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Welcome spring! Our office has just finished up with DNOW Weekend and no we are looking ahead towards Summer 2013!

DNOW WRAP UP We had a terrific DNOW Weekend on Feb 22-24. We participated with 3,000 other students from across the Mid-South at Student Life Conference hosted at Bellevue. It was great weekend full of great worship/preaching and connecting with friends and being called to live a “BE LAST” lifestyle. We had a handful of students make decisions that we believe will impact their life for years to come. We had an incredible group of college and adult leaders who helped make this weekend happen. We are so blessed to be surrounded by great volunteers who are so willing to cook, clean, host students, build bonfires, and whatever else might be needed. Thank you! SUMMER 2013 This summer promises to be an wonderful summer full of memories, missions, and even a little bit of mayhem! Actually, as we work through the process of hiring another student pastor we are scheduling several dates for camp, mission trips, and other events, but we also want to allow room for our new student pastor to plan additional events or implement new ideas. The best way to prepare for summer 2013 is be at our SUMMER in 20 meeting on March 17th just following the 10:30 AM Service. We’ll give you ideas, dates, and help you plan for summer all in 20 minutes. I hope to see you there! PRAY Continue to pray for our Student Pastor Search team. They have been very busy (see Search Update) and are working hard to discover and discern the needs of our ministry and the best man for the job. Pray for clarity, wisdom, patience, and strength as this team searches for our next Student Pastor. I love your students and I’m grateful to work alongside you as we raise the next generation!

Student Pastor

Our team has been working hard! They have spent time understanding the Biblical call of ministry, the needs within our student ministry, and the desired profile of our next student pastor. As of the first of March they have received and reviewed over 50 resumes, but have narrowed their search down to a small number of resumes. They will be praying and discussing these 5 resumes over the course of the next several days in the hopes that a top candidate would surface. Please be in prayer for them as they meet as a team, as they make contact with these candidates, and as continue to humbly consider and search for our next Student Pastor. Team Members: Dennis Barlow (Personnel Chairman), Michael Priest, Brady Buffaloe, Mark Champion, Matt Crenshaw, Bridget Green, Jan Jones, Margaret Knack, Billy Norvell, Jacqueline Poteet-Gorski, Ann Scobey, Bobby Young

spring and summer dates:

march 3 // converge // 12pm-5pm march 17 // summer in 20 meeting // 12pm april 17 // coffeehouse april 21 // camp registration deadline may 5 // senior sunday june 15-18 // ms camp june 18-22 // hs camp

Coming soon... converge

Summer in 20 meeting

March 3 @ 12pm

March 17 @ 12pm in the flex room

Converge is a free one-day event at Bartlett Baptist Church designed to help the entire family understand the connection between faith and the family. Learn some practical steps for and the how-to’s of discipleship for every age group. At this event, families will share worship together, share a meal together, and listen together as we explore how to develop faith at home. Converge will begin at noon after church and continue until 5pm.

Want to know what’s happening this summer? Want to get information about camp, events and mission trips? Be a part of our summer in 20 meeting taking place at 12pm in the flex room.

Final Guatemala training March 3 The March Guatemala team will have their final training session/meeting on March 3 at 6pm. If your student is going on the trip, please have them attend as we will go over flight itinerary, last minute details, suitcase weights, and more. Also, whether your student is going or not, be in prayer for the team the week of March 10-15 as they minister to the Pokomchi people.

Super summer camp June 15-18 (ms) // june 18-22 (hs) Cost of ms camp: $215 Cost of hs camp: $250 It’s not to early to start thinking about registering for camp! We will start sign-ups on Easter Sunday and it’s first come first serve. Traditionally we go to the beach but we feel like Super Summer Arkansas is going to be such an incredible experience. We are more than willing to trade in the sands of Alabama for the piney woods of Arkansas. For information you can go to their website at

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