Switch Player 17 July 2018

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IS OUT NOW ON SWITCH! Here's some answers to some questions you might have about it.


third-person shooter with building elements, Fortnite is probably the biggest A game in the world right now, permeating

with Player Unkown's: Battlegrounds , and is now even being implemented in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V.

Fortnite has been through a tough development cycle, having originally been announced in 2011, and to developer Epic Games' delight it will go down as one of the best comebacks in gaming history, as games with troubled development cycles are more likely to struggle. Epic owes Fortnite's success to the legendary pivot that is the adoption of the Battle Royale mode, a new survival sub-genre that gained popularity

This game mode is the zeitgeist at the moment for shooters, and that mainstream popularity can largely be attributed to Fortnite and its community. Not only has it surpassed Minecraft on YouTube for the most uploaded gaming videos, but Twitch streamers such as Ninja have risen to prominence and brought in superstars like Drake to play, helping again to shift it into the public eye. It certainly feels like Fortnite's success and its popularity as a watchable game on social media go hand in hand, and Epic have embraced that, holding competitions and tournaments such as the most recent PRO-AM at E3.

mainstream culture with its 125 million player base. After a 'surprise' drop on at Nintendo's E3 direct conference, it has already surpassed 2 million downloads on Switch in the first day (according to Reggie in an interview with IGN), and if you haven't given it a try already you should, because it's absolutely FREE. Written by Ethan Hunt @genericcoyote