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Exculsive to Killarney Christmas Annual 2015 Readers

Its simple, to enter please send us a postcard with your name and contact details to O’Sullivan’s Cycles Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney, before December 18th. The winners of this ‘Childrens Bicycle’ will be notified before 5.00pm on 19th December 2015.

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

The heart of Christmas is amazing: that the baby born to Mary and Joseph, lying in a straw manger in a stable in Bethlehem, was God come to be with all people on earth. The Almighty, the All-Powerful came into our world as one powerless, as a gentle loving new-born baby. He came to stay, He is with us always. Such is “the loving kindness of the heart of our God” for us all.

Killarney is an extraordinary place at any time of the year but it is a particularly special place to be at Christmas. From the snow capped Reeks to the magical wonderland of the town with its Christmas in Killarney decorations, activities and five magical parades, Santa in the national park and ice skating in the heart of the town, Killarney has it all at Christmas.

Happy Christmas to one and all. Enjoy the presence of children. Have time for God. Have time to count your blessings, – especially the goodness of the people in your life. Have time for family, neighbours and friends. It you can afford it, be generous to needy causes. Let us all gather together in church to joyfully give praise and thanks to God. Happy Christmas!

Kate OLeary

Ray Browne+

Kate O’Leary

President Killarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce

Ray Browne Bishop of Kerry

Killarney Christmas Annual 2015 Dear readers, it is my wish that this publication will aid you in choosing the best of what Killarney has to offer; that special gift, where to eat, drink, play or dance the nights away during the festive season. Enter our competitions with the chance to win some great prizes kindly supplied by local producers and shops... so let your new year’s resolution be ‘support local’. Today we live in a vibrant town, surrounded by great natural beauty, rich in culture and history. The people gone before us are of great importance, they made the name ‘Killarney’, its reputation and the town what it is today...for you to enjoy. So in this publication we pay tribute to them. Be proud of your heritage! The reputation of Switzer Studios is based on the editorial independence, integrity and high standards of our publications. View expressed by Switzer Studios in this publication are not necessarily the views of nor representative of our advertisers. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of names, addresses, and particulars of events, venues, businesses and other entries, Switzer Studios can not accept responsibility for inaccuracies or omissions. This publication is wholly protected by copyright and no reproduction is permitted without prior written permission by the publisher.



Damien Switzer

Damien Switzer Switzer Studios


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

29 College Street Brief History


Mark Eldred Killarney’s famed ‘Bluebell Artist’ artist gives O’Sullivan Cycles you a chance to WIN one of his paintings worth €2500.00 A great giveaway


5 The Shire Giveaway

Win a party for 10 people, champagne reception & finger food plus €200.00 drinks tab

6 Festive Recipes


Giveaways More Great Chances to WIn Win Win

34 Brendan Fuller Talks Christmas in his youth

35 Wines quick reviews

56 62

Gifts for Him More local Gift Ideas

10 Iconic Pioneering Irish

Woman The story of The Lake Hotel’s Hilda Huggard’s rise to fame in a man’s world

12 Who’s 4 Shoes Latest 16 Weeshie

(in conversation with Damien)

at seventy three years and nine months talks about old Killarney

20 Christmas Hamper

Tim Jones Family Butcher WIN a €300.00 Hamper

22 Kay Randles

Her story after 50 years in the hotel industry

24 Pat O’Neill

Talks Hair & Mega €300.00 Voucher Giveaway

with Peter Guban

Gifts for Her A range of local Gift Ideas

Tracy Coyne with simple Christmas desert recipes

Winter collection

50 Roast Turkey

67 Muckross Craft Centre Gives it all away this Christmas Prize worth €250.00


Jessie Buckley Killarney girl on home, Christmas and Career

69 Forks or Fingers Quick n Easy Treats with Tm Jones


Hobbits in Killarney Small in stature but big on success


Tea & Toast touch screen style, O’Leary Expert invite you to WIN the latest tech worth €250.00


Luxury Stay Win a break in The Maritime


The Kilbrean Boy The Laurels and growing up in Killarney... Page


70 Down Memory Lane

Social & Internet Sensation


The Original Christmas in Killarney Festival

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74 Talking Ham

With Celebrity Chef John Drummond

76 Pampering Time

Another chance to win with Lela Thai Spa

78 Lucy Jayne

Gives us a review on ‘Listen to the Moon’ by Michael Morpurgo

80 Eager for Toys

Then there’s only one place to go!

Gift Ideas for Kids ...

84 Q&A with Whitty

Donal talks Cowboys & Indians

85 4 Star Prize A Voucher you could eat worth €250.00


Padraig turns 21 Killarney’s very own Padraig O’Brien on growing up...

Plus Designer Prize

88 Eileen’s Christmas Memories of home and Christmas...

90 Jill on Beauty

What to do to look fab!

96 Maurice

Reminisces on Christmas in Killarney a few moons ago...

Champagne & Finger Food on Arrival for 10 people plus €200.00 Drinks Tab!

To enter, drop in a postcard with your name and contact details to The Shire Bar, before December 18th. The winner will be notified on 19th December.



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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

tracy coyne

Chocolate Chip Log

These are Christmas dessert recipes that are simple to make, with many elements that are easily shop bought or made well ahead of time meaning you can finish them off at the table knowing you’ll have a show stopping centrepiece to place on the table, without sweating in the kitchen up to the last moment!

This is an oldie, but still a great recipe to have in your repertoire as it uses very few ingredients and can be rustled up in minutes if you have surprise guests, or just want to dress up an ordinary family dinner with a nice dessert. We usually have a couple of packs of chocolate chips in the back of the cupboard as an emergency ingredient rather than a treat – for cheesecake bases and the like when you are pushed for time – and this is recipe can get you out of jail with very few additional ingredients! I have added boozy adult themes here as it’s coming up for Christmas but note that this is a great way of getting the kids in the kitchen where you can use chocolate milk in place of the coffee and a spoon of chocolate sauce in place of the brandy… Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Ingredients 250g Double Cream, 2 Tbsp Icing Sugar, 2 Tbsp Brandy, 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract, 250g Choc Chip Biscuits,

Ingredients 125g Strong Cooled Coffee

6 Egg Whites 450g Caster Sugar ½ Tsp Cornflour 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract 2 Litres Chocolate Vanilla or Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream – or one of each!

(with a dash of Baileys if you fancy it)

50g Grated Dark Chocolate, Mascarpone Soft Cheese 250g.

500g Double Cream Softly Whipped 150g Frozen Cherries 20g Toasted Flaked Coconut Chocolate Sauce 50g Dark Chocolate 50g Double Cream

Directions Preheat oven to 100C Fan Oven (120 without a fan). Grease and line a baking tray with baking paper. Mark a 22cm circle on tray. Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites until soft peaks form.


Gradually add sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating until dissolved after each addition (this will take about 10 minutes). Add cream of tartar, cornflour and vanilla.

Whip cream and icing sugar together, then mix in the mascarpone, brandy and vanilla.

Beat for 1 minute or until combined. Spoon meringue on to prepared tray. Using a palette knife, shape meringue into a circle. Bake for 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes, or until firm. Turn oven off. Cool in oven with door ajar.

Lay the chocolate chip biscuits in a shallow dish with the coffee – add a dash of Baileys if you have it handy. Spread biscuits with cream mixture and sandwich together to form a log on a serving platter, using all of the biscuits.

Scald the cream in a saucepan and pour over the chocolate covering with cling film for 3-4 minutes until dissolved. Stir vigorously to combine into a sauce.

Cover the log with remaining cream, then sprinkle with grated chocolate. Refrigerate for several hours before serving.

Just before serving, top Pavlova with whipped cream & ice-cream. Decorate with cherries, coconut and topping. Serve immediately.


Black Forest Pavlova Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of meringue as it is one of the easiest things to turn out of an oven, can be made ahead of time, and looks so impressive with its crisp billowy folds. This is a take on a classic cake, but a much lighter version since it doesn’t require three layers of decadent chocolate cake..! Use fresh or frozen berries depending on the season – frozen work beautifully in this because as they thaw, they offer up a rich tart juice to offset the creaminess and sweetness of the layers of meringue and softly whipped cream. Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

White Chocolate &

Directions Make the jelly following packet directions. Pour into a 20cm (3.75L) straight-sided trifle bowl reserving about 100g to soak the cake later. Add 300g of the strawberries. Place in the fridge for 4 hours to set.

Strawberry Trifle Sherry Trifle has always been the star of Christmas Day for me, and it was such a tragedy that it came at the end of the meal because my Mother was too good a cook not to also eat seconds of her roast potatoes, stuffing and rich homemade gravy. In the end, when I started dabbling in the kitchen helping out myself, we relegated the Trifle to St Stephen’s Day when it got the attention it deserved and was the afternoon showstopper to toasted turkey & ham sandwiches…!

Meanwhile, preheat oven to 160C fan. Line a 22cm round loose base pan with baking paper. Place the sugar and butter in a large bowl and whisk well. Add the eggs, one at a time, and whisk until thick and glossy. Stir in flour, coconut, macadamias, white chocolate and milk. Pour into prepared pan and smooth the surface. Bake for 30-35 minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Set aside in pan to cool completely.

This is a twist on the original with two of my favourite flavours – strawberries and white chocolate – Christmassy colours with a creamy, decadent taste.

To make white chocolate ganache, place the chocolate in a bowl and scald 250ml of the cream in a saucepan. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and cover with cling film for 5 minutes. Stir thoroughly until shiny & smooth Combine chocolate ganache, mascarpone and remaining cream in a bowl. Use electric whisk to whisk until peaks form (don’t overbeat!).

Ingredients 2 x Blocks Strawberry Jelly 500g Strawberries, Hulled & Halved

215g Caster Sugar 100g Butter 2 eggs 115g Plain Flour 45g Desiccated Coconut 120g Macadamias,

White Chocolate Ganache Cream 200g White Chocolate, either chips or a bar finely chopped

Use a sharp knife to trim cake edge to fit into trifle bowl. Gently place the cake into bowl. Drizzle with the Berry Liqueur and the reserved strawberry jelly – this can be melted in the microwave if it has set. Spread the jam over the cake. Line the remaining strawberries around the edge of the bowl to decorate. Fill with the white chocolate cream. Top with Lindt Truffles, Maltesers or white chocolate curls to decorate. Place in fridge for 4 hours to chill. Use a peeler to scrape sides of white chocolate to create curls. Arrange on top of trifle. Dust with icing sugar.

500ml Double Cream – divided into two lots of 250g each

500g Mascarpone Soft Cheese

Coarsely Chopped

100g White Chocolate, Coarsely Chopped

2 Tbs Milk 2 Tbs Strawberry Liqueur – Creme de Cassis (or other Berry Liqueur will do also)

160g Strawberry Jam Box Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Balls or White Maltesers – or some grated white chocolate to decorate Icing Sugar for dusting



Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

pioneering killarney business woman



75th Anniversary of her There began her love affair with ‘Beautiful Killarney’ arrival at The Lake Hotel and the hotel she was to own and run for over 50 Hilda Huggard, one of seven children born to hoteliers of international note, Martin and Mary Huggard, spent her formative years in The Butler Arms Hotel, Waterville. On leaving school, she returned to Waterville to assist her parents run their expanding group of Huggard hotels. In 1939 (during WW2), at the age of 23, Hilda moved to Killarney to take over management of The Lake Hotel which her family had purchased from the Hilliard family of Killarney.

years. She quickly made her mark both as a pioneering business woman and a sports woman of note. From the beginning, she immersed herself in building and expanding The Lake Hotel as well as promoting Killarney both nationally and internationally as a tourist destination. The Lake Hotel quickly became the ‘must go’ place for business meetings, celebrations and social events from all over Kerry. Visitors to The Lake Hotel were personally welcomed by Hilda who knew each one by name and treated them as friends. Both management and staff were trained to achieve high standards and to extend that same warmth to guests while catering for their individual requests. One visit to The Lake Hotel resulted in guests returning year after year and many stayed for a few weeks,



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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

renewing friendships made with others staying in the hotel. Guests and staff joined together in the hotel kitchen each evening where Hilda recited the Rosary.

Hilda was ahead of her time with her interest in locally sourced and grown food, ‘from farm to fork’. She was a great supporter of local businesses and no matter what her requirement for the hotel, she always bought locally to keep the money in Killarney town. As a sports woman, Hilda was very competitive and liked to win! She was Captain of Killarney Golf Club in 1944 and subsequently became a Life Honorary Member, acknowledging her contribution to the Club. She played Bridge for Ireland and hosted a Bridge Congress for Killarney Bridge Club each May in The Lake Hotel, which still continues to this day.

A keen horse rider of note, she won the Beach Gallops in Rossbeigh Beach beating all the men, who subsequently put up a Cup in her name! She also played badminton, tennis and table-tennis and she loved a swim in the sea.

Despite her warm personality, she was shy by nature and slow to put herself forward, but was a formidable lady who became a ‘tour de force’ when she met with opposition to her vision! She was very loyal to her family, friends and staff whose company she enjoyed. It is 75 years this year since Hilda Huggard took ownership of The Lake Hotel, Killarney and she would be proud today to see her nephews Tony, Colman, Niall and Joseph carry the Huggard standards and traditions of family hospitality into a new century.




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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Who’s 4 Shoes Autumn/Winter Collection Whos 4 Shoes : 74 High Street : Killarney Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Driving Miss Daisy The new Driving Miss Daisy leather ankle boot is made from genuine leather. The show stopping feature is the textured metallic ankle which adds glamour to an evening outfit while the rubber sole gives all day comfort.

Forever Young

Lost in Austen

Suede Ankle Boot Leather Upper and Insole Gold Point Toe Detail 3.5’’ Heel

Add a flourish to your winter wardrobe with this metallic leather Amy Huberman mid heel shoe. The Lost in Austen heeled brogue features a lace up closure, punch hole detailing and a stacked heel. Look cute head to toe with patterned tights and a button down skirt.

Pop in and see Amy Huberman’s new Autumn Winter collection 2015, includes riding boots, glitzy heels and chunky ankle boots.


available in

Tan Ankle Boot Leather Upper and Insole 2.5’’ Heel

Who’s 4 Shoes




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available in

Who’s 4 Shoes

Killarney Christmas Annual 2015



Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

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Weeshie CHRISTMAS Seventy three years and nine months...

Christmas Eve was always a memorable time for me as a young altar boy. Midnight mass in the Cathedral was special, serving Bishop Moynihan, the church packed, walking up the isle from the back of the church to begin the ceremonies, the wonderful smell of incense, the alter lit up by hundreds of candles, the choir in full voice singing all the beautiful Christmas carols and Tom Donoghue as always playing the organ. Giving out communion to hundreds was a trying time as you would have to hold the palate under the chins of all as we were warned a little particle of the host might fall. The hand would literally go numb from the weight of it. This I remember distinctly for some reason. Joe Smith the butcher and his lovely little wife Maggie lived just four doors up from our New St. home. The had a tiny little shop and Joe would walk the sheep and cattle in through the shop and out through the kitchen to slaughter them in the back yard. Joe would collect all the fat from his kills, turn it into tallow and every Christmas would produce the biggest candle in town. On a few occasions I was asked to hold the seven foot casing as Joe pulled the magnificent gleaming white candle from its holding. Then further up the street was Callie McCarthy’s toy shop and it was like an Aladdin’s cave of toys. Here Santa toys were left and would be collected just before the big event. The shop sold caps, which let off loud bangs when the trigger was pulled on the cowboy guns. This was the first ever present I remember getting from Santa,

cowboy hat, gun, a six shooter and holster Lower New St. and our playground down the Demense would echo to the sound of gunfire for a week after Christmas. I have been living in the beautiful town of Killarney for seventy three years and nine months of my life. The other three months were spend in the town Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

of Mallow Co cork where I was born. St Patrick’s Place is right in the centre of Mallow and when my dad, a garda, was transferred to Killarney in May 1941 I was just three months old.

“So I really consider myself a nearly? born and bred Killarney townie” 40 Lower New St, now Chapter 40 Restaurant, was our home from 1941 to 1959 when we then moved to St Anne’s House next to St Mary’s Parish Hall, the old building was demolished some years ago and a lovely new building now stands in its place. Growing up on the side of Lower New St was an amazing experience; all manner of life existed there in my young days. It was unlike today, a real hub of activity. Just across the street from our home was the ESB offices, people coming and going paying their bills all day, the Garda Barracks was also just across the road, always action there, and just down the street on the left was Mrs Devans Offices where huge queues of people were to be seen lining up to collect their dole money winter and summer. Next to that was the Killarney presbytery where the priests lived and there was about ten or twelve always coming and going. And the funerals from the Cathedral just around the corner passing our home, it was all bicycles and horse and traps back then. Cades Mineral Water Factory where I worked summers stood where Dunnes stores is now and across from the post office John Tarrant ran his lovely bakery and confectionery shop. I worked summers and Christmas there also, up in the morning at 6am to begin the baking of the bread with John Gee. The Presentation Convent just as today was always a hive of activity. The Bow House was just above our home and Dr Ivo and Dr Billy O’Sullivan had their practices across and below Christy Healy’s shop. The Gas Works were just up the concrete lane, always a strong pungent smell hanging in the air from there as it belched out smoke from its towering chimneys. The old saw mills and the Killarney Technical School were just above the Post Office and the Johnson family was the first to deliver pasteurized milk to the street, these lovely people lived next door to Christy Healy’s. Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Christmas was always a wonderfully happy time in our home in New St. My mother would hang the big long colourful decorations from one corner of the kitchen/ sitting room to the far corner. The Christmas candle was always put on the front window and the youngest in the family, Genie was given the honour of lighting it on Christmas Eve. The big event was the arrival of the postman, my mother loved siting down in front of the fire with a cigarette and ritually open the bundles of Christmas cards which always arrived. Indeed in the weeks leading up the big day she would spend hours writing cards, addressing them and sending us to the post office to post to friends at home and abroad. Every year my mother would make it her business as a Cork/Kanturk born woman to buy the Christmas edition of the Holly Bough, from Bunny Courtney’s paper shop, –the paper, a Cork tradition since 1897 and a celebration of the magic of Christmas and the magic of Cork over the years. She loved this paper and would spend hours browsing through it. But the much awaited, highly expected event was the arrival by post of a big fat goose from my father’s people, farmers in Tipperary where he

was born. This would come wrapped in a canvas bag stitched tightly at the ends. No one could open it but my father and this was a ritual in itself, cutting away the stitching, making sure not to damages the bird in any way and then the magic of extracting pounds of salty homemade butter from inside the belly of the goose and always a long letter in his father’s scrawling handwriting. This would be read to all the family at the table. That goose always got a quick death when mam landed it in the middle of the table for the Christmas dinner which usually began around 4.00pm. However there are memories of sad Christmases also when Sheila, Kathleen Ann and Jimmy who all emigrated in the hungry fifties might not be able to come home for the festive season. Then when they did, there was great sadness when they left New St. for the Killarney Railway station with their big brown suit cases on their journey back to Manchester. I would travel over to Jimmy for holidays and see Man United in Old Trafford; this is where my love for the Busby Babes began. A dark pall of sadness hung over the home for a few weeks when they left.



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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

“These memories of emigration remain firmly etched in my Christmas memories” I can still see clearly in the mind’s eye all those great neighbors of Lower New St, many, sadly now gone to their eternal reward. The Johnston’s, Patsy Cahill and family, Johnny O’Leary, the builder Charlie O’Brien’s family, the Culligan’s lived down the Green Lawn, Paddy later became Garda Commissioner and played basketball for Ireland and all the boys were great Legion men and basketball players. Michael Clifford lived where Dunne’s stores is now, he died in building a accident in England, his daughter Michele is the chief world news correspondent for Sky TV. Just across the street from our home Jer, Dodo and Maureen O’Sullivan lived, great people. Jimmy Doyle, his dad was affectionately known as The Colleen Bawn and his mother a cousin to the great Mick Galway. Christy Sheehan and family, the McLennan’s lived down the Green lawn and of course the McNeill’s just a few doors

Page 19

down from us had a little shop/pub and their father was a rep for Bush radio. We had our own football team and a few subs, Stephens’s day would see a full blooded game on in the seminary field as one side of the street took on the other, no quarter asked or given. I remember Nell Brosnan, lived as a recluse on her own three doors down. Years later I learned that this lady had been a nurse on the front in the World War and had seen some terrible sights. And of course the Healy’s of the famous corner shop, our meeting point, great family, a story in itself for me here perhaps at a later date. Memories are precious, priceless and part and parcel of human nature. Lower New St. shaped my life, left me with youthful amazing Christmas memories, far too many to recall here.

“Killarney the greatest place in the whole world, for me definetly Heavens Reflex”

16lb free range fresh turkey : 1 full horseshoe gammon : 1 full leg of Kerry lamb : 2lbs of our own homemade sausages : 5kg of locally sourced potatoes : 1lb of low salt back rashers : 1 black & white Clonakilty pudding : dozen Beaufort eggs

Plus we will top it all up with a â‚Ź50 gift voucher Its simple, to enter please drop in a postcard with your name and contact details to Tim Jones Family Butchers Innisfallen Mall or Park Road, before December 13th. The winner will be notified before 5.00pm on 16th December



Kay Randles had a dream and that dream became a reality in 1964 when the Dromhall Hotel first opened its doors.

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was for sale and encouraged Neil to buy the site for the garage and their home.

Embarking on her dream and her desire to work in and one day own a hotel; Kay left her home place in Kilworth, Co. Cork and went to work in the Victoria Hotel in Cork City. She was the youngest of 5 children and came from a farming background but she always dreamed of having her own guesthouse. During her time at the Victoria Hotel she worked her way up to the Assistant Manager Position. One wonders if, on taking up a position at the Muckross Hotel, Killarney, Kay Randles could ever have imagined that in a few years’ time, she would be married, be a mother and have opened her own hotel. While working at the Muckross Hotel she met Neil Randles, who was from Kenmare and who came to Killarney looking to start his own garage as his Father and Uncle had done before him in Kenmare. It was not long before there were wedding bells; however Kay still harboured the idea of having her own guesthouse. It was Kay who spotted the old Laundry shop (where Randles Garage now is situated)



Mrs. O Connor, a neighbour next door, asked Kay to keep 4 guests one night as her guesthouse was full. Kay decided she would without telling Neil. And so the people came and went unnoticed to Neil. In the morning the story goes that there was a 10 shilling note on the table from these guests and Neil thought this was the handiest money ever made. These 4 people and the 10 shilling note set Kay’s dream in motion.

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

In 1964 the sale of a bungalow by the Kenmare Estate, which was across the road from the garage, opened up the opportunity for Kay’s dream to come through. Kay and Neil bought the bungalow and opened an 18 bedroom hotel on the site. Little did Neil realise that, within one week, the 10 shillings would give rise to a 10,000 pound investment. From there the hotel just grew and grew as did the other businesses that Kay and Neil built; Randles Car hire; C & R Frozen Foods, CRL oil, Randles Bros Killarney and Kenmare and later on Randles Court Hotel Killarney and Randles Bros Tralee. In 1969 the bedrooms increased to 35 and again more rooms were added in 1977, and a new reception, lounge and dining room were also built. In 1987, Neil died and Kay was left to carry on the Dromhall Hotel and all the other businesses they owned, as well as rearing their 6 children who ranged in ages from 24 to 13. Three of them at this stage were involved in the family business.

The bar was another addition. The local newspaper at the time wrote a full page article which included the following excerpt: “Mr. and Mrs. Randles have shown their imagination by having 4 large murals painted at the rear of the bar counter. Each Mural is over 10 feet long and depicts a different scene of Killarney. Local artist Cathriona O’Connor has captured the vivid hues which will go to make Killarney world famous. The scenes are Ross Castle, Old Weir Bridge and 2 different views of the lakes”. Today in 2013 these murals are still to be seen in the Dromhall Hotel.


In 1992 The Rectory house next door to the Dromhall Hotel was purchased and another hotel was built, which continued to grow over the years and today is the 4 star luxury Randles Court boutique hotel with a spa and leisure centre. In 1999 it was decided by the family to knock the Dromhall hotel to the ground and build a completely new hotel. In June 2000 the Dromhall was re-opened as the brand new 72 bedrooms, conference and banqueting hotel that it is today, along with Kayne’s Bar and Bistro which is attached to the hotel. So in 2015 the Dromhall Hotel will be celebrating over 50 years in business. To this day, Kay Randles still continues to play a major role in the managing of her businesses.


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Pat O’Neill has been blazing a trail in the hair industry for the last 27 years. He is constantly creating, challenging and changing his styles, while retaining his trademark attribute of client care. Pat honed his inherent flair for hair at London’s world renowned Vidal Sassoon School of Hairdressing. He received the highly contested honour of Stylist of the Year and was chosen for the position as the Head of the Hair Team in Brown Thomas. At the helm of this prestigious team for 2 years, his expertise, style and trend-setting creations attracted much attention and admiration, and firmly established Pat O’Neill as one of the leading names in Irish hairdressing. Following his successful tenure with Brown Thomas, Pat decided to set up his own business in Killarney, and soon established a loyal and lengthy list of clientéle. All of whom rejoiced when Pat unveiled his latest creation, his exclusive Style Suite at the Brehon Hotel. Pat’s new role as a wedding consultant and style counsel is a natural progression from years of managing his own salon and listening to what women want. With the opening of his Style Suite,

we finally have it ladies!



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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

will have beneficial effects on hair and skin.” Try Unite Advanced Haircare Power Moisture Shampoo, with sodium hyaluronate, a common moisture-attracting skincare ingredient. Hydrates and protects your colour. So -live - free ! free of sulfate, free of paraben.

Pats Tips

for troubled hair!

Your colour looks dull next to your skin

It’s way too long

Über-long hair is a tough look for over-40 women. “I call it the ‘1661’ — a woman’s long hair makes her look 16 from the back, but from the front you see it is not as flattering as it could be and can be ageing”. A universally flattering length: to the collarbone. “A cut that grazes the collar and has face-framing layers also draws attention away from an aging neck,”says Pat O’Neill.

Or it’s way too short

How short is too short? There’s no rule, but keep in mind that the end point of your cut emphasizes the facial feature next to it, says Pat. So if you’re concerned about a sagging jawline, don’t ask for a chin-length bob. And remember that a short ‘do’ isn’t an excuse to hang up your blow dryer. “Too many women think a short cut is a free pass to forgo styling, but when hair has no polish, it can look drab,” Pat says. Cropped styles are modern and youthful when they’re smooth and sleek; if those qualities don’t come naturally to your hair, use a frizz-fighter before styling.

Whether you hit the salon or take the DIY route, subtle tweaks to your colour can make a huge difference. “A woman’s complexion lightens and becomes more translucent as she ages, so what looked great when she was 25 may not look so good when she’s 50,” explains Pat. Think about the hair you had as a child “Go back to that colour family, whether it was blond, brunette, or red. Anything monotone looks severe and aging, so add highlights and multiple tones throughout.” When in doubt, err on the lighter side — dark hues create too harsh a contrast with paling skin.

You’ve worn the same cut for years

Embrace change. “If you have the same ‘do’ you had 10 years ago, it’s time for a new look,” “You’re not wearing the same clothes — why have the same hair?” If you’re leery of drastic change, take baby steps. “Something as simple as moving your part can update your look,” says Pat. You’re afraid to experiment with new ingredients. A slew of anti-agers are debuting in hair products. UNITE products enhance natural luster and shine. They offer cosmetic benefits, like smoothness, shine, and a generally more youthful appearance “The hair cuticle is similar to the top layer of skin, so it makes sense that these ingredients Page


Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Your hair could use some fringe

Before ditching the dye, determine if gray will be flattering. “When a brunette turns gray, it looks silvery and pretty. But blondes tend to go white, which can make them look pale,” says Pat. Wait until hair is at least 75% gray before growing it out: “Otherwise, it will look like you forgot to colour it.” Then, use smoothing stylers. “Gray hair is wiry and frizzy. Smooth strands make the colour look vibrant”.

“As your hair texture changes with age, you need a different formula,” “Strands get drier and coarser, so switch to moisturizing products and avoid anything stripping, like clarifying shampoos.” Plus, there are new ingredients and technology in stylers, so it’s worth experimenting. Try shine enhancers, a newer category of products with reflective ingredients that add luster and smooth the cuticle. Apply on dry tresses as a final styling step.

Your hair lacks volume

Whoever said “thin is in” was not talking about hair. Create volume with the right cut and styling. “Thin hair should be mid-neck length or shorter and have layers throughout,” says Pat. Style with a root booster, like UNITE HydraLight Weightless Moisture Root Lift Mist, then hold the top sections of your hair straight up as you blow-dry. Colour is another route to lush locks: “Highlights and lowlights add dimension, making hair look thicker, and colouring also temporarily plumps the cuticle.”

Its simple, to enter please send us a postcard with your name and contact details to Pat O’Neill Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk Killarney, before December 18th. The winner of these magnificent prizes will be notified before 5.00pm on 19th December 2015. I I 086 777 7777 I salon 064 662 3929

Photography : Ian Cronin

You don’t know how to embrace your grays

You’ve been using the same products for years

In conjuction with The Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Fringes can camouflage forehead lines (the “Bangtox” effect), but not all do it equally well. “A blunt fringe that hangs straight across the forehead isn’t for everyone. It can emphasize aging features and more mature skin”, “Opt for a side-swept fringe with layers that blend into the rest of your hair; it’ll make your features look soft and youthful.” Be sure that bangs are in proportion to your cut; they work best on shoulder-length styles (any shorter, and your fringe may not stand out from the rest of your hair).

ce n a g le E s u o ri u x u L te a m ti n I

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College Street In 1780 the Belgian friars came to Killarney from Gorey in Wexford, led by their

new superior Fr. Patrick Verherstraeten. Their first lodgings were beside the Church of Ireland at Kenmare Place in the old coach house and stable block next to the now Handy Shop. They set up their first school and they remained there until December of that year setting up a college/seminary at the rear of the now Scotts Hotel (Scotts Gardens on East Ave Road). It had a long tree lined driveway from Henn Street. It served to educate boys from the various parts of the county, many of whom became secular priests in the diocese of Kerry. Early in the 1840’s, the school was burned down accidentally. After the fire, they moved into an old house and school owned by the Presentation Brothers, next to the Arbutus Hotel (this was the old national school, next to the Bridewell/Fair Hill or Court House Carpark). This school was converted into a small chapel. It is from here that the Friars ministered for the next several years until a permanent home was finally acquired. In 1844 they relocated the school to New Street beside the Cathedral gate. In 1863 a permanent site was found for their Friary at Fair Hill (on Martyrs Hill). At what point did Henn Street become College Street is up for debate but the reason why, isn’t. As a market town, Killarney held many Fair Days dating back to the early 1800’s and College Street and Square became central to commerce in the county turning the town into a hive of activity once a month. Farmers would drive their livestock to Killarney, pigs and sheep would roam the street as traders would sell linens, fresh produce, vegetables and turf. This practice continued up till the late 1960’s. There was even a fairday set aside to just sell Turkeys! As Killarney grew and tourism flourished, the thatched cottages were replaced by numerous hotels, pubs and shops which sprung up along the street, including Killarney’s first Restaurant, ‘the refreshment rooms’ in Russell’s Hotel, now the Arbutus Hotel. The most prominent building to dominate College Street over the years was the Glebe house and grounds, home to successive protestant rectors ministering in St.Mary’s Church of Ireland. It in turn became Graham’s and Glebe Hotels. It burnt down in the 1980’s. A familiar sight to this day are the Jaunting cars lining up outside these hotels to take visitors to see all that Killarney has to offer. A popular hotel for tourists and locals was owned by the Scott family (formerly John Cronin’s) and many generations of Killarney people worked there and have fond memories of Mrs. Scott. The O’Donoghue family (The Gleneagle), a new generation of hotel owners, took over in the 80’s and slowly transformed the site to a busy street with a 115 room modern hotel, an elegant Courtyard Restaurant and the ‘locals local’, the relaxed & spacious Scotts Bar. Today live music still comes from under the arch in Scotts Street... continuing to draw crowds of locals and tourists alike. Page


Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Mark Eldred came to Killarney for a holiday in 1992 and he was so inspired by the unspoilt, natural beauty of the landscape, that he decided to make it his home. He now lives in the Glenflesk Valley with his wife Jean and his two children Jasmine and Thea. He has spent the last 23 years passionately painting the landscape and is continuously inspired by the richness and diversity of Killarney. His paintings reflect this diversity, ranging from waterfalls, forests, bogs, mountains and lakes. From ‘Muckross Blue Bell Woods’ to ‘Cherry Tree Drive’ paintings, his instantly recognisable works can be found in galleries all over Ireland and Britain.

‘To stand in the bluebell woods with the sunlight streaming through the tree canopy is to stand in natures own cathedral’ Page


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‘Wild Garlic’ in Muckross Blue Bell Woods

Win this mark eldred painting worth over €2500.00 Killarney Christmas Annual 2015 are giving you the opportunity to win a piece of Killarney. Its simple, to enter please send us a postcard with your name and contact details to Mark Eldred c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney, before December 18th. The winner of this magnificent painting of ‘Killarney’s Bluebell Woods’ will be notified before 5.00pm on 19th December 2015. All winners will be posted on



Dinner x 4

at O’Donoghues Public House The Towers Hotel Contact details on a postcard to O’Donoghue’s Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney before 18th December.

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Dinner x 4 at Scotts Hotel €130

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Gin Tasting Class 4

at The Pink Lounge Gin & Champagne Bar at The Ross €120 Contact details on a postcard to The Ross Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney before 18th December.

Voucher Bundle Nike Factory Store €100 Kerry GAA 1 x €20 Outlet Centre €100

Contact details on a postcard to Killarney Outlet Centre Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney before 18th December.

Dinner x 2

The Lake Hotel - 2 AA Rosette Award Winning Restaurant Contact details on a postcard to The Lake Hotel Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney before 18th December.

GIVEAWAYS : Its simple, to enter please send us a postcard with your name and contact details to ‘Name of Giveaway’ c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney, before December 18th. The winners of these great prizes will be notified before 5.00pm on 19th December 2015.

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Q&A Brendan Fuller I was born in 1992 in the Bons Hospital in Cork (Don’t worry, I made my way to Kerry as quick as I could) Where did you first live? Muckross Road and have done all my life. What was your first memory of Killarney? Sitting in a buggy on a roasting hot day around Muckross house. I can still feel the heat on my back as my mother and her friend were chatting away behind me. I spent loads of my childhood running around Muckross gardens with my brother and the 3 Curtis brothers who lived across the lane. We played countless games of “hide n’ seek” in the rockery, raced a thousand sticks down the streams and climbed every tree we spotted. A lot of people don’t remember it but one year there was a storm which knocked 12 trees at Dundag which laid there for a good few months across the cove. If it happened today the trees would have been removed in a few days but fortunately they lasted long enough for us to climb them to our hearts content. What was your first present from Santa Claus? I can’t quite remember what my first present from Santa was but every year he’d fill a stocking with 2 oranges, a chocolate bar and maybe a cd or two! Then as myself and Pat ran down to the Christmas tree, we spotted that the candles under the fireplace had been knocked over, the milk had been guzzled and the cookies were savaged. The magic of it all was incredible and it’s one of the reasons I look forward to Christmas every year. What was is your most abiding memory of Christmas in Killarney? For me, Christmas in Killarney is special. It’s the coldest, darkest time of the year but family, friends and decorations transform it into the warmest and brightest time of the year. I’ll always remember spending Christmas Day with my Granny and Granda (Eileen and Dr Paddy Fuller), my Nana (Dr Norrie Buckley) and my granduncle (Simmy Comer). We enjoyed their company every year until my Granny and Granda passed away in 2008. It can be lonely on Christmas Day without them but it’s nice to have the memories of all those good times. Luckily my Nana is still healthy of heart and mind so I look forward to soaking up some of her wisdom. Page

What does Killarney mean to you? Killarney is the place where I went to school, where I played sports, where I made friends, where I met my girlfriend, where my family live and it’s where my entire life has been lived. Killarney is my home. Where do you see Killarney in 100 years? In 100 years, I picture Killarney as an even more vibrant, colourful and successful town. But I hope we can move into the future by treasuring the past and the present. I hope the past will be represented by the Cathedral still towering above the rest of the town, the National Park still providing its fresh air and Fitzgerald’s stadium still being the place to be on Munster Final day. I hope our present-day Killarney will be represented by Reidy’s still being

”home to the nicest penny sweets in the world” Mac’s Ice Cream still having the best homemade Ice-Cream, Lír will still provide the perfect spot for a talk and a gawk, nobody will discover what “The Hahah” means and of course, the Jarveys will still be asking the locals if they want a spin out to Muckross house. The only change I hope for in 100 years is that our Christmas lights can out number our traffic lights.


lking, a t e Th king, n i r d , eating , and g n i g n i g, s e... laughin n i w e th sharing

Santa Rita 120 Merlot Santa Rita 120 Merlot is a densely opaque purplish-ruby red color with an inky core going out into a deep crimson rim definition with medium-high viscosity. It is brimming with redolent black and red berry fruit with an underlying base of currants, pepper and spice, gently laced with hints of vanilla from oak barrels, violets and fruit-driven minerals. It is a rich, almost chewy mouthful of wine, and the concentration of black fruit is showing signs of a fairly complex range of tastes with bramble, black plum skins, black currants and spices dominating, but also with melted liquorice, smoked almonds and toast. The middle palate is solid with black

fruit and smoke dominating, perhaps just a touch of stalky phenolics, but then a wonderfully soft tannin structure. It leads into a great finish that lasts 20-plus seconds with lots of smoke and solid fruit characteristics on the end. This wine is a full-bodied Chilean merlot that is not afraid to come out and play. I was looking for the perfect wine for Christmas, an all-around sort of wine for a night of turkey and then mostly a bunch of sweet things that are natural accoutrements to the big dinner. I should have been looking for a German riesling, but that was just too easy. Instead, Santa Rita 120 Merlot is the choice if you’d like to enjoy a red wine. It is priced so ridiculously low that it might be one of the best buys of the year. The winemaker is Cecilia Torres of the famous Spanish Torres winemaking family and

she has truly grasped the concept of making approachable, yet understated and elegant red wines in this fertile land. It will drink well during the next couple of years.

Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay This is a crisp, smooth wine with elegant fruit. It is fresh, tasty and nicely persistent.

Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon The most successful Chilean brand in Ireland, Santa Rita have built their reputation by offering affordable but good, easy-todrink reds and whites and this is exactly that. Midweight with ripe bramble fruit and a hint of spice. Very soft texture without a tannin in sight.

Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc

Aviary Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé

The 120 Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and refreshing. Its fruity aroma of citrus blossoms and peaches is well balanced by delicate herbaceous undertones. Hand picked Sauvignon and Semillion from the foot of the Andes where soil is clay with good drainage.

Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes sourced across Chile’s prolific Central Valley region, this is a gorgeous jewelcoloured rose wine.

Waitonga Falls Sauvignon Blanc From the Ohau vineyard just north of Kapiti Coast on New Zealand’s lower North Island. An intensely aromatic nose, gooseberry flavours with flinty notes and a ripe citrus finish.

Pontebello Pinot Grigio Pontebello Pinot Grigio is fresh with notes of stone fruit, such as peach, and citrus fruits; this Australian Pinot Grigio is nearly dry, but shows just a touch of sweetness on the finish.

Mission Sud Sauvignon Sauvignon Blanc is a white-wine grape from western France, now successfully grown in emerging and established wine regions all over the world. While the grape may be more readily associated with the Loire Valley.

Bright, juicy strawberry and cherry flavours that are really fresh - a great party wine. Nobody would have guessed in 1990 that by 2015 more than 29% of the wine we drank in Ireland would be from Chile and 27% would be from Australia. At a recent tasting held by Wines of Chile I was pleased to see that the country is still on form at most price levels. Of course some of the very cheapest wines were not particularly memorable and a couple at the top end were over-priced, but in general the standard was high. More than 70% of Chile’s grapes are international varieties, with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot the most common. Carménère, however, is almost exclusively Chilean given that it died out in Bordeaux thanks to the vine disease Phylloxera. Aviary is a new range of Chilean wines from Carryout Killarney.

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HATS off to Killarney’s very own, Jessie Buckley, who got over not becoming Nancy in ‘I’d Do Anything’ by launching a stellar stage career and joining Kenneth Branagh’s theatre company. Pitching up in London when she was just 18, Jessie was turned down by two drama schools, which is how she found her way on to ‘I’d Do Anything’. She’s had stints of being a jazz singer too, but she did eventually find her way to RADA “I didn’t realise it was possible to be so excited by Shakespeare” and although she enjoyed it, she’s clear that there are other ways. “There’s no right or wrong in whatever anybody chooses. Ultimately it’s about becoming the biggest, fullest person that you can be; a person, not an actor. Whether that’s going travelling or going to drama school or studying literature. I have the greatest respect for anyone who does what they want to do, however they do it.”

just didn’t challenge me enough. I just knew there was more that I wanted to do. I’m an actress. I want to challenge people’s perceptions of who I am. Also, I think you just have to go with your gut. I was a jazz singer for a year and a bit because I fancied it. I’m a bit of a go with the wind kind of person. I want to surprise myself and other people.” Growing up in Killarney, she is the oldest of five siblings. She has a brother and three sisters ranging in age from nine to 22. “I love them,” she says with a beaming smile. “Just before Christmas I spent a couple of months at home. I decided I wasn’t going to work, I was just going to be a sister for a while. It was amazing.” She hadn’t been back for a long time with work commitments. It also felt important to rebalance – work is only one part of life. “For me to be a sister and a daughter is really important. With my youngest sister I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just a visitor in her life.”

“I’m someone who needs to find ways of being out of my depth.”

“There were easier routes I could’ve taken. I could’ve kept working after that show – done musical after musical. That



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She was one of those kids who did everything – music, swimming, amateur theatre. “My mum is a singer and harpist, and my dad writes fantastic poetry, so we’ve grown up around a lot of words and music. There were always concerts and musical theatre.” “Old songs are magic,” she says. “I knew about Judy Garland because I used to watch all her old films with my dad, but I didn’t know the song. Some songs just resonate with you.” Now she stars in The Winter’s Tale, the second play in Kenneth Branagh’s year-long Garrick season in London, playing Perdita, the foundling, raised by a shepherd, blithely unaware of her royal heritage. It is not her first Shakespeare either. In 2013 she played Princess Katherine to Jude Law’s Henry V, and Miranda in The Tempest at Shakespeare’s Globe. Buckley is immensely charming and likeable, but as with many 20-somethings the pendulum swings between wild ambition and even wilder insecurity. She admits to being “hopelessly nervous” – even of being interviewed by me! “I’ve met the most amazing people and made some wonderful friends, but there are lots of things that can tilt you away from who you really are. I’ve always been happy in my own company, but I do miss my family in Ireland. They keep me honest and grounded.” Playing opposite Jude Law in Henry V was both terrifying and inspirational, she recalls. “The night before we started rehearsals I hardly slept for worrying that they’d find me out and say I was much too pikey to be Jude Law’s love interest. I kept thinking, how will I ever get to the point where I can stop shaking and make him fall in love with my character? But he was wonderful, a hard worker and a true leader. I really admire the way he has managed to stay grounded and true to who he is despite everything that’s happened to him.” Page


As well as being another great opportunity, she “absolutely loved” the role of Constance in Jonathan Church’s revival of Amadeus in Chichester last year. “One of the great things about this job is you get to learn new stuff all the time. All of a sudden I was surrounded by the music of Mozart for five months of my life, which was just amazing.” Working with Kenneth Branagh’s company has been another steep learning curve for Jessei and she is clearly thriving in the family-like environment Branagh manages to create out of his ensembles. As well as Perdita, she will also be appearing in Terence Rattigan’s Harlequinade, in the role of Muriel. There should also be a significant raising, or reinvention, of the Jessie Buckley TV profile next year when she appears as Princess Marya Bolkonskaya in a lavish new BBC adaptation of War and Peace, opposite Jim Broadbent as her overbearing father. She describes her character as

“really gentle, like a little porcelain vase, not at all like me”. The future certainly looks bright for the multi-talented Buckley. “I want to do it all – drama, films, musicals, cabaret,” she says, adding the rider, “going to LA for the sake of it doesn’t interest me unless I get an offer I can’t refuse. I’m not afraid of hard work. I know I still have a lot to learn but I just want to keep doing work that pushes me to the limits.”

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“I want to continue learning in whatever way that is – singing, acting, when I stage my opera career.” She bursts out laughing, but I don’t know that she’s entirely joking about opera. She sang Kurt Weill’s Seven Deadly Sins with the Halle Orchestra at the Manchester Festival last year and she loved it. Maybe we could get her back to do a cameo in The Killarney Musical Society’s upcoming production of ‘Calamity Jane’. “I just want to keep surrounding myself with interesting characters, people and worlds that feed my experiences for a life that’s full and exciting.” She pauses for a minute and I can tell she’s replaying what she’s just said. She smiles. “That’s all I want.”


What is your first memory of Christmas in Killarney? For me my first memories are always intrinsically linked with music and carols and my mom singing O Holy night in the Friary. The wonder of Christmas always amazes, our home was always full of the smell of Christmas cooking, the tree, lights and candles . Who was your biggest influence? Easy! My parents because they allowed me to take risks.

Jessie entertaining the tourists

Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

What was your first job? Waiting tables at my dad’s guest house, and having to do a ‘jig’ for the guests at the end of the evening. Where did you learn Irish Dancing? I learned my Irish dancing with Norrie Horgan, a great teacher. What is your best memory of Christmas? Just barely making it home after a run of shows in London and just being able to relax with family again. Best present from Santa? A clarinet which I played in the Killarney brass and reed band. What does Killarney mean to you? Killarney to me is home, it has that beauty if you seek it out and a great environment to grow up in, its people and place are an inspiration. Favourite place in Killarney? For me it’s Mangerton mountain just behind where we live. It’s ever changing nature through the seasons is amazing and the view from the top is hard to beat. If you weren’t an actor, what would you like to be? A singer or a psychologist, or possibly a singing psychologist.

Jessie and Parents Marina and Tim Buckley



A Killarney Success Story The Shire… In The Lord Of The Rings, The Shire is the homeland of the Hobbits and is located in the Northwest of Middle Earth in the region of Eriador and within the Kingdom of Arnor. But in the town of Killarney in the Kingdom of Kerry, “The Shire” is located in Michael Collins Place… where Ollie Favier is “Head of the Hobbits”.

The bar has even been adjusted closer to hobbit height. “We’ve dropped the ceilings throughout, and we’ve a lot of quirky stuff done with the bar,” said Ollie Favier. This is where the 4 Shire Beers are available; Frodos Lager, Bilbos Beer, Barlimans Best and Gandalfs Ale. We also serve a local Killarney brewed Blonde Ale. As you follow further down through our arched Hobbit Hole, you will enter our highly acclaimed Party area called “Middle Earth”. Our in-house Cocktail “Hobbit Juice” (whose ingredients will remain anonymous), is always a good crowd pleaser.

Q&A with the Head of the Hobbits

Ollie Favier With Traditional Irish Music sessions every Wednesday 9pm till late and Live Music every Sunday from 7-9pm there is something for everyone to enjoy here at The Shire. Once entering The Shire in Killarney, through the Hobbit Hole you will be met at The Inn of “The Prancing Pony”. You will be guided through our low archway leading into ‘Mordor’. One does not simply walk into ‘Mordor’. We promise you there is no presence of ‘Orcs’ here, only our friendly Hobbit themed staff to wait on your every need.

Why a Lord of the Rings themed pub? “When the movies first came out I was a huge fan of them. As well as that I’m a little vertically challenged! along with my brothers and our friends used to call us “The Hobbits”. Because of this we decided to invent our own cocktail which we called “Hobbit Juice” and the idea snowballed from there. When I decided to open up a pub in Killarney there was no doubt in my mind what sort of a pub It would be – it had to be a Lord of Rings themed pub in dedication to all the LOTR fans and the small people of the world!”



Its simple, to enter please send us a postcard with your name and contact details to Maritime Giveaway c/o Switzer Studios : Glenflesk : Killarney, before December 18th. The winner of this great Luxury Stay will be notified before 5.00pm on 19th December 2015.

Its simple, to enter drop a postcard with your name and contact details to Christmas Giveaway, O’Learys Expert, 14 Plunkett Street, before December 18th. The winner of this magnificent Russell Hobbs Set will be notified on 19th December 2015.

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‘A century on and little has changed, such is the charm of The Laurels’

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outbreak of scarlet fever, the Sem was temporarily closed and he ended up spending four years in boarding school on the banks of the river barrow in Carlow, which he recalls as some of the best years of his life.

One of his earliest memories of Christmas in Killarney was like so many others, ‘Cally McCarthys’ toy shop in New Street. He recalls asking his mother for a Navy ‘Jack Knife’ (for those who don’t know, Cally used to buy in a lot of British Army it wasn’t at all unusual to see children in Killarney wearing Gas Masks or 8th Army For a few a decdes we have been watched byDesert two women Sandstorm Goggles) however Santa only gave as we pass through the lane, they lean over the half doors In 1918 Thado O’Leary, a Creamery Manager from him a little of pocket penknife he said ‘his heart was broken’. theaderilt Firsttopainted bysmall Fiona public Furlong of Tomies Ballyhar took boldhouses. decision buy two houses at the Market Cross in the heart of Killarney. His mother’s The first house was Mary Anne Barry’s, it had an earthern floor. uncle owned Klondikes Pub in College Once Brosnan’s Counihan’s pubs, now became Con and recalls she was ‘a purethey saint’ , very poor butStreet, always‘story had goes, he came back from America after ‘O’Learys’ and it was run Thado’sthat wifedid Bridget. Thado a few bob forby children messages for her. Next door making it big in the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush and the Timmy Casey, then Mossie O’Leary ‘a bakername who worked continued towas work in the Creamery. stuck, but in reality he made his fortune from a bar in TT O’connors’. franchise at the Colombian Expo in Chicago’. So the pub The war years weren’t easy with ‘Black and Tans’ trade in was in the blood. constantly raiding the bar and little or no tourists visiting the town. However as things improved, in 1930 Thado Con learnt his trade early and would regularly tend purchased next door turning it into the bar you see today. behind the bar at 13 years of age. His neighbours over the years were Moriarty’s Drapers, Jack Scully’s Electrical, The O’Leary’s had three children, two girls and a boy. Sewell’s Pharmacy, Wades Hairdressers, Keogh’s Barbers ‘Con’ the youngest was born in 1938. He went to school under the archway and street traders like Mrs. McKenna in the Presentation, the Monastery and the Sem. After an with her Fruit & Veg stall. The building directly on his Page

46 42 31

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right was originally Morris’s from Killorglin, who had a Mill & Feed Stores. This premises also once served as a temporary Post Office and later Clancy’s Bicycle Shop where you could also buy the latest records. When it came on the market in the 1960’s, Con saw an opportunity to expand the business once again.

He also saw another opportunity! ...and married Ann. Con hired a popular ballad group, the O’Shea’s from Tralee to play in the bar, the house was packed nightly. As cue balls clinked on the snooker tables and music played into the night, it was time to expand again. Though there was a considerable yard at the rear of the pub, Con needed more space. So overtime he purchased various houses on the lane, even Mrs. Murphy’s yard where she kept a few pigs, was now destined to become a ballroom. With Thado and Bridgets passing in 1966, Con officially took over the family business he had now been running for some years. To mark his father’s great achievements, he changed the name of the pub to ‘’The Laurels’’. The story goes: Thado was well-known in sporting circles as the owner of many good dogs and as a co-founder of the Killarney Race Course. Page

43 47

Around 1928, he approached Moss Lawlor, a friend and fellow breeder of greyhounds, for the use of a dog to service his bitch, Clinker Lass. Moss gave him the service of his best dog, The Loafer. The fee agreed was that Moss Lawlor would get the pick of whatever litter ensued. Con O’Leary, takes up the story. “Just after the litter was born, Moss Lawlor was on his way to Kenmare from Tralee and called in to see both my father and the litter. He chose the pup that was eventually to be called Kilbrean Boy. Later on that night, he called back to pick up the pup. Thado already had the pup in a box and put him into the boot of Moss Lawlor’s car. Moss drove home that night and put the pup into the shed. The next morning when he came out to feed him, he saw the dog and thought that for some reason he looked different to the one he had chosen. He laughed and cursed himself for having one too many with his friend in Killarney”. In 1930, Orton had the fortune to have trained three dogs who reached the final of the first ever Wimbledon ‘Laurels’ race. The owner of the winning dog would receive £1,232 and a gold trophy worth £100. This amounts to approximately a quarter of a million pounds in today’s terms. However, Orton, the dogs own trainer, doubted the Kilbrean Boy’s chances of scooping any prize. Before the race, he reported to Thado that, of the three dogs that

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

he had in training for the ‘’Laurels’’, Kilbrean Boy always came last. Con says: “The story that my mother related to me was that Thado disregarded this advice and went to London. Before he left, and because the dogs were at such long odds, he promised the locals and his greyhound cronies that he would put up two timber barrels of porter as a victory celebration after the race”. “Since we had no telephone at the time, the arrangement was that he would phone the result of the race to Sewell’s chemist. Crowds began to gather outside of the doors of both the pub and the chemist that evening waiting for a result. Some clever guy got access to another telephone in town and phoned Sewells. Pretending he was calling from London, he said the dog had won and to give out the Guinness. And by the time my father rang after the race with the real news,

they already had drank the first barrel.’’ The victory should be viewed in the spirit of the time. The country was then only eight years independent and it was a huge achievement for an Irish dog to go over to London and win against the best of the British dogs. 70 years of folklore conflict with Orton’s account of the race. He wrote that Kilbrean Boy shot out of the traps first and continued to increase his lead to win the race by six lengths. The

family believe today in the more colourful version - that luck played a bigger part in Kilbrean Boy’s victory. He is thought to have come late out of the traps being led by Orton’s other two entrants. The two dogs bumped off of each other going around the first bend and went into momentary confusion. Kilbrean Boy bounded through them and ran to the finishing line before the other dogs knew what was happening. Whichever account is true, it was certainly a great victory for a rank outsider, priced at 10-to-1. Sydney Orton, decades later, told the News Of The World how he felt on that day. ‘’I had the three winning dogs in the race,’’ he said, ‘’and they had swept the board clean, taking £2,000 in prizes between them. I stood there propping up the stand, unable to fully realise it. It was one of the biggest days of my life; the thrill so great as to be almost paralysing.’’ Unfortunately for the great trainer his dogs finished in the wrong order for him. “If Clandown Sweep had won,’’ he said, ‘’I was on £500. If Toftwood Misery had won, I was on £600. If my other dog, Kilbrean Boy, won, as he did, I was on exactly nothing!’’ Thado, however, followed his luck and put £50 on the Boy who was ‘out with the wash-rags’, as they said, at 10-to-1. Page

48 44

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

“The Kerryman newspaper said that

“on his return they shouldered Thado through the town, lit bonfires and celebrated till the early hours of the morning.’’ Con recalls that in 1980 he got a letter from the chairman of Wimbledon Stadium asking if he would consider selling back the trophy. Con however, had no intention of letting such an heirloom out of the family. Shortly after he spoke to a man called Kennedy who happened to be in the bar one day. The man looked behind the counter and saw the golden trophy and asked if it was the English ‘Laurels’ to which Con replied that it was. On a closer look he realised that it was the first trophy. “Two years ago,’’ he said, “I was at reception in Wimbledon Stadium and they had 49 ‘Laurels’ Trophies on display and the only one that was missing was the first one.’’ The Laurels! So, now named ‘The Laurels’ with the rear of the pub expanding and Clancy’s empty building next door, Con decided to furnish it with soccer tables and a jukebox with a mineral bar for the teens of the town. Mr. Moriarty next door wasn’t too happy listening to the 1967’s top hit ‘a whiter shade of pale’ everyday. Eventually the ‘teen palace’ turned into ‘The Coffee Shop’ one of the first of its Page

49 45

kind in Killarney and run buy Ann, it became a popular spot for locals and tourists alike staying open late into the night. The natural progression was to go from scones to steaks, so it became a restaurant and food was introduced to the bar to the delight of the locals. Through the 70’s/80’s traditional Irish music and Dick Willis’s ‘O Solo Mio’ could be heard coming from under the archway in Market Lane where the new entrance to the ballroom was situated. It became a popular venue for the ever increasing numbers of visitors to the town, who could be seen streaming off the buses queuing at the Market Cross nightly. In the 90’s the local Rugby and Basketball clubs held fund raising discos during the winter months and it has hosted events like the ‘Roaring 20’s Festival’. Today the nostalgic Christmas ‘home coming disco’ is a must, the bar is still the place everybody really does know your face, where characters like ‘Plucks’ and patrons like ‘Sean Coleman’ are all fondly remembered. Under Con’s watchful eye, the bar continues into the third generation under Kate’s watch, the eldest of Con and Ann’s children. I heard a tourist say ‘a visit to Killarney isn’t complete without a visit to The Laurels’ and it’s true. It has long passed from being a local family business to a Killarney institution. Con & family... we salute you.

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Roast Turkey with Chestnut-Apple Stuffing This classic turkey is rubbed with an aromatic shallot-sage butter, then stuffed with a nutty chestnut-apple stuffing. Method Rinse the turkey inside and out under cold water and pat it thoroughly dry with paper towels. Season the cavity with 1 tablespoon of kosher salt and season the outside with 3 tablespoons of kosher salt. Cover and refrigerate the turkey overnight. Remove the turkey from the refrigerator and pat dry with paper towels. In a bowl, blend the butter, sage and shallot and season with salt and pepper. Starting at the cavity end of the bird, slip your hand between the skin and meat, loosening the skin over the breast and around the legs. Spread the shallot-sage butter under the skin, covering as much of the breasts and legs as possible. Scatter the celery, carrots, onion and turkey neck in a large roasting pan and set the turkey on top; let stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Preheat the oven to 375°. Spread the bread cubes on a large rimmed baking sheet and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until golden. Let cool slightly, then transfer to a large bowl. Increase the oven temperature to 425°. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil until shimmering. Add the celery and onion and cook over moderately high heat, stirring occasionally, until softened and barely browned, 7 minutes. Add the apples and Page


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giblets and cook, stirring occasionally, until the apples are just tender and the giblets are cooked, 5 minutes. Stir in the parsley, sage, thyme and rosemary and cook until fragrant, 1 minute. Add to the bread along with the chestnuts and the 2 cups of warm stock. Toss well and season the stuffing with salt and pepper; let cool.

Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Turkey Cranberry Meatballs

Pack the turkey cavity and neck with the stuffing, then tie the legs together with kitchen twine. Roast for about 45 minutes, until richly browned. Baste with any accumulated pan juices and tent the breast with foil. Pour the remaining 2 cups of stock into the roasting pan. Turn the oven temperature down to 325° and roast the turkey for 2 to 2 1/2 hours longer, basting every 30 minutes; remove the foil for the last 30 minutes of roasting. The turkey is done when an instant-read thermometer inserted in an inner thigh registers 165°. Transfer the turkey to a carving board and let rest for at least 30 minutes.



1 cup of barbecue sauce 1 egg white 1 (20 ounce) package extra lean ground turkey 3 green onions, chopped small 1 Tablespoon of reduced sodium soy sauce ½ cup of dried cranberries (craisins) salt and pepper to taste nonstick cooking spray

In a medium bowl place the egg white and beat lightly. Add uncooked ground turkey, green onion, craisins, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Mix well with a large spoon or your hands until well blended. Shape into 28 balls. Spray large nonstick skillet with nonstick cooking spray. Add your meatballs to the skillet; cook over medium high heat for 10 to 12 minutes or until meatballs are no longer pink in centre, carefully turning occasionally to brown evenly. Pour your BBQ sauce over your meatballs and stir them around until they are all completely covered. Place the lid on and let them simmer on low heat for about 3 minutes.

Scoop the stuffing into a bowl. Strain the pan juices into a heatproof bowl and skim off the fat. Carve the turkey and serve with the stuffing and the strained pan juices.



One 13- to 15-pound turkey, neck and giblets reserved Kosher salt 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened 2 tablespoons finely chopped sage 1 small shallot, minced Freshly ground pepper 3 celery ribs, sliced 1/4 inch thick 2 medium carrots, sliced 1/4 inch thick 1 small onion, thinly sliced 2 cups turkey or chicken stock or low-sodium broth, for roasting

1 pound country bread, crusts removed, bread cut into 1-inch cubes (12 cups) 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 3 celery ribs, finely chopped 1 medium onion, finely chopped 3 Fuji apples—peeled, cored, quartered and thinly sliced crosswise Reserved turkey giblets, finely chopped 1/4 cup finely chopped parsley 2 tablespoons finely chopped sage 1 tablespoon chopped thyme 2 teaspoons finely chopped rosemary 2 cups peeled roasted chestnuts, crumbled (14 ounces) 2 cups turkey or chicken stock or low-sodium broth, warmed Salt Freshly ground pepper

Serve with toothpicks.



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My pudding is based on an old family recipe which has been perfected by little additions and tweaks with each passing generation! It is a light pudding packed with rich fruits, nuts, with a generous dash of Jameson Whiskey, Hennessey Brandy & good old fashioned Guinness in each slice. No Suet or Flour means that this is a lovely light texture which allows the taste of Christmas to sing on your palate without the heaviness traditionally associated with Christmas Pudding. Topped with homemade Brandy Butter or softly whipped cream, this will be the perfect centrepiece to every Christmas table sssss

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Sausage Meatballs

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Beef Meatballs

Cocktail Sausages

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Chicken Kebab

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Tim’s Stuffing Tasty Christmas stuffing loaded with extra herbs and tasty cranberries, a Christmas must.

Tender Irish ground beef in a tasty sweet Mexican sauce. °Preheat oven to 180°, pop in for 20-25 minutes and serve.

Tim’s precooked ‘piri piri chicken kebab’ is a brilliantly delicious and mild spicy dish that everyone can enjoy. Serve with sweet potato wedges and jalapeño salsa...for a real kick! Preheat oven to 210°, pop in for 15 minutes and serve.

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

were now members and were enthusiastically posting comments and memories of growing up in Killarney. 200 photos turned into 1000’s. Communion, confirmations, schools, weddings, socials, pictures of family gatherings, staff parties and festivals. Memories came flooding back and were shared, old schools friends reunited and those who live abroad have a new sense of home and belonging. Those of a certain vintage who still have buttons on their phones were now joining facebook for the sole purpose of looking in on the latest photo or discussion.

Enda Walshe and Paddy Osborne created a Facebook page called ‘Killarney Down Memory Lane’. Uploading old photographs and inviting people to post memories of years gone by with friends. Membership rose to 200, a satisfactory achievement or so they thought!. Then more general content and history snippets from now regular contributors like Peter O’Toole and Maurice Moriarty started to trikle in and numbers seriously rose. I myself have been collecting just about anything to do with Killarney for years and was delighted to have an avenue to share my collection and learn from my elders, so I joined shortly after, followed by Donie Whitty, Gary Fleming, Weeshie Fogarty, Michael Leane and numerous others.

It has morphed into more than just another social media sensation, it has stood the test of time and continues to grow. It has brought Killarneys young and old together and has become a place to fondly remember those that have gone before us, where fitting tributes, memories and comments often flow in giving families great comfort and joy. Today it has a staggering 8,800 members. With the permission of individual contributors we have gathered a selection of photos to be published in ‘The Christmas Killarney Annual’. Hopefully this will encourage more to join and stroll down ‘Killarney Down Memory Lane’. Damien Switzer

Enda, Paddy and all the contributors, we salute you!

The flood gates of nostalgia had opened. Such was the interest, it was being featured on Radio Kerry, Killarney Today, The Kerrys Eye and The National Press. Regulars posted photos of Killarney streetscapes, buildings, clubs and more. Family albums came down from the attics throughout the town, the disinterested young (not) were now sitting with their parents and grandparents discussing old Killarney with a new sense of interest. It was now snow balling, 2000 members rose to 5000. From Killarney people living in the town and hinterland to Killlarney people living all over the world Page

L/R: Damien Switzer, Maurice Moriarty, Weeshie Fogarty, Peter O Toole, Paddy Osborne, Enda Walshe in the Radio Kerry HQ in Killarney April 2014.


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Killarney Down Memeory Lane


T he Milesian Assembly

At this Christmas feast in Kenmare’s place, however, O’Sullivan answered my Lord’s complaint. “Upon my honour,” said he, “I can soon fill up that gap for you, as I have now at my house a young blind man from the North who plays very well for his years, and I understand from his own lips he has a good claim to 250 odd years ago there was another Christmas fest in Killarney. represent the O’Neills on this occasion.” He alluded to Arthur Lord Kenmare took it into his head to give what was called a O’Neill, from Tyrone, a blind Harper then touring the South. “Milesian Assembly“. That is, to entertain at Christmas every great grandparents man who could be found of any of these names: O’Neill, O’Brien, Arthurs mother and father, grandparents and Bargain Hunters : Penny’s : High Street all were O’Neills. So the blind wandering musician was led into MacCarthy, O’Donoghuo, O’Driscoll, O’Connor, O’Donovan, the hall, and the other Milesians questioned him, acknowledged O’Sullivan, O’Connor Kerry, MacNamara, O’Keeffe, O’Moagher, O’Leary, O’Callaghan, O’Connell, O’Mahony, MacGillicuddy and his claims, and “said he had a good face.” behold all these families save one, sent members to Lord Dinner was announced. A hundred O’s and Macs sat down. Kenmare’s hospitable hall. The blind harper groped for a seat at the foot of the table, They gathered, from all parts around Killarney, and he heard about him a noise “of cutting, carving, and I warrant you that the music was good, the laughing, shaking hands, and such language as laughter loud, the good fare abounding: for generally occurs between friends, who only see those were the days when money was scarce each other once a year.” Almost all those proud, and food plentiful, instead of the other way boisterous gentlemen “hobnobbed“ him, drank round as in progressive times. My Lord to him across the table. Lord Kenmare himself Kenmare proudly reckoned all the great hobnobbed, and said: “O’Neill, you should be clans were represented, but found no at the head of the table, as your ancestors were O’Neill. He drew attention to this want, the original Milesians of this Kingdom.” “My this gap at the feast, this hole in the ballad. Lord,” the blind harper replied, “it’s no matter Then up spoke Murtagh O’Sullivan, that where an O’Neill sits, let it be at any part of the gallant man. table, wherever I am should be considered the head of it.” O’Neill tells this himself, in his dictated Before I tell you what he said, I must remind Autobiography, which I am quoting from “Annals of the you of the quality of this hero. He had served in the Irish Brigade on the Continent; he fought at Irish Harpers”. He says that the Fontenoy, the victory in 1745 and he had fought under Searlas Og throughout the ‘45 and at Culloden, before he went back to Kerry and sent shiploads of Cork and Kerrymen to France! His mansion in Berehaven flowed with wine, hogsheads standing in the All present said that the answer “came by instinct to an O’Neill.” hall with wooden cups swimming Then there was harping, and O’Connor Kerry took O’Neill’s in them for all comers. A revenue harp from him, two of them played till port and claret “began officer was told off, to watch to box each other as decanters,” and “harmony was lost.”After Murtagh, and that, the cloth was removed and the carpet made a bed for most of the gentlemen present and that is the one features of old time festivity that I don’t expect to hear repeated in Killarney anytime soon.

The Original Christmas in Killarney Festival

hall roared applause, and his arm almost was shaken from his body.

“it ended in mutual slaughter”

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Ingredients 6kg Gammon 2 onions 2 carrots 4 bay leaves 3 star anise

Method 1 tbsp of black pepper corns 1 tbsp coriander seeds Few sprigs of parsley Few sticks of celery

For the glaze Approx 150 cloves 450g soft dark brown sugar 300ml thick runny honey 2tbsp Dijon mustard

For the Cumberland Sauce 75g very finely chopped onions 2 tablespoons of Sherry vinegar 1 zest and juice of one lemon 1 zest and juice of one orange 220g redcurrant jelly 150g port 1 teaspoon of English Powdered mustard made up 1 dessert spoon of sugar

Place the gammon in a very large Score the fat into diamond shapes by cutting long line one way then the saucepan and cover with cold water. other way. Add to the cold water, 2 peeled onions, 4 sticks of celery, 3 star anise, 4 Put a clove into each diamond corner. carrots, 1 tablespoon of coriander seeds, bay leaves and 1 tablespoon Glaze of black peppercorns and sprigs of Mix 350g brown sugar, 200ml thick honey and 2 tablespoon Dijon mustard parsley. and use a pastry brush to spread the Bring up to the simmer and cook for mixture all over the ham. 3 hours approximately. I allow 20 minutes per 500g. You can tell when Bake in a pre-heated oven set at the ham is cooked when the rind starts 180°C /Gas mark 4 for 25 minutes approximately or until caramelized. coming off easily. You will need to baste the ham every Remove the ham from the saucepan ten minutes, to get a good colour. and allow to rest for one hour. Serve hot or cold with Cumberland Remove all the rind while the ham is Sauce. still warm, leaving as much fat on as possible. Cumberland Sauce Place all the ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for one hour approximately on a low heat until a sticky sauce is thickened and ready to go- leave the onion you do not need to strain the sauce. Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

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Killarney Down Memeory Lane


Listen to the Moon


by Michael Morpurgo

I chose this book because I have loved all of the books written by Michael Morpurgo since I first discovered him as a writer. He is a brilliant author and writes amazing books. I would recommend some of his other books also if you like Listen to the Moon. My favourites are War Horse, King of the Cloud Forest, The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, Private Peaceful and Escape from Shanghi.

One of the reasons I loved this book, and all of Michael Morpurgo’s books, is because I always feel that I learn more about what is would be like living in times gone past. I learned a good bit about World War One and also about the Lusitania, and how it was sunk off the coast of Cork. Of course it is a novel and not a history book so I was glued to every page and rarely took my head out of the book until I finished it!

Listen to the Moon is an inspiring book. You could read it over and over again and not get bored because the story is so interesting. My favourite character is Lucy Lost because she loves music and I also love music, and I feel that we are very alike in lots of ways.

I think this book would be

Lucy’s character felt very real to me when I was reading the book and it made me feel that I was back in time to May 1915 meeting Alfie & Lucy. Each page I read made me want to know more and the story kept me guessing all the way until the end.


Shopping, Food & Entertainment Guide

There is a lot of mystery in this book – you never know what’s going to happen when you turn the page and this makes it a very exciting read. The story has some sad parts, but the ending is much happier so stick with it! Page


great for people who love drama and mystery. All ages from 7-18 would enjoy it and don’t worry if you are a bit older than that, you’ll love it too! There was nothing I disliked about this book, except that it came to an end so I give it 10/10… and I hope you get a chance to meet Lucy & Alfie during the Christmas Holidays when you have time to read by the fire!


’G Lucy Jayne O

Lucy Jayne O’Gara, Aged 11, 5th Class. Available this Christmas in

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Q&A Donál Whitty O’Sullivan I was born in the District Hospital and lived in 33/34 High Street, Killarney.

at the O.K. Corral only lasted about 30 seconds. It lasted all day in High Street,

What was your first memory of Killarney? Playing on the streets and lane-ways. Growing up with great neighbors. Everybody knowing one another and surrounded by great characters.

”thanks to Dermot Magan for supplying the ammunition”

What was your first present from Santa Claus? First one that springs to mind is a Gun and Holster, which was picked out for Santa in Cally’s McCarthy’s (The Bargain Store New Street) What was is your most abiding memory of Christmas in Killarney? I have so many, but obviously waking up on Xmas morning and running down the stairs with excitement to see what presents Santa brought. Hearing the sound of cap guns in High Street is very vivid in my mind and running out to join them in the shootout. High Street was like a scene from the O.K . Corral on Christmas morning, only one difference, the shootout

What does Killarney mean to you? Magical place to live. Growing up on 25,000 acres of natural playground, every day was an adventure and still is. Where do you see Killarney in 100 years? Cable Cars on Torc Mountain, Monorail’s around the National Park, an elevator on the high altar of the Cathedral, to carry people up to the Walk-About at the base of the Spire to see the breath taking scenery (Could be done in the near distant future) But most of all my Great Grand Children? To live in a Beautiful Prosperous Killarney and Peaceful World.



Its simple, to enter drop in a postcard with your name and contact details to FOUR STAR KILLARNEY, before December 18th. The winner of this magnificent voucher will be notified on 19th December 2015.

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A n n i ve r s a r







5 - 2016 199


Keeping a watchful eye for 21 Years Padraig O’Brien from Dirreen went to school in The Mon, starting with Mrs Catherine Barry and finishing with Mr Michael Gleeson. He then went across the road to St Brendan’s college from 81 to 87. He went on to Kevin Street DIT Dublin and graduated as a Dispensing Optician, gaining his experience at CH Opticians under the watchful eye of the late Mr Fionan Harty. On 2nd December 1994, Padraig with into partnership with Don Stack to set up Stack O Brien Opticians.... (But Don has since moved onto a warmer climate). In 1997, a monthly optical clinic was set up at Reens Pharmacy, Millstreet, Co Cork. This successful clinic continues to this day. Since Padraig has taken full ownership of the business, his vision is to continue giving a full professional optical service to the people of Killarney, and beyond. In March 2010 the business moved across the street to number 22 to a larger and brighter premises. Over the years the optical business has evolved because of the improvements in technology. The practice has embraced these improvements and have invested in state of the art testing and dispensing equipment. The team has grown with the additions of Diarmuid O Sullivan, optometrist and Karen Griffin, practice administrator.

Its simple, to enter drop in a postcard with your name and contact details to Stack O’Brien Opticians, 22 New Street, before December 18th. The winner of this magnificent pair of Oakley Glasses will be notified on 19th December 2015.

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Eileen CHRISTMAS killarney makes you eternally young

There is a lot of water gone under the bridge since my childhood Christmases but I have everlasting memories of those magical times. I never saw Santy (as we called him then), no television or advertising in those days, only stories. I knew he was a kind jolly man dressed in red with a snow white beard and roses cheeks. We were told he had lots of ground to cover in his sleigh, so he wouldn’t be hanging around anywhere very long, you would have to be asleep, otherwise he would not drop off your toys. We would be in bed under the covers ‘whispering and listening’ carefully hoping to hear the jingle of Rudolph bells. Long ago street lighting and Christmas lights were very scarce, so the stars and the moon did the job. Candles would be lit and placed in the windows. Decorations were usually confined to a crib but I remember an old travelling woman, ‘Mrs. Coffey’ calling each year selling the most beautiful vibrant coloured flowers made from crepe paper with a wire stem. People would have been saving up for hampers and drinks, toys and clothes. This was the custom back then. Most shops would have a club card, like Cally’s, Clancy’s, Mullin’s, D.F. O’Sullivan’s and Bunny Courtney’s. Mullin’s was a grocers and a bar, we generally got our food there, along with Step-In’s and Maggie Shea’s. She had the best marzipan and a glass case with a selection of luxury chocolates. In the Presentation, Sr. Gonzaga and Sr. Declan would always have a 6 pence or 3 pence for the girls who got the top marks. So it was a real treat to go to Ma Hic’s or Paddy Sullivan’s for sweets. Page


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Mrs. McSweeney, who lived next to the Park Place had a huge ledger in her sitting room, available each Saturday morning for people to save for Christmas. You didn’t have a Credit Union in those days! Your shopping would be confined to a few times a year. So the provisions were sorted, this only left the bird. The year of the home reared turkey lives long in my memory. As children we were in awe when my father brought home a live bird. A pet in our eyes. We grew quite attached, feeding and playing with him. Sometime later, Dad broke the news that the now named ‘Charlie’ had to leave us as he was taking a long trip. Tears were spilt and our hearts were broken. My father discreetly prepared the turkey for Christmas dinner. However we discovered him ‘hanging by the legs in the shed’, this wasn’t part of my fathers plan, all hell broke loose and no one was having turkey that year.

“I’m not eating Charlie!”

Dad went to the markets for a goose! On Christmas eve, 7.00pm on the dot all the family would gather to light the Christmas candle. This job was reserved for the youngest and prayers would be said for the living and deceased. Charlie joined the list that year. On Christmas Day, smells wafted through the lane, trifle, marrowfat peas, jelly and sherry. The sounds could be heard of children playing with their new toys from Santy, laughter and joy were truly the order of the day. As I got older, I got an embroidery set (Santy’s presents got more practical!). The evenings were when neighbours gathered for house parties, story telling and card playing for the adults. For many years after it was a tradition that continued on in our house, from Huggard’s Lane to Brendan’s Tce. Out on the streets, Togo Coffey (the town crier) would ring out the old and ring in the new year. In later years, around the 50’s, young and old would gather to hear the Killarney Brass and Reed band play at the market cross in the evenings. They were simpler times, we were thankful for what we had, good friends and great neighbours.

“Even today when I walk by Huggard’s lane, I can still hear distant echoes of those halcyon days.” Page


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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Jill O’Donoghues’s 12 days of Christmas

festive tip 1

y t u a Be ips T


festive tip 3


When it comes to getting holiday pretty, blush is non-negotiable. Amp up your natural rosiness by mixing complementary blush colours, one darker and one lighter. Or start off light with the paler shade in the compact and tweak it by layering its darker counterpart over it. Try Artdeco Artic Beauty Blush, 3in1 €30.

festive tip 2


Brows do so much to frame your face that simply grooming them, which includes combing the hairs and filling in bare spots, will give you a prompt pick-me-up. Try any of the handy brow-grooming kits, such as Artdeco eyebrow set, equipped with eyebrow powder ,two brushes, one slanted, mirror and clear lash and brow gel. Great Value at €29.



There’s a reason we love tinsel on Christmas trees and strings of lights around our homes: They make everything look beautifully glowing. The same is true for highlighting makeup. To get your own shimmer, sweep a glittering powder over your cheekbones, below your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eyes. If your skin is light, reach for a pinkbased highlighter, while medium- to dark-skinned women should try golden tones. Artic beauty highlighter €31.

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

festive tip 4

festive tip 6

festive tip 7

Black liner swept across the top lid makes a bold yet elegant statement that needs very little else: Think Angelina Jolie, who’s hardly ever photographed without her signature eye look. The trick, is to swap your pencil for a liquid or gel liner. “Close the eye and, starting at the inner corner, move the line outward and wing it slightly at the end”. “If you have trouble holding your hand steady, create little dashes along the lash line and go back and connect them.” Stick to a neutral tone, such as Artdeco eyeshadow in bisque and a muted beige shade on the rest of eyelid. The Most Wanted Eyeshadow palettes includes a 10 fabulous eyeshadow and brush applicator, the palette comes in 3 colours Brown, nude and smokey €33 each.

Chocolate not only is the yummiest treat of the season but also a sweet alternative to red lipstick. Skip the matte browns and reach for those with mauve or reddish undertones.

Do you wear your hair parted on the left? Then part it on the right. Or do you usually part down the middle? Try a new side part. It sounds almost too good to be true, but changing your part not only gives you an entirely different look, but it also bestows your hair with extra body that you probably didn’t know it had.



festive tip 5

short hair

Short hair can be styled just as glamorously as long hair, but in half the time! “Most boyish haircuts now have feminine features, such as softer pieces around the face,” says Pat O Neill. Bring attention to your short ‘do by working a styling product through your hair with your fingers. “It’s got hold and breaks up the hair to give it a more piecey look.” Page


change your part

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

festive tip 8

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What happens when you take basic gray shadow and infuse it with flecks of gold, purple, and green? A whole new way to make up your eyes, that’s what! A color that’s this multitextured will work harder for you, too. “The trick is to contain it between the lid and the crease”. “Don’t take it up to the brow bone—that’s very 1980s.” If you go overboard, soften the colour with a makeup sponge.

Shiny lips are always pretty, but when the shades are pale (think peach, pink, and coral) and flecked with shimmer, they merit a top spot in your makeup case. Try Artdeco do a trio box of these lipgloss colours. Hydra lipboosters set for €28.50.

eye shadow

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burgundy nails

They’re definitely not low maintenance, but burgundy-colored nails are your holiday must-have for instant drama. Richer than red and more wearable than the black nail polish that has been showing up on every starlet’s fingertips lately, burgundy has a modern feel that will never go out of style. Try OPI nail polish in midnight in moscow or Shellac 2 week manicure non-chip nail polish colour, tinted love. Both amazing burgundys.


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The ponytail might be your everyday hairdo, but you’ll be amazed how well it can pretty up your holiday look. Pat O’Neill, expert stylist, recommends teasing the hair at the crown for extra volume before securing it at the nape of the neck. “A beautiful finishing touch is to pull a strand of hair from the ponytail and bring it around the elastic.”

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french manicure

What better nod to the holidays than a French manicure revamped with luminescent versions of the standard pink and white colours? You’ll get the same effect but with an extra twinkle accompanying every gesture. Try the Shellac 2 week manicure to get you through the party season.

Page Page

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Killarney Christmas Annual 2015

Q&A Maurice Moriarty I was born in 1950, in the nursing home run by Phyllis Seymour at 72 New Street. Before the nursing home opened that building was a hotel called “The Swan”. Where did you first live? At that time my father was the gatekeeper at the Muckross Lodge. We lived there until about 1955, when we moved to Lower New Street, across the road from the nursing home. What was your first memory of Killarney? At that time we didn’t have a car (most people didn’t) so a trip to Killarney town was something of an adventure, and not at all so routine as it would be today. I think my first memory of the town was a visit to Woolworth’s shop, and I think it was on the first day they opened. I’d never seen anything like it, all so bright and colourful, and all kinds of stuff on was like being in fairyland. Simpler times.

What was your first present from Santa Claus? My earliest presents from Santa (who at that time was still “Santy”) were basic and simple, but always gave me great pleasure. I got a few picture books and a wind-up model car, things like that. And one Christmas when I was about five I got a green plastic mouth-organ...that was a great gift. I figured out how to play it, and I still have it. What was is your most abiding memory of Christmas in Killarney? “What are you getting from Santy?”...

”A doll and a drum and a kick in the bum”

Hardly the height of comedy, but in the run up to Christmas this was a running joke in our senior infants’ class in the Presentation school. It seems strange today, when we are constantly surrounded by all manner of profanity, that back in the mid 1950’s “bum” was regarded as bad language and we were careful not to use such a word in the presence of adults. Probably the most notable difference between Christmas then and Christmas now would be that when we were children it did not start in the middle of July. But we certainly felt a great sense of excitement and anticipation in the weeks before the big day. In early December we all sat down and wrote our letters to Santy, telling him how good we had been and what we would like him to bring us. To guide us in our choice of gifts we spent a lot of time with our noses pressed against the windows of the local toyshops. We had a wide selection. One of our favourite shops was Cally McCarthy’s, “The Bargain Stores”. It was a long narrow shop, selling all manner of household goods. We heard it said that Cally travelled regularly to Hong Kong and other exotic places to source his stock. McCarthy’s private house was next door (the building that is now Healy’s insurance office), and the shop looped around the back of the house so if you went up Bishop’s Lane you found another shop window with further delights. Close to Cally’s was Moriarty’s photographic shop and Woolworths, at the time both newly built on the site of the old Presbyterian church, and both had toy departments. In Main Street Bunny Courtney was an agent for “Meccano”, which I still regard as the greatest toy ever invented. Television was still some years away and much of our entertainment came from comics. We bought our comics


95 31

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as and when we could afford them from Clancy’s in New Street. And when we were writing to Santy we would always ask for an “annual”. There were several to choose from; the well known “Beano” and “Dandy”, also the “Topper”, “Beezer”, “Hotspur”, and (easily my favourite) the “Eagle”. Most of our comics were British, with some American, and they certainly influenced our taste in toys...not through advertisements but through the content of the stories. By the mid 1950’s the war had been over for ten years, but you wouldn’t have thought so from the comics...they were still full of the adventures of dashing and daring British heroes, and always showed the Germans in a bad light. The American comics brought us another kind of hero and transported us back to the days of the old west, in the company of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy. In this case our enemies were the outlaws, and of course the Indians. The result of all this was that our games were mostly either war games or “Cowboys and Indians”, and when we wrote to Santy the toys we asked for were mostly of an aggressive nature...guns of all types, and the bigger the better. And close to Christmas we even got the chance to see Santy in person. His first appearance that I can remember was in Moriarty’s photographic (and toy) shop, and I was very impressed. In between his indoor duties he used to come out and walk about on the footpath to drum up custom. He could also be found in the “Handy Stores” (but not at the same time of course). What does Killarney mean to you? Well, it means a lot. I’ve travelled a fair bit but in the long term I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Killarney has always been my home and the best of my memories are here. Stand at the top of Knockreer and look around at the woods, the lakes and the mountains...then remind yourself that you are no more than about ten minutes walk from the centre of a modern town with all the facilities you could want. Where would you get it? Where do you see Killarney in 100 years? Killarney 100 years from now? I would think that the world has changed more in the last hundred years than it did in the previous thousand. We can suppose that the next hundred will bring changes beyond anything that we can even imagine. Maybe tourists will be flitting over the lakes wearing jet powered backpacks. We can only hope that as they approach Christmas 2115 the people of Killarney will feel, as we do today, that they are living in a very special and wonderful place.

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The Killarney Christmas Annual 2015  

A highly finished, quality coffee table magazine consisting of 112 pages of articles of local interest with well known local personalities,...

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