Switch Player Magazine 40 Lite (May 2020)

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And just like that, the Switch was three. With more than 50 million consoles shifted and a potential software list comprised of more than 3500 titles, the Switch’s library could be a difficult environment to navigate. We should know – asking the team for their best experiences returned 306 different nominations! Because we’ve reached 40 issues now, we thought we would make another list for you and provide a definitive (according to us) list of the best 40 games you can buy on the Switch. After a new game? You are bound to enjoy these… Words by: Oliver Barsby, Chelsea Beardsmore, Lachlan Bruce, Ben Bulbeck, Victoria Ellis, Steven Green, Benjamin Hayhoe, Shaun Hughes, Ethan Hunt, Paul Murphy, Stevie Patmore, Aaron Potter, Renate Plehwe and James Sweeting

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