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wide range of stationery for weddings, so I’d certainly say do not compromise on how you want your invites to look as you will be able to find someone to deliver your vision. We found a lovely little business from Wales who create beautiful designs, so we are working closely with them to get these just right before they go to production…I can’t wait to see them all finished and ready to post out to our lovely guests. The next step was “The Dress”. This is is such an exciting time for a bride and I can honestly say that I have never tried on so many different dresses and styles! There are just too many to choose from and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to try on them all!

I visited around 10 boutiques and tried on approximately 65-70 dresses, as I felt that this was the best way to eliminate those with aspects that I didn’t like and focus on the areas that I did. I would recommend trying on as many different styles as possible, and definitely be open minded, try on dresses and styles that are not what you thought you would go for, as you never know what your dream dress is going to look like until you try it on.

Most importantly, I would say to know what your budget is before you go shopping, as you don’t want to fall in love with a dress that you later realise is out of your budget. My top tip would be to shop around (online as well as in stores) and if you find a dress that you love, don't buy it there and then. Ask the boutiques if they have a “designer” event coming up, if they do you will usually find they offer a 10% discount for that particular designer over one or two days, which is great as any savings you can make whilst planning your wedding is a bonus. I had some brilliant days out with my bridesmaids and mum, we had a great time rating dresses and deciding if it was the one…I appreciated having my ladies with me offering their opinions and advice, but remember brides, this is your wedding day and the dress that you will get married in…you will know 'the one' when you try it on. I had a fantastic experience at the boutiques but I fell in love with a beautiful gown by Maggie Sottero (which, just to add, is nothing like I thought I would choose when I first started looking) from a boutique in Harrogate and I just can’t wait to wear it on my wedding day. I managed to book a day in with all six of my bridesmaids and we chose their dresses, which is fantastic as I know this can sometimes be a challenging task for a bride. I’m really pleased that they found a style that they all loved and they looked amazing in their dresses. There is a lot more to do yet, but it seems things are slowly getting ticked off the checklist. Next plan of action is to get the Hen Do’s planned and booked, although I will most certainly be leaving these events in the capable hands of my bridesmaids. Love

Dobrila xx

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