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For Your Soul The beginning of school can be such a crazy time for families, especially parents. Between the early morning schedule, the extra money necessary for school functions/supplies, and the late night homework help, home life can be overwhelming as school gets underway. I’d like to encourage you to build in a daily Sabbath time. In Scripture, the Sabbath day is described as a sacred day to worship, pray, give, and renew. When I’m truly in a spirit of worship and prayer, my blood pressure lowers, my anxiety begins to ebb away, and I’m strengthened. Building in a daily Sabbath time with God is essential in being able to juggle home, kids, career, and hobbies. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, especially at this time of the year, make sure you’re building in time to renew your spirit by spending time with His Spirit. For Your Family I’m often asked, “How can I maintain my family’s focus on our faith when our lives just seem to be so busy?” Here are a couple of suggestions to keep your family’s focus on God during the school year: •

Keep a family prayer journal at the kitchen table. As needs are mentioned encourage your student to write it down in the prayer journal. Take time each week to read through the prayer journal with your family and pray over the needs mentioned.

Attempt to have at least 2-3 meals a week at the kitchen table as a family. This might mean dinner is served later or with one of your student’s study partners, but spending time over a meal opens the door to meaningful conversation. Consider asking these questions: - What was the best part of your day? - What was the worst part of your day? - Where did you see God at work today? - What is weighing on your heart today? - How can we pray for you or your friends today?

Family devotionals are a great idea, but many families struggle with doing them. As you spend time in your daily Sabbath (see above), pull out a verse, a worship song, or an insight that God gave you and pass that along to your children. This might be in a conversation on the way to school, a note in the lunch sack, or a text after they get home from school.

For Your Calendar I’m looking forward to MudBowl in just a few weeks. This is our most effective outreach event of the year and I’m praying for a great number of guests to be introduced to our ministry and the gospel. Join me in praying that God will draw a great crowd of students who need to hear the gospel to MudBowl. Grateful for You, Jason

LOOKING AHEAD September 4// switch sunday // 9am September 4 // no switch life (labor day) // 5pm September 7 // mudbowl // 6pm September 18 // switch worker meeting // 4pm September 25 // kickball kraze // 5pm September 28 // see you at the pole rally // 5:30pm SWITCH LIFE // Sunday nights at 5pm SWITCH SERVICE // Wednesday nights at 6pm

CHECK IT OUT SEXUAL CONTENT MORE LIKELY ON TV THAN INTERNET Think your child is more likely to be exposed to questionable material on the Internet? Michele Ybarra, president and research director of Internet Solutions for Kids, says this isn’t true. In fact, teenagers have a greater chance of being exposed to sexual content through television or music rather than on the web. Ybarra’s recent research found that television has a 75% chance of exposure, followed by music (69%). The Internet only has a 16% to 25% chance of exposure. Information from Homeword Culture Brief A 2004 RAND study found that teens who watch sexual content in a television program are more likely to begin similar behavior in their own lives. The study also noted that sexual content isn’t limited to images; it includes even talking about sex. As a parent, how do you respond? Here are some suggestions: 1) Monitor what your kids are watching. 2) Remember that your kids’ friends are watching TV and influencing your kids, too. 3) Watch with your kids. 4) Keep the lines of communication open. 5) Educate your kids and show them what Christian sexuality looks like. Adapted from Center for Parent & Youth Understanding

coming up Kickball kraze Kickball Kraze returns September 25! We are encouraging everyone to participate in this churchwide event. SWITCH will sponsor several student teams; encourage your student to sign up ASAP! We also want you to come, too! Don’t play kickball? That’s okay! Come tailgate and fellowship instead!

Marriage getaway On October 88--9, join us as we head to Collierville for a weekend of fun, spiritual growth, and reconnecting with your spouse. Cost is $99 per couple. Register on the Events page at or at the Information Center on Sundays. A $50 deposit secures your spot; the full payment is due by September 25.

Mud bowl Our third annual day of dirtiness returns September 7 from 6-8PM! We’ll be turning our back field into a giant mud pit! Come out and join us for mud volleyball, a giant slip and slide, and other mud-games! Encourage your students to bring their friends and wear their grubbies! We’ll be selling t-shirts for $10. You can preorder one in the Rock on Sundays or on Wednesday nights. We also need some volunteers to help out with this event; call or email the Switch office to sign up: 333-3368 or

See you at the pole See You At The Pole (SYATP) is an annual global day of student prayer happening September 28. Students meet at their school 30 minutes before the first bell, gather around the flagpole and pray for their campus. Encourage your kids to be a part of SYATP this year. Also, that Wednesday night at 5PM SWITCH will be participating in a SYATP Rally at the Bartlett Performing Arts Center from 5:30 to 7:30PM. We will not have Switch Service that night but will instead encourage our students to attend the rally.

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The Flip - September 2011  

Parent newsletter for Switch Student Ministry

The Flip - September 2011  

Parent newsletter for Switch Student Ministry