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wELCOME TO THE SwMBIA HOME EXPO! The purpose of SWMBIA’s 2013 Home Expo is to promote and strengthen the connections between the local home building industry and the public. Our focus is to provide all participating exhibitors and attendees a unique and positive view of the small businesses that make up our industry. This year’s Home Expo has a variety of vendor services and products, events for the entire family and is committed to improving our local community, in Southwest Montana.

professionals and check out the newest technologies within a festive, educational environment. Be sure to check out the variety of educational seminars featuring a variety of subjects.

The members of the Southwest Montana Building Industry strive to make the Gallatin Valley a great place to live, work and play. The 2013 Home Expo is the perfect opportunity to visit with the industry’s

If you are building a new home, remodeling, or looking for great ideas and the latest trends, the 2013 Home Expo is a must see. Enjoy the SWMBIA’s 2013 Premier Home Expo!

Our annual Playhouses on Parade consists of six fabulous playhouses this year with portion of proceeds benefiting the Bozeman Schools Foundation and Monforton School. Playhouse winners will be drawn Sunday, March 24th, so don’t delay and get your five dollar raffle ticket and benefit Gallatin Valley youth. Children are invited to participate in Kenyon Noble’s Jr. Carpenter workshop on Saturday and face painting and balloon animals by Cryssy’s Characters.






Dovetail Construction is the realization of a childhood dream among two lifelong friends. Since Kevin and Tim were 5 years old and met in Mrs. Nathy’s kindergarten class, the two things they always wanted to do was to live in the mountains and to build. Both obtained engineering and construction management degrees and for many years followed their own paths working on major construction sites throughout the U.S. Kevin eventually escaped from New York and moved to Montana. When the two lads would occasionally meet up and have an adult beverage (or two), talk would always return to their childhood dream and plans would once again be hatched late into the

night. Well, one day that plan survived the second thoughts and Tim made a major move to The Last Best Place—where Dovetail Construction was born. Dovetail Construction can best be described as a family business that takes advantage of a wide range of construction experiences. Over the years they learned many things, but the two most important things they learned (even before they entered Kindergarten) were: do exactly what you say you’re going to do; and if you do something, do it right. It seems simple, because it is. Dovetail Construction, “Where Quality Joins Integrity.”


2013 SWMBIA HoMe eXPo


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SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

Table of Contents

SWMBIA Home Expo & Playhouses on Parade Committee Chairperson

Beth Zeman, Security Title Company

Committee Members

Nathan Albrecht, Pro-Builders Rob Evans, Constructive Solutions, Inc. Holly Parker, Stewart Title Julie Schumacher, Security Title Company Erica Renslow, First Interstate Bank Darryl Seymour, Montana Title & escrow Ashley Ogle, Kenyon noble Lumber & Hardware Kami Gillespie, Ambient Air Solutions, Inc.

Playhouse Chairperson

Crystal Warden, Distinctive Lighting

Playhouse Committee

Gina Marshall, US Bank Cherie Albrecht, Pro-Builders Jeremiah Hillier, Welding & Machine

Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware ........................................................... 1 Welcome to the Home Expo ....................................................................... 2 Dovetail Construction - People’s Choice ................................................... 2 Home Expo 2013 Sponsors ....................................................................... 3 Home Expo Committee ............................................................................... 4 About SWMBIA ............................................................................................ 4 Home Expo Class Schedule ....................................................................... 5 Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile ...................................................................... 5 Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating .................................................................... 6 Distinctive Lighting ..................................................................................... 7 The Paint Factory ........................................................................................ 7 Valley Glass & Windows.............................................................................. 7 Home Expo Prize Passport ......................................................................... 8 The ABC’s of Being Your Own Contractor .................................................. 9 YesHaus .................................................................................................... 11 Insider Hints for Design on a Budget ...................................................... 12 How to Live With Your Remodeling Project ............................................. 13 Simple Springtime Organization Tips ...................................................... 15 Crazy Mountain Cabinetry........................................................................ 16 Habitat for Humanity ................................................................................ 16 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.................................................................... 16 American Federal Savings Bank.............................................................. 17 Bare’s Stove & Spa................................................................................... 17 Frog Rock Design ...................................................................................... 17 Playhouses on Parade.............................................................................. 18 Pro-Builders .............................................................................................. 19 Vann’s........................................................................................................ 22 Pierce Flooring .......................................................................................... 23 First Security Bank.................................................................................... 23 Dos & Don’ts of Home Remodeling ........................................................ 24 Big Design Ideas for Small Homes ......................................................... 25 Coldwell Banker RCI Realty ...................................................................... 26 Lawson’s Greenhouse.............................................................................. 26 Pella Windows & Doors, Inc. .................................................................... 26 Speed Up the Sale of Your Home ............................................................ 27 Combine Function & Fashion with Edible Landscaping........................... 29 Warm Stone Fireplaces & Design............................................................ 30 Rocky Mountain Bank............................................................................... 30 TLC Builders, Inc. ...................................................................................... 30 Western Glass........................................................................................... 30 SWMBIA Member Directory...................................................................... 31 US Bank..................................................................................................... 38 Ambient Air Solutions, Inc. ....................................................................... 38 Bare’s Stove & Spa................................................................................... 38 Security Title Company ............................................................... Back Cover


The Southwest Montana Building Industry Association (SWMBIA) is a professional trade association whose purpose is to improve and protect the construction industry and business climate in which it operates. The Southwest Montana Building Industry Association’s 300+ member companies collectively employ nearly ten thousand people in Southwest Montana, and produces community-wide events such as the Parade of Homes and the March Home Expo. Members of SWMBIA are also members of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Montana Building Industry Association (MBIA). This three-tiered federation of industry associations provides members with political influence, plus networking, recognition and educational opportunities to better operate their businesses. The Association has always been a strong advocate for the home building industry. With the three-tiered membership federation of national, state and local associations, each level is always working to protect the industry through favorable legislation and if necessary, legal avenues. SWMBIA is proud to help community organizations and projects. In the past year, Members have donated their time and services to renovate, repair and build at Bozeman Eagle Mount. SWMBIA Members have also donated $10,000 to the Bozeman Schools Foundation from the proceeds from previous Playhouses on Parade. The Association has a long history in donating back to the community, including Greater Gallatin United Way, Habitat For Humanity of Gallatin Valley, Bozeman Senior Center, YMCA, KidsLINK, Love INC, Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Child Care Connections and Montana Special Olympics. For up-to-date information about the Southwest Montana Building Industry Association, including a membership directory, event information and helpful links to other resources, visit 2013 SWMBIA HoMe eXPo


HOME EXPO CLASS SCHEDULE Visit the Education Area to See the Full Line-Up of Home Expo Classes SATURDAY 12:00 PM Choosing the Stove/Fireplace for Your Home 12:30 PM Building a Raised Garden Bed 2:00 PM NO COST Refinance - Now is the Time 3:00 PM Home Energy Efficiency 4:00 PM Spa Maintenance

SUNDAY 12:00 PM Home Energy Efficiency 12:30 PM Choosing the Stove/Fireplace for Your Home 2:00 PM Spa Maintenance 3:00 PM Transplanting Tips & Planting a Raised Garden Bed


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Masonry Products

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SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

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+ Energy BillBill Savings to70% 70% + Energy Savingsup up to + Reliable Home + Reliable HomeComfort Comfort + Pays forfor Itself as33yrs! yrs! + Pays Itselfininas asLittle Soon as + Major TaxTax Incentives + Major Incentives + Reduce YourCarbon Carbon Footprint Footprint + Reduce Your 2013 SWMBIA Home EXPO



SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

2013 PRIzE


Visit the following Booths to get a stamp - Turn in your completed 2013 PRIZE PASSPORT to the PRIZE PASSPORT BOOTH (137-138).



BOOTH 63-65 80-82

BOOTH 66, 79




Kenyon noble $300 green thumb garden giveaway




300 winner’s choice tile package


240 window cleaning package



BOOTH 58, 87




BOOTH 123-125


200 distinctive lighting gift card


400 pittsburgh® paint/Stain package & Accessories & $ 400 glidden® paint package & Accessories

To qualify for SWMBIA’s Home Expo giveaways, registrants must be 18 and older and fully complete the Prize Passport requirements. The winner will be announced March 24, 2013. If the winner has not claimed their prize by April 15, 2013, another winner may be selected. Only one winner per prize. SWMBIA Home Expo exhibitors and their staff are excluded from entering or winning the free giveaway. SWMBIA is not liable for any defects or injuries from the products awarded. ing induStRy

ntAnA build SoutHwESt Mo

SoutHwESt Mo ASSociAtion ntAnA build

ing induStRy

2013 PRIzE 2013 PRIzE P


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build ASSutH St MontAnA wE ion So ociAt


SoutHwESt Mo ASSociAtion ntAnA build

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2013 PRIzE 2013 PRIzE P


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build ASSutH St MontAnA wE ion So ociAt



2013 PRIzE




of being your own Contractor (and More)


hinking about it….

It is the American Dream to own your own home…and many people think they will save an enormous amount of money by building their own. This could be a costly mistake financially, emotionally and physically. Many aspects need to be considered and the purpose of this article is to help you think about avoiding some of the pitfalls and what you can do to make this a successful undertaking. There are several questions you will need to answer. Our hope is that you will be helped by this publication. Ask yourself… Do I really have the time to undertake a project so time consuming? Is it worth the time? How stressful will it be on my family? Do I really have the skills to build a home properly? Do I have the correct tools for those jobs I plan to do? If not, how much money will I spend on those tools? Will I use them again once the home is completed? Your home is the single largest investment you will make in your lifetime. Do you have the expertise to make sure this home will last you a lifetime?

A. Arranging Financing

Arranging and applying for a house loan can be quite involved and should be one of the first orders of business. Even if you feel that you have enough cash to do the job, applying for a home loan to allow for inevitable overruns due to increased material and labor costs or upgrades is always advised. Most mortgage companies will not lend money to cover the unanticipated costs on a home on which construction has already begun. As a selfcontractor, some lenders will not lend you more than 80% of the projected cost of your home. House plans, specifications and an itemized list of documented costs and bids must be provided to the lender. In calculating costs, do not allow for “sweat equity” as most lenders do not recognize this as a legitimate cost.

B. Bookkeeping Responsibilities IRS

The IRS requires that you send any sub who earns $600.00 or more a 1099 form at the end of the year. In the event you are audited, be prepared to prove that the sub is an independent contractor – that is, you did not have to supervise his work and you did not dictate what time he reported to the job. Tracking Materials Purchases It is very important to be on the site or have someone you can trust to document delivery slips. Returns must be accounted for since inaccurate billing can run up costs. You will need to check all invoices and account for all materials. Waste can add hundreds if not thousands to the cost of your home.

C. Construction Management

Do not take this area for granted. There is much more to building a home than meets the eye. Be realistic about your level of skill and the amount of time you can spend on the jobsite. Base your decision to put “sweat equity” into your home on your experience, 10 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

skills and the amount of stress you and your spouse are able to manage. Your ability to handle long term disruption of schedules is just as important as your ability to swing a hammer. …and there’s more! Deposits Deposits may be required by all utilities before construction can begin. Make deposits early as some may take weeks to get their services connected. Insurance Do you know why builders carry Builder’s Risk, General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance on all of their building projects? Because they know what their liabilities are and YOU, as a self-contractor, may have to assume the same liabilities. General Liability Your lender may or may not require this type of insurance, but as a self-contractor, the permit purchaser and the property owner, YOU are responsible for any third party injuries that may occur on your property. Without the proper general liability protection, YOU will be held liable if anyone gets injured on the project, including children injured while playing on the jobsite. Builder’s Risk The mortgage lender will require this type of insurance which covers the home materials only (no bodily injury, etc.) Upon completion of the home and closing the loan, you will want to convert this policy to a homeowners policy. Your lender or insurance agent can explain this to you. Workman’s Compensation If you are not in the business of building homes, you may not be required to carry workman’s compensation insurance; however, it would be prudent to require any subcontractors you hire to provide certification of their workman’s compensation coverage. Also, it is important to know that any subcontractor who employs any number of workers is required by law to carry workman’s compensation insurance. Friendly Warning Do not accept a release of injury in lieu of a sub having workman’s compensation insurance as the release may not be binding in a court of law. There is an issue which has been increasing concern to property owners… there is a fine line between being an employer and a do-ityourself minded builder. A recent case in Oregon ruled that, since the property owner was serving as their own general contractor and had the right to control the worker, they were employers and therefore liable for workman’s compensation insurance. This presents a legal issue about which property owners should be knowledgeable. Your attorney or insurance agent can explain this exposure to you.

More to Think About:

Time Constraints Be prepared to spend at least 35 hours per week for probably 5-6 months. This is calculated for an average 1,500 sq. ft. home. If the home is larger, figure accordingly. Does your present employment allow enough flexibility to spend this amount of time away from your job? Selection & Scheduling of Subcontractors Remember these subcontractors have other jobs in progress besides yours. Their loyalty may be to those builders that give them the most work during the year. Will they be available to you at the proper time? For example, do you have the toilet installed before or after the flooring? One sub cannot do their work until another has completed theirs. Delays are costly, frequent and frustrating.

inspection of a single home under construction resulted in $20,000 worth of citations. (Source: NAHB Business Management) Warranty Responsibility If you build your own home and sell it to another party, you may be responsible for any defects that are discovered within a 10 year time frame. In the case of your death, your estate would be responsible for claims. As far as the law is concerned, you will be the builder and responsible for claims brought by subsequent owners of the home.

Bidding Expertise Do you really know how to properly analyze a cost break-down? Are you able to distinguish high bids, low bids and work quality? Are you allowing for all the materials you’ll need? For example, everyone knows to buy tile… what about grout, thin-set and spacers? Is everything that will be needed to complete the task included in the bid? Do you know enough about the work to realize if it’s not? Remember, the lender will require that your cost breakdown be documented and if you have not projected costs efficiently and run short of funds, the loan amount cannot be adjusted after it is approved. Technical Expertise As the general contractor of the home, it will be your responsibility to hire qualified, licensed and/or certified subcontractors. Do you have the technical expertise to oversee if the work is done properly? If, after inspection, the work is rejected by the Codes Department, who will absorb the cost to redo the work? While this work is being redone, time will be lost, and other subs may have to be rescheduled. Occupational & Safety Health Administration (OSHA) As the general contractor of your own home, you can be held responsible for all subcontractors who do not adhere to the construction site OSHA safety requirements. Specifics such as regulations involving stairways and ladders have been a major source of injuries among construction workers. OSHA has set out about 17 detailed rules that govern stairway and ladder use. Other OSHA standards for a jobsite include postings of emergency numbers and instructions in the event of an injury. If your jobsite became the target of an OSHA inspection, penalties for any infractions could be very costly. For example, in Texas one

Lien Laws In the event any of your subcontractors fail to pay their suppliers or laborers, a lien can be filed against your property. A lien is a claim against a piece of property and can cloud the title or deed to the property. These suppliers and laborers, if not paid, can file a lien against your property, even if you have paid the subcontractors. Permits Building permits and periodic inspections are required even if you are self-contracting. It can be a tedious and frustrating experience if you are not familiar with the system and all of the “red tape” requirements, which must be complied and before commencing work. Mistakes here can be costly and time consuming. Looking for more information? Visit or contact SWMBIA at (406) 585-8181 or



12 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

INSIDER Hints for design on a budget


at the kitchen. “You can never go wrong with neutrals, but color is hot now,” Edwards says. “Not necessarily vibrant colors — although for the right space, they can be fabulous — but think along the lines of buttery yellows, soft sage greens and nearly neutral blues.”

One of the most common fixes for a boring room is color. “Color is easy to do and inexpensive,” says Kathy Browning, owner of Design Consultants, a design firm in Virginia Beach, Va.

Adding accents to pieces you already own can also make a large difference. For instance, if your couch is not as exciting as it once was, try throwing a few fun accent pillows on it. Remember, throws and cushions, when selected as accents, can really bring new life to a tired piece of furniture. “The use of pillows, throws and draperies in living spaces enhances a room in many ways,” Warnock says. Fabrics also can add beautiful softness to a room and allow additional patterns and textures to be brought into a room.

pend lazy Saturday afternoons browsing the pages of Architectural Digest or Dwell, wishing you had the budget to hire an interior designer to replicate their artistic interiors? Well-designed rooms don’t always have to come with a huge price tag; in fact, designing on a budget may be easier than you think. Many times, by changing small elements, you can give a room an entirely new personality. Sometimes adding a few colorful pillows or picking up a paintbrush is all you need to do to make your room look like something out of the pages of a magazine.

Updating the color of just one wall in any room will give it an entirely new feel. Painting, when approached correctly, can be an enjoyable experience with instant rewards. Lauren Warnock, vice president director of design at Mary Cook Associates, an interior design firm based in Chicago, reminds home owners that warmer colors can make a room feel cozier and more inviting. Cooler colors like grey or “stark white,” on the other hand, may give a room a more industrial feeling. “Light airy colors open up a space, while deep, darker colors can make a room appear smaller,” Warnock says.

Another budget-friendly change is to rotate the artwork in a room. Using the same frames but changing the images can easily create a new theme or mood, and combining several different frames in different finishes and sizes can achieve different looks.

For the style-conscious, earthy tones such as ambers, browns, and rust are currently popular. “Using modern glamour hues such as white and black with a punch of a teal, coral or chartreuse color is very hot as well,” says Warnock.

Kate Brennan, vice president of new business development at Mary Cook, offers some advice for ready do-it-yourselfers. “Get excited about the transformation that will occur — usually people become more inspired to continue updating their homes.” Brennan says. “Take your project one step at a time and follow your gut.”

Connie Edwards, director of design for Shenandoah Cabinetry, has her own advice when it comes to color, particularly if you are looking

Often overlooked but strikingly effective, updated lighting can work wonders. “Lighting will dramatically change the mood of a room,” Warnock says. Try installing a new fixture or simply swapping out the shades on current fixtures. Installing dimmer switches can also make for an interesting change.



HOW TO LIVE with your remodeling project


What areas of your home will be off limits to workers?

Does your house have an alarm system? Will workers need a key or will someone always be there?

How will you ensure that your children and pets stay out of the work space?


How will trash removal be handled? Where will the remodeler locate the dumpster on your property?

Determine who you and your remodeler should contact for daily decisions or an after-hours emergency. For example, your contact may be the lead carpenter for the job, while the remodeler's contact could be your spouse.

Does the remodeler anticipate any interruptions of utilities during the project? If so, when and for how long? At certain stages of construction, the project may affect basic household necessities like water and electricity. Will you need to vacate the house at any time?

What are your expectations regarding clean up? Will sweeping be sufficient for a daily cleaning, or will you need a more thorough cleaning in order to use the space?

Designate a backup for each contact person to assure continuity in anyone's absence.

You should also use the pre-construction meeting to establish guidelines for the remodeling crew working on the project:

Create a place in your house where the contact persons can leave messages for each other (a securely anchored notebook is a good idea since it is less likely to disappear).

Speak up. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the project, be sure to let the contact person know.

Determine who you and your remodeler should contact for daily decisions or an after-hours emergency. For example, your contact may be the lead carpenter for the job, while the remodeler's contact could be your spouse.

What times will workers begin and end work at your home? Be sure to consider the neighbors as well as household members.

Where can workers park near the jobsite?

Will you allow workers to use your phone for local business calls?

Will bathroom facilities in your home be available to workers?

What is the remodeler's policy on smoking on the jobsite?

What is the remodeler's policy on the use of profanity? If you are especially sensitive to this issue, you should let your remodeler know.

Will you allow workers to play their radios at a reasonable volume? Are there any stations or programs that you do not want played?

emodeling your home is uniquely different from building a new one. With remodeling, your home becomes the worksite. You live side by side with the project from start to finish. Once construction begins, you'll probably long for simple pleasures like a dust-free home or a fully functioning kitchen or bath. But the end result will be well worth these inconveniences. Consistent and open communication between you and your remodeler will enhance your understanding of the project, provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, and ultimately help to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved. To facilitate this process, you need to: •

The Pre-Construction Meeting

One way to ensure the success of your project is to plan for and actively participate in a pre-construction meeting. This allows your remodeler to clarify procedures and explain how the job will progress. It also offers both you and your remodeler an opportunity to prepare for those issues that may arise later. You should think of this meeting as a forum for all participants to define their expectations and agree on the anticipated outcome. Some of the issues you may wish to cover at this meeting include: •

Will you allow your remodeler to place a company sign on your property? Remember that, in addition to being a marketing tool, signs help contractors and suppliers locate your home.

14 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

Preventing Remodeling Fever

The train-station atmosphere of a remodeling project can lead to remodeling fever. The main symptom of this temporary affliction is feeling a loss of control that results from disrupted routines and the impact on your personal space. The best way to prevent this fever is to prepare well, remember that “this too shall pass,” and focus on the progress being made. A few other suggestions from remodeling pros:

Prepare for inconvenience. A remodeling project can turn your home and — on some days — your life upside down. A kitchen remodel will, of course, affect meal planning. But a little ingenuity and some culinary shortcuts can lessen the impact. Set up a temporary cooking quarters by moving the refrigerator, toaster oven, and microwave to another room. Arrange a dishwashing station in your laundry room. If the weather is warm, fire up the grill and dine alfresco.

Designate a safe haven in your home where you can escape from the chaos and commotion.

Guard against dust. During a remodeling project, dust has the unfortunate tendency to appear everywhere from lampshades to plates stacked inside your kitchen cabinets. To keep out as much dust as possible:

1. Seal off doorways and stairs. 2. Turn off central air or heat when workers are sanding and stock up on extra filters so that you can change them often. 3. Have deliveries made though a designated entrance. 4. Use doormats and temporary floor coverings where appropriate. 5. Remove anything that might get damaged by the dust or at least cover it with plastic drop cloths that are taped shut. •

Maintain a sense of humor. Remember that certain things are out of your control and it’s best to laugh rather than upset yourself about things like the weather or delayed delivery of materials.

See the remodeling process as an adventure. Tell the kids that you are “camping in” and transform inconvenience into fun. Along the way, celebrate as different stages of the project are completed.

For more information on choosing a professional remodeler and managing every phase of your remodeling project, be sure to visit



SPRINGTIME simple organization tips S

tep outside and take a deep breath. The snow is melting and flowers are blooming and the fresh scent of spring is once again in the air. This means that heavy coats and scarves are giving way to short sleeves, and snow shovels are being replaced with small gardening tools. But where to store all of your now-unneeded winter accessories? Effective storage ideas are abundant, and getting organized now will ensure you are prepared when Old Man Winter comes back around. Some hoping to get organized may find it helpful to start by making a list of everything they want to store. This list will help ensure that nothing gets lost once the organizing and storage begins. If you have additional space in a basement or garage, you may want to look into purchasing shelving. Easy-to-install, heavy-duty shelving can be purchased at just about any major local home supply store. Many of these units are designed so that you can leave as much room between the shelves as you like, making it easy to get larger and smaller items onto the same unit and saving you space. It is important that when shopping for storage shelving that you look carefully at the installation process. While most are simple enough to install in less than one hour, some may be more involved, requiring multiple tools. Look before you buy and you will have a smoother process while getting organized. Heavy winter clothing can take up lots of closet space, leaving you with little additional room for your spring wardrobe. If you are looking for clothing storage space, have you considered what may not be under your bed? Many home owners forget about the ample storage space lurking there. Invest in some under-the-bed storage units. Many such units work perfectly for storing heavy coats and sweaters until next season, especially in homes with limited storage space. Simply fold your clothing and additional accessories flat and place them into the storage containers. The containers slide right under the bed for excellent outof-sight storage. These handy units can be found at just about any store that sells storage solutions and are relatively inexpensive.

For city dwellers, storage can take an interesting angle of its own. Stretched to find storage space in often cramped apartments, some builders are responding to the need. Fixes to the storage problem include larger built-in cabinets and a unique process known as raised floors. A section of the floor is elevated like a platform, high enough to include small access doors with space to store boxes, skis, heavy coats or just about anything an urbanite may need to pack away with the coming of spring. Storing all of that winter gear away can be as easy as you make it. Remember, make a list and assess what you will need. Take a look around first to see what you already have that can be used for storage. With just a little preparation, storing your winter items can be as relaxing as a warm spring breeze.

DID YOU KNOW? 18 million new homes and apartment units will need to be built to meet demand over the next decade. A typical new home weighs in at about 339,000 pounds, or more than 150 tons. 16 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

DID YOU KNOW? Construction is one of the nation’s largest industries with 8.3 million workers. The number includes 1.6 million self-employed and 6.7 million wage and salary jobs. Source: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (

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Home is where the heart is The rewards of owning a home are many. And you want to be sure your financing works for your home and your life, for today and tomorrow. So, whether you’re buying your first home, a second home or refinancing your current one, a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage consultant will listen to your goals and help you choose the financing that’s right for you. Count on one of the nation’s leading retail mortgage lenders for the exclusive programs and personalized service you need to meet your goals.

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FROG ROCK DESIGN Residential Architecture & Home Design

EnergyStar Design Green materials Passive Solar NAHB CertiямБed Green Professionals *Custom Homes * Remodels & Additi Additions * * * *


13-AFP-098 18 SWMBIA HoMe eXPo MAgAzIne My Bank 90 Years Size: 3.5625x9.75 Color

The Soul of a Home is in the Details


Playhouses on Parade raises public awareness of the positive contributions SWMBIA makes to our community and assists the building industry’s continuing efforts to advance affordable and quality housing. A portion of the proceeds raised through the raffle will benefit a worthy local charitable organization. Charitable partners for 2013 include: Bozeman Schools Foundation and Monforton School. The playhouses will be at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse where they will be on display during the 2013 SWMBIA Home Expo. The lucky winner(s) will be announced March 24th, 2013. Support the local youth, purchase a raffle ticket today!

2013 SWMBIA SWMBIA HoMe HoMe eXPo eXPo 2013

19 19

ABOUT THE BUILDER Pro-Builders is a local family owned business that has been building homes in the Gallatin Valley since 1984. Ivan, Judy, Nathan and Cherie take pride in helping their clients create the home of their dreams. To us, you are not just a client, you are our neighbor. We guide you through every step of the home building process, offering you as much control in the design and layout process as you desire. No matter what your exact project needs are, we have the ability to tailor your home to your specifications and create an environment just as unique as you are. You are only limited by your imagination. For more information feel free to introduce yourself or visit us on the web at


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Dennis Heinzmann electric Valley glass and Windows, Inc. Sherwin Williams Platt electric Campbell’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Our craftsmanship and creativity can take your home to new heights! Let us build the home you dream about !!!!

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ABOUT THE BUILDER With over a century of combined construction experience in the Gallatin Valley, Constructive Solutions, Inc. founded by Rob & Christine Evans, is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with homes that balance environmental and economic sustainability through superior energy performance. Constructive Solutions is an Energy Star partner as well as registered through the USGBC LEED for Homes program. The Constructive Solutions team includes trade experts in concrete, framing, trim, tile and custom production, as well as an on staff Architect and LEED accredited professional. This diversification allows unparalleled control over the interwoven process of homebuilding, and allows CSI to deliver the highest quality design, construction and service over the life of a project. Constructive Solutions works hard to develop lasting relationships with their clients, and enjoys a strong base of referral and repeat work.

Constructive Solutions, Inc. Rob Evans 1001 Oak St. Suite 107 Bozeman, MT 59715 (406) 570-5048

Thank You to the Following Professionals for Their Help in Creating This Playhouse: Kenyon noble Lumber & Hardware SCS Wraps Welding and Machine

ABOUT THE BUILDER Distinctive Lighting has proudly served the Gallatin Valley and Southwest Montana for over 23 years. We offer an extensive range of decorative lighting fixtures, lamps, shades, bulbs, fans, outdoor lighting, mirrors, and accessories. With close to 200 manufacturers, we have the largest selection of all types of lighting including Rustic, Modern, Transitional, and Early Electric. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for we have the ability to design custom product based on your specific application. If you are looking for one light or a houseful of lights and accessories, come in and see our team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals at Distinctive Lighting – Simply the Brightest Value.

Custom Canvas Design Montana Paint/Montana Prefinish

Distinctive Lighting

Bill Fiedler 2608 West Main St. Bozeman, MT 59718 (406) 586-7172

Thank You to the Following Professionals for Their Help in Creating This Playhouse: Kenyon noble Lumber & Hardware The Paint Factory Jim Fiedler

Jayden Manuel- MDT Whole Art LLC Bobcat Mattress

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Wacky Shacks

Josh & Kristina Edwards (406) 548-5690 1(866) 875-9936

Wacky Shacks is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We customize your child’s wishes, by building whimsical, crooked, and wacky playhouse’s to suit everyone at affordable prices. We have ‘basic whimsical crooked’ kids playhouses that have just a little bit of wacky and we also have our ‘Extreme Wackywhimsical’, and ‘Crooked’ playhouses. We will take any idea and turn it into the whimsical playhouse or doghouse that your children and pets are hoping for.

Thank You to the Following Professionals for Their Help in Creating This Playhouse: Simkins-Hallin Lumber Co.

ABOUT THE BUILDER David C. Fowler Architecture partnered with the team at Big Sky Build, Inc. to make this playhouse possible. David C. Fowler Architecture is an award winning and full service architecture firm, now doing business in Bozeman. His business was established in 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia and focused on high-end residential and commercial projects with a desire to focus on Contemporary Design.

David C. Fowler Architecture David C. Fowler P.O Box 7015 Bozeman, MT 59771 (404) 858-5599

Thank You to the Following Professionals for Their Help in Creating This Playhouse: Big Sky Build, Inc. MRL (Montana Reclaimed Lumber) All City glass and Windows Bridger Steel

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Big Sky Western Bank

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Dan Himsworth 39 South Tracy Bozeman, MT 59715 (406) 586-7007

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one professional to another Join the rest of our Vann’s team ■ Certified professional design, engineering, project management, installation, & delivery ■ Vann’s cashback program ■ Builder & designer credit line ■ Pre-order package incentives ■ Parade of Homes™ early bird packages

Montana’s largest independent retailer | Still locally owned and operated

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DO S & DON’TS OF HOME REMODELING □ Don’t neglect your home. □ Do maintain and enhance the value of your home with maintenance. □ Don’t necessarily hire the cheapest remodeler. □ Do a thorough check on the home remodeler’s experience, references, and qualifications, such as membership with NAHB Remodelers. Use these interview questions to identify the best home remodeler for your needs. □ Don’t try to remove or deal with lead paint on your own. □ Do call a professional home remodeler or remediator to minimize exposure to lead paint. □ Don’t try complex remodels on your own. □ Do call a professional home remodeler to get the job done right the first time - save yourself time and money. □ Don’t lose patience during the home remodel. □ Do prepare yourself for challenges and realistically understand the time and money your home remodel may require.

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BIG DESIGN Ideas for small homes


here are any number of reasons families might want to make better use of the space they have in their current or new home. As a family grows, their lifestyle changes, and space for storing toys or doing homework is at a premium. Multi-generational living, where elderly parents, grown children or other relatives all live under the same roof has become common. Or it may just be cosmetic, and the best way to keep clutter at a minimum. Home builders and remodelers are responding to the demand by maximizing the utility of living spaces without sacrificing visual appeal. With creative storage and built-in features, dining rooms can become a home offices or game room in minutes, living rooms can

26 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

be used for family meals, and foyers can store much more than coats and umbrellas. In new home construction, smaller-scale, walk-able communities have become popular. To accommodate the size constraints of a skinny lot, homes are being designed with features like stacked garages where two cars can be housed trunk to hood instead of side by side. Using flexible walls, attractive flooring material and a roofless interior garage space, the area can easily be converted to a patio for entertaining. Improved energy efficiency of windows and doors means homes now feature more indoor-outdoor connectivity. Moveable walls and outdoor spaces tucked within the home’s floor plan provide for better flexible use of the

Fast Facts! The construction of 1,000 single-family homes generates 2,448 jobs in construction and construction-related industries. Source: National Association of Home Builders (

space, as well as improved privacy in densely populated areas. The often unused space under a stairwell can be engineered to accommodate filing cabinets or drawers, or even to create a sanctuary for the family pet complete with a bed and gates to close it off. Drawers built into stair risers are a great place to store small items such as gloves and hats or art supplies. The trend extends to home furnishings as well. Murphy beds, where a piece of furniture conceals a bed that can be set up for sleeping in few minutes, have been around for many years. Modern murphy beds are hidden not only in armoires or bookcases, but new designs feature beds that lower from the ceiling electronically at the touch of a button, or fold out from inside a desk or counter. Other creative, multi-purpose furniture designs include dining tables that convert to a billiard table, bookcases that contain fold-down chairs for when you’re entertaining more than the usual number of friends and family, and cocktail tables with trays that pull out for eating in front of the television.

DID YOU KNOw? todAy’S AvERAgE nEw SinglEfAMily HoME iS 2,320 SQuARE fEEt, And includES 23 linEAR fEEt of KitcHEn countERtopS And 19 windowS. Source: National Association of Home Builders (

We’ll Come to You. Replacing windows or doors? Every home requires special considerations. At Pella, we’ve got experts ready to help you every step of the way. Stop by your Bozeman Pella store or call for a free in-home consultation.

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the sale of your home P

utting your home up for sale can be an exhausting, stressful experience. But there are several things you can do to improve your home's marketability. By expending a bit of effort before it goes on the market, you can ensure that your home presents well, stands out from the crowd and doesn’t turn off potential buyers so that you can sell quickly…and at the best price.

Tone Down Personality

Your bookshelves may be filled with PulitzerPrize winners and your collection of Americana figurines may reflect your personal interests, but to home buyers, it looks busy and cluttered, and may distract them from truly seeing your home’s unique architectural features and spacious rooms. Also consider whether family pictures help or hinder a sale; future home owners may not be able to look past your kids’ smiling faces plastered all over the walls and see themselves building their own future in your home. Since you hope to move soon anyway, go ahead and box them up and put them in storage in advance of the open house or showing. While that red accent wall opposite the lime green fireplace perfectly ties in with your ultra modern furniture, a potential buyer at your open house may be turned off immediately and decide that the entire

house doesn’t reflect their style. Consider painting walls a neutral color such as beige or taupe. The interior paint job should be fresh and clean and in a single, neutral color throughout. The same goes for the exterior. Don't forget shutters and windows. If your home has vinyl or aluminum siding, be sure it's clean. Moldy, dirty siding will tell a buyer that your home has not been taken care of properly. Old, matted carpeting will be a detriment to your home selling. Real estate agents all have a dozen stories of a home that sat and sat on the market until the old carpeting was replaced. Then, it sold immediately. If you have hardwood floors under old carpet, tear up the carpet to expose them; today's buyers love hardwood floors.

First Impressions Count

Clean your house top to bottom including walls, floors, furniture and tabletops. Everything should be sparkling clean when a buyer makes that all-important first visit. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the counter or laundry stacked in the bedroom. Take a long, hard look at your home from the street. Does it have curb appeal? Is it warm, inviting and well-kept? Make sure by mowing the lawn, weeding garden areas, trimming unruly bushes, resealing the driveway and sweeping the porch. Pay particular attention to your front door. Repaint it if necessary. Polish the doorknob and knocker and clean the glass and screen door. When a buyer waits at the front door to enter, make sure he or she sees that your home was cared for lovingly.

Don’t Burden the Buyer with Repairs

If there are problem areas in your home, get them fixed before the showing. When prospective buyers tour the house and see leak stains on the ceiling or peeling paint, they will also see future work and 28 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

Fast Facts! In the first 12 months after purchasing a newly built home, owners spend an average of $8,905 to furnish, decorate & improve them. Source: National Association of Home Builders (

assume that bigger maintenance and repair issues are lurking behind those small problems. This is particularly true in kitchens and bathrooms, which are often the two rooms that make or break a sale. The expenses you incur on the front end sprucing up your home will be cheaper than the profits you could lose by having to lower the price to meet buyer demand. If your home’s appliances, like the dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and washer and dryer, are old and outdated, it could pay to replace them. Buyers do not want to be faced with the possibility of having to replace appliances upon moving in to a new house. Shiny, new appliances already in place will be a big selling point.

Maximize Exposure

Lastly, take advantage of new technology to find unique ways to market your house. Use YouTube, a video sharing website, to introduce yourself and your house for free. Take home shoppers on a virtual tour and tell them about its uniqueness and strengths from a

first-person point of view. Use Internet social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to create a Web link with a profile of your home. Include pictures and a description of your home’s features. Email the link to your friends and ask them to forward it on to their network of contacts. Get your home listed on real estate websites. There are some that are national in scope and others focus on your specific markets. Examples include Redfin and Zillow. Be sure that you are using traditional marketing techniques to your best advantage. When photographing your home for promotional purposes, invest in a wide-angle lens for your camera so that rooms appear bigger and in proportion when they are displayed on Internet home listing sites or in marketing flyers. If you decide to create a virtual tour, look for professionals who will be able to film and upload your video using the best techniques and technology.



combine function and fashion with edible landscaping


s Americans become more health conscious, farmers’ markets, produce co-ops and community gardening spaces are gaining popularity. Many families want to grow their own food, but may be challenged by a lack of space for a full-sized garden in their yard. But did you know that with the concept of edible landscaping, you can have an attractive-looking yard or patio that also provides fruits and vegetables your family can eat? According to the Ohio State University Extension Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, edible landscaping is the use of food producing plants in the constructed landscape, principally the residential landscape. Edible landscapes combine fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and ornamental plants into aesthetically pleasing designs. The designs can incorporate any garden style and can include just a few, or be completely comprised of edible species.

Some Reasons to Include Edible Plants in Your Home’s Landscaping:

• Ability to pick and eat fresh, fully-ripe fruits and vegetables • Control the amount of pesticides and herbicides used on your food • Save money by not buying fruits and vegetables at the grocery store • Grow unique types of foods that may not be available in the store Many edible species are not only functional from a food-on-your-table perspective; they are also attractive. For example, some flowers, such as begonias, day lilies, carnations, pansies, peonies and roses can be eaten. They also make a colorful addition to salads or as a garnish on plates. Red and yellow tomato and pepper plants add a splash of color to ornamental beds. To help you get better use of your yard, raspberry or blackberry bushes make a great border, and fruit trees provide shade. Just make sure you consider where you are placing them, cleaning rotten fruit or berries that have dropped onto your patio can be a frustrating and messy chore.

More Ideas For Edible Landscapes Include:

• Put pots of herbs on the patio • Include cherry tomatoes in a window box or hanging basket • Build a grape arbor • Grow nasturtium, violas, borage, or calendula and include flowers in salads • Grow Red-jewel cabbage • Plant colorful pepper varieties alongside flowers • Tuck lettuce, radishes, or other short-lived greens into a flower bed • Replace a barberry hedge with gooseberries • Put basil together with coleus in a planter • Try yellow or "rainbow" chard • Grow chives around the mailbox • Train raspberries up your fence The amount and location of consumable plant varieties you choose to include in your landscaping is completely up to your tastes, both literally and figuratively. Make sure to do your research and know how much sunlight and water each plant requires, what type of soil will best support that species, and how much maintenance you’ll have to do to get the fruits and vegetables you desire. For more homeowner hints, go to or 30 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

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Whether it’s New Construction or Replacement Windows, Western Glass has you covered with Milgard premium & builder series windows. Milgard Windows have a Full Lifetime Warranty. Before



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EQUIPMENT DEALERS &/OR RENTALS Elite Kubota H & E Equipment Services Pro Rentals & Sales Titan Rentals Tractor & Equipment Co./The Cat Rental Store United Rentals

EXCAVATION/DEMOLITION/HAULING Four Corners Recycling K M Construction Co., Inc. Mountain Supply Company TLC Builders Williams Plumbing & Heating

(406) 388-4939 (406) 388-2308 (406) 587-6001 (406) 587-0728 (406) 585-5800 (406) 697-4128 (406) 220-6701 (406) 587-9307 (406) 587-0713 (406) 284-6546 (406) 587-0969

FENCING SUPPLIES & FENCE CONSTRUCTION Invisible Fence of the Big Sky Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Liberty Fence & Deck

FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION Buffalo Restoration, Inc. Guardian Restoration, Inc.


Bare’s Stove & Spa Burning Stoves & Stuff, Inc. Hometown Heating & Cooling, Inc. Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware WarmStone Fireplaces & Design

(406) 388-5599 (406) 586-2371 (406) 600-7741 (406) 586-8109 (406) 586-0288 (406) 587-1005 (406) 388-0100 (406) 388-8853 (406) 586-2371 (406) 333-4383

FLOORING SALES &/OR INSTALLAITON Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co. Carpet Mill Outlet Gallatin Valley Furniture “Carpet One” Jackson’s Hardwood Flooring Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Montana Prefinish/Montana Paint, Inc. Phillips Hardwood Floors Pierce Flooring & Design Center The Flooring Place

FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION Jackson’s Hardwood Flooring

FRAMING CONTRACTORS Arete Builders Kostelecky Construction Monarch Homes Rasmussen Construction, Inc. SchuylerBuilt Homes, Inc.

(406) 388-7886 (406) 586-8234 (406) 587-5423 (406) 586-9358 (406) 586-2371 (406) 763-4847 (406) 586-9950 (406) 587-5428 (406) 587-7472 (406) 586-9358 (406) 579-1362 (406) 539-2633 (406) 581-2207 (406) 581-9640 (406) 579-5310


Bozeman TV, Furniture & Appliance, Inc. Conlin’s Furniture Gallatin Valley Furniture “Carpet One” Montana Expressions, Inc. Second Impressions Home Furnishings Gallery Truex Home Furnishings

(406) 587-0342 (406) 586-5550 (406) 587-5423 (406) 585-5839 (406) 585-0700 (406) 222-2288

FURNITURE-DESIGNERS &/OR CUSTOM BUILDERS Big Timberworks, Inc. Rocky Mountain Furniture Restoration, Inc. Yellowstone Traditions

(406) 763-4639 (406) 586-6414 (406) 587-0968

GARAGE DOOR SALES &/OR SERVICE Blossom Brothers Overhead Door Co. dba Overhead Door of SW MT Door Tech, Inc. Kaufmann’s Overhead Door

(406) 388-2767 (406) 582-1623 (406) 586-9636

GARBAGE & TRASH-REFUSE HAULING L & L Site Services, Inc. Republic Services of Montana

GAS - PROPANE Northwestern Energy

(406) 924-6471 (406) 586-0606 (406) 582-4615

GARAGE DOOR SALES &/OR SERVICE Glass Doctor Valley Glass & Windows, Inc. Western Glass


GREEN BUILDING MATERIALS Big Timberworks, Inc. Bozeman Green Build Bridger Steel FLIR (Scientific Materials Corp) Four Corners Recycling Keller Supply Kitchen & Bath Showcase Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co. StoneTek


HARDWARE SUPPLIERS Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Owenhouse Ace Hardware Pacific Steel & Recycling Triple “S” Building Center, Inc.

(406) 585-9090 (406) 586-0581 (406) 586-1620 (406) 587-4508 (406) 763-4639 (406) 580-6068 (406) 388-9555 (406) 585-3772 (406) 220-6701 (406) 582-7619 (406) 586-2371 (406) 763-9102 (406) 388-1776 (406) 599-1045 (406) 586-2371 (406) 587-5401 (406) 587-0662 (406) 496-3900

HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING CONTRACTORS Ambient Air Solutions, Inc. Burning Stoves & Stuff, Inc. Campbell’s Plumbing & Heating Comfort Systems of Montana Graybeal’s All Service, Inc. Hometown Heating & Cooling, Inc. Montana Climate Control Mountain Sheet Metal Williams Plumbing & Heating


(406) 580-1022 (406) 388-0100 (406) 388-6554 (406) 522-1114 (406) 222-7852 (406) 388-8853 (406) 582-0057 (406) 586-4007 (406) 587-0969 (406) 388-9890 (406) 290-0058

HOME AUTOMATION & NETWORKING Black Box Design Kenco Security & Technology Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. Smart Home Systems, Inc.


Sound Pro Bozeman TJ Electric, Inc. Vann’s Electronics & Appliances, Inc.


2-10 Home Buyers Warranty


Bare’s Stove & Spa Keller Supply Kitchen & Bath Showcase Mountain Hot Tub, Inc.

INSULATION CONTRACTORS D’s Insulation Great Western Insulation

(406) 932-5400 (406) 522-7600 (406) 490-1274 (406) 388-0676 (406) 587-5118 (406) 586-7731 (406) 586-4771 (763) 202-7368 (406) 587-1005 (406) 582-7619 (406) 586-5850 (406) 388-4788 (406) 586-7240


INSURANCE & BONDING AGENTS 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Derby Agency First West Insurance PayneWest Insurance PayneWest Insurance State Farm Insurance State Farm Insurance Dan Rust Agency

INSURANCE INVESTMENTS &/OR EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Derby Agency PayneWest Insurance PayneWest Insurance State Farm Insurance State Farm Insurance Dan Rust Agency Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Bridger Kitchen Interiors, Inc. Ceramica Distinctive Lighting Gallatin Valley Furniture “Carpet One” Montana Expressions, Inc. Pierce Flooring & Design Center Sievert Construction, Inc. & Staging Trademark Construction


(406) 388-4146 (406) 586-4585 (763) 202-7368 (406) 556-0893 (406) 587-5111 (406) 556-4621 (406) 586-3351 (406) 587-4010 (406) 587-8287

(406) 556-0893 (406) 556-4621 (406) 586-3351 (406) 587-4010 (406) 587-8287 (406) 585-2227 (406) 582-1001 (406) 582-8989 (406) 586-7172 (406) 587-5423 (406) 585-5839 (406) 587-5428 (406) 388-0335 (406) 763-3333 (406) 758-1750


LANDSCAPERS & DESIGNERS Bear Paw Landscapes, Inc. Big Country Landscapes, Inc. Cashman Nursery Last Best Place Landscaping Lawsons Greenhouse MossCreek Landscapes, Inc. Mountain Supply Company Wiening Landscape, Inc.

(406) 585-3393 (406) 570-7898 (406) 388-2728 (406) 587-3406 (406) 581-2785 (406) 586-5171 (406) 580-0442 (406) 587-0713 (406) 581-8482



LAWN SERVICES/EQUIPMENT Elite Kubota Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware SEARS Hometown Store of Bozeman Wiening Landscape, Inc.


Distinctive Lighting Hogan’s Electric Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Second Impressions Home Furnishings Gallery



Braun Log Homes LLC Don Schmidt Contracting LLC Graden Construction, Inc. Haas Builders LLC Radick Renovations Inc./RAVE RMR Group, Inc. Sievert Construction, Inc. & Staging Teton Heritage Builders, Inc.


Braun Log Homes LLC Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware

(406) 388-4939 (406) 586-2371 (406) 587-2261 (406) 581-8482 (406) 586-7172 (406) 579-8501 (406) 586-2371 (406) 585-0700

(406) 490-1274 (406) 570-6867 (406) 580-3133 (406) 388-4342 (406) 995-4552 (406) 581-7113 (406) 995-4811 (406) 388-0335 (406) 522-0808 (406) 570-6867 (406) 586-2371

LOG HOME MANUFACTURERS &/OR SUPPLIERS Braun Log Homes LLC Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware The Siding Center

LUMBER & BUILDING MATERIALS Big Timberworks, Inc. Boise Cascade Corp BMDD Braun Log Homes LLC Bridger Forest Products Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co. Clawson Windows-Bozeman Empire Building Materials, Inc. Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Marks Lumber Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co. Montana Timber Products Montana Timbers Northwest Drywall & Roofing Supply, Inc. Sierra Pacific Windows Simkins-Hallin Lumber Co.

MANUFACTUERED HOMES Ambient Air Solutions, Inc.


(406) 570-6867 (406) 586-2371 (406) 586-2014

(406) 763-4639 (406) 652-3250 (406) 570-6867 (406) 388-3383 (406) 388-7886 (406) 581-1100 (406) 587-3191 (406) 586-2371 (406) 933-5794 (406) 763-9102 (406) 546-5579 (406) 388-5011 (406) 388-2990 (406) 587-9129 (406) 586-5495 (406) 580-1022 (406) 585-3772

MASONRY CONTRACTORS & SUPPLIERS Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile D’Agostino Masonry & Supply Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Knife River Stearns Masonry, Inc. Texteriors

METALWORKING - SPECIALTY Midwest Welding & Machine

(406) 587-4283 (406) 585-7625 (406) 586-2371 (406) 388-6832 (406) 580-1523 (406) 586-4016 (406) 587-5417

MOLD MITIGATION Buffalo Restoration, Inc. Guardian Restoration, Inc.


Best Western GranTree Inn Bozeman Holiday Inn Gateway Village LLC Residence Inn

(406) 587-5261 (406) 587-4561 (406) 223-9360 (406) 522-1535


(406) 587-4283 (406) 388-1776

NURSERIES/PLANTS/LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile Cashman Nursery Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Lawsons Greenhouse

(406) 587-4283 (406) 587-3406 (406) 586-2371 (406) 586-5171



Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Sherwin-Williams Co. The Paint Factory, Inc.


Crystal Finishing Dependable Paint & Drywall, Inc./DP Coatings, Inc. John Castle Painting, Inc. Jones Painting, Inc. Montana Prefinish/Montana Paint, Inc. Moonlight Painting and Finishing, Inc.

(406) 587-0073 (406) 586-2371 (406) 586-1981 (406) 585-7117 (406) 595-0807 (406) 587-2523 (406) 570-5765 (406) 388-2959 (406) 763-4847 (406) 580-6092

PAINTING CONTRACTORS - SPECIALTY Crystal Finishing Jones Painting, Inc. Surfaces LLC


Apex Group Paving and Sealcoating High Country Paving, Inc. K M Construction Co., Inc. Knife River


Invisible Fence of the Big Sky


(406) 595-0807 (406) 388-2959 (406) 599-7362 (406) 388-7044 (406) 388-9707 (406) 587-9307 (406) 388-6832 (406) 388-5599 (406) 586-4016

PLUMBING & HEATING CONTRACTORS Air Controls Bozeman, Inc. Bridger Mountain Plumbing LLC Campbell’s Plumbing & Heating Comfort Systems of Montana Egbert Electric & Plumbing, Inc. Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Williams Plumbing & Heating

PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPLIERS Al’s Big Sky Water Conditioning Egbert Electric & Plumbing, Inc. Keller Supply Kitchen & Bath Showcase Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Mountain Supply Company

POLLUTION PREVENTION Montana State University Extension

36 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

(406) 586-8109 (406) 586-0288

(406) 587-6292 (406) 451-8000 (406) 388-6554 (406) 522-1114 (406) 587-4189 (406) 587-4669 (406) 587-0969 (406) 222-0124 (406) 587-4189 (406) 582-7619 (406) 586-2371 (406) 587-0713 (406) 994-3451

PORTABLE TOILETS Little Stinkers Septic Service

PRINTERS Alphagraphics Insty-Prints


BMS Carpet Cleaners/Mike Campbell Inspections Infrared USA, Inc. Powerhouse-ICS

RADIO STATIONS Townsquare Media


Bozeman Broker Group, Donna Kostelecky Bozeman Broker Group Coldwell Banker RCI Realty Coldwell Banker RCI Realty, Brett Tudsbury ERA Landmark Real Estate ERA Landmark Real Estate, Denise Andres ERA Landmark Real Estate, Sharon Tudor Isler Gallatin Center LP Keller Williams Montana Realty Keller Williams Montana Realty, Al Trainer Keller Williams Montana Realty, Carolyne Calvin Keller Williams Montana Realty, Jennifer Trainer Keller Williams Montana Realty, Joyce Thompson Meken Equity Mgmt Inc. DBA Centennial Village Prudential Montana Real Estate RE/MAX Realty Group

RECLAIMED WOOD PRODUCTS Big Timberworks, Inc. Jackson’s Hardwood Flooring Montana Reclaimed Lumber Co. Montana Timbers


A.S. Hathaway Construction, Inc. Alpenglow Custom Builders Ambient Air Solutions, Inc. Andreassi Custom Homes, Inc., “Healthy By Design” Arete Builders B & E Construction, Inc. Big Timberworks, Inc. Biggerstaff Construction Braun Log Homes LLC Bridger Builders Clair W. Daines, Inc. Constructive Solutions, Inc. Continental Construction Don Schmidt Contracting LLC Graden Construction, Inc. Langley Roofing Miller Construction, Inc. Mountain High Homes, Inc. Pro-Builders Radick Renovations Inc. /RAVE Rasmussen Construction, Inc. RMR Group, Inc. Roset & Associates, Inc. S x S Land & Development LLC Sievert Construction, Inc. & Staging Swanson Construction, Inc. Tim Dean Construction Tim Weaver Construction Tollefson Builders

(406) 585-7867 (406) 587-4508 (406) 586-7007 (406) 586-7478 (406) 388-9890 (406) 290-0058

Trademark Construction Vidmar Construction, Inc.


H & E Equipment Services Pro Rentals & Sales Titan Rentals United Rentals


Montana State University Extension


(406) 586-2343

Yellowstone Mountain Club

(406) 580-1200 (406) 587-5900 (406) 587-7653 (406) 209-4500 (406) 586-1321 (406) 556-5065 (406) 556-5048 (406) 587-7950 (406) 522-7000 (406) 570-9148 (406) 570-9144 (406) 599-7382 (406) 581-5672 (406) 539-3358 (406) 586-7676 (406) 585-9595

Baxter Hotel Bozeman Holiday Inn Best Western GranTree Inn

(406) 763-4639 (406) 586-9358 (406) 763-9102 (406) 388-5011 (406) 570-0117 (406) 920-1029 (406) 580-1022 (406) 580-1080 (406) 579-1362 (406) 682-7942 (406) 763-4639 (406) 995-4875 (406) 570-6867 (406) 587-8544 (406) 586-9519 (406) 570-5048 (406) 522-7281 (406) 580-3133 (406) 388-4342 (406) 580-9800 (406) 284-3288 (406) 581-0667 (406) 586-0792 (406) 581-7113 (406) 581-9640 (406) 995-4811 (406) 581-5634 (406) 586-9534 (406) 388-0335 (406) 587-8200 (406) 586-2723 (406) 223-9021 (406) 586-2851


Buffalo Restoration, Inc. Guardian Restoration, Inc. Rocky Mountain Furniture Restoration, Inc.

ROAD BUILDING CONTRACTORS High Country Paving, Inc. K M Construction Co., Inc. Knife River TLC Builders


Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Kostelecky Construction Langley Roofing Northwest Drywall & Roofing Supply, Inc. Pilari Construction Management, Inc. Rotherham Construction, Inc. Trademark Construction Wilder Construction

SALES AGENCY PayneWest Insurance Townsquare Media

SAND & GRAVEL SUPPLIERS Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile Kenyon Noble Ready-Mix Knife River TMC, Inc.

SECURITY SYSTEMS Kenco Security & Technology Smart Home Systems, Inc.

(406) 585-7463 (406) 763-3333 (406) 388-2308 (406) 587-6001 (406) 587-0728 (406) 697-4128 (406) 994-3451 (406) 995-7909 (406) 223-9360 (406) 587-4561 (406) 587-5261 (406) 586-8109 (406) 586-0288 (406) 586-6414 (406) 388-9707 (406) 587-9307 (406) 388-6832 (406) 284-6546 (406) 586-2371 (406) 539-2633 (406) 580-9800 (406) 388-2990 (406) 570-7319 (406) 582-8223 (406) 763-3333 (406) 539-4304 (406) 556-4621 (406) 586-2343 (406) 587-4283 (406) 388-2397 (406) 388-6832 (406) 388-6844 (406) 522-7600 (406) 388-0676

SEPTIC SERVICE: INSPECTIONS/MAINTENANCE Little Stinkers Septic Service Townsend Backhoe Service, Inc.

(406) 585-7867 (406) 587-0380

SEPTIC SYSTEMS - DESIGN & ENGINEERING C & H Engineering & Surveying, Inc. Quality of Life Consultants LLC Townsend Backhoe Service, Inc.

SEPTIC SYSTEMS - INSTALLATION TLC Builders Townsend Backhoe Service, Inc.

SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce Gallatin Association of Realtors Habitat for Humanity of Gallatin Valley

(406) 587-1115 (406) 599-3794 (406) 587-0380 (406) 284-6546 (406) 587-0380 (406) 586-5421 (406) 585-0033 (406) 388-8225



SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS Comfort Systems of Montana Hometown Heating & Cooling, Inc. Langley Roofing Midwest Welding & Machine Mountain Sheet Metal

(406) 522-1114 (406) 388-8853 (406) 580-9800 (406) 587-5417 (406) 586-4007

SIDING DEALERS &/OR CONTRACTORS Bridger Steel Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Monarch Homes The Siding Center Triple “S” Building Center, Inc.


Alphagraphics Insty-Prints

SNOW REMOVAL Wow Window Cleaning


Bare’s Stove & Spa Mountain Hot Tub, Inc.


Bear Paw Landscapes, Inc. Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware MossCreek Landscapes, Inc. Wiening Landscape, Inc.

STEEL & REBAR SUPPLIERS Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile D’Agostino Masonry & Supply Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Midwest Welding & Machine Pacific Steel & Recycling Stephens Welding

STONE MANUFACTURER/SUPPLY Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile D’Agostino Masonry & Supply StoneTek The Siding Center

(406) 388-9555 (406) 586-2371 (406) 581-2207 (406) 586-2014 (406) 496-3900 (406) 587-4508 (406) 586-7007 (406) 599-7377 (406) 587-1005 (406) 586-5850 (406) 570-7898 (406) 586-2371 (406) 580-0442 (406) 581-8482



(406) 587-4283 (406) 585-7625 (406) 388-1776 (406) 586-2014

TIMBER FRAMES Big Timberworks, Inc.


American Land Title Company American Land Title Company First American Title Company Montana Title & Escrow Security Title Company of Montana 38 SWMBIA Home EXPO Magazine

Elite Kubota Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Owenhouse Ace Hardware Pacific Steel & Recycling Pro Rentals & Sales SEARS Hometown Store of Bozeman Simkins-Hallin Lumber Co. Titan Rentals Tractor & Equipment Co./The Cat Rental Store

TRIM - CUSTOM INTERIORS Big Sky Build, Inc. Bridger Steel Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co. D.P. Doors and Millwork Monarch Homes Tim Weaver Construction Western Millwork

TRUSS MANUFACTURERS Big Timberworks, Inc. Kenyon Noble Truss Simkins-Hallin Lumber Co.


Campbell’s Plumbing & Heating Kenco Security & Technology

WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION Buffalo Restoration, Inc. Guardian Restoration, Inc.

WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS Al’s Big Sky Water Conditioning Campbell’s Plumbing & Heating Pure Water Technologies, Inc.


(406) 587-1005 (406) 388-0100

Midwest Welding & Machine Stephens Welding Welding & Machine

(406) 758-1750


(406) 586-3280


TILE & CERAMIC CONTRACTORS &/OR DEALERS Bozeman Brick, Block & Tile Carpet Mill Outlet Ceramica Gallatin Valley Furniture “Carpet One” Pierce Flooring & Design Center Unger Stone and Tile, Inc. Ward’s Custom Tile, Inc.


Northwestern Energy (406) 587-4283 (406) 585-7625 (406) 586-2371 (406) 587-5417 (406) 587-0662 (406) 388-1680

STOVES - WOOD/PELLET/COAL/GAS/INSERTS Bare’s Stove & Spa Burning Stoves & Stuff, Inc.

Security Title Company of Montana Stewart Title of Bozeman LLC

(406) 587-4283 (406) 586-8234 (406) 582-8989 (406) 587-5423 (406) 587-5428 (406) 580-1587 (406) 388-1857 (406) 763-4639 (406) 587-7702 (406) 587-5563 (406) 586-1978 (406) 587-7702 (406) 522-5500

Hayes Drilling

Wow Window Cleaning


Blind Guy/Closet Guy Budget Blinds Gallatin Valley Furniture “Carpet One”


Big Timberworks, Inc. Boise Cascade Corp BMDD Clawson Windows-Bozeman Empire Building Materials, Inc. Glass Doctor Kenyon Noble Lumber & Hardware Montana Sash & Door Co., Inc. Pella Windows & Doors, Inc. Sierra Pacific Windows Triple “S” Building Center, Inc. Valley Glass & Windows, Inc. Western Glass

(406) 222-7647 (406) 522-7636 (406) 388-4939 (406) 586-2371 (406) 587-5401 (406) 587-0662 (406) 587-6001 (406) 587-2261 (406) 586-5495 (406) 587-0728 (406) 585-5800 (406) 995-3670 (406) 388-9555 (406) 388-7886 (406) 388-1610 (406) 581-2207 (406) 223-9021 (406) 284-3329 (406) 763-4639 (406) 586-0538 (406) 586-5495 (406) 582-4615 (406) 388-6554 (406) 522-7600 (406) 586-8109 (406) 586-0288 (406) 222-0124 (406) 388-6554 (406) 582-4411 (406) 587-5417 (406) 388-1680 (406) 586-1934 (406) 586-2499 (406) 599-7377 (406) 585-0855 (406) 585-7299 (406) 587-5423 (406) 763-4639 (406) 652-3250 (406) 581-1100 (406) 587-3191 (406) 585-9090 (406) 586-2371 (406) 586-1858 (406) 587-5944 (406) 587-9129 (406) 496-3900 (406) 586-0581 (406) 586-1620

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Building a home involves many decisions. One of the most important is the financing, and choosing a partner who will guide you through the process to find the best loan to fit your needs. We offer the mortgage products and experience to make the process simple, so you have time to concentrate on the really important things, like choosing the color of your new front door.

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2013 SWMBIA Home Expo Magazine

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