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Teri Sank

The residents enjoyed fishing at the pond this month with the kids from Kinder Haus. The residents had lots of fun playing conrhole toss and word games. We went to lunch at the Chocolate Moose Restaurant in Farmland and enjoyed some old fashioned ice cream for dessert. Golf Cart rides have been enjoyable since the temperatures have cooled down a bit outside. Cooking with Esther Ray featured homemade ice cream in flavors such as strawberry, butter pecan, lemon, and vanilla. The residents had a garage sale where they enjoyed selling their items and making a few dollars on the side. The Senior Saints from Grabill, Indiana came one Thursday evening for a performance called “The Gold Medal”.

HEALTHCARE HAPPENINGS — Karen Rowell What a delightful month we had in August! The weather was absolutely wonderful for outdoor activities, and we enjoyed bus and golf cart rides, as well as wheelchair strolls outside. One of our bus rides was a special drive through the grounds of Swiss Heritage Village. Our residents enjoyed looking at the original buildings, and were especially intrigued by the jailhouse. We regularly enjoy interaction with the various ages of children in Kinder Haus, and this month we got to enjoy the annual talent show presented for us by the schoolage summer group. What a lively group! At the end of the month some of the younger children joined us for a summertime picnic in our courtyard. Page 5


Cole Rupp

Life is a constant change! Everyday we learn more about each other! We learn about someone's special gifts and talents! This month we made homemade ice cream a couple times and learned that it is easy to just plug the machine into an outlet and enjoy the wonderful ice cream within an hour without all the hard work or cranking the ice cream maker. But we miss the fun of taking turns cranking it and chatting as we do so. We have talked to many residents about how refreshing a bowl of ice cream was in the middle of summer. We have tried a few new recipes and shared with others. Our residents have enjoyed the golf cart rides and some board games we have shared . Many residents have loved watching the Olympic games and the speed and endurance the athletes have.


Donna Stout

Wow, what a difference the rain can make. On the golf cart rides the residents have notice how much the grass has gotten greener and the flowers have a brighter color. The rides have been relaxing and not so blazing hot. Several times this month during reading circle we have gone outside and sat in the courtyard to get fresh air. The residents like the courtyard and all the beauty it has, from the water fountain to the beautiful flowers. We take Jonah, the Swiss Village dog, with us so he can enjoy the weather too. The residents enjoy watching him chase his tail or run after the squirrels.

September 2012

Village News September 2012  

Newsletter Issue 530

Village News September 2012  

Newsletter Issue 530