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January 2013 • Issue 534

SWISS VILLAGE’S CREATION STORY Daryl L. Martin, Executive Director This year marks Swiss Village’s 45th Anniversary of serving the needs of older seniors! All good things have a beginning and anniversaries provide an opportune time to be reflective. Throughout this year we will provide you some reflections about our past, present, and future.

Swiss Village has a powerful creation story! It begins with Eli A. Habegger and a dream that was birthed in 1963. The Habeggers were humble folk who f ar m ed a sm all operation just south and west of Geneva. In Eli’s estate plans he left $10,000 to First Mennonite Church to start an “old folks’ home.” The big news here is not the size of the gift, but the muscle of the idea!

does not go very far in terms of land purchase and brick buying. Nevertheless, Habegger’s idea sparked creative minds to action and the gift did get a committee formed. That committee explored retirement options and programs by visiting other facilities. Less obviously, but more importantly the Committee’s study started the process of transferring the Habegger Dream to a new generation.

Granted $10,000 was a nice gift, but obviously it (CONT. ON PAGE 4)

SWISS VILLAGE EXECUTIVE TEAM AND BOARD MEMBERS Executive Team: Daryl L. Martin Executive Director Linda Arnold Director of Healthcare Services

Board of Directors: Kent Liechty, President Tom Muselman, Vice-President Linda Eicher, Secretary

Derick Bailey Director of Resident Services

Ted Lautzenheiser, Treasurer

Joe Burkhead Director of Information Services

Andrew Briggs

Margie Dougherty Director of Human Resources

Paul Zuercher, Immediate Past President Mark Settlemyre

Michelle McIntosh Director of Marketing

Sharon Sprunger Wulliman

Roger Young Controller

Greg Meyer Nancy Subler

Providing Compassion. Promoting Wellness. Achieving Excellence.

Inside this issue: New Residents


Saturday Night at the Village-Annie the movie


Apartments Going Fast


Residential & Healthcare 5 Activities South Campus Wellness & Wellness Pavilion


Kinder Haus


Staff News


Swiss Village Mission Statement: Swiss Village Retirement Community is a not-for-profit corporation, committed to providing quality and affordable retirement living facilities and services in a Christian environment that enhances life with dignity, meaning and appropriate care for the senior adults from the surrounding community without regard to race, religion, sex, or handicaps that can be accommodated within our delivery system.

WELCOME NEW RESIDENTIAL AND INDEPENDENT LIVING RESIDENTS Swiss Village Residents and Staff welcomed Eloise Eddy on November 30, 2012. Eloise worked for many years in the accounting department at Lincoln Life in Fort Wayne. Since retirement, Eloise enjoys spending much of her time reading. She likes reading classics. "Living at Swiss Village will give me peace of mind," said Eloise. "If I need something there are people around to help me. I am also looking forward to socializing with my neighbors." Swiss Village Staff and Residents welcomed Paul and Edith Augsburger on December 15, 2012. Edith worked for approximately 30 years for Dr. Boze as a secretary. She also volunteered for several years at Swiss Village. Prior to working and volunteering she spent her time as the "sheriff" raising three boys. Paul worked many places in the Berne area. He retired from a tool shop where he made rubber molds. From 1942-1945 Paul served in the army overseas. "We are looking forward to relaxing and visiting with friends," said the Augsburgers. Ken Wanner was welcomed by Swiss Village Residents and Staff on December 26, 2012. Ken was a long time farmer and at one time farmed over 700 acres of land. He likes to visit with people in his spare time. When asked what he is looking forward to most about living at Swiss Village, he said, "No More Cooking!!!, I don't have to spend any more time in the kitchen." Swiss Village Residents and Staff welcomed Elizabeth Meyer on Friday, December 13, 2012. Elizabeth enjoys quilting and for many years has helped with the quilting at Berne Evangelical Church. She also likes to work on puzzles. "I am glad to be at Swiss Village, and not in my own home in this cold weather," said Elizabeth. "I don't have to worry about having my driveway and sidewalks shoveled." Raymond Double was welcomed by Swiss Village Residents and Staff on November 22, 2012. Raymond is from Geneva and retired from Franklin Electric. In his spare time he likes to watch TV, collect state quarters, and feed the birds. "I like living at Swiss Village," said Raymond. "The staff is very helpful, and I enjoy visiting with others."

IN MEMORY Condolences go out to the family and friends of Grace Crots who passed away December 7 at the age of 96. Grace came to Swiss Village in August 2006. Helen Sprunger was at the age of 95 when she passed away on December 9. February 1996 was when she came to Swiss Village. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Helen. On December 14 Elma Schwartz passed away at the age of 96. Elma had been at Swiss Village since January 1999. Our condolences are with Elma’s friends and family. Condolences go out to the family and friends of LeRoy Lehman who passed away December 14 at the age of 87. LeRoy came to Swiss Village in October 2012. Jacqueline Mere was at the age of 92 when she passed away on December 16. March 2009 was when she came to Swiss Village. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Jacqueline. On December 18 Florine Fennig passed away at the age of 86. Florine had been at Swiss Village since March 2010. Our condolences are with Florine’s friends and family. Condolences go out to the family and friends of Loretta McLaughlin who passed away December 19 at the age of 91. Grace came to Swiss Village in March 2011. Helen Stucky was at the age of 98 when she passed away on December 25. August 1999 was when she came to Swiss Village. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Helen. On December 28 Pollyanna Neuenschwander passed away at the age of 96. Pollyanna had been at Swiss Village since March 2002. Our condolences are with Pollyanna’s friends and family.

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January 2013

WELCOME NEW HEALTHCARE RESIDENTS Bette Bailey is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 5. She has been a Berne resident and is a member of the Bethel Brethren Church. Edna Stout is a new resident since December 5. She has been a Portland resident. Helen Bovine is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 7. She has been a Decatur resident. Carol Janak is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 20. She has been a Geneva resident.

CONTRIBUTIONS Alan & Cindy Habegger, Rev. Bob & Peggy Liechty, Rev. Randy & Carol Luther, Dennis & Eva Pannabecker, Byron Liechty, Gene & Dorothy Amstutz, Paul & Evie Norr, Larry & Carolyn Liechty, Fred & Claudette Stauffer, Sandra Striker, Orlando Sprunger, Jay & Maribeht Smitley, Don & Coretta Sipe, Rodney & Sandra Lehman, Cliff & Betty Habegger, Pat Sprunger, Ed & Karen Mason, Robert & Susan Dubach, David & Jean Kohli, Don Lehman, Harold Sprunger, Gaylord Conral, Gene & Nancy Subler, Kenyon Sprunger, Dick & Karen Smitley, Leonard Zurcher, Jean Kirchhofer, Bruce & Galen Sprunger, Craig & Marilyn Kleinkight, Bob & Betty Reinhard, Marge Habegger, Alice Myers, Don & Kay Gerber, Don & Sherry Burke, Scott & Patti Schwartz, Weldon & Aminda Steiner, Ted & Janis Sprunger, Rick & Susan Lechlitner, Betty Lehman, Francis & Roberta Mustapha, Betty Sprunger, Grace Herman, John & Mary Rigby, Sarabelle Zeigler, Elizabeth Strietelmeier, Mark Strietelmeier, Cecil & Donna Henn, Terry & Sue Steury, Nelson & Donna Clark, Samuel & Donna Sprunger, Tina Zurcher, Pat Bloss, Ted & Lana Schwartz, John & Mary Eicher, Donavon & LaDonna Gerig, Joe & Phyllis Wittwer, Corrine V. Lehman, Garry & Elaine Mikesell, Barb Yoder, Steve & Lori McIntosh, Ned & Jean Stucky, Verne & Kathryn Sprunger, Rod Schwartz, Anna Marie Neuenschwander, Arleda Sotgen, Gloria Heller, Stan Augsburger, Max & Cathy Haines, Olen & Mary Bollenbacher, Marion & Alice Krehbiel, Van & Sharon Wulliman, Ted & Gloria Lehman, Roselyn Habegger, Imogene Moser, Stuart Lehman, Heidi Jo Lehman, Evelyn Beitler, Berneta Lehman, Robert & Marilyn Litwiller, Judy Dye, Steven & Sandra Augsburger, Nancy Yoder, Diane Clawson, James L. Mays, Phyllis Paul, Gerald Gerig, Kenneth & Eula Van Emmon., Merlin K. & Alice Sprunger, Carol Rupp, June Amadio, Esther Biberstein, Jean Wilson, Merle & Margaret Gibson, Jonathan & Anna Lou Amstutz, Lillian Glendening, Clarence & Jackie Torkelson, Glen & Becky Agler, Pauline Grosbach, Ronald & Laura Simmons, Mary Able, Steve & Alona Von Gunten, Magdalene Liechty, Michael & Kay Bauserman, Lloyd & Carol Neuenschwander, Swiss Village Administration Office Employees, Stanley & Mary Amstutz, Eloise Eddy, Millard & Betty Schwartz, Mildred Weimer, Phyllis Habegger, Lonnie & Pamela Evans, Carole J. Mann, Ardena Lehman, Carol Bell, Louis & Norma Jean Cabral, Don & Berneta Yager, Marjorie Stucky, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Strahm, Joe & Peggy Scher, Beulah Galloway, David & Janice McKee, Rev. & Mrs. David Thomas, Peggy Fowler. Helen Stucky Memorial: Patricia Sprunger. Katherine Jeanette Heniser Memorial: J.D. & Jennifer Collins. Ruth Schwartz Memorial: James & Jocelyn Blum. Edward & Willa Ann Stucky Memorial: Mary L. Riley. L. Ray Riley Memorial: Mary L. Riley. Elma Schwartz Memorials: Richard Beitler, James & Joceylyn Blum, Diane Rodocker, Roger & Marcia Weadock, Bill & Martha Derbyshire, Jerrold & Shirley Neuenschwander, Douglas & Aimee Davis, Verna Sprunger, Millard & Betty Schwartz, James & Janis Garboden, Scott & Patti Schwartz, James & Elaine Raszkowski, David & Ruth Wiegman, Bart’s Water Ski Center, Inc., Aidan & Jena Conti. Gregg Luginbill Memorial: Richard Beitler. In Honor of Lloyd & Margaret Kwok: Stan & Luanne Morton. Sandra Liechty Memorials: Paula Heller, Jerrold & Shirley Neuenschwander, Terry Schnepp. Grace Crots Memorial: Curt Claassen. Alice Settlemeyer Memorial: Curt Claassen. Naomi Von Gunton Memorial: Curt Claassen. Ruth Neuenschwander Memorial: Robert & Rosalyn Neuenschwander. Jane Summersett Memorial: Phil & Cindy Eicher. **All memorials and/or gifts given in honor of an individual(s) will go towards the Samaritan’s Endowment Fund unless otherwise designated.

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January 2013


Michelle McIntosh

Santa made an appearance at the Arthur and Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion, with cookies and hot chocolate in hand. Santa visited with approximately 70 children. Children ages 2-7 participated Pictured with Santa is in a coloring contest at the three year old Jax Wanner. Wellness Pavilion when they visited with Santa. First, Second, and Third Place Prizes were awarded in each age category. The first place winners are, 2 year olds: Maliah Valelez, 3 year olds: Bria Akins, 4 year olds: Lindsey Lefever, 5 year olds: Malina Mawhorr, 6 year olds: Julia Arnold, 7 year olds: Ashlyn Everett.

Saturday Night at The Village Swiss Village presents Saturday Night at the Village. Fun free entertainment will be provided the second Saturday of every month from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. January 12 residents and guests will enjoy the Movie Annie and Pop & Popcorn. Saturday Night at the Village is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend. For more information about Saturday Night at the Village contact Michelle McIntosh, at 260.589.3173 or visit

5K RUN/WALK & SENIOR 1 MILE WALK In Celebration of Swiss Village's 45th Anniversary, a 5k Run/Walk & Senior 1 mile walk will be on Saturday April 13 at 9 am. Visit our website to print your registration form and race details. Join us at the Pavilion for a fun race with unique awards.

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APARTMENTS GOING FAST Progress is being made in Zurich Haus. The independent living apartments have been gutted and new construction is underway. These newly renovated apartments are schedule to be completed sometime in 2013. Residents will have the opportunity to receive significant discounts in regard to meals in the main dining room, housekeeping services, and garage rental through a convenient daily rate structure. Apartments are being sold prior to completion. Only a few apartments remain for sale. Be sure to schedule an appointment and lunch with Michelle at 260.589.3173 to select your apartment today. View samples of the new flooring and kitchen cabinets during your appointment.




The Committee developed and nurtured the Habegger Dream to a vision for a retirement community in Berne. However when the Berne Community was invited to share that vision via a survey, the result was non-supportive. Fortunately, the Committee was sold on the importance of developing retirement facilities and services and was not to be deterred by lack of popular support. Swiss Village’s creation story conveys the importance of an idea. Despite the limited resources and lack of popular support there was a small group of people who were captured by the idea of establishing a retirement community in Berne. The power of that idea was transformed into a reality that is now Swiss Village because a group of people believed. Through the years the dream has lived on because others have believed in the importance of that original idea planted by Eli Habegger back in 1963!

January 2013


Teri Sank

We started off the month with our tree lighting ceremony where we unveiled the 12foot pine tree lit with 1200 lights and 150 feet of pearl garland. There were 21 new ornaments added to the tree this year, one for every new resident. The Dunneman’s from New York kicked off the holiday season with musical entertainment. Carolyn Fletcher entertained the residents with piano and accordion playing of holiday carols. The fifth grade choir students from Adams Central performed a holiday program for the residents. We took two busses out one night to look at Christmas lights. Thanks to Paul Zerby, who drove one of the busses, he found Santa Claus making a special stop to see if the children were minding their parents.

HEALTHCARE HAPPENINGS — Karen Rowell What a joyous month of celebration we have had! One evening a busload of residents and staff toured the Berne area looking at beautiful Christmas light displays. Later that same week we had two wonderful evenings of song with Ryan Hirschy and Brad Byerly as we celebrated Christmas with our families and guests. The children from Kinder Haus joined us for a party with Santa Claus one morning, bringing their “wish lists” with them. I think our residents might have been a bit puzzled about the toys children of today are looking for! We were also entertained by a children’s program presented by First Mennonite Church, and enjoyed groups of carolers from other churches as well.

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Cole Rupp

The month of December is always a very busy month but a month of great entertainment and excitement. The resident's rooms have been beautifully decorated and we have enjoyed the beautiful trees decorated in our area courtesy of Family Life Care and Swiss Heritage Village. The residents have enjoyed singing our favorite Christmas carols with Curt Claassen and Carolyn Fletcher! We thank them for sharing their talents with us. We have enjoyed baking and eating some of the snacks we made and how we loved Maxine's turtle demonstration and sampling. Nothing better than homemade candy! As we welcome in the new year, we are thankful for our friends and family who have come to visit us!


Donna Stout

The trees are up and decorated. We've made several Christmas decorations. We've sampled many recipes during “What's Cookin'?” After much practice, we caroled through the hallways. Ryan Hirschy provided beautiful Chr ist m as m u sic f o r t he Healthcare Christmas Party. The residents received very nice jackets. We had our Christmas Eve brunch. The residents and staff spent some time reminiscing about Christmas' past and reading the story of baby Jesus, the real reason for the season.

January 2013


Village Meltdown —

Sarah Conrad

Emily Arnold & Rachel Rosswurm

Happy New Year! This is a great time to start or continue your plan for exercise and good health! The following are preventative health tips from Drs. Roizen and Oz: 1. Keep waist circumference at or below 32.5 inches for women, and 35 inches for men. 2. Keep your blood pressure at or below 115/76. 3. Keep fasting blood sugar at 100 or less. 4. Keep LDL cholesterol under 100 mg/dl and triglycerides at 100 or less. Keep immunizations up to date. Get moving! Aim for at least 30 minutes or more of daily activity and fill your plate with fruits, vegetable, whole grains, fish and lean protein. Stay positive and help others! Practice optimism, altruism and volunteerism.

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Do you need an incentive to lace up those gym shoes, pull out that swimming suit, and get into shape? The Arthur and Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion/Swiss Village Inc. and the Berne Tri-Weekly News are partnering up to offer the Fifth Annual Village Meltdown, a contest awarding prizes to the top three teams and a cash donation given to a charity chosen by the overall winning team. The contest begins with the initial weigh-in on Monday, January 7th and concludes with the final weigh-in on Friday, March 22nd. Teams of two will compete to log the highest percentage of weight loss. The weekly weigh-in results will be reported regularly in the Berne TriWeekly. Only the weight loss percentage will be reported; contestants’ weights will remain confidential. To compete in the Village Meltdown, teammates need to come together to the Wellness Pavilion on or before January 7th at any time during open hours to register. Weigh-ins will not be accepted until January 7th. The cost to enter is $20 per team. The Village Meltdown is open to the entire community and is not limited to Wellness Pavilion members. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Fifth Annual Village Meltdown. If you any questions, feel free to call the Muselman Wellness Pavilion at 260-589-4496.

Kinder Haus —

Heidi Schoeneman

The infant room has been so busy with art and growing! They have painted with their hands, feet and bells! The infants have made Christmas cards, reindeer, and snowmen. They have many who will have new teeth for Christmas and will be walking and climbing the Christmas tree too! The toddlers have been helping to decorate their classroom for Christmas; they have made Christmas wreaths and sparkly angels for the top of the Christmas tree. They had fun singing Christmas songs both in the classroom and with the residents. The 2 year olds have been having fun getting ready for Christmas. They have made wish lists for Santa and made marble painted candy canes. The 3’s have been learning about hot chocolate and how it can warm you up on a chilly day. The 4 & 5 year olds have enjoyed decorating their room for Christmas and making Christmas cookies with the residents. They also enjoy talking about reindeer and if they had a pet reindeer what would they name them!

January 2013


Margie Dougherty

Each year we recognize those employees who are celebrating a significant anniversary in the current calendar year. We have many dedicated employees who have been with Swiss Village for many years. It is a pleasure to recognize the people who will be celebrating important anniversaries during the first six months of 2013. 40 Years Claudia Dyment – 6/25/73 35 Years Daryl Martin – 4/1/78

10 Years Carrie Nichols – 1/8/03 Jill Elzey – 4/14/03 Jan Ringger – 4/22/03 Linda Keller – 6/2/03

25 Years Greg Schmidt – 2/16/88 Patty Schindler – 3/21/88 Brenda Garber – 5/23/88 Linda Reed – 6/9/88

5 Years Judi Thomas 3/10/08 Sherri All – 3/17/08 Nick Kohne – 3/24/08 Brooks LeFever – 3/24/08 Mackenzie Rupp – 3/24/08 20 Years April Pries – 5/5/08 Linda Bunch – 3/2/93 Erin Green – 6/3/08 Tom Thompson – 3/26/93 Rosalind Hoffman – 3/29/93 Jodi Muhlenkamp – 6/3/08

r r you o f s k Than f service! o years

15 Years Nancy Donahoe – 2/4/98 Carolyn Patch – 3/19/98 Dawn Carr – 5/28/98


2 5 6 7 9 11 14 16 18

Dora Tarkington Bonnie Habegger Bette Bailey Mary Linn Hulda Kleinknight Georgia Arnold Betty Zurcher DeLora Fennig Jean Neuenschwander

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Louise Houser M. Eveline Smith Howard Flueckiger Janet Zeigler Victor Steiner Sara Collier Jean Noll Juanita Arnold Marjorie VonGunten

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAFF 2 Rachel M. Rosswurm & Wendy J. Weaver 3 Mindy J. Weaver & Nancy R. Donahoe 5 Gabriella M. Sindone 6 Kara L. Haines 7 Susan M. Teeple 8 Beverly R. Liechty 10 Lora J. Sprunger 12 Maria E. Anderson 13 Landyn K. Waugh & Natalie S. MacDonald 14 Sharon K. Allspaw & Carolyn I. Sprunger 16 Fonda K. Fiechter 17 Rochelle K. Fox 19 Tanya S. Cuellar 20 Judi R. Thomas, Laura N. Bryan, & 20 Melody J. Dearmond 22 Chelsea D. Keller 24 Karla M. Farris 25 Kathleen L. Tibbs & Travis P Landrum 26 Amy E. West 27 Joe E. Burkhead, Chandler M Ingle, & 27 Nicole R. Rediger 28 Dana L. Bluhm 31 Linda K. Eads

NEW EMPLOYEES Swiss Village welcomes a couple of new staff members this month. Vickie Michel and Cara Bluhm are new CNAs in Healthcare.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES JANUARY 18 Paul & Edith Augsburger (71 Years) 28 Laverne & Anna Gilliom (65 Years)

January 2013

Swiss Village, Inc.

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1350 W. Main St. Berne, IN 46711

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CHARITABLE GIVING NEWS — Daryl L. Martin, Executive Director Swiss Village is pleased to announce the Jan. Event appointment of 7 Village Meltdown begins Jennifer Lehman Saturday Night at the as Director of 12 Village-Annie the movie Development 7 pm and Volunteers. Jennifer and her husband Apr. Andrew moved to Berne this past Swiss Village 5k Run/Walk August after Andy accepted a 5th 13 & Senior 1 mile Walk– 9am grade teaching position at South Adams. Jennifer is not a stranger to the community. Jennifer’s grandparents Ronald, son of Rev. Olin Krehbiel, and Cynthia Be sure to check the Swiss Village Website at (Kirchhofer) Krehbiel grew up for the complete listing of this here. Growing up in Goessel, months Residential and Healthcare Kansas, with her parents Thomas Activities. and Susan Krehbiel and sister Katherine, Jennifer developed a love for working in healthcare. She worked in the clinic her mother worked in and as a CNA at a nursing home in Kansas. Jennifer attended college at


Bluffton University in Ohio, graduating in 2011 with Business and Marketing majors along with concentrations in finance and human resources. Ms. Lehman will be providing leadership in development work and also coordinating the volunteer program. Swiss Village has nurtured a culture of giving since our beginning years. Jennifer will be building on that tradition, helping charitable persons to know of giving opportunities at Swiss Village. In addition, volunteers have been integral to the Village’s commitment to a quality of life experience for the residents and her leadership will enhance the impact of the volunteer program. Jennifer is looking forward to serving you. In future issues you will get to hear from Jennifer in this column. Please feel free to introduce yourself and welcome her to Swiss Village.

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