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and welcome to the first ever (and hopefully not the last) issue of Swords & Sigils, a magazine about everything Game of Thrones, written by fans, for fans and never for profit. We aim to enlighten, entertain and educate you, the reader, about things you might already know and a few things about some things you don't, but we'll never give away a spoiler!

You will probably notice the zine is quite tongue-in-cheek, but don't think we don't love GoT, because we really do, and this is our way of showing our appreciation for the wonderful collaboration of George R. R. Martin, David Benioff and D.B Weiss.

I would personally like to thank the team for putting their free time and belief into this publication, as we all This issue will look at episodes 1-5 of series one. We will live busy lives and I think we've created something very have news from Varys' birds, stories from Maester Aemon, special. a gore extravaganza from Ramsay Snow and much more! We also have an interview with our featured artist MUTE! Winter is coming - James Thurman, Editor

The Small (Editorial) Council James Thurman

Cara Richards

House Mormont "Here We Stand" Editor + Designer + Illustrator Responsible for; News, Interview, Stories of Westeros & Essos, What We Hodore and all-round contributor.

House Redwyne "Ripe for Victory" Deputy Editor + Chief of Grammar Responsible for; Horoscopes, Hot or Not and all-round contributor.


Tom Hassall

Josh Collier

House Connington "A Griffon! A Griffon!" Quizmaster + Spoiler Blocker Responsible for; Stories of Westeros & Essos, Lightbringers Quiz and all-round contributor.

House Tarly "First in Battle" Chief of Gore + Illustrator Responsible for; Westergross! and all-round contributor.

Kieran Cawley

Raheem Farooq

House Brax "The End is Neigh" Poll Keeper Responsible for; Hot or Not and all-round contributor.

House Baelish "Knowledge is Power" Truth Sayer Responsible for; Agony Aunt and all-round contributor.

Swords & Sigils Issue 1

Contents The Daily Whispers


Hot! or Not?




Stories of Westeros and Essos


Who's on the Throne?


Lightbringers Quiz


Olenna the Oracle


House of Horoscopes


What We Hodore! Kind words Mid-Season One

24-25 27




JON ARRYN DIES FROM SWYFT ILLNESS Jon Arryn, King Robert Baratheon's Hand and Lord of the Vale, has died from a mysterious illness. He was said to be in good spirits one minute, and was taken ill the next. The illness is reported to have started during the night and he was said to have wasted away by morning. The post-morgulis has shown no signs of poison or toxins but the Goldcloaks are leading an official enquiry into the cause of death, however they do not suspect foul play. *COUGH* Tears of Lys *COUGH*. His squire, Hugh of the Vale said he is devastated by Lord Arryn's death.


Screenshots ŠHBO

King Robert has named Lord Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, as his new hand after the recent death of Jon Arryn. According to sources, it wasn't an easy choice for the Northerner, as he will have to leave his wife (Lady Catelyn Stark) and his four sons behind. However he will be taking his two daughters with him, the older of which (Sansa) is rumoured to be joining the King's household, with a marriage to Robert's oldest son

Lord Arryn had a traditional Andal funeral

Joffrey. His oldest son Robb is assuming the role of Lord of Winterfell in his father's absence. Mikken, the castle Blacksmith said, "I think Robb will do a reyt good job but we will be sad to see his father go".

STARK BOY CRIPPLED BY MYSTERIOUS FALL During the Kings visit to Winterfell, Lord Eddard's son Brandon Stark has been severely injured after a dangerous fall from one of the castle towers. He was in a deep sleep and his family were waiting for almost two days until he came round again. Sadly he has lost the use of his legs, which must be very difficult for him to deal with as he had aspirations to become a Knight. It has been a great shock to the Starks and the people of Winterfell, as Maester Luwin stated, "He was always sure-footed". On his return from visiting the Wall Tyrion Lannister (The Imp), is said to have given designs to the Stark's saddler to make a special saddle for the boy, so he may still ride.


Stark recieves the pin of the hand


Whispers from across the Narrow Sea have reported that Daenerys Targaryen has been wed to Khal Drogo of the Dothraki. Illyrio Mopatis, Magister of Pentos arranged the marriage, as Drogo desired an "exotic wife" from far

Swords & Sigils Issue 1

away and Viserys Targaryen (last surviving heir of the Targaryen line and Daenerys' brother) wants a Dothraki army to help retake the Seven Kingdoms, that he believes are still rightfully his. Rumours state that Daenerys was originally very uncomfortable with the arrangement but has since settled into life in the Khalasar, as Drogo's Khaleesi. The exiled knight, Ser Jorah Mormont, is also believed to have joined the service of Viserys. Some may say in an eager attempt to gain respect from one of the great houses again, after being exiled for selling men into slavery. It is also reported that Viserys is growing impatient for Drogo to give him the army he so desperately wants.

THE MOUNTAIN UNHORSED BY THE FLOWER In the already unpredictable joust at the Hand of the King's Tourney, Ser Loras Tyrell has defeated Ser Gregor Clegane (the Mountain that rides). Clegane, already a favourite to win the joust (especially after running his lance through Ser Hugh of the Vale's throat earlier in the competition), was so angry after being unhorsed that he removed his horse's head with a mighty swing of his sword. He then made for Ser Loras while he was soaking up the applause of the crowd, forcing him off his horse and to the floor, where Clegane proceeded to strike at the meagre shield that Ser Loras held up in defence. Luckily for Ser Loras, Gregor's brother Ser Sandor Clegane protested and ran in, blocking all of the Mountain's blows and putting up a strong fight until King Robert commanded that they stop. Rumours have now spread that Ser Loras was riding a mare in heat that most likely distracted the Mountain's stallion.

LADY STARK TAKES THE IMP CAPTIVE Lady Catelyn Stark has cut Tyrion Lannister's trip back south short. On her way back to Winterfell after her quick visit to the capital (yes my birds don't miss a thing), she and bodyguard Ser Roderick Cassel called upon her fathers banner men in a Kingsroad Inn to subdue the Imp. She is accusing him of the attempted murder of her son Bran (which she and several others now believe was not an accident and is alleged to be the work of the Lannisters). She has taken the captive lion to her sister (Lysa Arryn of the Vale) at the Eyrie, for him to answer for his supposed crimes.

The Lion caught in a snare

as Lord Eddard was supposedly tying up lose ends before he planned on leaving the capital and heading back north. Ser Jaime and his men confronted the Stark men about his brother being taken captive by Lady Catelyn and demanded his release. In reply Eddard claimed she was following his instruction, upon hearing this Ser Jaime gave his men the order to attack, immediately killing two of the Stark men. Seeing his men fall Eddard made for the nearest Lannister man, cutting him down with skill and ease. Sadly, Jory Cassel (Lord Eddard's head of guard) tried to take on the Kingslayer and received a nasty dagger through his eye socket. Eddard, now the only Stark man left standing made straight for Ser Jaime. The two men swung and slashed at each other in a calculated flurry of blows. Then just as Ser Jaime looked to be overpowered in a close blocking stance with Eddard, a Lannister man saw the opportunity and stuck his spear through the leg of Eddard. He fell to his knees and Jaime, furious with the man who had interrupted, knocked him down with the hilt of his sword and fled on his horse, yet again demanding the release of his brother. - Our man on the street, Stan of Fleabottom, was at the scene and made the sketch below.

In an alarming chain of events, Ser Jaime Lannister has attacked Lord Eddard Stark and several of his men. This comes following news of Lord Eddard retiring as Hand of the King, after an argument with King Robert. The fight took place outside Petyr Baelish's pleasure house,

Mid-Season One

Screenshots ŠHBO



Hot! or Not ? The people of Westeros show us their thoughts on the state of things.

Who had it coming?

Most desirable location?

A. John Arryn

A. Essos (Malta)

If you're going to snoop around in the Lion's den, watch your back!

Some like it hot...

B. Nights Watch deserter

B. Kings Landing (Morocco)

Could the stories from beyond the wall be true? ...naaaah.

Great for a smelly city break!

C. Bran Stark

C. Vaes Dothrak (Ireland)

Catelyn said NO CLIMBING!

Why is my beer the same colour as the horse shit?!

70% 10%


Most likely to need therapy as an adult? A. Joffrey Baratheon



40% 30%

B. Winterfell (Scotland)


Cool off in the summer snows.

Ignorance must be bliss then.

B. Robyn Arryn


Put the nipple down and step away.

C. Bran Stark


He must be strong minded.

Best dressed?

Death match! A. Dragon


Fire and Blood - speaks for itself.

B. Wolf


Strength in numbers.

A. Catelyn Stark

C. Lion

Has she lost her shiny scales?




B. Cersei Lannister

B. Stag

Were you paid to say that?

Furious loyalists.



C. Daenerys Targaryen


It's all about showing a bit of skin this season!

Mid-Season One


Shag, Marry, Behead The small council Littlefinger

40% 10%



You know what they say about men with little fingers, but that doesn't seem to have stopped our Petyr coming joint first with "any-hole's-a-goal" Lord Varys in the poll of who you'd most like to bump uglies with!


And not content with just a rumble between the sheets it seems most of those we polled would also prefer to marry the powdered prince Varys over Littlefinger and Pycelle...

40% 60%


Screenshots ŠHBO

20% 30%






And finally whether it's small and pointy or big and bushy, it seems beards have fallen out of favour with the good folk of Westeros. Littlefinger and Pycelle are top of the pile of who you would most like to see a-top a spike. Another victory for Varys and not a whisker on him! Swords & Sigils Issue 1


Mr Ramsay Snow keeps us in the know... well, with the gory side of things anyway.

Who doesn't get excited by the fact that Westeros gore is utterly beautiful? Just the thought of seeing blood pouring from the neck of some unlucky bastard makes me love this place! Two decapitations just last week! Perfect!

We start with that white walker chopping that dude's head off in the woods, a fantastically gory start! Next up there is Cat Stark fighting with an assassin, gets her hands cut open and then the dire wolf comes in and tears his neck out.

Screenshots ŠHBO

After this we see the demise of Ser Hugh. Lance to the neck anyone?


Swords & Sigils Issue 1

The Mountain is one angry fellow, he really took a disliking to that horse! Bronn and Tyrion's turn next. Tyrion uses a shield to open up some bloke's face, not the most conventional method but bloody effective none the less. Bronn opts for a quicker approach, cutting some loser's neck wide open. He's used to this stuff...

Screenshots ŠHBO

Finally we have the Kingslayer ending Jory Cassel's days with a well-placed knife through the eye. Grim.

Mid-Season One



e join Maester Aemon and Sam in the dusty confines of Maester Aemon’s quarters, while the snowy winds howl against the walls of Castle Black. Mae ster Ae mo n:

Samwell, fetch me that black book with the gold writing I was telling you about from the library.

Greenseers could change their skins and speak through animals

The one called The First Men, The Pact Mae ster Ae mo n: Ah yes I remember now. The Pact began 4,000 years of friendship and and The Andal Invasion? peace between the two peoples. The years that Mae ster Ae mo n: Yes, bring it here. I followed the forging of the Pact is known as the remember it well but you will have to start reading Age of Heroes. The First Men set aside their some of it for me... religion to worship the children’s nature gods. [Sam returns from the library ever so slightly Like the children they would carve faces into the shivering and sits down at the writing table and weirwoods. The children of the forest taught them to use ravens to communicate over long distances, opens the book] but in those days the birds would speak the words, S a m: The First Men were the original and the greenseers of the children could change inhabitants of Westeros. They ruled the continent their skins and speak through the birds. for millennia before the Andals invaded from the The two races coexisted peacefully before both eastern continent of Essos. came under attack from the White Walkers, a The First Men invaded Westeros themselves mysterious race of ice and cold from the uttermost some twelve thousand years ago, crossing over a north. In the War for the Dawn, the First Men and land-bridge from Essos on to the lands that the Children unified to throw back the invasion. A became known as modern Dorne. They were legendary hero, called the last hero, is said to have resisted by the Children of the Forest, a mysterious led the alliance against the White Walkers. diminutive race who ruled Westeros alone at the S a m: He sounds like Jon! time.

S a m:

The Children, using magic, destroyed the land-bridge (forming the peninsula of Dorne and the shattered islands known as the Stepstones beyond) but were pushed back over the course of many years of warfare. Eventually, the First Men and the Children forged the Pact, signed on the Isle of Faces at the centre of the vast lake known as Gods Eye. The First Men began to forge numerous kingdoms across the continent.

Illustrations by William Simpson ©HBO

The White Walkers came and brought the Long Night with them

Mae ster Ae mo n: With the aid of giants and

The Pact

Mid-Season One

the Children, Bran the Builder built the Wall and then built Winterfell and ruled as the first King in the North. The Whites were eventually driven back, and the Night’s Watch was created to keep them at bay. After the war the Children began diminishing in numbers, with the last of them disappearing around the time that the Andals invaded Westeros, two thousand years after the


The creation of the Night's Watch

The northerners kept the North from the Andals

Their attempts to conquer the North were defeated at every turn, and eventually the Andals and S a m: There’s a bit here about the Andal First Men made peace. The outcome of the Andal invasion... invasion varied from region to region. In the Vale The Andal Invasion was the migration of the of Arryn, the First Men were all but wiped out, Andals to Westeros from their homeland of and today the nobility of the Vale are considered to Andalos on the continent of Essos. The migratory have the purest Andal bloodlines in all of Westeros. invasions of the Andals occurred in waves over many centuries, but by the end they had killed or In many other regions, the Andals established conquered all of the First Men south of the Neck. themselves as the new aristocratic class ruling over the First Men, though after thousands of Mae ster Ae mo n: Back then, Westeros years these bloodlines have blurred to a large was a patchwork of hundreds of small kingdoms extent. Some of the noble Houses of the First Men of the First Men. Therefore, they did not present survived by intermarrying with Andal invaders: a united front of resistance against the Andals, even House Lannister possesses some First Men easing their conquest. blood, through the female line. War for the Dawn, according to tradition.

Illustrations by William Simpson ©HBO

The First Men were armed with weapons made of bronze, but the Andals brought iron and steel to the continent for the first time. Andal military tactics focused on notions of “knighthood”, producing elite warriors known as “knights” who wore full suits of iron armour while riding into battle on heavy horse. The idea of “chivalry” spurred on the knights, a code of knightly devotion tied to the Faith of the Seven. The First Men could not withstand the armored shock cavalry assaults of the Andals’ knights. As the Andals conquered the kingdoms of southern Westeros, they aggressively stamped out the worship of the Old Gods of the Forest by the First Men they conquered, and forced them to convert to their worship of the Seven-faced God.


The Andals that invaded the Westerlands married the female descendants of Lann the Clever, a legendary hero of the First Men, and House Lannister descends from this union. In the Riverlands, House Blackwood and House Bracken are also dynasties of First Men that survived by intermarrying with the Andal invaders, and today are of mixed origin.

S a m:

What about the when Aegon and his sisters conquered Westeros? It doesn’t seem to say anything about that...

Mae ster Ae mo n:

That is why the book carries the title of “The First Men, The Pact and The Andal Invasion”...

S a m:

Oh yes... of course, I just...

Mae ster Ae mo n: another night.

We’ll read about that

[Sam stands up and heads for the door]

Mae ster Ae mo n: Andals crossed from Andalos over the Narrow Sea

And Samwell, don’t forget to feed the ravens before you go back to your chambers.

Swords & Sigils Issue 1

We are thrilled to announce that our first featured artist is the insanely talented Mute! Mute (David Huntley) is a 30 year old self-taught artist based in Sheffield, UK. What began as personal paintings and projects have grown and evolved to focus on a wide range of graphic design and illustration work. Much of his work is influenced by popular culture and in particular by cult icons of the past. Often combining a wonderful mixture of digital and analogue styles to create impressively stylized pieces. He is also not too shabby at pumpkin carving, and obviously as a big fan of Game of Thrones, we couldn't wait to feature him! Mute has kindly let us feature the image opposite. I'm sure you'll agree that it's ridiculously good. More of his work can be found at . We also asked him a few questions...

Who's your favourite character from the show?

Which character would you say you relate to the most?

Hard to pick just one as it tends to shift over seasons but I always look forward to seeing what Arya is getting up to and Joffrey is such an amazing character that you love to hate. Honourable mentions to Davos Seaworth and Jorah Mormont - they seem to have a better understanding of what's going on than most.

Love to say Jon Snow - his story arc seems the most classic so it's easy to get on board and root for him. In reality it's probably Sam.

What band or artist would you like to hear in the series?

Maybe a crossed paintbrush and pencil...then again, most go for an animal motif...have to be a slightly annoyedlooking squirrel then.

Not sure any of the music I listen to would feel at home in the Game of Thrones universe but I suppose I could see Rush doing a medieval inspired concept album that might work.

If you had your own House what would its Sigil look like?

Shag/Marry/Behead? Daenerys (obvs!) / Jon Snow (he'd treat me right) / Lord Walder (for hosting the worst wedding).

What Actor or Actress do you think should be added to the cast?

Who do you think should have the power?

The show is such a great place for British actors to shine so I'd love to see some classic actors introduced to a younger audience. It would be great to see some of the legendary Hammer actresses like Caroline Munro tackle a role in Game of Thrones.

Describe the show in five words or less.


Under Tyrion's rule I see Westeros improving.

Fantasy romp with occasional nudity.

Swords & Sigils Issue 1

Artwork by MUTE

Mid-Season One


Our resident Quizmaster and badass extraordinaire Stannis Baratheon asks the questions and you must answer.

And remember... the Lord of Light will know if you cheat.

QUESTION 1: Who is this character?

QUESTION 5: Lady is the direwolf belonging to which Stark? QUESTION 6: Who is 'the mountain that rides'? QUESTION 7: What is Petyr Baelish's Nickname? QUESTION 8: Lysa Arryn is the lady of which realm? QUESTION 9: Who does Renly bet on in the joust between Loras Tyrell and Gregor Clegane?

Screenshots ŠHBO

QUESTION 2: What is the name of Arya's sword? QUESTION 3: Who is the butcher's boy Arya practices sword fighting with? QUESTION 4: What is the Dothraki city called?

THE LIGHTBRINGERS QUESTION: What is the name of Jon Snow's mother?





You are not worthy of the lightbringer. Sentenced to burning at the stake.

Removing a few fingers will serve a permanent reminder of your failures.



A lengthy spell in the dungeons of Dragonstone may provide incentive to study harder.

You are starting to follow the path toward the light.

Worthy enough to be a trusted knight in my army.

Mid-Season One


The fires foretold me of your coming...


Our resident Agony Grandmother tries to dissolve the angst felt by the people of Westeros. Dear Olenna, two of my mates just got absolutely murked in the forest by a blueeyed fella and now I'm running like a yellow bastard. I could do with some advice on how to avoid losing my head to that Stark fella!

tempered and easily trusting fool and I see myself misusing his trust if I don't get over her soon. I also struggle to see other women as anything other than objects next to her. How can I move on?

O: May your friends rest at ease in the afterlife. Though you are currently instilled with fear, the best approach would be to instead encounter the Stark man and explain your situation with honesty. I'm sure that once he comprehends the situation, he will feel sorrow for the losses and thank you for reporting the blue eyed assailant with an open heart and a clear head.

O: I am glad you feel love in your life however you must learn to place it elsewhere as your feelings for this women could never be mutual and so will only serve to wear you down. As you are aware, hurting her husband would be hurting your love and so it is best to feel glad for her joy as you move on to pursue your own.

Dear Olenna. My best friend has offered me a new job, it's very prestigious but it will mean relocating and uprooting my family. I'm torn between my duty and my family, please help! O: Change represents risk but also opportunity. For yourself, the pain of regret may not only deteriorate oneself but also generate ill feelings toward your family who you will see to blame for your loss. I'm sure this prestigious position would benefit not only yourself but your family as well who you obviously care for and would therefore protect in this new environment. Dear Olenna. I "fell" out of a window and now I may never walk again, I'm worried that people will think less of me. Is there anything that can help me on my path to proving them wrong? O: I'm sorry to hear of your injury but must stress that both I and hopefully yourself are grateful for your survival. Much can be achieved in life without the ability of mobility. We live in times where knowledge can be as potent as a sword and as respected as a crown, so I urge you to take to the books and refine your brain so that all will think more, not less, of the wise man you can become. Dear Olenna. I am in love with (and have been for many years) a woman who does not return my affections but instead asks me to befriend her husband. He is a quick


Daunting it may be, but once you let go of one love, those who'd appear as pointless fulfilments to your unobtainable desires will now show signs of potential for a meaningful relationship that would fill the void in your heart. Hodor Hodor, Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor. Hodor? O: Many with your condition have been victims of violence and/or sex abuse as children, in a victim-to-perpetrator cycle. If the victims of the perpetrators are neglected and lack supervision, along with abuse by a female, and witness violence among family members they are more likely to develop the condition you suffer from, becoming the sexual aggressor as an adult to accomplish this emotional shift. Though you are a victim and your feelings are caused naught by yourself, you must take the next step to change this, as it is a sinful desire that will lead you to further social inacceptance. So I'm afraid that you simply cannot seek an intimate relationship with this boy. Dear Olenna. So I'm bangin this fit bird yh but I kind of feel bad bout it. Might be cos I pushed a kid out of a window, although he shoulda known better than to peep on ovas. Might be cos I still can't get over dis king I slayed, but he was proper mad. I can't imagine why I'd feel guilty about

sleepin wit her. Any ideas? O: Sexual guilt or shame refers to a feeling of grave responsibility and deep remorse associated with participation in or even thoughts and fantasies about sexual activity. Individuals who feel guilt related to sex or particular sexual activities generally believe that sex (or a specific sex act) is immoral, sinful or unclean. From birth, a child receives messages from its parents about what are and are not acceptable ways of expressing sexual desire. These social hindrances on the free and open expression of basic desires contribute to the formation of the distinct aspects of the human personality. So though it may be hard for you to dispel what's been ingrained in your upbringing, please remember that you have no reason to feel guilty and should instead enjoy your relationship with pride. Dear Olenna. I'm feeling very homesick. Although I don't really remember my old home anyway. My brother is treating me like a slave and has just forced me into a marriage with a giant hairy man I barely know and my wedding night has to be one of the worst nights of my life. He did however buy me a pretty pony, but I can't even say thank you, as he doesn't speak the common tongue. I just don't feel like there's anyone I can confide in and I don't want to let my brother down. Please help. O: Thank you for getting in touch, you will always have the aunt to confide in. Perhaps you could try looking at this situation from another perspective. You are married to a tall, dark and handsome man who doesn't even need to understand you to love you, which he clearly does if you now possess a pony. Plus, if you can't understand him, then there could be less for you both to argue about. So the burden of letting your brother down should be replaced by feelings of gratitude to him regardless of his motives. Feel free to send your agonies by raven to queen_of_thorns@highgarden.wr

Swords & Sigils Issue 1

HOUSE OF HOROSCOPES The Warlocks of Quarth make their predictions...




Someone from your past will call upon you to perform a challenging task. Continue to be fair and just in your new role.

The lives of your loved ones will soon be under threat. You must be compassionate when faced with a hard decision.

You will meet a handsome rogue, maintain your chastity and virtue. It is not wise to fall for a fantasy.




Although all you see ahead is trying times, you must keep your courage, for you will reclaim victory.

You may feel as though forever rooted at home but you will soon see that your dreams will bring you a wisdom that spans lands far and wide.

It is not in your nature to sit idly by. The weeks and months to come will provide lots of work to be done. You will hone a new skill.


As a visitor in a foreign land you must seek out your fellow outcasts and prove that despite your exterior, you are not foe.


The OLd Gods

You are soon to embark on a journey. You will finally feel the sense of belonging you lack but will face many tribulations along the way.

Swords & Sigils Issue 1



This section is a lot like Hodor, its simple - here you'll see what GoT related stuff we're currently loving!

This Maurice Sendak inspired image by Conor Hamill.

This very very very funny bad lip-reading that you can see here:

This t-shirt - "A king in every corner" by Alex Solis and Alice Zhang on Threadless.

One of many wonderful book covers created by -


Swords & Sigils Issue 1

This Art Nouveau inspired poster of Daenerys.

Iain Glen looking sassy with an umbrella on set. This 3-eyed Raven. Jack Gleeson being a LAD and convincing people he's actually human watch?v=2PUefiJBJQQ Please send us any images or links to things you think we might like for the next issue to or get in touch on our facebook page

Mid-Season One


THANK YOU. There are a large number of things and people, that without which, this fanzine would never have been possible to make. To you we say thanks. George R. R. Martin (well of course)

HBO, David Benioff & D.B Weiss

(for making such an immersive televisual experience)

James' Mum

(for coming up with the name of the zine)

A Wiki of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones Wiki (a tremendous source of info)

Our friends

(for giving us encouragement and ideas)

And you, the person reading this. For being the reason we have made this. Editors Note: I would personally like to say a huge thank you to the editorial team who put aside their free time to make this awesome zine. This is a legal disclaimer in case someone decides they hate what we've made: Swords & Sigils is a non-profit entity. All character names and personalities are the intellectual property of George R. R. Martin. All photographs and screenshots (unless otherwise credited) are the property of HBO's Game of Thrones. The opinions expressed by the Swords & Sigils Editorial Team are theirs alone (fictitious or not), and do not reflect the opinions of George R. R. Martin or HBO. Swords & Sigils is not responsible for any distasteful and unsavoury translation or interpretation of its content. All illustrations and artistic works featured in this publication are owned by their credited authors, are subject to copyright and may only be reproduced with the permission of the creator. Swords & Sigils is written and created by fans for fans.

Mid-Season One




Issue 1  

Swords & Sigils is a magazine about everything Game of Thrones, written by fans, for fans and never for profit. We aim to enlighten, enterta...

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