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A1 Pub.No.:US 2006/0103084 (r2)Patent Application Publication (10) (54) tCE SKATf, AllD rCE SKATE BLADE THEREOF (76) Inventors:Earl Arthur Dahlo, Vancouver(CA); Alan Larry Dahlo, North Vancouver (CA); Errol Dennh Shardelow,North Vancouver(CA)

Publlcatlon Classlfication (51) Int. Cl. A63C 1/00 (52) U.S.Cl. (57)

(2006.0l) ......280trr.r2 ABSTRACT

An ice skatecomprisingan ice skatebladeholderandan ice skatebladesecuredin a longitudinalrecessofthe ice skate bladeholder.The ice skatebladehasan ice contactinglower in anduppercurvaturâ‚Źsso as to be positionallychangeable on" oi-t*o altemativeworking positionswith respectto the ice skate blade holder, wherein the ice skate blade is parallel, The ice skatebladehasalso substantially attached. tlll2l,467 (21) Appl.No.: opposedsidesurfacesintersectedby at leasttwo longitudinally spacedapart aperturescoinciding with at leasttwo (22) Filed: May 5, 2005 longitudinallyspacedapart,transversalopeningsin the ice skaiebladeholder.Useis madeof restrainingmeansinserted at least two longitudinally spacedapart apertures through (30) ForelgnApplicatlon Prlorlty Data and at least two longitudinally spacedapart,transversal openings,so as securetogetherthe ice skatebladeholder 2,487,626 andthe ice skateblade. Nov.12,2004 (CA)................ Address: Correspondence FREDERICK KAUFMAN SUTTE403 1937PENDRELL VANCOUVE& BC V6G 1T4 (CA)




SwitchBlade Skate Blade Patent  

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