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your career

online tea;cling



-I a C- ,i 1.1--.,}iliOnio 7 1n:ning

manager. srrys This style of

Word ot,o,,

lea'ning 15 here Co Stay.

The onl ne market is really

taking off Lots of pharmacy assistants anjoy the process of us'rlg a co riputar to learn because it Can be more inTereciiye than It workbook. and ne,,v:earners like the visual aspect. fta also a great way to mprgve pharmacy tt.ssistante' computer skit's,' she said. The Guild has --ade a significant

mouse Online training that is interactive, attention grabbing, and easy-to-complete at your own pace it proving to be a hit with pharmacy assistants,


nvestment in the technology and is trialling a orcgrant in V crorla..n conjunction with Colgate.

To encourage uptake, the program is linked to a rewards scheme where points can be used to purchase sterns sucn as (Pods, digital cameras or spa L eatments_

As little as five years ago, relatively law pharmacy assistants had access to computers, but as more

pharmadies get on board with new

This year has se°n a major increase :n onli rat antiilty ny the larger Tlhar'oaceutical cornpanies which have invested heav ty in rneil own wens.-tes

technology, the opportunities for staff training have also opened up. Online training is ane of the most significant

with canten: deolc&ed To product rntnrmatipn and traini'r icr pharmacy

changes for plxarriTacy assistants who

Johnson & Johnson. sarati-aventls. Ego, Blackmores, Wyeti. GlaxoSm thKlute and Reckiti Benckiser Two ptiarmacy assistant tra-nirxg

no longer have to travel to seminars, engage inface-ttr-face sessions or

slag their way throiigh workbooks to further their adulation.


asS15tant5. Thost3 tcomprrnios Ir Ctnde

portals also axis!; one alanaged by the Pttarmacy Guilty 41 Auatra:la -

cpmpan es and ware talking to many already- We see this as a long-term

spansnrpd by Colgate Palmolive - acrd

concept,' said Ms 60riri However. quality ,vas the top priority, she added. 'The Guild is always very cared acour the inlormatlon That is presented in all training resources td our pharr-.aCy assistants The nfrrmttign his beer checked by pharmacists ano learning specialists.' she said. Ms Bond called or other companies to Irloroue their online training materials

-hcr0 are also other wchsitas


sharp and can be done in half an hour,' said Ms Bond In Min months. more 1.UOf] pharmacy assistants enrolled ii, the pilot, before it is a5.9SStad for a nationat rollout Meanwhile, the Guild is looking into further tirl np -rs:nine opportunities it ctiffererrr areas. ' Ae're always looking TO get i nvolved with pharaiaoeLtcTl

laLmched rn October, with its first module

another un by IThraraprullcs. whrcn has siorpd sill 11 brands.


'It's a:so a little different to toe Gclld'S other ontin$ Training beOSLLSC it's short,

offering non-apcxrsored pharmacy assister1t training. iii - gEl and s lrlt 1;

Hearth Academy


'i have seen shine examples whore the quality has been less

than appropriate -some are Lift

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Monday 1/2/2010 Page: 58 Section: General News Region: National Circulation: 11,545 Type: Magazines Lifestyle Size: 2,171.65 sq.cms. Frequency: Bi-Monthly

online trains

PowerPoint prese^tations dressed tip to

Afan Oppenheim, managing director

look Iilk e oilline!Par ning. Whereas, the Guild's has nteratCivity and nlultiple-

of Ego Pharnlacejtiro1s. said ease-of rse

ctorce questions that provide the students w ih an instant response

cons tiered du, intj the creation of i.6, program.

One challenge has been helping some pharmacy asSiSTCnts adapt to..nmptite:s and the internal, but a full-lime support

By going and na we are able to offer phawnacy essistaii ,s much

and carver ience were critical elerrlerits

iS available to help users master the

technology and guide them through the websit . Fuss Band said

COMPANY INVOLVEMENT La, - 1,cvciri,l:rr. 'Snl:!iK:i:,iGSKI ia-i,:i,5:.itlir nrv: n., ni::ssisf

web, ile Iv,.ww inyph& rna5sisl corn au), specifica,ly resigned in meg; the

g,-enlerftaxibilily Titer cancompls the training at their own pace and at a urne convenient to them, and they can complete the Courw nlodules n the order that suits their needs and interests It also allows us to immediately disseminate new information and updates, ne said. 'It enables Ego to assist Staff in every pherrnary across the broad geog phy of

[raining seeds of pharmacy assistants The first edlicalion'-;odule examined hove to manage fCVer in oiri`dren, while turrrle, rr.odules wil l cover a range of other health ccndilions. GSK Consumer Hearnccare brand manager Steve Sadler sand the new website provided pualiiy education to pllarmar.y assistants through sfoi learning quizzes, with prizes on offer for registered users

niyPharmri ist within days of !aunch is a testament to the value ;hat pharmacy and pharmacy assistants place in quality

eoucellon -a sentiment that we strongly ;hare 8t GS K,' he said

Ego Pharmaceut:cais has also brought its pharmacy ass sign; ;ran ing

online. The -evamoea Ego Expert Training Online Prng am- Iauirched

in October, offers 21 modules which CdnSis[ Of Multiple-choice questcons

abau: skill condtions,'es,.ILS are provided instantly go toot a ssistents can review and correct any wrong answers On completion of the pr rern, users are re' aided wth a choice ni three Ego products from the featured range, as well as a certificate and an 'Ego Export' I]in.

of the -Therapeutics Courses, including Spndoa, Kr-l1 Oil and 5wisse. 'I loved chose courses because I

learnt a lot of little things I didn't anow shout each individual product, and I dscovsnred new products,' she sard Ws also male ftin. Its visually stimulating, it's eerier and yot; can do the tfa n ng in between helping Customers at work. Camcan es [isuasly give free products to try. cadges or certifrdtltes

when you complete training, which it g,eat for your resume.' Ms Haydin believes ontitte training has made a significant differgnie in her performance at wore 'Most pharmacy assistants know. for dxamplg. The name 4t ogcnngestants o r antihistamines but data ! know exactly what is ,n earn individual product The online [reining teaches what is in earn product. what it looks like, what it cast be used for and how it is to be used - it casicaily provides all the information you recuire.The Orni:ise nature of online training is ano1lit? r Attraction for pharmacy

assistantg, she explained.

1 1 he response from the 12rge numbers

of pharmacy assistants reg,srgred wL1

Care Club (Alcont, Bisnlvon and most

s Online training is prosogto he a hit.

rave courses That are short and

to the point - that way you can do it

Australia JS will ensile us to help train pharmacy craft across many nations.'

Mr Oppenhelm said the company

would co rtrnue to expand the training site. F'ans for the future include adding new modules, creating a test

drive seCtiOn and running promotioral offers and cornpetitiai:s. I yearn is create versions of the 1rsining specifically designed or each o' our nternational markets.' he -6-d FRONT LINE PERSPECTIVE kiss's Phai n.Gcy Ant is' 't ;)1 IIiS l''Rar, sa.- i,a ihlawr;i iif i lG t rrlt'klrown Pharmacy, is a Lig tan o'- ng courses. She has completed Ego, 13lackmores, tih'CaI Nutrients, the Eye .

quickly, at your own pace or come back inlerrupted 1t is easier to do I the training that i5 put into segments, covering different areas, such as tire actual condition il. is treating and then the pinduct iteelt.' funs Haydin also admits that ,he freebies are a manor highlrgh;. 'Courses with gifts and free products to Irv are rr'ore l1rHi1181'

because everyone ovcs a little reward. It helps build confidence. in the erocucr you're reco+nmandJng, vVhreh

is Then passed on to consumers. It's comforting for the customers to hear roe pharmacy tSSifitant say "I have used The product and it worked well she said

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