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Sw!tch and Tone D. Farkas’ songs from their “Little Secret” CD is featured on 850+ AM/FM, HD/Satellite and Internet radio stations across the nation and their inexorable sound is highly respected just like the twosomes vast reputation. The artists' newest track: "Spank Me Later" from their "Little Secret" CD has remarkably made its' way straight to the Top 100 music charts holding at the #1 position since it's release to the public. Sw!tch-Tone is a dynamic and diverse combination of model/singer Sw!tch and guitarist Tone D. Farkas. These talented artists tightly produced the “Little Secret” rock album appealing to Indie, rock, alternative, and pop fans alike. The groups sound is a unique combination of Concrete Blonde; alternative-rock Indie, Britpop sound with The Pretenders; classic rock, with a new age twist of Pink; pop/R&B. The Little Secret is available at

Preview of the #1 Hit song ‘Spank Me Later”

Sw!tch-Tone's Success with the Little Secret CD