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January 2012


2012 Pirelli MSA Welsh Forest Rally Championship This is the new club web site

11 February Wyedean Rally 23 & 24 March International Rally North Wales 19 May Plains Rally 9 June Severn Valley 30 June Swansea Bay Rally 1 September Woodpecker Stages 20 October Cambrian Rally

Championship Secretary: David Evison, 21 Fernhill Lane, Gobowen, Oswestry, Tel: 01691 679786

2012 WAMC Welsh Autotest Championship Championship Secretary: Lee Matthews Tel: 01248 421681 Mob: 077 7890 5571 No calls after 9.0 pm please

21 January January Autotest 25 March Foxley Autotest 1 July Tim Sargeant Memorial Autotest 7 July Kennings Autotest 21 October Knutsford Autotest

The dates on this and the following page are proposed and may be subject to change so watch this space as the list will be up dated as and when necessary. This list is work in progress

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11th March 2012 Sunday

SWMC Awards Night

March 2012 Date TBA

Round 2 Much Marcle PCT

8th April 2012 Sunday

SWMC Annual General Meeting 8.00pm@Norton

17th April 2012 Tue

Round 3 Autosolo Pershore

13th May 2012 Sunday

Round 4 Go Karting

14th June 2012 Tuesday

PeteD Road Tour

8th July 2012 Sunday@Norton Socal Club Open Day

Round 5 Alistair’s Autotest

15th July 2012 Sunday

Car show Webbs Garden Centre August 2012 Date TBA Plum fair Pershore

August 2012 Date TBA

Martin Road Tour

August/Sept 2012 Date TBA

Woodpecker Stages

1st September 2012 Saturday

Round 6 Ross Autosolo ( M5 )

September 2012 Date TBA

Three counties motor show October 2012 Date TBA Round 7 Much Marcle PCT

21st October 2012 Tuesday

Round 8 Go Karting

13th November 2012 Tuesday


2012 WAMC Welsh Clubmans Forest Rally Champi4th Mid Wales Stages 19th Plains Rally 30th June Swansea Bay Rally 22th July Goracle Stages 18th August Neath Vally Stages 1st. September Woodpecker

Championship Secretary: Jimmy Jones, Maes Yr Awel, Vachelich, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire SA62 6QL Tel: 01437 720766 Mob: 078 5071 9227

20th October Cambrian

2012 King of EPYNT Championship Secretary: Andy Lewis 19 Lawrence Street Caerphilly Mid Glamorgan CF83 3AJ Tel: 029 2086 0881 (19:00 - 21:00 only please

11 March 6 May

Tour of Epynt

RDP Welsh Rally

29 July Harry Flatters Rally 26 August

Mewla Rally

2012 WAMC Welsh Road Rally Championship 18 / 19 February CP Electrics Rali Bro Caron 3 / 4 March Gremlin Rally 14 / 15 April Rali Bro Teifi 28 / 29 April Night Owl 19 / 20 May 1000 Lanes Rally 2012 23 / 24 June PK Memorial 18 / 19 August Pacemaker 1./2. September E Roberts Rali Meirion 15 / 16 September Rali M么n 6 / 7 October Breidden Rally 3 / 4 November Bryniau Clwyd 17 / 18 November Peak Revs

Championship Secretary: John Surridge 76 Maes-ty-Canol, Baglan, Port Talbot, W. Glam SA12 8UP Tel: 01639 822049 Mob: 078 3122 1804 Please do not ring after 9pm


2012 WAMC Welsh Tarmacadam Rally Champion19th.Feb Bob Fowden Motor Factors / Parker Plant Rali Cwn Gwendraerth 11th. March Tour of Epynt 25th. March Tour of Caerwent 15 April Talbenny Stages 6 May RDP welsh Stages 24 June Mid Summer Caerwent 29th. July Harry Flatters Rally 26th. Auguest Mewla Rally 21st. October Peter Lloyd Stages

Championship Secretary: Ceri Morgan 4 St Thomas Avenue Merlins Bridge Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire SA61 1LA Tel: 01437 766489 Mobile: 079 0773 4828 No calls after 9.0 PM please

3/4th. Gly memorial Stages

2012 WAMC Welsh Historic Rally Championship 11th. February Wyedean Rally 4th March Mid Wales Historic Stages Championship Secre23/24th. March International Rally North Wales tary: Rob Baldwin. 6th May RDP Welsh Rally 75 Sandown Drive, Bobblestock, 9th June Seven Valley Hereford HR4 9TB 29th. July Harry Flatters Rally Tel: 01432 267040 Fax: 01568 614675 18th. August Neath Valley Stages Championship Web Site: http://www.rp1st. Woodpecker Stages html 20th. October Cambrain Rally No calls after 9.00 PM please


Le Jog 10th -13th December 2011 “Le Jog”, the Lands End to John-O-Groats classic reliability trial, is the last great British rally challenge. Bill Moffatt has spent two years rebuilding a 1967 MG Midget specially to do the event, so it was with some trepidation that we drove down to Lands End for the start of this 1,450 mile event. The day before the start was spent scrutineering and then plotting the Saturday route up to Cardiff. In the evening there was a black tie dinner at the Lands End Hotel so that the 57 entries could meet each other. There were also 10 entries taking part in the Tour. The route included 34 autotests, 26 regularity sections and four sections of night navigation, spread over 46 OS maps. We were up early on the Saturday for the 8-00 am start which began immediately with an autotest around the Lands End site. It was followed only half a mile down the road by the first regularity. They call them “Jogularities”. Despite having the route the day before we met several crews going the wrong way. We were number 38 and were in the Sports and GT car class along with TR4s, Healey 3000s, and MG Bs. There were some very nice cars taking part, such as a Jaguar XK150, a Daimler SP250, and a Jaguar E-Type. One crew turned up in a 1300cc Morris Marina and competed wearing dinner jackets and bow ties. There were 23 foreign crews entered. Robert and Susan McClean were entered in their Rover 100 but had the crank seal fail on the way to the start. They returned home, fitted a replacement gearbox in their 105E Anglia and then turned up at the start in that. They won the “Spirit of the Rally” award. The route instructions for the Jogularities consisted of tulip diagrams, herringbones, grid lines, spot heights, map tracings and departure directions, with many changes of average speed. It was very easy to

7 make a mistake, which we did a couple of times, arriving at one timing point in South Wales over the five minutes maximum allowance. The route wound its way up to Weston-super-Mare where we had our first bit of car trouble. The passenger window came adrift and dropped down inside the door and we were unable to retrieve it. We soon started to get very cold. I failed to start the trip meter on two jogularities which made the time keeping a little difficult. Then one of my three stop watches failed. When I finally got it all together I realised that the trip meter was reading incorrectly. I had accidently pressed one of the calibration buttons and altered it. Neither Bill nor I could remember what the number should be so I started altering it by one number at a time. After a couple of Jogularities I managed to reset it. Despite these minor problems we were progressing well without any major dramas. As we approached the Cardiff rest halt on Saturday evening it became clear that the organisers had made an error with the road timing and despite driving quite quickly we went OTL. Everyone was in trouble to a greater or lesser degree so they added an extra 30 minutes lateness. Next came another five Jogularities in South Wales followed by the first Night Navigation section in the Welsh Borders. This was classic Greenleaves country with 30 controls, of which 75% were only 4 minutes apart. It was a superb thrash where we dropped only 6 minutes, and included roads over Clun Forest, the Long Mynd and Ratlinghope. We arrived at Telford about 3-30 am on Sunday morning where they allowed us a whole three hours sleep! Julian Birch/Clark Dawson broke the gearbox on their Hillman Imp. They got it home, changed the gearbox and rejoined the route in Scotland. That’s determination for you! Day two wound its way across to Newcastle with 13 tests and six Jogularities. By the time we arrived at the overnight halt at Gosforth we were lying 9th overall and 2nd in class. The dreaded “Ford” test had been cancelled due to the depth of water. The final section was 27 hours through Scotland where the weather was atrocious. In the lowlands it began raining very hard and as we moved further north it turned to snow, and then sheet ice. We kept pressing on and by halfway through the night we were running first car on the road as everyone had problems. The only tyre marks in the snow were those of the course car. Three Jogularities had to be cancelled due to snow, ice and a fallen tree. By Tuesday morning we had consolidated our position and faced the final one hour plot and bash Jogularity. I just managed to get it on the map by the time we arrived at the first control and we got round without any problems. The same could not be said for some of the novices who we saw travelling in all sorts of directions. The final autotest was in the car park at John-O-Groats before being piped over the finish line by a lone Highlander playing the bagpipes. A truly epic journey in what was said to be the toughest event for ten years. The winners were Roger

8 Bricknell/Ryan Pickering in a Volvo Amazon. We maintained our 9th overall and 2nd in class, which we were very pleased with at out first attempt. The awards dinner included piping in the Haggis in true Scottish tradition. On Wednesday we had to drive the 600 miles back home which we managed in 12½ hours. By the time we arrived home the car was in need of some maintenance. One front shock absorber was showing signs of stress and the brakes were pulling to the right. The windscreen washers needed rewiring as they only worked when the wipers were switched off, but otherwise the car ran like clockwork, justifying the many hours spent rebuilding it. A very satisfying result on the most difficult of events. Results 1. Roger Bricknell/Ryan Pickering Volvo Amazon 2509 pens 2. Charles Harrison/Jonathon Hancox Triumph 2000 2548 3. Tony Beach/Richard Lambley TR4 3253 4. Karston Weber/Thomas Koerner BMW 320 3851 5. Kevin Haselden/Dave Kirkham Mini 4196 6. Thomas de Vargas Machuca/Cath Woodman BMW 1602 4231 7. Ted Gaffney/Paul Rosdet VW Golf GTI 6164 8. Matteo Petrocelli/Chris Winter Alfa Romeo 1750 9080 9. Bill Moffatt/Dood Pearce MG Midget 13112 10. Helge Helmbold/Selina Helmbold Mercedes 280 14103 (57 entries, 41 finishers) Dood This is the new club web site

Silverware It is time to return any awards you received at this years awards Night So please dust off and return to a committee member Thanks in anticipation


Trophy Points 2011 Ladies

Road Rally Championship Driver Frank Burton Navigator Dave Webley

Border 100 Total 104 104 104

Pauline Pearce Holly Burridge Genn Gadd Abbey Wooldridge


40 20 20 19

Stage Championship Driver


Dukeries Paul Davey 309 25 Ben Williams 226 Matt Blanchard 88 Nigel Hall 125 Frank Burton 80 Phil Brown Ashley Evans Des Fletcher James Alexander Co-driver Roger Allan 309 Micky Thomas 88 Dave Webley 125 Simon Greenway 80 Daniel Evans Rob Kershaw

Total Woodpecker Fat Albert Rally GB 101 410 (best 6) 226 (3 events 87 175 (3 events) 125 (2 events) 80 (1 event) 69 69 (1 event) 50 50 (1 event) 25 25 (1 event) 25 25 (1 event)


101 87

50 25

Membership Reminder Post form to Jeremy Hancock

410 (best 6) 175 (3 events) 125 (2 events) 80 (1 event) 50 (1 event) 25 (1 event)


Historic Rally Championship Driver Matt Pearce Navigator Dood Pearce

C/F 92

Welsh Throckmorton




Total 92 578 (best 6)



Andy Wooldridge scores) Dave Cross Geoff Wooldridge scores) Pauline Pearce Dood Pearce Richard Jenkinson Matt Pearce Julian Gadd Andy Jarvis Paul Richards Andy Taylor Pete Dodschun Paul Manning Geoff Hedges Simon Jones Genn Gadd Anthony Stoneman Matt Harker Holly Burridge Rowan Fearnley Andy Baker Abbey Wooldridge


Le Jog

Total 76 (best four 74 70 (best four 50 37 36 20 20 19 18 18 18 18 18 17 17 15 14 14 14 13 13

Silver Spanner

Jeremy Hancock Pete Dodschun Dood Pearce Don Porter Margaret Porter Pauline Pearce Anthony Stoneman Andy Wooldridge Andy Taylor Martin Bowcott Pete Wood Roger Allan Neil Porter Alan Corns Kevin Bowcott Ed Palmer Alan Warburton Phil MacDonell Bob Sindaco Russ Sindaco

165 120 120 100 100 80 80 50 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 20 20 20 20 20

Julian Gadd Dave Cross Genn Gadd

10 10 10

Alastair Moffatt




Stage Rally Championship 1st Driver Paul Davey (H W Ward Cup) 2nd Driver Ben Williams 1st Co-Driver Roger Allan (H & F Rosebowl) 2nd Co-Driver Dave Webley Off Road Championship 1st Overall Andy Wooldridge (Off-Road Shield) 2nd O/A Dave Cross 3rd O/A Geoff Wooldridge 4th O/A Pauline Pearce 5th O/A Dood Pearce Historic Rally Championship 1st Overall Driver Matt Pearce 1st Overall Navigator Dood Pearce Marshalls Championship 1st Overall Jeremy Hancock (Marshalls Shield) For servicing 1st overall Alastair Moffatt (Silver Spanner) This is the new club web site

Road Rally Championship 1st Driver Frank Burton (Kilbourne Kay Cup) 1st Navigator Dave Webley (Sinwat Cup)

Ladies Championship 1st Overall Pauline Pearce (Alice Steel Cup) Top Driver 1st overall Frank Burton (Noddy Watkins Trophy) Best on Welsh Events 1st Overall Ben Williams (Ceredigion Cup) The following awards will be announced at the Awards Presentation: Best Magazine Article (Sixty Minutes Trophy) Services to the Club (All Brakes Cup) Biggest Cock-up (Broken Piston)

RACE RETRO 2012 REVS UP WITH AN AMAZING LINE-UP OF RARE RACING CARS AND MOTORCYCLES This year's Race Retro is revving up to be the best ever, as it brings together rare and stunning historic motorsport marques on two and four wheels when it returns to Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 February. See rare and legendary racing cars such as the Group C Porsche 956 - the 001 first prototype chassis raced in Rothmans livery by Jackie Ickx and Derek Bell will be on static display. From rallying, the Group B Porsche 911 SCRS 1984 280bhp three-litre flat-six rally car will be in action on Saturday and Sunday on the Live Rally Stage as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. There is a tribute to 50 years of the MGB, with a foyer display of two early ex-works race cars. The hardtop roadster was driven in 1963 Sebring 12-hour endurance race by Christabel Carlisle, now Lady Watson, former Mini racer and darling of British race fans in the early 1960s, and Denise McCluggage, an American motoring journalist and lady racing driver. The roadster will be joined by the works MGB GT racer which was also driven at Sebring by Paddy Hopkirk and Andrew Hedges. A stunning 30 years of rallying will be marked with a static display as well as an unbelievable line-up on the Live Rally Stage. Rallying with Group B will be out in force on Saturday and Sunday, putting on an amazing showcase for visitors on the purpose-built course which features challenging twists and turns. Hall & Hall will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Graham Hill winning BRM's first Formula 1 GP World Championship in 1962, by displaying the championshipwinning BRM P57 1.5-litre V8 GP car. For those preferring two-wheeled motorsport, the tribute to 30 years of the Honda Racing Corporation will be led by the only known remaining example of the Mike Hailwood RC 173 500/4-cylinder motorbike, on which he won every GP he rode it in during the 1965 and 1966 seasons. There will be up to ten more Honda RC 163 250/4-cylinder replica GP bikes for static display and in the popular Fire-Up Paddock. Hosted by Road Racing Legends, a charity supporting former TT riders and their families, the Fire Up Paddock is where legendary motorcycles are brought back to life, as they get started-up so that the crowds can hear the roar of the engines. Visitors can not only see all the action, but can also become part of it, with the chance to drive a rally car, thanks to the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO). For just ÂŁ20, visitors can 'arrive and drive' in one of HERO's rally-prepared classic cars, put it through its paces and get a feel for rally driving on a purpose-built course adjacent to the Live Rally Stage. For those looking to invest in a piece of motorsport history, the Silverstone Auction specialises in the sale of the finest classic cars, modern supercars, all types of competition cars, modern and historic motorcycles and automobilia. The auction will be open for viewing all day on Friday and on Saturday morning. The sale will start at Saturday lunchtime with the automobilia, before moving on to classic and historic motor racing and competition cars and motorcycles. Silverstone Auctions is happy to accept entries into the auction; those interested should contact the team by telephoning

13 01926 691 141 or emailing Auction catalogues will be available online at Enjoy the interview stage, hosted by Moto GP presenter Steve Parrish, which will feature special guests and motorsport quizzes, or visit the hundreds of traders selling everything needed for the coming motorsport season. For those who like to get grease under their fingernails, explore the autojumble for that elusive part or spare component. Adult tickets for Race Retro, sponsored by Peter James Insurance, start at ÂŁ20 in advance, with children's tickets at ÂŁ5 for Friday or Saturday and FREE on Sunday. Car parking is free and has been moved to a hard-surface area nearer the halls. The show is open from 9.30am each day; it closes at 5.30pm on Friday and Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday. To book tickets and for the latest updates, please visit

A few more dates 14/15 Jan -- Manchester Motorcycle Show: Manchester Central Convention Centre; tel 0121 224 7455. 15 Jan -- The Tough One Enduro: Nantmawr Quarry, Shropshire; tel 07528 008658. 15 Jan -- Winter Championship Kart Races: Buckmore Park, Kent; tel 01634 201562. 15 Jan -- Motor Cycle Trial: Harefield, Middlesex; tel 01895 638738. 15 Jan -- Land Rover and 4x4 Autojumble: Three Counties Showground, Malvern; tel 01697 451882. 16 Jan -- National Bangers Civil War 12: Hednesford Hills Raceway; tel 0121 357 7328. 17/20 Jan -- FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP: Monte Carlo Rally, France; tel +377 9315 2600. 17 Jan/31 Dec -- James Bond Exhibition: National Motor Museum, Beaulieu; tel 01590 61460. 19 Jan -- Bonhams Sale of Exceptional Motorcars: Scottsdale, USA; tel 0207 468 8229. 22 Jan -- Club Kart Races: Shenington Kart Circuit; tel 01926 812177. 22 Jan -- New Year AutoSolo: Demon Tweeks, Wrexham; tel 01244 300511. 22 Jan -- Motorcycle Trial: Bagshot, Surrey; tel 01895 638738. 28 Jan -- FIM Ice Racing World Championship: Sanok, Poland; tel +48 2 2849 9361. 28/29 Jan -- K&R Mitsubishi Stages Rally: Brean Leisure Park, Somerset; tel 01934 512432. 5 Feb -- Winter Kart Championships: East Kirkby Airfield; tel 01529 305755.

14 7/10 Feb -- Formula One Testing: Jerez de la Frontera, Spain; tel +34 9 5615 1100. 11 Feb -- GMF Wyedean Forest Rally: Chepstow Racecourse, Gwent; tel 01594 810161. 11 Feb -- Towncross Engineering South Downs Stages Rally: Goodwood Motor Circuit; tel 02392 325868. -17/18 Feb -- Chris Kelly Memorial Rally: Douglas, Isle of Man; tel 01624 640032. 18 Feb -- British Supercross Championship: NEC Birmingham; tel 0844 338 8000. 18 Feb -- Fueltopia Barrel Sprint: Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire; tel 07749 979657. 18 Feb -- Historics Auction: Brooklands Museum, Weybridge; tel 01491 411777. 19 Feb -- Club Kart Races: Shenington Kart Circuit; tel 01926 812177. 19 Feb -- Winter Championship Kart Races: Buckmore Park, Kent; tel 01634 201562. 19 Feb -- MG Show & Spares Day: Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire; tel 0871 602 7067. 23 Feb -- NASCAR Gatorade Duels: Daytona International Speedway, USA; tel +1 386 254 2700. 23/25 Feb -- FIA Intercontinental Rally Challenge: Rally Azores, Portugal; tel +41 22 950 9515. 24 Feb -- Jaguar Enthusiasts Club Track Day: Brands Hatch Circuit; tel 01453 842399. 24/25 Feb -- Dulux Trade MSA British Rally Championship: Rallye Sunseeker, Bournemouth; tel 0208 773 3404. 24/26 Feb -- Bathurst 12 Hours: Bathurst, Australia; tel +61 7 5526 3564. 24/26 Feb -- RACE RETRO SHOW: Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire; tel 01775 768661. 26 Feb -- NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Daytona International Speedway, USA; tel +1 386 254 2700. 26 Feb -- International Motocross: Hawkstone Park, Shropshire; tel 07966 367456. 26 Feb -- Opentrack Track Day: Snetterton 300 Circuit; tel 07977 253065.-

rednimeR pihsrebmeM ot mrof tsoP kcocnaH ymereJ

15 MG CAR CLUB CONFIRM THEIR 2012 CHAMPIONSHIP RACE MEETINGS The schedule of six race meetings organised by Abingdon-based MG Car Club is detailed below. All offer a varied and interesting programme of races, with a combination of their own championships and other invited championships and series. :: Easter Sunday 8 April: Donington Park. :: Saturday & Sunday 5/6 May: Brands Hatch :: Saturday & Sunday 23/24 June: Silverstone - MGLive! :: Saturday 11 August: Oulton Park :: Saturday 8 September: Thruxton :: Saturday & Sunday 13/14 October: Snetterton Participating MG CC Championships include: :: Peter Best Insurance Challenge :: MG Trophy :: Lackford Engineering MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite Challenge :: SW 4x4 BCV8 Championship :: Drayton Manor Park MG Metro Cup :: Cockshoot Cup :: Motoring Classics Thoroughbred Sports Car Championship. For information on all the above, please go to: MGLive! Silverstone 23/24 June 2012 This two-day meeting will be run on Silverstone's Arena F1 GP circuit; the feature race will be the official MGB50 celebration race for FIA-spec MGBs. Anyone with an eligible MGB who would like to take part in this historic race at the world's largest gathering of racing MGs please contact Dave Saunders by email at MGLive! - the world's largest MG event - returns to Silverstone for the 62nd successive year. Organised by the MG Car Club, this annual jamboree attracts enthusiasts from around the world and has developed into a truly international celebration of the marque. In 2012, MG Live! pays homage to the MGB, first produced in 1962, by staging a Saturday lunchtime street party, to which all current owners of MGBs are invited. Come and join us! For more and regularly updated information, please visit

16 MIA CONFERENCE UNVEILS LOLA DRAYSON PROTOTYPE Entertainment Key To New Electric Racing Generation Fans 6th Low Carbon Racing Conference at the NEC, Birmingham - motorsport and automotive key players congregated to debate the fundamental issues concerning the industry and to witness the launch of a potentially history-making electric car. The recurring theme of the day was the need to engage with the new generation of smartphone equipped fans and how low-carbon racing can be a catalyst for a new era of competition providing major opportunities for the motorsport industry. Nick Baird, CEO, UK Trade & Investment gave the first keynote speech and spoke of his pride in the output of the British motorsport industry and the technological transfer to other sectors. He emphasised that UK Trade & Investment wants to do all it can to grow businesses and that the Government is anxious to help the sector pick up yet more speed. The MIA was commended for its work on crossover initiatives such as those to the defence and automotive industries. Two years ago, Lord Drayson, then speaking as a Government Minister, challenged the motorsport industry to produce cooler, green cars. Now - as a managing partner in Drayson Technologies - he has met his own challenge with the unveiling of the Lola Drayson B12/69EV all-electric prototype. The vision behind the car was to demonstrate potential of sustainable technologies, provide real data on electric vehicle performance, generate business opportunities, highlight speed potential and develop know-how relevant to the new FIA Formula E World Championship. The car was hailed as revolutionary by the Mercedes AMG F1, Audi and Porsche management, who were panellists. Lord Drayson explained some of the technological advances embraced in the design, including the use of wireless charging technology which, although currently static, he sees as some day being dynamic, enabling cars to recharge while racing out on track. Lord Drayson was also the afternoon keynote speaker, when he talked about the strategic importance of attracting audiences and sponsorship. He spoke of the benefits of the open rules for the FIA Formula E World Championship. As a former politician, he predicted that, once the economy improves, media focus will return to the environment, which in turn will put pressure on politicians to regulate to reduce emissions and sees this as the time for the motorsport industry to "get ahead of the curve". The Showcase Exhibition included three prototype electric vehicles, in addition to the LolaDrayson Le Mans prototype, the Formulec EF01 Formula 3 type car, the Quimera AEGT01 GT car and the Delta E4 Coupe, providing tangible evidence of the progress being made in the industry. Top speeds for the cars range from 150 to 200mph, showing sceptics that electric does not mean slow. Three panel sessions with industry experts continued discussions, with audience members participating. There was general agreement that growing spectator numbers for the new type of racing is key, but how to solve the issue wasn't so apparent. Chris Aylett, the MIA's CEO: "The star of the show has to be Lord Drayson's car. To have the vision and commitment to have got so far in just a year is exceptional. Major manufacturers have to be risk averse, so it is entrepreneurial companies that can be the front runners. But the technology and cars is just one side. Our panellists have all come to the same conclusion: that we need to build up the entertainment side. The new generation of racing will be something very different to suit the new generation of motorsport enthusiasts. Our first conference was nine years

Continues on page 20 at the top


Membership Application Form. Please print Surname…………………………First Name………………………. Address………………………………………………………….….. Town……………………County…………………………………... Post Code……………………… Phone (h)…………………...............Mobile................................... Driving Licence



E-Mail……………………………………………………………... Signed………………………………Date………………………... I (Name)………………………………Hereby apply to be members of the Sixty & Worcestershire Motor Club Ltd (the club). I accept the Clubs Memorandum and Articles of Association and Management Rules and guarantee that in the event of the Club being wound up while I am a Member or within 12 months thereafter I will pay the debts of the Club contracted during my period of Membership including all costs charges and expenses of winding up the CLUB PROVIDED ALWAYS that such amount shall not exceed the sum of ONE POUND (£1.00)

MEMBERSHIP £5.00 Please send your cheque made payable to the Sixty and Worcestershire Motor Club Ltd:Mr. Jeremy Hancock. 8 Wensleydale, Droitwich, Worcs, WR9 8PF Please complete the following questions so the Club can keep its records up to date. I am interested in helping with or competing on the following (Please tick)

AUTOTESTS P.R. WORK ROAD RALLIES STAGE RALLIES RADIOS EVENT ORGANIZING OTHER MOTORSPORT PRODUCTION CAR TRIALS NAVIGATIONAL EVENTS MARSHALLING Any information received will not be passed to any third parties. It will be stored on a data base and only used by the club to keep you informed of club events.


Event report form Event and Date......................................................................... Type of event



I have received some event reports Thank you for that , and they will be published in next's months Mag. Thanks again

Mag ED.

Memorable moments :-...............................................................

o .u b .c

Position finished

u rcl e o t it mo eb s e r i rsh lub w e t s c rce new o w nd s the a ty s i six Thi / / p: htt





Antony Stoneman

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Andy Wooldridge 07887566845


Matt Pearce

01242 863623


Alan Warburton

07740 507665


Jeremy Hancock

01905 773630


Pete Dodschun



Dick Wright

01905 769562


Geoff Wooldridge 07590011144

New office Keeper of all championship charts Mr D Pearce. Arron. Ross Road. Newent Gloucestershire, GL12 1BE 01531 821398

20 From page 16 ago, when diesel was seen to be a big advance. To have incredible examples of electric racing cars that are a major step ahead just shows how quickly the industry moves. It's days like yesterday that spur on our members and other companies to make the most of the business opportunities out there." UK Trade & Investment CEO Nick Baird: "I am proud to be representing UK Trade & Investment at the sixth MIA International Low Carbon Racing Conference. This is a very important initiative. Low-carbon racing is a new, important and exciting development in the motorsport sector and I am thrilled that the UK is a leading global player. The global market for low-carbon goods and services, of all types, is already worth around ÂŁ3 trillion and is expected to exceed ÂŁ4.5 trillion by 2015. With their history of innovation, British motorsport companies are well placed to benefit from these opportunities. UK Trade & Investment is here to help UK companies and the UK motorsport industry as a whole go forward into a prosperous, low-carbon future." Lord Drayson, Managing Partner Drayson Technologies & President MIA "The door has been opened to a new opportunity in the electric world. I urge motorsport companies to rush in and maximise it for all its worth. Global brands are looking to the fast growing middle class markets in China and India. China already has a pollution problem and legislation. Establishing a brand in electric racing is a way of grabbing a piece of that fast growing market. I'm very proud of the Lola-Drayson and am encouraged to see the other cars on show here. I hope companies are encouraged to take the Formula E opportunity and look forward to seeing them on the grid in 2013." For more information or images please contact Pippa Neilson (on behalf of Gordon Bruce Associates) by email at or by telephone on +44 (0)7968 564660.

SIXTY MINUTES Is published by the Sixty and Worcestershire Motor Club Ltd.

Registered Office 22 Baynham Drive, Spetchley Road, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR5 2NJ.

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SWMC Magazine January 2012 issue

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