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the fli p 12.11 Dear Parents: As I write this, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of child number four, Sawyer David. In some ways, I feel like life is on hold until he arrives. Brooke has been to the doctor a dozen times; we’re not planning to travel over the holidays; I’ve saved up my vacation days so I can be home as much as possible, and we’ve made several adjustments around the house to accommodate our newest family member. A lot of work and preparation have gone into receiving this new son, but until that happens we’re just patiently waiting. As we prepare for Sawyer’s birth, I wonder how much we as Christians spiritually prepare to celebrate our Savior’s birth. I know that many of us get holiday decorations out, plan and attend Christmas parties, fight crowds to get the perfect gift, and wrap presents until we can’t stand to look at Christmas paper, but how much time do we really spend preparing for Christ in Christmas? These last several days, I’ve thought about Joseph and Mary and their journey to their son’s birth. From the shock of hearing that their son would be the prophesied Messiah, through the months of waiting for the coming King, to the journey to Bethlehem where the Savior would be born, the anticipated event finally culminates in a quiet cattle stall. God could have chosen for His Son to be born within earshot of the most regarded religious leaders of Jerusalem, among the most skilled midwives, amid the greatest care society could offer. But instead God chose an ordinary setting in the outskirts of a small town where the hustle and bustle of life couldn’t interfere with or distract from God’s greatest gift to humanity. As the holiday season begins this year, lead your family to find time away from the noise of life, the pace of the holidays, and the hustle and bustle of a busy season. Encourage them to ready their minds and hearts for the true celebration of Christmas: Jesus. Merry Christmas, Jason

the student ministry of bartlett baptist church

LOOKING AHEAD December 11 / switch Christmas party // 6pm December 14 // Caroling & Cookies // 6pm December 18 // Candlelight Service // 6pm December 25 // No Evening Activities (Christmas) January 28 // Super Sale // 7am SWITCH LIFE // Sunday nights at 5pm SWITCH SERVICE // Wednesday nights at 6pm

CHECK IT OUT Did you know family meals could have this much impact? The chart on the left indicates that regular family meals are actually inhibitors to teens participating in addicting activities. But there are other positive effects to frequent family meals: “The social benefits of increasing family time extend well beyond the kitchen table...mothers who frequently communicate with their children and fathers who regularly make time for family leisure activities can influence their children’s academic success. Families who spend time together through religious practice can also strengthen familial bonds. Children whose families regularly participate in religious activities are more likely to report seeing displays of affection between their parents. Likewise, parents of families who attend religious services together are more aware of their children’s social circles.” Source:

Caroling & cookies December 14 at 6pm

Instead of Switch Service, we will join the rest of the church in caroling to BBC widows and shut-ins. After going caroling, we will return to BBC for cookies and hot chocolate.

Candlelight service December 18 at 6PM

On December 18, we will have a church -wide candlelight service following our regular Switch Life. We encourage our students and their families to attend this special holiday service together.

Super sale January 28 at 7am

Super Sale returns this January! Starting December 4, we will collect donated items on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you would like to donate items to the sale, there will be a trailer outside the main entrance on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday nights. If you have large items to donate (i.e., furniture), please contact Jason to arrange a pickup or drop-off time. We ask that any electronic items that are donated please be in working order. If you have any questions about Super Sale, please feel free to contact us at or 3333350.

Luminaries for missions December 4-18

Starting December 4, we will be selling luminaries on Sunday mornings to raise money for the 2012 Guatemala student trip. The luminaries will be displayed along the BBC drive on the night of December 18 before the Candlelight Service. Luminaries cost $5 each and can be purchased at the Information Center on December 4, 11 and 18. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

switch student ministry Bartlett Baptist Church 3465 Kirby Whitten Pkwy Bartlett, TN 38135 901-333-3350

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SUPER SALE Donation Times:

Want to donate items to Super Sale? •

Sunday Morning Sunday Night Wednesday Night •

Look for the trailer outside the main entrance beginning December 4. Questions? Contact our office at or call 333-3350.

All electronics should be in working order. Clothes should be in good condition, free from stains or rips/ tears. Large items, such as furniture, will need to have a scheduled pick-up or drop-off time (call 333-3350). Sale will be Jan. 28 at 7 am.

The Flip - December 2011  

parent newsletter for Switch student ministry

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