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2011 is here and that brings a lot of excitement to the student ministry at Bartlett Baptist Church. We hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays with your family and are looking forward to seeing what God will do in your lives this new year. One of our most crucial upcoming events is our annual parent conference January 9. I want you there. I need you there. It’s an incredibly important opportunity for you to get a heads up on the activities the student ministry is offering this year, receive up-to-date information on student culture and parenting, and join in conversation with other parents! Please make every effort to be there! More details inside! 2011 is a year of helping our students raise money for mission trips and summer camp. I hope you’ll donate to and shop at SUPER SALE January 15. We hope to gather as many items as possible and sell them to help send students on 2011 mission trips. A big thanks to Susan Carter and her team for organizing this event! We’re also hosting a Coffeehouse and Talent Show February 11 at 7PM. Proceeds go to 2011 missions. We’re encouraging students to recruit local talent (bands, illusionists, comedy, etc.) for this event, and we want to encourage everyone to attend. 2011 is also a year of focusing our ministry to different age groups. Starting January 19, we will be launching MS SWITCH, a middle school ministry for our students. Every Wednesday, our middle school will be involved in their very own SWITCH Service located across from the ROCK. By offering a middle school mid-week service we can engage students with God’s Word in a way that impacts their specific spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. We are excited about this new beginning, but we need some help! If you would be interested in serving as an adult volunteer for our MS SWITCH ministry and service, please contact us ASAP! We’re looking forward to a new year of God’s work in the lives our ministry and your students! Partnering, Jason Student Pastor

Culture Clues Bullying: Is It Happening To Your Kids? An October 2010 survey of 43,321 teens found that “Half of U.S. high schoolers say they have bullied or teased someone at least once in the past year, and nearly half say they have been bullied in that time...” (Sharon Jayson, USA Today). According to Jonathan McKee of The Source, bullying is a hot topic recently. Schools, researchers, and news stations are talking about this topic a lot and promoting antibullying campaigns. But is it doing any good? McKee’s article, “Voices of the Bullied,” describes how his son was affected by bullying and how adults often allow bullying to continue because they simply don’t realize it’s happening. He also acknowledges that “adults can stop some bullying...but nowhere near completely. It’s just too pervasive.” McKee proposes that we teach our kids how to respond to bullying properly, whether it’s happening to them or not. His plan of action: 1) Motivate your kids to take action. This includes refusing to bully others and also reaching out to kids who may be isolated due to constant bullying. 2) Equip your kids to reach out. Teach them about loving others and acting for the good of others. This also includes talking about personal humility. Scripture can be a great asset here. For McKee’s full article, visit article.aspx?ID=164.

LOOKING AHEAD January 5 // no wednesday night activities January 9 // coat drive begins January 9 // parent meeting // 4pm January 12 // switch service returns // 6PM January 15 // super sale // 7am January 26 // coat drive ends January 28-30 // student leadership retreat February 11 // coffeehouse for missions // 7pm SWITCH U // Sunday nights at 5pm SWITCH SERVICE // Wednesday nights at 6pm

COMING UP Super sale We are hosting a churchwide yard sale and bake sale Saturday, January 15, from 7am-2pm. We are asking church members to donate items to be sold and proceeds will help support student missions. We will be taking donations through Jan. 9. If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact our office.

Parent meeting January 9 at 2PM, we’ll be having a major meeting just for parents of students. Come find out about what will be happening in 2011, as well as gather insight about students’ culture and how it affects your kids. Join us to get parenting resources, updates on coming events and mission trips, and information to prepare you for the coming year.

Raising money for trips We’ve got several big trips coming up in 2011: Guatemala, Summer Camp, possibly New York City. To offset the cost of these trips, we’re providing several fundraising opportunities for students starting in January. Super Sale & Coffeehouse are two of these events. For details on how these fundraisers will work, attend the parent meeting January 9.

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Coffeehouse talent show Students are encouraged to come hear local bands and talent for an evening of music, comedy, and fun in a relaxed coffeehouse setting. There will be a minimal cover charge, and we will be selling coffee, hot chocolate, and other warm beverages. All proceeds will go to fund 2011 student mission trips. Anyone interested in entering should contact Jason at The event will take place February 11 at 7PM in the Worship Center.

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There’s a lot brewing in 2011... Guatemala spring break trip march 12-19 Nyc trip - june 12-19 Summer camp - june 27-july 1 Msraok - july 4-8 Omom - july 25-29 More Details coming soon...

The Flip - January 2011  

parent newsletter for Switch student ministry

The Flip - January 2011  

parent newsletter for Switch student ministry