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UNIVERSITY STUDENTS The main aim should be about bringing MR to the forefront of the students minds To build interest and change perceptions. TARGET BY: SOCIETIES AND DEPARTMENTS Leeds Uni: Bright Futures, English, Communications Studies, Linguistics, Psychology 

Promote on various cultural societies Facebook pages.

Tailor the course to their interests. Arrange a talk on how MR relates to these disciplines. Make the connection.

Communications Studies Advertise in the building and via email notifications as a training course that can be taken alongside studies. Bright Futures Organises regular insight days where employers are invited to present on working in their industry. Contact Anisa (President) to set up Insight Day on MR work and industry. Linguistics Society Liase with key contact Catherine Davies to promote from within, endorsement from a figure within the department will ensure message gets across and be seen as credible. Leeds Met: Psychology, Journalism and PR

BLOG AND PUBLISHING (Her Campus, Culture Vulture and LeedsUniCareers) Culture Vulture  

Get the FF office featured, which in turn will drive traffic to the Grad School. Contribute blog posts that indirectly draw attention to the Grad School rather than outright in-your-face advertising. o How to maximise your time at Uni – feature training courses and within it, include mention of the Grad School. o Spotlight on Alison White as entrepreneur (this angle can also mean targeting blogs relating to students interested in entrepreneurship) where focus can be on highlighting the MR profession, where the Grad School can be mentioned. o A debate piece on MR and its relevance with plenty of visuals and statistics.

UNIONS Most unions often have spaces to display flyers for students.  

Place Grad School brochures in this space Liase with the Union to set up a stall in the lobby during peak times. Previous employers that have used this method have had previous success in attracting attention via handing out freebies or some kind of gimmick.

LINKEDIN ALUMNI GROUPS Exclusive to graduates. 

Get someone on the inside to post about oppurtunities

COMMUNITY The main aim should be to target groups that may have a vested interest in the Grad School. To be in their line of sight and consider new avenues TARGET BY: HIGH SCHOOLS (Allerton Highschool, Leeds West Academy) Most Highschools feature a work experience module as part of curriculum. 

The Grad School can be included as a supplementary route as most of these highschool students would not be expected to be earning wages but the emphasis is placed on gaining experience and personal development

JOB CENTER (2 in the area: Park Place, Leeds Benefit Center) 

Contact offices to discuss oppurtunities to engage with struggling graduates and to promote the program, Follow Bright Futures Strategy and organise an Insight day to be advertised via the Job Centres about the Market Research Industry where the Grad School can be indirectly featured.

ACCOMODATION SITES (UNITE, University residences) Target those staying in Leeds over the Summer. 

Place Grad School brochures in offices/mailboxes or public mail slots

MERRION CENTER Frequently provides space for companies to exhibit their services

Contact the office to discuss setting up a pop up stall to inform people more about market research and Grad School, also good opportunity to promote to business owners about the company’s services.

Face Facts Grad School Marketing Tactics  

Action plan suggestions derived from personal research into platforms for reaching graduates and students as potential areas to promote the...

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