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How a Water Consultant Can Help Your Business Save Money on Water Bills Although it is a basic need, water has become increasingly expensive. There are many reasons for this, but largely it boils down to the fact that although we need it, water is scarce. Yes, there is the same amount of water available on the planet now as there was millions of years ago, it’s just not the same water. In some cases, water has been used and needs to be re-purified before it can be pumped to our homes and offices. In other cases, water, which may have previously been allocated for human consumption, has been re-distributed to other tasks, such as recycling plants and simple carpet cleaning. Image Courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Regardless of the reasons for your expensive water, now is the best time to do something about the amount of water your business uses – and pays for.

Why You Need a Water Consultant Whether you own a shopping centre, large scale hotel, or you manage a university or prison, your business has a purpose and a focus. Water management is a specialised field, and your business is unlikely to have the resources for a full time water specialist. Not only would this detract from your core business, but it is also unnecessary when water consultancy firms are available at a much more cost effective price. Water consultants usually do not cost your business any extra money. Typically, independent water consultants are continually on the lookout to save your enterprise money. And, the larger your business, the more money they can save you. Contracted water consultants are experts at reducing costs. In some cases, consultants do not just save you money; they also secure refunds for overspend in the past. Your primary purpose for contracting an independent water consultant may be the amount of money that you can (and will) save. However, the benefits of water management do not end with simple savings. Your concerted efforts to reduce your costs mean that you are also likely to reduce the amount of wasted water that rolls off your property, or disappears into

the ground. This reduces the environmental impact that your business creates and helps to conserve one of the most precious resources on the planet.

Just What Does a Water Consultant Do? The role and purpose of water consultants varies, based on the needs of your business. However, the primary purpose of any independent water consultant will be to save your business money. With that purpose in mind, consultants will consider many, if not all of the following services. 

Water Auditing – With at least six months of your water bills in hand, your consultant will attempt to uncover possible overspend in any area of consumption. Usually this process uncovers excess charges from the water company that were never your responsibility to pay. Your consultant will ensure that these fees are reduced to the required amount and that overpaid invoice amounts are refunded to your organisation.

Underground Water Leak Detection – There are still many outdated plumbing and sewage systems that were installed before the industry became better regulated. As a result, underground water leaks are a prevalent part of many water systems – and account for costly water wastage. Locating and repairing these leaks are a matter of priority for your business. Image Courtesy of H2O Building Services

Water Conservation Installations – Even when there is no water leak underground that does not mean the above ground activities are as efficient as they need to be. Water consultants examine, report, and install various implements which are aimed at conserving water, and, therefore, spend.

Water Monitoring – Your water consultant knows (or will learn remarkably quickly) how much water your property consumes, and what the anticipated seasonal fluctuations add to your total usage. With sophisticated monitoring techniques, water consultants know when a problem emerges on your property, and is able to rectify it before it becomes a problem.

Water Bill Validation – With an independent consultant involved in your water management systems, one of the most crucial of his tasks is to ensure that overpayments do not happen again in the future. Water bill validation works as a checkpoint for businesses with large consumptions. The process works by sending the water bill to your consultant who examines it for water company errors, and ensures usage is properly accounted. Only then will your consultant provide you with the go ahead to pay your bill. Alternatively, they will work to correct your billing issues without you having to lift a finger. Here at H2O Building Services, our Water

Bill Validation Bureau has helped numerous companies save millions over the years! Find out more about our water bill validation services here: 

Switch Water Supplier – Businesses located in Scotland now have the opportunity to switch water companies. Water consultants work with their clients – and all of the water companies available to reduce the rates you pay for water. If you consume a great deal of water, and are known to pay your bills on time, then you can expect a sizeable reduction in overall water costs from a new supplier – or even your current one if they want to keep your business.

Does a Water Consultant Really Save? The short answer is yes. But, how much a water consultant will save your business depends on your current situation, and the measures that you are willing to undertake to improve your water usage. Businesses in Scotland, for example, are likely to save a minimum of 10% off their water bill as water company switching provides most clients with a 10-18% discount on rates. But that is just the beginning of the savings. Underground leak detection and repair can also save thousands of pounds, sometimes even monthly. Water conservation installations will also bump your savings considerably, especially if continuously flushing toilets or inefficient pool pumps are repaired. Then, of course, there are the rectification of overcharges on your account. While these may have been unintentional on the part of your water company, it is still not your responsibility to pay for these errors. When your water consultant adjusts your rates with your water company, they will also apply for a refund on your behalf. Legally, water companies are responsible for up to six years of overpayment. Not only could this mean a sizeable return cheque. It also means you should hire your water consultant today, to avoid flushing away more years of overcharges for your water consumption.

To talk to one of our water experts here at H2O Building Services, give us a call today on 0845 658 0948 or visit our website!

Why Your Company Needs a Water Consultant  

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