standard manual model. DL16505 McK22589


l 25 October 2010

QUEERIOSITY CLUB GUIDE MONDAY OCT 25 IMPERIAL HOTEL Free pool all day. Open from 12pm. MIDNIGHT SHIFT QUELESS. Pool comp hosted by Laidee Babooshka. Comp entry $5. From 9pm. SLY FOX HOTEL COMPLETE TRIVIA. Hosted by quizmaster Neil. From 7pm. Free pool. STONEWALL HOTEL MAXI’S MADNESS. Feat. Maxi Shield. Cheap local beer & giveaways. TAXI CLUB BINGO. From 6.30pm.



Join some of the biggest stars of Sydney musical theatre and cabaret as they celebrate the music of legendary composer and lyricist for the stage and screen, Stephen Sondheim. Featuring: Director: Conductor: WHAT:


2010 SYDNEY WORLD AIDS DAY CONCERT. All proceeds help fund vital services for people with HIV. WHEN: MONDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2010 WHERE: Verbruggen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Macquarie St, Sydney COST: $65/$55 concession INFO TIX: 9206 2062

New Mardi Gras


l 25 October 2010

TUESDAY OCT 26 IMPERIAL HOTEL BINGAY. ACON charity bingo night. Hosted by Tora Hymen & Naomi Palmer. Bookings (02) 9206 2110. STONEWALL HOTEL KARAOKE. From 10 pm-late. Win $100 per week. TAXI CLUB NPL POKER. Registration 7pm. $10 entry win up to $300.

WEDNESDAY OCT 27 BANK HOTEL GIRLS NIGHT. DJ Miss B from 9pm. IMPERIAL HOTEL Jukebox video clips. Open from 12pm. MIDNIGHT SHIFT GLAMAZONS. Feat. ‘Memoirs of a Gaysha’ show starring Summer Salt, Millie Poppins & Ripley Waters. DJ Frankie Shin. 9.00pm. SLY FOX HOTEL QUEER CENTRAL. Girls & mixed. 9pm-late. STONEWALL HOTEL MALE BOX. DJs. 8.30pm-late. TAXI CLUB Members badge draw 6pm. Astute trivia 8pm. THURSDAY OCT 28 ARQ GOING GAGA. Drag show starring Minnie Cooper, Charisma Belle, Tora Hymen & Decoda Secret. Free entry from 9pm. COLOMBIAN HOTEL DJ Jimmy Dee from 11pm. IMPERIAL HOTEL GLITTERATI. Drag show starring Kitty Glitter, Kaylie, Ashley, Antony & Michelle. Show from 10.30pm. MIDNIGHT SHIFT GETTING NUN. Drag shows starring Tora Hymen, Minnie Cooper & Charisma Belle. Shows from 10pm. OXFORD HOTEL SUPPER CLUB SOUL. Feat. tribute to Grace Jones starring Sheba Williams. Starts 7.30pm. STONEWALL HOTEL SWIMWEAR MODEL SEARCH. Swimwear comp with great prizes up for grabs. Hosted by Candy Box

& Verushka Darling. Entry forms from Stonewall, Bang & City Gym. TAXI CLUB Fun & games with Sandy Bottom from 9.30pm. Great prizes. FRIDAY OCT 29 ARQ MOIST. Monthly girls party. Theme: Wicked Halloween Party. DJs Sandi Hotrod, Bella & Shalyn Gray. 9pm. Entry $10. BANK HOTEL ABSOLUT FRIDAYS. Feat. Boogaloo Crew (LIVE) with DJ Damien Goundrie. 9pm. BIG BINGAY BIG FANGBANGERS BINGAY. ACON charity bingo event. Hosted by Tora Hymen & Naomi Palmer. 7.30pm. Tix $37. Bookings (02) 9206 2110. CIVIC HOTEL With DJ Kitty Glitter. 8pm. Venue: 388 Pitt Street, Sydney. COLOMBIAN HOTEL INSTANT REPLAY. DJs Gavyn Vincze, Chip, Robert Herbert & Calvin Wong from 8pm. Feat. Maxi Shield. HAUS Monthly gay club night. Feat. Ashley Roberts (LIVE). With shows by Wil, Decoda & Jade. DJs Keenan & Kitty Glitter. 9.30pm. Venue: OneSixNine IMPERIAL HOTEL THE ABBA SHOW. Shows from 10:30pm. Entry $15 includes Cabaret Room & Cellar Dance Bar. Public Bar free. MIDNIGHT SHIFT POP ROCKS. Level One. With DJs Dan Murphy & Greg Boladian. Free entry. SIZE QUEEN. Video Bar. With Laidee Babooshka. DJs Rodney Dean & Frankie Shin from 12.30am. NEVERMIND DISGRACELAND. With shows & DJs. 10pm-late. Entry $10. OXFORD HOTEL JACK. Polo Lounge. House music all night. DJs Mark Murphy & Magda. 9pm. Free entry. PARIS. Supper Club. Themed night showcasing colourful musicians and DJs. FURRY FRIDAYS: Main Bar. Bears night. QUEERNOISE LGBTI radio show on 2ser107.3FM. From 7pm-7.30pm. SLY FOX HOTEL Karaoke from 9pm. STONEWALL HOTEL LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX. Hosted by Verushka Darling. 6.30-8:30pm. SATURDAY OCT 30 ARQ DANCE DANCE DANCE. DJs Jake Kilby, Jayson Forbes, Jimmy Dee, Justin Scott & Rob Davis. Doors open 9pm. $15 before 11pm/$25 after. BANK HOTEL DJs Beth Yen & Ash Turner. 9pm. COLOMBIAN HOTEL DJs Beatrix, Luke Leal, Marc Us & Dave 54 from 10pm. ECLIPSE New day club. Doors open 5am. Venue: Arq IMPERIAL HOTEL HALLOWEEN PARTY. Cellar Dance Bar. With DJs & surprises. PRISCILLA. Cabaret Bar. Show starring Minnie Cooper & Charisma Belle. Shows from 10:30pm. Entry $20 Cellar Dance Bar/Cabaret Bar. Public Bar free. LIVE New gay club night. DJs Pierre

Fitch (Canada), Alex Taylor & Adam Watts. Feat. Zoe Badwi. With hot male strip shows. Happy hour from 10pm. Venue: OneSixNine LOVE MUSCLE Day party. Feat.

DJ/pornstar Pierre Fitch (Canada). With DJs Keenan, Chip, Troy Cox, Johan Khoury, Johny Blue Boy & Dan Murphy. Feat. Zoe Badwi (LIVE). With 3 dance rooms, indoor and outdoor areas. Starts 2pm. Venue: Greenwood Hotel, 36 Blue Street, North Sydney. MIDNIGHT SHIFT DJ Zac Hennessey. Level One. With drag shows. HARD. Video Bar. DJs Justin Scott, Frankie Shin & Dean Cullen from 12.30pm. NEVERMIND SATURDAY FUCKING NIGHT. With shows & DJs. Doors open 10pm. Entry $15. OXFORD HOTEL GAY BASH. Halloween party taking over the four floors of the Oxford Hotel. With DJs and surprises. 10pm. PISS UP! DJs Stephen Allkins & Matt Vaughn. Doors open 10pm. Entry $15. Venue: Phoenix RISING DAY CLUB Recovery day club. Starts 4am. DJs Chip & Dan Murphy. Venue: Phoenix STONEWALL HOTEL With shows from 10pm. TAXI CLUB Drag shows. Showtimes 11:30pm/12:30am & 1:30am/2:30pm. Free entry. SUNDAY OCT 31 ARQ SUNDAY SCHOOL. Feat. Amazonia show starring Decoda Secret, Wil, Daniel, Phillipe & Heath. Showtimes 11:30pm/12:30am. DJs Dan Murphy, Greg Boladian, Jimmy Dee, & Sandi Hotrod. Doors open 9pm. Entry $5. BANK HOTEL DJ David DC from 4pm-late. BERESFORD HOTEL CHIC SUNDAYS. DJs. Drink & food specials. With performances. COLOMBIAN HOTEL DJs Neil Hume & Sandi Hotrod from 5pm in Main Bar. DEEP DISKO: Lounge Bar. DJ Phil Hudson & guests Michael Wheatley & Vincent Sebastian. 9pmlate. Free. ECLIPSE New day club. DJs. Doors open 5am. Venue: Arq IMPERIAL HOTEL Beer bust & wine fest. Specials from 4pm. Free entry. Main Bar. Open until midnight. MIDNIGHT SHIFT RETRO SUNDAYS. With VJs Rodney Dean & Justin Scott. Feat. ‘I’m Free’ show starring Maxi Shield & Verushka Darling. RISING DAY CLUB HALLOWEEN AFTER-PARTY. DJs Johny Blue Boy, Keenan, John Thomas & Luke Leal. Starts 4am. Venue: Phoenix STONEWALL HOTEL POLLIES FOLLIES. Feat. Pollie Petrie & guests. Starts 7.30pm.

CANBERRA Cube 33 Petrie Plaza, Civic Tilley’s Cnr Wattle & Brigalow Sts, Lyneham CENTRAL COAST Krave @ Grand Hotel 110 Pacific Highway Wyong NEWCASTLE Club G/Gateway Hotel 139 Maitland Rd, Islington SYDNEY ARQ 16 Flinders St, Darlinghurst, Beresford Hotel 354 Bourke Street, Surry Hills, Bank Hotel 324 King St, Newtown Colombian Hotel 117 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Imperial Hotel 35 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville, Midnight Shift 85 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Nevermind 163 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Oxford Hotel 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst OneSixNine 169 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Palms 124 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Phoenix 34 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Slide 41 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Sly Fox Hotel 199 Enmore Rd, Enmore Stonewall Hotel 175 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Taxi Club 40 Flinders St, Darlinghurst, WOLLONGONG Castro’s 5 Victoria St, Wollongong

Spring Sale 20% to 50% off all stock rugs

Australia’s finest collection of hand woven classic, contemporary & antique, area rugs, mansion-sized carpets, exotic kelims & hall runners.

Sale Times Mon to Sat 9am–5.30pm Sun 10am–5pm Ends next Sunday!

Classic Showroom Contemporary Showroom 498 Glenmore Rd 133 New South Head Rd Edgecliff NSW Edgecliff NSW Ph 02 9328 6144 Ph 02 9328 9188 Customer parking at rear.


Stephen Devine




21 MARch – 20 ApRIl

23 SEpTEMbER – 22 OcTObER



21 ApRIl – 21 MAy

23 OcT – 21 NOVEMbER

Be prepared to become anxious about your monetary situation when Mars highlights this section of your chart after Friday. Keep your cool and have faith in your own abilities. Realise that you have the capabilities to deal with any difficult situations.

Residents are invited to join a forum to discuss the City of Sydney’s plans for new cultural and community facilities in the inner east. To be held on Wednesday, October 27, the forum will cover the Tabernacle building on the corner of Burton and Palmer Streets, the redevelopment of Heffron Hall and the revitalisation of Oxford Street. Forum will be held at Heffron Hall, Burton Street, Darlinghurst between 6.30pm8pm. For more information, go to cityofsydney.



22 MAy – 21 JUNE

22 NOV – 21 DEcEMbER




22 JUNE – 22 JUly

22 DEc – 20 JANUARy

You’ll be impatient to move on to future projects because of the new position of Mars. Remember, though, to look at the fine details. The stars suggest there is still some unfinished business from the past to finalise before you move on.

Trust your hunches about people and relationships. If something seems too good to be true then it probably is. Mars’s new position could mean that you worry more about your finances. Instead of being anxious, use this as an opportunity to investigate other options.

Mars’s new position after Friday could result in you losing your temper easily. Remember to take a few deep breaths before you make any damning comments. Try not to rush into new relationships. Keep your sense of balance.

You’ll be very eager to get on with new projects because of Mars’s position. This is a time to put extra effort in at work and to apply for that raise or promotion. You’ll be very aware of how others perceive you, so make sure you don’t rock the boat.

You could be very loud and proud because of Mars’s new position. Try to tone your voice, and your opinions, down a fraction. Rather than unnecessary partying you should put your energies into consolidating your financial and domestic state.

The entry of Mars into your sign this week will increase your energy and your anger. Try to think of others apart from yourself. Remember that this is a time for reflection rather than action so act accordingly. Meditation and other mental activities should be considered.

A feeling of mellowness may wash over you after Friday. If this happens don’t be frustrated, be glad and use it as a signal to take some time out. It is the beginning of a period where you’ll be attracted to spiritual pursuits. Friendship will be a vital issue.



23 JUly – 23 AUGUST

21 JAN – 19 FEbRUARy




20 FEb – 20 MARch

The placement of Mars after Friday may make you brash and a little too loud. Don’t be pushy or aggressive. Remember that this is a time to think about your security and not to chase ego-fuelled illusions. Make sure you look after yourself emotionally.

You’ll be overly protective of your own interests because of Mars’s new position. Warn others that you are likely to yell very loudly if they tread on your toes. Much thought will go into improving your communication skills so new phones or computers may be bought.

Mars’s position after Friday will encourage you to pursue your own path. Don’t be tempted, however, to put plans for your future into action just yet. It is quite possible that there are still options and opportunities out there that have not become apparent.

You’ll be anxious to prove yourself to others after Friday because of Mars’s new position. Don’t launch any full-on attacks just yet. Remain optimistic and adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Travel plans in particular need to be open-ended.


Positive Life NSW is holding its monthly social support group for gay men who have been living with HIV for a while, 729 (Seven-to-Nine), on Thursday, October 28. The group meets to discuss and share personal experiences about living with HIV, exchange information, develop friendships and build social networks. For more information, call Hedimo on (02) 9361 6011 or email

ANKAlI pROJEcT The Ankali Project is currently recruiting volunteers to provide emotional and social support to people living with HIV/AIDS. The next volunteer training workshop is being held over two consecutive weekends: November 6-7 and November 13-14. If you’re warm, friendly, and accepting, can spare some time each week and can commit to the Project for six months, please call (02) 9332 9742 or email Ankali at

Send listings to



New Mardi Gras is currently seeking expressions of interest for volunteers to fill roles within our Fair Day and Party working groups. These positions are a fantastic opportunity to further your field of expertise, giving you invaluable experience in event management, leadership and project management of these two spectacular events during the 2011 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras season. Applications are sought from all people who have the necessary skills and experience. We welcome applications from those who have contributed to Mardi Gras’ successes over its long history, as well as new people wishing to be a part of the team. Selection will be based on merit. If you strive for excellence in all you do and have an interest in volunteering your time, passion and skills with a truly unique community organisation with a global event brand, our website has all the details on how to apply. Applications close on Monday, 1st November. Additional positions for the Parade Working Group will be advertised on our website next week. Keep an eye out on our website for any other positions as they arise. Mardi Gras is an equal opportunities employer.

Visit for more information. 32

l 25 October 2010



MELBOURNE 41 CATO ST PRAHRAN, VIC 3181 (03) 9521 3544


MEET ME IN MILAN This Darlinghurst restaurant is offering Sydneysiders a true slice of Milan, writes Eric Radburn.


anging on the walls of La Pesa Trattoria is a range of stunning black and white photographs. Captured by photographer Virgilio Carnesio, they depict telling scenes of Milan, providing a window to the heart and soul of this diverse region in Italy. It’s a collection that speaks volumes, not just of Milanese culture, but of the restaurant itself. Located in the heart of Darlinghurst on Liverpool Street, La Pesa is a restaurant that specialises in Milanese fare. It is the baby of Maki Dackiw and her husband Michael, who opened the restaurant in July. The couple met in Europe two years ago

when Maki was stationed in Italy. There, she oversaw a sister restaurant in Milan for eight years. Also called La Pesa, it has been open for over 100 years and remains one of the city’s most popular culinary destinations. In other words, when it comes to experience and authenticity, this place is oozing with it. The care and attention to detail in recreating this slice of Milan is not confined to the aforementioned photographs. Michael and Maki have gone to great lengths to provide a taste of true Milanese cuisine. Part of the team is a chef that hails from the region who, together with Maki’s expertise, is serving up a piece of Milan on every plate.

The menu is packed with classic Milanese dishes. All pastas at La Pesa are handmade every morning and the produce is sourced from Italy and locally. While La Pesa makes the most of what’s in season, adapting the menu to utilise the best produce on the market, fundamentally it’s all about showcasing the classic and traditional. Tonight, Dine begins with a selection of entrees. Served in nibble-sized portions, they’re perfect for sharing. First up is a plate of a classic Milanese Antipasto made up of pancetta and coppa slices, served with Grana Padano parmesan cheese. The saltiness of the meat and the richness of the cheese are balanced well by La Pesa’s homemade focaccia bread. Each bite goes down a treat. Fried zucchini flowers accompanied by a rich ricotta and tomato salsa are a delightful treat. Hints of mint in the salsa give each serve of the zucchini a refreshing twist. Thin slices of poached veal fillet topped with a tuna, caper and anchovy mayonnaise are also a surprise. The sharp tones in the mayonnaise give the veal a nice punch. But the highlight would have to be the char-grilled eggplant and cherry tomatoes served with creamy Burrata Mozzarella. Rich in texture and flavour, it is simply sensational. For mains we dig into two La Pesa specialities: pappardelle pasta with slowcooked duck ragu and dried figs, and crumbed Milanese veal cutlet served with potatoes. The pasta is a creamy delight while the veal cutlet, all 300 grams of it, is a big, hearty experience. The accompanying potatoes cooked in rosemary, sea salt and garlic give it extra flair. “At La Pesa we are dedicated to offering our guests true, rustic and authentic dishes from Milan and the Northern Regions of Italy,” says the couple on their website. And with what’s on offer here, it’s a mission statement that well and truly accomplished.

LA PESA TRATTORIA 172-174 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst (02) 9331 4358 Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm Mon-Sat 6pm-10.30pm



285A Crown Street, Surry Hills (02) 9380 4411

BAIA Shop 114, Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour (02) 9283 3434 MAGGIE’S 50/58 Macleay Street, Potts Point (next to the post office) (02) 9331 2226 HUGO’S BAR PIZZA 1/33 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross (02) 9357 4411

To view these reviews and more, go to



6 Course Banquets



Mexican Fiesta on Oxford 306 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction.

Ph: 9389 3665.



l 25 October 2010

“ROmAnce, cOmedy, AcTiOn And dRAmA, All immeRSed in GlORiOuS muSic”

11 – 29 NOVEMBER Gracious, audacious and innovative, Edge of night presents two Australian masterpieces alongside a bold new ballet 11 – 29 NOVEMBER Opera Theatre Sydney Opera House with Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

Tickets from $29 Transaction fee of $5.00 – $8.50 applies

BOOK NOW The Australian Ballet Box Office 1300 369 741 Sydney Opera House Box Office 02 9250 7777 MORE INFO

Amber Scott in Molto Vivace Photography—Jez Smith

The Age






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PETS PET CARE GUIDE Your guide to pets and pet care from SX advertisers and sponsors.

Leaders in Companion Animal Health and Welfare For personalised and professional companion animal care • • • • •

Full veterinary care In-house cattery Full range of pet supplies Housecall service Gay owned and Operated City


55 Flinders Street 9331 4334

300 Bronte Road 9389 6336 25 October 2010

l 37










Jumbo is a friendly little man who is looking for a new home. He was brought to the RSPCA when his family could no longer afford to keep him. Jumbo is a sweet fellow who will be happiest in a home where he will be included in as many daily activities as possible. He would enjoy a daily walk and plenty of quality of time with his new family. Jumbo is friendly with other dogs but must meet any potential doggy housemates before they can go home together. He will need a secure backyard with good fencing with no holes or gaps. Jumbo is an easygoing boy who would make a great addition to any family.

Sumo is an affectionate little guy who was brought to the RSPCA because his owners were moving and could not take him with them. He is looking for an active owner who will have plenty of time for him. Sumo will need plenty of exercise and would love to be included in day to day activities. He loves people and enjoys sitting on your lap and showing plenty of affection. However, he is quite energetic and loves to play fetch and run around. Sumo gets along well with other dogs but must meet any potential doggy friends first. Sumo is a loving boy who would be a loving companion to an active family.

Casper is a friendly little man who was brought to the RSPCA when his family were moving and couldn’t take him with them. He is in need of a home with an experienced family who will include him in as many activities as possible. He can be quite uneasy with close handling and play so it is best that he not go to a home with children under six. Casper is friendly with other dogs but must meet any potential doggy housemates. Secure fencing with no holes or gaps will keep him safe when he is in the yard. Casper is a sweet and friendly boy who is looking for a patient family who will give him plenty of love.

Jeannie is a sweet and quiet girl. She is looking for a calm and mature household where she will receive all the love she deserves. She can be unsure of new people and surroundings at first and may take some time to settle in to her new home but once she does she is very smoochie and affectionate. It is recommended that she does not go to a home with young children as they may scare her. She loves to be a pet and is very a smoochie girl and will happily rub up against you to show affection. Jeannie is a calm cat who would make a loving companion to someone in a quiet and mature household.


Jumbo is $180 to adopt.


l 25 October 2010


Sumo is $180 to adopt.


Casper is $300 to adopt.


Jeannie is $80 to adopt.

Terra (SX 507)

Armani (SX 507)



Simba (SX 507)

Bobby (SX 507)



All cats and dogs are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, behaviour assessed and health tested. The RSPCA is open six days per week (closed Wednesdays) for adoptions. For more information please visit: or call 9770 7555.




ANIMAL DOCTOR Surry Hills 55 Flinders Street (02) 9331 4334


A wide range of services including house calls makes Animal Doctor a leader in domestic pet care.


or over 20 years, Animal Doctor has been providing essential pet care services in the Eastern Suburbs and inner city. With an extensive range of services, the gay-owned and operated veterinary clinic located in Waverley and Surry Hills is ensuring the health and well-being of domestic pets. Animal Doctor is led by owner Peter

Lind. Supported by a team of ten expert vets and nurses, Animal Doctor staff boasts over 50 years experience. At Animal Doctor, every pet owner can rest assured that their pet is well looked after. Animal Doctor provides full veterinary care. The clinic is equipped with full hospital fertilities lab, radiology and ultra-sound as well as facilities that allows

Waverley 300 Bronte Road (02) 9389 6336

for animal dentistry, and soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. With an in-house cattery at Waverley, Animal Doctor also offers a boarding facility for cats complete with an enclosed out play gym and air conditioning. Secure and convenient, all cats are given the utmost care and attention. Animal Doctor also stocks a wide range of animal care products such as premium pet foods and special veterinary diet foods. Pets can also be treated with a vast array of treats, grooming products and training aids. Living in densely populated and high traffic areas such as the inner city and Eastern Suburbs may pose challenges for pet owners requiring vet services. To this end, Animal Doctor provides a convenient house call service. Trained vets are ready and willing to visit clients who may be pressed for time, are unable to travel or reside in a multiple pet household. With two convenient locations, as well as a house call service, Animal Doctor is the ideal choice in ensuring the health and well-being of every treasured pet.

Paddington Cat Hospital Just for cats! 路 cat loving vets and vet nurses 路 cat specific equipment & treatments 路 we treat your cats as part of the family Call for an appointment: 9380 6111

25 October 2010

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Foster carers do an incredible job making Brownie is a 4-year-old Maltese cross. MAKE A kittens and cats ‘forever family home-ready’. Brownie’s owners surrendered him because FOSTERING It’s also a great way to spend time with cats for they said they could no longer afford to DIFFERENCE                                                                                                                               HAPPY CATS                                                                                                       people who aren’t able to make the 15- to 20keep him. When Brownie came to the

Help animals in need this Christmas season by becoming an RSPCA Guardian Angel.


adly, Christmas is a particular time of need for the RSPCA. Every year, thousands of animals turn to the RSPCA for help and hundreds still remain in desperate need of financial support so they can find new homes. By becoming an RSPCA Guardian Angel, you can help these special shelter animals in need by making a donation to cover their care and maintenance costs over the festive season. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will go towards helping deserving animals. A donation of even $30 provides animal enrichment and rehabilitation to animals just like Brownie.

RSPCA he was a mat of white fur and skin and bones. He quickly won his way into the staff ’s hearts with his gentle nature and sorrowful eyes. He deserves a better life. He deserves a Guardian Angel. To be a RSPCA Guardian Angel, please visit Alternatively, if you’re ready for the responsibility of adopting a pet, turn to page 40 or visit the RSPCA adoption website.


Love cats but can’t commit for 20 years? Then consider becoming a foster carer.


he Cat Protection Society of NSW’s foster care program is an essential part in ensuring the health and welfare of a cat. Volunteers care for cats (typically mums and kittens, but sometimes shy adult cats who need a bit of one-on-one TLC) in their own homes until the cats are ready for adoption, at which point they are returned to Cat Protection for re-homing. The program helps to maximise the number of cats the Cat Protection Society can help and also socialises the kittens and cats in a normal household. Raising kittens in a cattery environment is not ideal and they are at greater risk of flu because they are too young to be vaccinated.

year commitment that adoption requires. It can be sad to give up the little ones you’ve cared for – however, most people find great satisfaction knowing that they’ve helped a cat or kitten in their time of need, giving them the gift of being able to find a ‘forever home’ they can call their very own. Cat Protection provides all food, bedding, litter, information and support – carers provide the love and attention. If you’re interested in finding out more about Cat Protection’s foster care program, go to www. or phone 9557 4818. CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY OF NSW (02) 9557 4818


TRICKS FOR TREATS! The RSPCA Sydney Shelter is currently experiencing a shortage of toys and treats for the animals in its care! Can you donate pet-friendly treats and toys? All donated dog and cat items can be dropped off at: RSPCA Sydney Shelter 201 Rookwood Road, Yagoona between 9.00am and 8.00pm. Treats and toys can also be purchased directly from the Shelter’s retail store (closed Wednesdays) and the RSPCA Care Centre at Rouse Hill Town Centre.


Sunday to Friday 11 am - 2:30 pm


l 25 October 2010

Saturday from 10 am -3:30 pm

103 Enmore Rd Newtown Tel (02) 9557 4818 w w w. c a t p r o t e c t i o n . o r g . a u




Julie Catt

Psychologist Hypnotherapist Gay Life Coach


Registered Psychologist BA MA AssocMAPS

• • • •

02 9267 6204

build confidence strengthen intimate relationships navigate crisis and complex situations live with integrity and joy

• Taxation and Business planning • Managing self managed superannuation funds

Medicare rebate available

• All types of accounting issues

Paddington or CBD Counselling and Psychotherapy Available by appointment Oxford St Paddington or CBD

0414 650 666



Medicare & Health Fund Rebates Available

Matthew Kalitowski

Suite 1, 176-178 Cope Street, Waterloo NSW 2017 Tel: 02 8005 8385 | Mob: 0411 987 522 |

BSc (Hons) Dip THP, NLP, Master Prac, ASOCHA, Assoc.MAPS

• • • •

Self esteem • Coming out • Career fulfillment Meditation • Confidence • Sexuality • Calm Mindfulness • Relationships • Self acceptance Clarity • Motivation • Success • Happiness

Individuals & Couples - Elizabeth St / CBD (Hyde Park)




Dr Paul Andrews


MSW (Couple & Family Therapy) PhD


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Solicitors and Migration Agents

Surry Hills

Multilingual legal practice Expertise in all aspects of migration law We have been through the process personally and know how stressful it can be. Let us take the stress out for you

Medicare rebates available

First consultation free Suite 449, level 5, 311-315 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: 0409 120 158 Robert A Brown BA Dip Ed LLB Migration Agent No: 0853287 Wendy Chen LLB Migration agent No: 0003707

0409 590 318

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment using Botox™

Looking for a great dentist?

‘Providing Only the Highest Quality Care for Our Patients’

Here are 8 reasons to call us right now.

Look your best with our ‘Wrinkle Reduction Treatment’ using Botox ™ 

A simple non-surgical technique, fast and highly effective used to relax muscles and smooth out facial lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for both men and women.

Contact us now for a complimentary consultation with Dr Shaun Walsh

We know that great dental care is important to you and your family. Here is how we make it a relaxed and enjoyable experience…

1. NO PAIN! Many people are worried that dental treatment might

hurt. Relax, we have great ways to make your experience a pain free one.

9660 2927

246 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe | | Visit us at

2. Immediate attention. We have extended hours to suit busy

people and, when you’ve got a problem, we’ll fix it. Just call us.

3. We save your teeth! Your teeth are important. We’ll only remove

a tooth when there are no other options to save it.


. No Mercury. We won’t put amalgam (silver/black) fillings in your teeth. Only white ones. Porcelain, ceramic or resin.

5. No waiting. Busy people have better things to do than waiting at

the dentist. We will normally see you on time.

6. Look and feel great. We fix your teeth and show you how to care

for them so you’ll always look and feel great.


7. Dental hygienist. A dental professional who cares for your teeth

and gums with extra gentle cleanings. We have three!


. Value for money. We provide quality dental care that lasts, and at a fair price. Credit cards welcome.

please phone for details

• Waxing• Solarium • Spray Tan • Microdermabrasion Facial 27b Botany Rd WateRloo

9660 2927

9699 7788

246 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe | | Visit us at

25 October 2010

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To advertise call 9360 8934 builders PHIL MCDONALD: Homes and property, Architectural design and construction. New homes, additions and renovations including property investment, development & finance. Covering all areas, no Job too small. or 0402669896. 30 year exp assuring you of my best attention at all times. INERVATIVE BUILDERS refurbishment specialist kitchen and bathroom renovations. Wall openings. Bi-fold, window installations, High rise and tight access made easy, decks, pergolas and all types of carpentry and maintenance. rising damp/waterproofing. 0419997749

Extensions & renovations Decks & Outdoor Rooms Apartment renovations Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations

PH:0414523473 BL:207493c




All electrical repairs & service. Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Hot Water Services, Data Communications, Ovens, Voice & Security Alarm Systems Air Conditioning Sales, Service And Repairs

M: 0414 440 511


Electrical Data Communication Commercial Industrial Residential

0409 746 939

the Steam Cleaning SpeCialiSt


1300 205 778 Qualified Electricians, Servicing Sydney Metro Domestic, Residential & Strata Commercial & Industrial After Hours & Emergency

License: 210013C


ASK MARK ONE-ONONE in-home assistance for all your Windows, PC, Mac, Broadband, Website Development and Hosting needs. Your new gay friend, Mark (0411753360 or email YOUR PERSONAL PC GENIUS expert help for all PC, Mac, server, Internet and network problems both at home or in your business. Call Ward at 0405 605 341 or email personalpcgenius@

electrician LIGHTNING FAST ELECTRICAL All types of new work, maintenance & repairs Domestic - Commercial - Industrial- City based - Call Geoff 0418330020 Lic# 160696C We accept Visa & Mastercard

42 | 25 October 2010

“Jane,why not just sell hot cakes”

• Interior & exterior • No job too small • We’ll look after you

9317 5525

0425 353 990


for free quote


A1 PAINTING - Interior - Exterior. Free quotes and colour advise. Clean, Prompt, Courteous, gay. Competitive pricing. Large and small projects. Lic No. 194883C Philip 0418280442

Specialists in: Cracking, peeling, water damage, remedial repairs, Heritage work, lead paint removal, technical consultations & free colour consultations

All jobs big and small including telephone, TV points and Data. Experienced, reliable, quality electrical service. Phone 0408 648 890 or (AH) 9580 8434. Lic# 25010 Axeye Pty Ltd


(02) 9787 2577 or 0402 911 114

photography AARYON PHOTOGRAPHY is recruiting new models for upcoming editions of If you think you have what it takes email for an interview. Please note, models must be 18+ and nudity is involved in the work.


0417 777 376


Spring Garden Maintenance and Renewal From lawns to design.

Adrian Brown Horticulturist Cert III

0403 191 573


• Easy 7 Day Access • Removalist Organised • Boxes & Packaging Available • Free Move in Trailer • Document Storage *conditions apply

Call Joe on

All interior & exterior painting work and repairs

Pay 1st Month Receive 2nd Month Free!

602 Botany Rd ALEXANDRIA

Lic# 121079C

Excellence in Painting Solutions


the world according to Flavia

• For all your painting needs

Fully insured & licenced - 209866C Call David on:

Carpet ServiCe

Call Reg 0418 211 318 A/H’s 02 9365 7447

Byblos Painting


QLD - TROPICAL NORTH TURTLE COVE RESORT & SPA private absolute beachfront between Cairns and Port Douglas. Quality accommodation, restaurant, bar, massage spa facility. Welcoming Gay & Lesbian visitors & friends. Special rates, events and packages. 1300727979. QLD - TROPICAL NORTH

Gay Gold Coast B&B

Located in the peace & quite Burleigh Heads Hinterland. Relax, Recharge, with all the GC attractions with in short distance.

0418 881 534

General Plumbing Gas Lines Natural & LPG Bottle Lines Tap Washers Guttering Solar Hot Water Heaters Blocked Drains Leaky Loos 24Hr Emergency Service NVOICE NUMBER:00514


For Friendly Advice & Service contact Mike for all your electrical problems large or small.

Salter’S Upholstery Cleaning Carpet & Fabric Protection Water Damage - All Work Guaranteed -


work offered ASIAN BOY WANTED must be cute, slim, trim & smooth to give relaxing massage to an older man. If interested call Allan on 0408461868 to discuss Money

Call Robbie the local Plumber to arrange your free quote for domestic/commercial repairs or installations


Quality Furniture Removals & Storage


9712 8846 0410 363 816

REVELWOOD RAINFOREST RETREAT, Byron`s only all-gay getaway: subtropical rainforest, river and pool. Perfectly private and peaceful ambience, yet our B&Bhomestay is minutes from Bangalow, Byron Bay Tropical Fruits party and King`s Beach. Choice of share-bath and ensuite rooms from $110/night, breakfast included. Xmas camping available. 0266872614

Kangaroo Move


Careful Reliable Team looking after you, Free Packing Material provided & after move Cleaning Service’s available. Interstate weekly

2 Hot slaves and a truck at your service • 24/7 *Be moved*


2 Strong boys & a truck Sydney’s Premier Gay Removal Co

Anywhere in NSW


0425 80 60 10


ASL PLumbing

ABN: 43 101 218 023 Lic No: 67768C

Stinky / blocked sewers, leaky taps, dodgy dunnies, hot water heaters, gas works’ all size renovations Phone Andrew The plumbing guy


NOOSA COVE - GAY RETREAT 82 Upper Hastings Street, Noosa. NOOSA’S ONLY EXCLUSIVELY GAY HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION COMPLEX. Quiet, peaceful, private & friendly. Private Pool, BBQ. Beautifully appointed, sunny Nth Facing, spacious, fully self-contained, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, or motel style studio, all featuring modern conveniences. All walking distance – Hastings St. restaurants, shops, Main beach, Noosa National Park, & Alex Naturist Beach etc. Alan & Patrick (07)54492668. More info visit QLD - SUNSHINE THE HIDEAWAY MENS RESORT, The only Exclusively Men’s Resort and Day Venue in Noosa, Queensland Sunshine Coast. Tel: 0754481006

AAROWS AT RYDALMERE is seeking reliable staff for regular part time work. Great working conditions, interesting and unique company, great culture and environment. Open mind required. For further details and to apply, please call Allan on 96380553.

masseurs therapeutic Advertisers located within

Massage Therapeutic offer a





POTTS POINT Relieve Stress Therapeutic Swedish/Remedial, Enjoy Full Body Massage By Experienced/Qualified 35 Year Old Good Looking Strong Muscular Masculine Male $60 Per Hour Or $80 90 Minutes Private Apartment Discretion Guaranteed No Attitude Appointments. 24/7 0417 226 382


To advertise call 9360 8934

FRIENDLY HAPPY FRENCH guy 165tall 57Kg 26yo offering sensual nude reiki or Relaxation massage with a `Happy Ending` $90-1hr/$125-1.5hr In/ Out Calls Angel 0415996403. Sensual times with no sex


ZETLAND/WATERLOO Erotic full body massage by strong, mascular and masculine masseur with over 10 years experience, Discrete, Sexy guy, with private studio 10 minutes from Green Square Station. Complimentary shower. C/Cards accepted. 10am till 10pm. In/Out Calls. Karl 0422352073


No Time Limit service In/Out calls for all areas

0431-218-351NICK FEMALE, MALE & TrAns


AsIAn Pride

9517 4979

Training for Men BDSM & XDress • In/Out Calls Discreet Inner-city Playroom

0404 505 724

LET’s Try sOMEThIng nEW

02 9360 1518

OPEn 7 DAys DA D Ays Ays 10AM - 2AM In/OuT cALLs LEvEL 1/244 OxFOrD sT PADDIngTOn nsW

DA 1178/99

Aaron J King

Hot & Hung

in/out calls


SCOTT, 6FT, 25YO, smooth, tanned and well hung. Blonde hair, green eyes, athletic body, straight acting appearance. 9.5” Thick & Cut. Active (TOP), massage, toys, dvds, shower. In/Out Calls, private & discreet. 0416340429 Hotel visits Available

Middle Eastern

Photo: Paul McDonald

Experience ultimate erotic massage Professional — yet intimate Versatile hot action Doubles by request

HANDSOME HUNG CUB. 20`s Oz country boy, 5`7 toned hairy body, shaved head, beard, and piercings. 8” uncut thick cock, top or btm. Masculine, relaxed, and easy to be around. Outcalls only - Ryan 0448842820. HOT HUNG LUCAS 27yr Lean muscle body, 8.5 thick uncut, tanned, Brazilian, escort, masseur versatile, kinky and wild, toys. in/outcalls 0405 802 694 27Y.O. CUTE. six-two / swim~fit brit. smooth/ tight bod. seven inches. bottom. super discreet service. Darlinghurst or Outcall. 0450237137.



B&D, CP, SPANKING Role play, Fetishes. Hot masculine 32yo guy, shaved head. Good looking, private playroom. Call Tom 0419119119 HOT HUNG LUCAS 27yr Lean muscle body, 8.5 thick uncut, tanned, Brazilian, escort, masseur versatile, kinky and wild, toys. in/outcalls 0405 802 694


ALL YOU NEED, Sexy and sensual massage all your body with friendly and discreet by good looking and cute masseurs (22 - 25 years old). Special service as require. Shower available. Darlinghurst. 0403 293 490

HOT FULLY QUALIFIED masseur. Relaxation & erotic Service. 29yo Asian Guy $70 p/h call Ned 0403401641

escorts BEN BLACK GUY, Masculine muscular, athletic build, well endowed, thick & knows how to use it. Available for incalls & outcalls by appointment 0420692764

A QUALITY ESCORT with Zero Attitude. 26 yo, 178 cm, 72 kg, Asian model, muscular, sensual, 7’ cut, versatile. Escort service or Erotic massage. In/out calls Kevin 0425293816



masseurs erotic

HOT & SMOOTH ASIAN BOY Good looking 24YO Asian boy with muscular body for relacing masseurs erotic massage with happy ending job in a clean private room at Oxford St, Show available. Incalls & Out call by appointment, call 0413665366

Full Body Massage for Sports or Business Professionals seeking a sensual escape


AussieGAyescorts AussieGAyescorts

CALL OLIVER 0409 557 153

ZETLAND/WATERLOO - enjoy a professional massage by handsome & strong muscular masseur, qualified with over 10 yrs exp. Remedial, Deep Tissue, Trigger Pt, Swedish. Energy work. C/ cards. In/out calls. 9am9pm. Gavin 0403011170.

DARLINGHURST – strong relaxing, sensual full body massage by a qualified muscular swimmer. Clipping/shaving avail. Discreet, good looking, friendly guy, with private home studio, close to taylor square, shower, parking available. Ring alan 0437 546 232 for appt www.Gaydar.Com.Au/. Swimmermassage

NATHAN 0432013264


165TALL 57KG 26yo. Happy French Boy offering Reiki & Relaxation massage In/Out calls 10am - 9pm 1hr-$60/1.5$85 Angel 0415996403 Non-Sexual MAROUBRA, the best deep tissue, remedial, sports and authentic traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, fully qualified, long experience, health funds rebates, 7 days, all hours, 1hr $70 and 2hrs $130. Ivan 0416924224

TANTRIC MASSAGE by handsome smooth Asian,23yo, defined body, hard chest, strong legs. sensual oriental touch, intimate bodyslide, orgasmic tension relief with delicious suck, indulge yourself with masculine pleasure & passionate escort service. In/Out Potts Point 0420204684

Young Musculed Footy Jock Masseur


INDULGE YOUR BODY, mind and spirit with a skilful, intuitive full body remidial/relaxing massage by a young handsom Japanese/Thai guy. 6 years experience in the healing art of Thai massage. Clean private city/ east studio with shower facilities. reasonable rates. Phone 0450125384, out calls available.

SAM: A HANDSOME MASCULINE MAN with built muscular body Offering Deep Full Body Rub with a Sensual Touch that leads to a Hot, Hard and Deep Erotic Service. Over 10 years experience with many repeat clients. I will make sure that you are relaxed the whole way through. Body to Body Contact will ensure you get that Erotic and Sensual touch a man needs. Let me take care of your body. 0412065600

masseurs erotic ATHLETIC SEXY BODY type with handsome face. Good looking 26yo Asian boy for sensual erotic massage or escort service. Out call only 0422-388-710


0420373669 Call Jeff

HANDSOME JAPANESE, 178/70/25yo, nude erotic/deep tissue massage, tanned smooth skin, muscular swimmer body nice chest with six packs, Private & Modern Studio in Surry Hills. IN & OUT CALLS.0421578752 Tim No private calls, thanks

masseurs erotic


No Sex

A STRONG, muscular handsome and intuitive bodywork professional (depolomia of Health Science in Massage Therapy). Studio set up in clean, quite, comfortable surroundings. Located in Darlinghurst/Kings Cross. Phone Greg 0415-277-687

masseurs erotic 2010 HOT THAI 2010, special erotic relief massage, double 4 hands massage or Full service with good looking Thai guys (20-25yo, JUSTIN, NATHAN, ARRON) you can book 1 or 2 or 3 guys for 1 hour, near Hyde park plaza Darlinghurst call 0421370139


Deep Tissue

masseurs therapeutic JAPANESE ATHLETIC male therapist offers qualified relaxing therapeutic Swedish massage. Darlinghurst/City area. In and Out calls. Available most evenings & weekends until 10pm by appointment. Reasonable rates. Call K 0412803349


masseurs therapeutic


When Size Matters



0409 756 662 No private numbers

25 October 2010

l 43

BLACK Barry Lowe


GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDS Do gentlemen really prefer blonds? According to the once golden-haired Barry Lowe, the answer is a resounding yes.


uestion: What’s the difference between a blond and a bowling ball? Answer: You can only get three fingers into a bowling ball. Yes, I know, it’s a really old joke and you also heard it when it did the rounds as a joke about Qantas male cabin crew plus countless other variations. But what is it about blonds? They make up about two per cent of the world’s population according to a quick Google search but seem to make up about 150 per cent of the world’s bottoms and 500 per cent of the world’s gay sluts. The bad news is that scientists – well journos at Allure magazine – think natural blonds may be extinct by 2202. So guys go out and have fun before the death knell tolls for thee. Just an aside here: blond is one of the few remaining adjectives/nouns still gender specific: blonde for females, blond for males. Don’t know what the spelling is for trannies and intersex. Blame Anita Loos, and her novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, for the modern stereotype of the dumb blonde, plus the motion picture industry for the perpetuation of the myth by adding the

r a A

spice of sex appeal: Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, et al. It seems, however, the blame may also be sheeted home to Roman prostitutes who favoured blond over brunette, although the first ‘official’ dumb blonde was one Rosalie Duthé who was known to pause for an inordinate amount of time before speaking. She became a laughing stock in Paris after a one-act play about her was performed. Recently The Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that people become dumber when confronted with a blond. They adjust to the stereotypically perceived intelligence level of blonds. The university tests didn’t, alas, go into people’s sexual behaviour when confronted by a blond. But here I can speak from experience. As a post-pubescent teenager I knew all about the pulling power of blonds. And the fucking power. It was the era of surfies, mods and rockers. Although my

s w

dick got hard at the sight of the duck-arsed black haired coiffure o f rockers it was never going to be a look that I could carry off successfully. Besides, I couldn’t afford a leather jacket. What I could afford was the occasional bottle of hydrogen peroxide with which I would douse my hair liberally after every shower during the summer months. I was a lovely yellow blond. And did gentlemen prefer me? Not sure about the gentlemen part, but men couldn’t wait to stuff their cocks

m y fro a d r Satu

& iday r F ays very d e r n u t e t Sa arking /7 nge op ws p 4 e 2 c u rp n o ex Opengers lo XXX sh n only dercove Swi rday – ude me and un Satu floor n iscreet Top ty of d crowd Plen chtime Lun

– 6pm

l 25 October 2010




in my mouth and up my arse. Not sure if they thought I was dumb either because we rarely got around to discussing any of the great philosophical questions of the mid-twentieth century. Hell, we didn’t get around to discussing anything much apart from “You got somewhere to go?” After I left school, I kept my blond locks varying the colour between platinum and Tweety Pie, and men definitely treated me as a himbo although that could have had more to do with the expectation that young gay men would reserve their mouths for sucking rather than speaking. I was also seen as an easy lay. Now, I know this will come as a complete surprise to my avid readers, but I was. An easy lay, that is. At parties I would hide shyly in darkened corners because I was never good at mingling but my blond hair acted as a beacon for predatory men of all ages and sizes. Once the stunning beauties in the room were partnered, men would make a beeline for me, and other blonds, as if we were ripe for plucking, er, fucking. And I was always expected to throw my legs in the air while on my back or bury my face in a pillow while kneeling, doggy-fashion. No, I’m not complaining. Only that those years are behind me now. Don’t tell anyone but the memories of those happy times are so potent I recently bought my first bottle of peroxide in 25 years. A bit optimistic, perhaps, as most of my hair has long departed and what’s left has turned a lovely shade of grey.

AussieGAyescorts .com.Au

AussieGAyescorts .com.Au


Call free Free Gay / Bi Chatlines and Contact

02 83073222


25 October 2010 45


SX 511| OCTOBER 25, 2010

GARRETT BITHELL: Deciphering the weird, wacky and wonderful


A group of renegade social commentators is behind an ingenious new book titled Things Bogans Like. Fundamentally, the aim of this cheeky yet scarily accurate dissertation is to reassess what a bogan actually is in 2010. The authors, six self-confessed snobs, have drawn on their friends, family, neighbours, workmates and that guy who always jumps the queue at the bar, to bring to the world’s attention the modern Australian bogan. In their view, the word bogan has had a bad rap of late, still associated with flannelette, VB, utes and mullets. This is wrong, they say. The word bogan needs a new explanation. Evolution has cursed us with a modern version – the bogan with money, the bogan with aspirations, the bogan with Ed Hardy t-shirts. The new bogan will not rest until it owns a plasma TV so large that Rove McManus becomes six feet tall for the first time, or Two and a Half Men gets rounded up to three. Today’s bogan defies income, class, race, creed, gender, religion and logic. Now the bogan is defined by what it does, what it says and, most importantly, what it buys. Those who choose to deny the bogan on the basis of their North Shore home, stockbroking career or massive trust fund choose not to see the bogan.

They merely see old class battles revisited.  The authors postulate that, these days, a gentleman called Baz sinking a tin of VB in a flannel shirt is more likely to be either a hipster in the inner suburbs, or a really top bloke. He is harmless. He does not colonise, post racist rants on news website blogs, or buy enough tickets to ensure Pink plays 75 straight nights at the Rod Laver Arena. He doesn’t invade every bar that is mentioned in the paper’s entertainment section, hoping to spot a minor celebrity. He does not attend “classy” restaurants in paint-stained jeans and painfully self-conscious Converse. The book is the print version of the Things Bogans Like blog, which lists and analyses just that – things the modern bogan likes. The blog is currently up to number 184. It manages to expertly encapsulate what I have thought ever since I grew into some common sense. Modern bogans set themselves apart by conforming as furiously, and conspicuously, as possible. They love self-help books, McMansions, Louis Vuitton, Lynx deodorant and franchises. They love buying Australian made, the casino, Andre Rieu, and books – but only after the movie comes out. They love cruise ships, discount airlines, Chrisco hampers, and SMS speak like LOL and IMHO. They love Contiki tours, prefacing racist statements with “I’m not racist but...”, Thailand and ruining music festivals.

They love commercial radio, Ministry of Sound, conspiracy theories, tribal tattoos and joining moronic Facebook groups. The love Pandora bracelets, home fitness equipment, personalised number plates, petrol consumption as recreation, and party buses. I could go on. Things Bogans Like is in stores on October 28 through Hachette. It’s hilarious.

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