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the fli p 4.12 I’m one of those weird guys who enjoy yard work. I anticipate the spring season as the ground begins to wake up from its winter slumber. I enjoy seeing new blooms and new growth and preparing the lawn for a green spring and summer. I look forward to working outside and see yard work as a way to relax. I’m the only person who shares this sentiment at my house; everyone else tries to avoid outside work as much as possible. But, nevertheless, I pride myself on having a nice yard. Since our kids are getting older, my lawn is steadily changing. In fact, if you look at my lawn you’ll see it’s well worn. We have a few bare spots left by home plate and 1st base from our evening kickball games. You’ll see bike treads running on both sides of our drive. You’ll find a few popsicle sticks, a few toys, and an area where our neighborhood kids used to make mud pies. I pride myself on having a well used yard. It used to bother me when the yard started to show signs of the kids. I would think of the work I’d put into making it nice and how the kids were being inconsiderate of my precious lawn. But now I’ve come to realize that I want my children to remember the fun they had in our yard, not the scowl on my face as they misplaced a blade of grass. We use the yard as a place for exercise, talking, and being together. The yard is removed from tv, video games, and other conversation killers and can become a place of fellowship and memories. Let me encourage you this spring to use the yard as a place for your family to gather, play, and enjoy one another. Get your teen outside with you: grab some lawn chairs and talk, toss around a ball together, leave the phones inside and go sit on the back deck and connect with your son or daughter. Prepare dinner and eat outside every once in a while. Do your best to kindle new growth in your teenager this spring as you connect with them in the yard. Use the yard as a tool for developing new growth in your teenager and building stronger relationships within your family. Praying for well used lawns, Jason PS: We’ve got several ministry opportunities this month! Consider sending your student to Underground April 5-6 and make sure you encourage your daughter to attend our Modest Is Hottest Fashion show April 20!

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Coming soon... Senior recognition

Sex, lies & the bible

may 6

April 1 @ 4pm

May 6th will be our annual Senior Recognition Ceremony and Senior/Family Luncheon. We are asking all seniors to RSVP for the ceremony and the lunch by April 22. Also, we need some photos of each senior for the ceremony slideshow. The ceremony will take place during the 10:30am worship service and the lunch will follow the worship service. Seniors and their families are invited to attend the lunch. RSVP to or call 333-3364.

This is the second seminar in a two-part series discussing issues related to teens and purity. These are designed to equip you for effective discussions with your student, give you tools to help your children pursue purity, and to help you understand how culture shapes their views on sex and relationships.

underground April 5 @ 10pm We’re planning an all-night worship event that will help prepare our students for Easter Sunday. We’ll spend the night worshiping through prayer, singing, and fellowship. The experience will be similar to that of believers in underground churches around the world. Underground begins at 10pm on April 5th and ends at 6am on April 6th. Sign up online at

Modest is hottest fashion show april 20 @ 6:30pm Girls Only! We’re inviting all our girls to join us for an evening of dinner, laughter, and fashion! We’re putting on a fashion show to show our girls how modesty can be stylish, as well as show them what not to wear! 7th-12th grade girls may attend this event. We’re also doing a Hottest Modest Outfit contest. In the week leading up to the fashion show, we’ll be accepting photos of outfits put together by our girls. The top 3 will be voted on during the show and the winner will receive a prize. Sign up for Modest is Hottest in the Rock or by emailing

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The Flip - April 2012  

parent newsletter for Switch studente ministry

The Flip - April 2012  

parent newsletter for Switch studente ministry