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GUIDE TO aking it to the top ten but not able to finish the job? Is that auto-aim still not able to make you auto-good? Do M both you and your structures crumble under pressure? Then

Written by Ethan Hunt @genericcoyote

look no further. I'm Ethan Hunt, and you may remember me from such features as 'What is Fortnite' from July's issue of the mag, or maybe even my review of WORD SEARCH on Switch, a certified classic. I'm here to give you some invaluably subjective tips to turn that lacklustre #35 finishing spot to a borderline acceptable #14. 60% of the time, these tips work every time.

GUNS AND SHOOTING Getting the right weapon, as in any shooter, is key to victory, and Fortnite is no exception to the rule. Guns are colour coded in terms of their rarity and damage, going in order from Grey (Common), to Green (Uncommon), to Blue (Rare), to Purple (Epic), and then Orange (Legendary). Whilst you may not decide to always go for the ‘rarer’ weapon if you don’t like the way it feels, make sure to be on the lookout for rarer versions of guns you are already carrying. A good example of this is the standard pump shotgun, which has three different colour variations, with the Blue version doing considerably more damage. As well as having a strong inventory, it's good to have a varied one, allowing you to not only get kills but engage from close to long range combat. You never know where the zone is going to take you, from close confines within buildings to out in an open field, and so it's great to be prepared. The best inventory I'd recommend would be a good shotgun for close range combat, a sniper for getting those

tasty Dr. Lupo-esque headshots from afar, an assault rifle for medium range to allround situations (if you can manage to find a SCAR you're onto a winner), and some minishields and/or bandages to patch up mid-battle. At the end of the day it goes without saying that deciding on the perfect arsenal is all personal preference, so if it’s your first rodeo then get a few games under your belt and figure out what guns you prefer. For example, in close range encounters, my aim can often shake all over the show as the adrenaline kicks in, and so whilst the pump shotgun does more damage if you're precise, I opt for the tactical shotty and that way I can get more hits in. Much like Splatoon 2, Fortnite on Switch now also features gyro controls, so you may find them useful. Wildcards such as the boogie and stink bomb are all great fun, and can make for some great replays, which the Switch capitalises upon perfectly with the screenshot feature. CLIP THAT.

BUILDING AND MATERIALS It goes without saying really, but building in Fortnite, a game that many estimate to have inherited the young Minecraft audience of yesteryear, is crucial to victory. Getting to the final few can often be a gruelling tower defence, trench-esque stake out, but using this skill to your advantage can also increase your aggression and mobility throughout the early game. Learn to build stairs over walls and up to buildings to loot quickly, and you'll find that the flow of gameplay becomes more rhythmic. Be sure to also harvest enough resources early on and whilst moving to keep you stocked, and before jumping into any scaffolding standoffs. my sweet point is about 300 before playing a bit more offensively. With the addition of the new(ish) playground mode, you can practice building quick 1x1 structures,


which are my go-to temporary vantage points when out in the open. This can be a difficult thing to do with a controller, especially for those of us coming from the PC version of the game. Another great technique you can use when in one of your buildings is using the edit mode to feign removing all tiles before cancelling, allowing you to see through the wall and spot enemies without peeking and baiting a sniper. You'll probably already know this, but the three different types of materials (Wood, Brick and Metal) also make a difference. Whilst they have an increasing defence rating, they also take longer to fully build, and so wood seems to be the most popular choice for those needing to fortify in a pinch. I hate rocket launchers.