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“Working All Year Round”


TEAM CONTACT DETAILS: Focus Editor: Richard Olive Ward Councillor: Darren Fower Email: Richard.olive@peterboroughlib Darren.fower@peterboroughlib Tel: Richard - 573 813 Darren – 570 238 Address: SWNG FOCUS Team, Liberal Democrats, Town Hall, Bridge Street, PE1 1QT

EVIDENCE OF SPEEDING IN GUNTHORPE RD Your FOCUS Team, lead by Cllr Darren Fower, has received a boost to ongoing road safety campaign for Gunthorpe Road, after successfully securing a police speed check exercise which has shown 50%+ of vehicles checked going along Gunthorpe Road, were recorded travelling over the recognised speed limit!

The survey, was conducted after your Cllr: Darren Fower argued for it at a local Police Panel meeting. The results show over 55% of C1 vehicles (Cars) had travelled over the speed limit (i.e. speeds up to 39mph – 69mph)! A couple of the C1 vehicles were even recorded travelling at speeds up to nearly 70mph in the built up area. Commenting, on the findings Cllr Fower told us he was not surprised by the WARD SURGERY DATES figures, “I’m glad that the police have helped us in our ongoing campaign to get the Speak to Cllr Darren Fower City Council to recognise the dangers along Gunthorpe Road.” directly by popping along for five Darren added, “The local FOCUS Team recognise the need to encourage minutes to either: more people to walk and cycle, particularly for journeys to school, through the Brookside Methodist Church, provision of safe routes and we will continue to encourage alternatives to commuting Gunthorpe Road by car. We also know it is now time for the Council to take steps to make existing Time: 6pm – 7pm roads safer. The time for such action on Gunthorpe Road, is immediately” rd Date: Every 3 Friday of each month OR Werrington Village Centre, Church St Time: 6pm – 7pm Date: Every 1st Friday of Each Month WORTH NOTING: * In 2005, the ruling Tory COMMUNITY CONTACTS controlled City Council informed us, that a 'Speed Management Strategy' along Gunthorpe Road would be implemented within the following financial year. * Police – 0845 456 456 4; Guess what? It wasn't! * Street Lights - 453523; * Earlier this year the * Abandoned Cars – 425338; FOCUS Team undertook * Noise Complaints – 747474; their own survey of the road * Council Tax – 452258; and it is now hoped that Cllr * Drains – 863766; Darren Fower will be able to * Elections – 452249; Present these latest details to * Road Maintenance – 453585; Full Council.

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*** South Werrington & North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team **** South Werrington & North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team **** South Werrington & North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team ***

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Following pressure by your FOCUS Team, the Council has included Storrington Way foot path slabs in this year’s 2008-2009-slab replacement scheme. The Council has not provided a precise date for the work, given the amount of time local residents have waited, but no doubt most will just be glad to hear that action is being taken! Werrington Sports Centre will be partially closed during the school summer holidays choosing the worst time of the year to do the work. The Council say the sports centre will not be fully open again until 4th September. Until then the sports hall, squash courts and gym facilities will be closed to the public! Residents in or near Windermere Way have a new waste bin at the bus stop on Coniston Road. thanks to residents raising this issue with Cllr Darren Fower. On the topic of bins, Darren had complaints from residents regarding the bin at the sports pavilion at the rear of Campbell Drive being regularly full and over spilling rubbish. Darren has asked the city council look into this by either introducing an additional bin or increasing the regularity of emptying the bin. In Campbell Drive residents have complained about anti social behaviour from one particular property. At this one property on occasions late night gatherings have been held, with revving of engines and loud talking late into the night. Details have now been passed to police.

TORY TALES IN POTTYBORO Work by Liberal Democrats on the City Council has unearthed evidence Showing that the Tory administration in Peterborough wrote off £516,000 in unpaid bills and fines in just 12 months! Liberal Democrats accused the Tory controlled council of being "flippant" after proving that £500,000 pounds of taxpayers' cash had just "disappeared into thin air". Your Tory council leader John Peach, promised to take action, including going to the courts to retrieve the outstanding monies. Liberal Democrat deputy group leader and YOUR local ward Councillor, Darren Fower said, " Just like Mr Brown, the local Conservative Council tell you that they are trying to be efficient! But in reality your council tax money is disappearing into thin air given that £500,000 is equivalent to a 1% increase in council tax. I think the Tory Council should take this issue a bit more seriously?"

Clegg pledge to make tax 'fairer' Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has outlined his pledge to cut taxes for low and middle-income people, as part of his proposals to make "Britain fairer". He said "struggling families" should be paying "much less" tax while "wasteful" government spending should be cut. Among proposals in a policy document is that the NHS should pay for patients be treated privately if not treated on time by the NHS. Mr Clegg said his party was looking to make £20bn savings in government spending in order to cut taxes for lower and average earners and bring down the overall level of tax. Mr Clegg wants to close "loopholes" in capital gains tax and pension tax relief which he says favours the better off.

Gunthorpe Road: (Old) Lincoln Road:

AT THE TOWN HALL……. Your local Lib Dem Ward councillor Darren Fower has now been appointed as the Liberal Democrat group representative on this years Business Efficiency and the Children and Lifelong Learning Committees. Darren previously spent 4 years on the Councils Health Scrutiny Committee and lead the way on the issue “Mental Health in the City”. As well as these appointments Darren will also represent the City Council on the Peterborough Racial Equality Council.

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FOCUS 44  

The 44th Edition of the Focus Newsletter for the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe area.

FOCUS 44  

The 44th Edition of the Focus Newsletter for the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe area.