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SWITCH has got a brand new

This new website isn’t just for students. If you want to know what’s going in the SWITCH Student Ministry, try looking here. You’ll find an Events Calendar with everything you need to know about upcoming events and activities, descriptions of our major events and when they take place, and the most up-to-date info about camp, mission trips, and much more. But event details aren’t all the website has to offer. Check out our Parents section to find the weekly SWITCH newsletter and the latest version of THE FLIP, to sign up to receive text message updates from the Student Ministry, to sign-up to volunteer in the ministry, and more. There are also parent resources available on the site, including links to various Christian parenting websites and a recommended book list. You may think that’s a lot, but wait— there’s more. We’re going to begin uploading media onto the website, which includes things like sermons, videos and pictures. You’ll be able to see what your kids are doing and hear what they are learning as they participate in the SWITCH Student Ministry. We want you to be connected to SWITCH as we minister to your kids. The website is a great way for you to know what’s going on and see what we’re up to. Check it out today!


The 411 Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat This is a SWITCH Serve opportunity! Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat takes place on Wednesday night, October 14. Students meet at the ROCK at 6PM, divide into teams and receive maps. Teams will go door to door asking for canned food items to benefit the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home. They will also hand out invitations for the Fall Festival on October 25. Teams will be back at the church by 7:30PM. Please encourage your student to join us that night!

Basketball Sign-Ups The deadline to sign up to play basketball is OCTOBER 4! All you need is $70 and a registration form to sign up. The following teams are available for students: Pee Wee Boys & Junior Girls (11-12 yrs.) Junior Boys & Freshmen Girls (13-14 yrs.) Senior Boys & Sophomore Girls (15-16 yrs.) Major Boys & Senior Girls (17-18 yrs.) Practices run from mid-October through November. Games begin on December 5, 2009.

Also, if you’d like to get involved, we could use drivers! If you’re interested in helping out in that way, call the Student Ministry Office at 333-3368 or email Tracey at

There is also a need for coaches! If you’re interested in participating, contact Susan at 333-3350 or email her at

Student Meals

The Big Chill: Winter Camp

Starting October 21, we’ll be trying something new on Wednesday nights. As an alternative to the churchwide Fellowship Meal, we’re going to offer a meal just for students. Our aim is to keep the meals between $2-$3. The meals will take place just before SWITCH Service (around 5:30). Chick-Fil-A will be offered the first week (Oct. 21), and the following week will be Sonic. These next few weeks are a sort of pilot to see if this is something that will be beneficial for our families and students. We’re hoping that these meals serve as times of fellowship for our students. We hope you’ll encourage your students to be a part!

It’s Christmas break and your kids are clawing at the walls because they’re tired of staying at home. You’ve been to the grandparents’ house and experienced Christmas and now you’re ready for everyone to get back to school. It’s New Year’s Eve and your kid has asked you if they can go out, but you’re concerned about what they will be into and who they will be around. Well, have we got answers for you! Introducing THE BIG CHILL, to be held in Atlanta, GA, December 30, 2009, through January 1, 2010. THE BIG CHILL is designed to be not only a great holiday getaway but also a time to dig into a deeper relationship with God. THE BIG CHILL will be located at The Embassy Suites just north of downtown Atlanta and our students will take in some great attractions and be involved in worship and breakout sessions that meet their specific needs (dating/ purity, parents, friendships, stress, etc). The cost for this event is $100, so plan now and save the date. Information and registration forms will be available at soon.


October 4 // Eagle Sunday October 11 // SWITCH U Kick-Off! // 5:30PM in the ROCK October 14 // Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat // 6PM October 18 // Bonfire @ Priest Home // 5:30PM October 21 // SWITCH Service Kick-Off! // 5PM October 25 // Fall Festival (NO SWITCH U) November 1 // Eagle Sunday November 8 // SWITCH Fellowship @ Miller Home // 5:30PM December 30-January 1 // The Big Chill in Atlanta WEEKLY ACTIVITIES Sunday Mornings—Connection Groups at 8:15AM & 9:30AM SWITCH U—Sundays @ 5:30PM SWITCH Service—Wednesdays @ 6PM

Culture Clues Addicted to...Media? Usually, the word “addiction” is associated with abusive substances, such as drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. We teach our kids to stay away from these things because they are risky and habit-forming. But these are not the only types of addictions that can be dangerous. The American Heritage dictionary defines “addiction” as “the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something.” A person is addicted to anything that consumes his time or dictates his choices. He feels a need for it, and experiences a strong sense of loss when separated from it. Addictions are also always detrimental to a person’s life in some way. Now consider your kids’ media habits. How often are they texting, typing, watching, playing and/or listening to some form of media? How much of their life is influenced by it? How upset are they when separated from it? Does it affect their school work? Their chores? Their friendships? Their family relationships? Media addiction is hugely widespread in today’s culture. It’s not easy to fight it—but it is possible. For more information about media addiction and resources on how to deal with it, check out the links below. Breaking Media Addiction Media Addiction’s Influence Addicted to Media

MediaFamily.Org Media Addiction Quiz for Teens AddictionInfo.Org

the student ministry Bartlett Baptist Church 3465 Kirby Whitten Pkwy Bartlett, TN 38135 901-333-3350

ZAC MCMILLAN Zac McMillan is a senior at Bolton High School who enjoys reading and has a penchant for jazz and classical music. Over the past few months, Zac has also been investing time in Orange Mound Outreach Ministries (OMOM). OMOM is dedicated to ministering to children in the Orange Mound area through an after-school program that offers arts and crafts, Bible study, a meal, and Christian volunteers to hang out with kids. We wanted to know just what keeps Zac going back , so we asked him a few questions. Tell us a little about OMOM: It’s a ministry to chil- What keeps you going back? Reverend and Mrs. dren, like a community center. It’s a place for people Tucker. The kids. Darius and Courtney. Relationships, really. to come and get a good influence. How often do you serve there? I go whenever I can What is something you have learned? That Orange Mound is not a bad, scary place. There are bad, scary get down there, which is about once a week. What sort of stuff do you do? Play video games and people who are corrupting a loving community. basketball. Mostly hang out with the kids there. I Can you give us an example of Orange Mound’s comalso helped Reverend Tucker (founder of OMOM) fix munity? During SOS114, we were up on the roof and I saw a man who didn’t know a lady offer to help her up his apartment. weed her garden. Just because he felt like he should How did you first become involved with OMOM? help. We worked with some of the people on the SOS114 mission trip, and afterward a friend said “Hey, let’s go What’s a final thought you’d like to share about to Orange Mound.” We decided to do that because OMOM? Leave before it gets dark. Just kidding. we like Orange Mound—we have a heart for Orange Really, they can never have too much help with the kids. And the kids love it. Mound.


The Flip 10.2009  

SWITCH Parent Newsletter for October

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