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The personalised single vision lens for perfect visual sharpness The ONE HD single vision lens is as individual as any wearer and offers a distinct sharp, highcontrast vision up to the lens rims! A new visual dimension thanks to Swiss HD technology as it provides revolutionary definition in optical precision.

Which lens offers perfect visual sharpness up to the lens rim ... ONE HD, the personalised free-form single vision lens from the company Optiswiss, the innovative lens manufacturer from Switzerland!

With ONE HD, Optiswiss offers another lens which is manufactured with the unique digital Swiss HD technology. The Swiss HD technology allows for the development and manufacture of extremely high-quality lenses with superior precision. The lenses are calculated using an innovative method in due consideration of the latest knowledge in the field of wavefront technology. More than 40,000 calculation coordinates are observed when manufacturing the lenses. In addition to the correction data, the individualised wearing parameters and frame data are, of course, integrated in the complex calculation of the HD lenses and generate an individual eye/lens simulation for each spectacle wearer. A binocular vision model is generated, showing the exact situation as seen by the wearer.

Comparison of single vision lenses Aberration of a lens of -4.0 dpt





Conv. lens

Oblique astigmatism (dpt)







1 2

3 0



Deviation of view from the optical centre (°)

The image quality is considerably better with ONE HD than with a conventional single vision lens. The further the viewing direction is from the optical centre, the worse becomes the image with a conventional single vision lens. In case of an angular perspective (c. 30°), a conventional lens produces an aberration of 0.50 dpt which corresponds to a vision loss of 50%. However, One HD offers a vision which is almost perfectly sharp up to the lens edges.

... unsurpassed optic convenience and optimum contrasts? Aberration of a conventional single vision lens

[-4.00 + 1.00 axis 90] [-4.19 + 1.11 axis 91]

[-4.50 + 1.30 axis 98]

Basel, Market Place

[-4.09 + 1.03 axis 91]

Basel, Market Place

Aberration of a One HD lens

[-4.00 + 1.00 axis 90] [-4.02 + 1.01 axis 90]

Astigmatic error of a conventional single vision lens in comparison to the ONE HD. (Example based on a spherical plus lens). Good visual acuity

Low visual acuity Conventional lens

Personalised single vision lens One HD

Advantages of ONE HD •

Sharp vision up to the edges

Produced with a maximum precision of < 1 μm

Produced using state-of-the-art Swiss HD technology

Exceptional visual comfort

Maximum contrast

Personal parameters taken into consideration

Required parameters PantA




DBL = Distance between lenses PD = Pupil distance SL = Shape length

FH = Fitting height SH = Shape height

PantA = Pantoscopic angle VD = Corneal vertex distance BA = Bow angle

ONE HD is available in the following materials ONE HD

ORGA 150 / ORGA 150 Transitions ORGA 160 / ORGA 160 Transitions ORGA 167 / ORGA 167 Transitions



Engravings Nasal ONE HD


Temporal ORGA 150 50

ORGA 160 60

ORGA 167 67

Adjustment recommendation In general, the ONE HD is adjusted to the remote focus. • In the natural head and body posture as well as in the zero vision direction, the centering crosses need to rest on the middle of the pupil. •

Optiswiss AG • Lyon-Strasse 26 • CH-4053 Basel T +41 (0)61 337 15 15 • F +41 (0)61 337 15 02 •


The personalised single vision lens for perfect visual sharpness The ONE HD single vision lens is as individual as any wearer and offers a d...

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