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January 2014 • Issue 545


Daryl L. Martin, Executive Director

L-R: Linda Arnold, Alma Ahmetovic, & Isaac Akins

Time brings changes. That is true in our individual lives and also in the life of an organization. Come January there will be several new leadership changes. These changes will involve the following positions and persons. We make these changes believing that we are setting the stage for continued success and excellence in quality of care. Linda Arnold, Director of Healthcare Services will be leaving Swiss Village for a position in nurse education. Linda has provided valuable service to the Swiss Village Family for 17 years and will be greatly missed. Her

leadership has been instrumental in making Swiss Village a 5-Star organization and her accomplishments as a member of the Senior Leadership Team have been innumerable! Ms. Arnold’s focus on quality and compliance has been instrumental in creating Swiss Village’s reputation for excellence. We celebrate her contributions to Swiss Village and wish her well in her new endeavors. Alma Ahmetovic will be assuming the responsibilities of Director of Healthcare Services. Alma has been an employee of Swiss Village for nearly 15 years and

during the most recent years has served as the Director of Nursing. In addition to the valuable experience and training she has gained at Swiss Village, she has also pursued academic training that will serve her well in her new role. Swiss Village is delighted that Ms. Ahmetovic has agreed to assume this new role! Isaac Akins will be assuming the Director of Nursing Role. He comes to Swiss Village with a BSN Degree. This academic training provides a valuable foundation to build upon for Swiss Village’s future. We look forward to Mr. Akins leadership in continuing the tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with Swiss Village! We encourage you to express appreciation to Ms. Arnold for her past service and to wish her well in her new endeavors. Likewise, please extend a welcome to Ms. Ahmetovic and Mr. Akins in their new roles and your support as they assume increased responsibilities.

Inside this issue: New Residents


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Swiss Village Mission Statement: Swiss Village Retirement Community is a not-for-profit corporation, committed to providing quality and affordable retirement living facilities and services in a Christian environment that enhances life with dignity, meaning and appropriate care for the senior adults from the surrounding community without regard to race, religion, sex, or handicaps that can be accommodated within our delivery system.

WELCOME NEW RESIDENTS HEALTHCARE Carolyn Foster is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 2. She has been a Monroe resident and is a member of the Evangelical Methodist Church. Aleta Young is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 6. She has been a Berne resident. Mary Bailey is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 13. She has been a Geneva resident and is a member of the High Street United Methodist Church. Arlene Mast is a new resident to Swiss Village since December 14. She has been a Berne resident and is a member of the Berne Evangelical Church. Beverly Schindler is a new resident since December 15. She has been a Geneva resident and is a member of the High Street United Methodist Church.

GIFT CERTIFICATES Now available, friends and family may purchase gift certificates for residents via our website. Simply visit or click on the resident option page. There will be a link to an order form. Print out the order form and mail it to Swiss Village along with a check, and personal note, and your gift certificate will be hand delivered.

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Ardena Lehman

Swiss Village Staff and Residents welcomed Ardena Lehman on November 18, 2013. Ardena enjoys going to sporting events, shopping, and working out at the Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion. "I am looking forward to activities at Swiss Village, and time socializing with friends," said Ardena.

Berne, Indiana

Becky Werst Berne, Indiana

Becky Werst was welcomed by Swiss Village Staff and Residents on November 23, 2013. Becky said she enjoys doing just about anything. She likes to workout at the Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion, and watch wrestling and football. "Living at Swiss Village gives me peace of mind," said Becky. "I don't have to worry about things anymore."

CHRISTMAS TREE WALK The public was invited to view beautiful Christmas Trees decorated by local businesses throughout the hallways of Swiss Village. Guests enjoyed Christmas Cookies and Hot Chocolate in the main lounge along with piano music played by Carolyn Fletcher. Prior to the Christmas Tree Walk, Swiss Village Residents voted for the best decorated Christmas Tree. The winning categories included most elegant, best theme, and overall favorite. Berne Tri-Weekly News received the honor of being voted most elegant, Kinder Haus was awarded best theme, and Family LifeCare was voted overall favorite. Swiss Village would like to thank the following businesses for participating in the Christmas Tree Walk; Palmer House, Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion, Swiss Village Employees, Habegger Furniture, Swiss Heritage Village and Museum, Family LifeCare, Berne Tri-Weekly News, Everance Financial Advisors, and Kinder Haus.

January 2014



Glen & Becky Agler, Berneta Lehman, Anna Marie Neuenschwander, Rev. & Mrs. Walter Bailey, Carol Somers, Don & LaDonna Gerig, Marge Habegger, Kenneth & Eula Van Emon, Betty Lehman, Millard & Mary Schwartz, Roger & Mary Flueckiger, Floyd & Renee Liechty, Richard & Phyllis Paul, Gerald Gerig, Evelyn Beitler, Clifton & Betty Habegger, Miriam I. Sprunger, Helen Fields, Mary Lou Campbell, Phyllis Speicher, Richard Beitler, Dave Sprunger, Howard & Phyllis Baumgartner, Elizabeth Meyer, Lillian Glendening, Dr. Merle and Margaret Gibson, Stuart Lehman, Luster & Elaine Rich, Kenneth Wanner, Judy Dye, David Baumgartner, Jerrold & Shirley Neuenschwander, Gloria Heller, Carole Mann, Steve & Sandy Augsburger, Michael & Kay Bauserman, Phyllis Habegger, Ken & Sandy Reinhard, Richard Teeple, Don & Berneta Yager, Elizabeth Meyer, Phyllis Conrad, Larry & Carolyn Liechty, Howard Flueckiger. Maurice Miller Memorial: Richard Beitler. Ruth Neuenschwander Memorial: Robert & Rosalyn Neuenschwander. Tree Fund Donations: Paul & Marvel Zuercher.

Join the Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion for a fun class on Healthy Meal Planning Friday, January 24 at 2:00 p.m. at the Pavilion. Participants will learn how to plan healthy meals with simple ingredients as well as enjoy a few samples. Everyone will be provided with take home recipes. Members and Non-Members of the Wellness Pavilion are welcome to attend this free event. For more information, contact Sarah Conrad, Wellness Pavilion Director at 260.589.4496.

**All memorials and/or gifts given in honor of an individual(s) will go towards the Samaritan’s Endowment Fund unless otherwise designated.

IN MEMORY Swiss Village experienced the loss of several residents who called Swiss Village home. Condolences go out to the family and friends of William Morris who passed away December 1 at the age of 81. William came to Swiss Village in November 2013. Maurice Miller was at the age of 93 when he passed away on December 18. September 2008 was when he came to Swiss Village. We express our sympathy to the family and friends of Maurice. On December 26 Ernest Steiner passed away at the age of 90. Ernie had been at Swiss Village since August 2012. Our condolences are with Ernie’s friends and family. Condolences go out to the family and friends of Marilyn Gerig who passed away on December 26 at the age of 83. Marilyn came to Swiss Village in November 2011.

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Wanda Besser Bonnie Habegger Bette Bailey Mary Linn Hulda Kleinknight Georgia Arnold Betty Zurcher DeLora Fennig Jean Neuenschwander Louise Houser Eveline Smith Howard Flueckiger Janet Zeigler Artise Habegger Victor Steiner Mildred Lindsey Jean Noll Juanita Arnold Marjorie VonGunten

WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES JUNE 18 Paul & Edith Augsburger (72 Years)

January 2014

Singles and Separates Support Group — Are you experiencing the loss of a loved one or have a spouse who is living in long-term care, or suffering from dementia or another illness? The Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion would like to invite you to attend a support group with Chaplain Mike Wertenberger called Singles and Separates.

Michelle McIntosh

Members of the support group will form friendships and bonds with others who are facing similar situations, and gain valuable resources to help rebuild their life. Due to the holidays, this group will not meet in December, but will hold its next meeting on January 8 at the Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion at 2 p.m.

Non Members and Members of the Wellness Pavilion are welcome to attend this free support group. For more information contact Sarah Conrad, Director of the Wellness Pavilion at 260.589.4496. The Arthur & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion is located at 1201 Emmental Drive in Berne.

Saturday Night at The Village Swiss Village presents Saturday Night at the Village. Fun free entertainment will be provided the second Saturday of every month from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. January 11, 2014 residents and guests will enjoy entertainment by Randy and Marilyn Long. The Long’s enjoy singing southern and country gospel music. Saturday Night at the Village is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend. For more information about Saturday Night at the Village contact Michelle McIntosh, Marketing Director at 260.589.3173 or visit See you at Saturday Night at the Village, January 11, 2014, in Swiss Village’s Auditorium.

Kinder Haus —

Heidi Schoeneman

We thank the families for letting us care for the most precious gift of all! What a special blessing it is for us to care for their children. They have been getting ready for Christmas in the infant room by singing Christmas songs. They also painted with cotton balls and have clapped and smiled in the mirror at each other. Some are just starting to walk, and some are beginning to crawl. The toddlers have decorated the classroom with lots of Christmas color. The 2 year olds enjoyed making

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Christmas crafts. The 3 year olds have been busy learning about Baby Jesus and the manger. The 4 & 5 year olds have had fun making reindeer dust for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. Decorating cookies with residents in Blumengarten was also a highlight for the month. A visit from Santa proved to be welcomed by some and not so welcomed by others as evidenced by the tears when they sat on his lap. Some would not even get close enough to sit on his lap!

Kley Beer is happy to sit on Santa's lap.

January 2014


Jamie Kittle

We began the month with Josie Blocher, author and Berne native, speaking about her book, Answered Prayer, as she shared the wonders of what God had done in her life. The tree lighting ceremony unveiled the 12 foot pine tree lit with 1500 lights! Twenty-two ornaments were added to the tree this year representing each new resident to residential, independent, and assisted living. Arlene Stoller, known as the "musical motivator," provided entertainment kicking off the holiday season. We Cont. on pg. 7

HEALTHCARE HAPPENINGS — Karen Rowell What a fun time we have had celebrating all things Christmas! Our activities all month focused on the sights, sounds and scents of the season, from making decorations to munching on cookies. We enjoyed reminiscing about our own personal Christmas memories, and Anita Rediger spent one afternoon with us, helping us to sing our way through the Christmas story. Of course, Christmas is a special time for kids, and we had our annual visit from Santa for the Kinder Haus children. We also enjoyed getting together with our families and friends for an evening of Christmas music and refreshments at our Christmas socials. What a blessing to have these special times and memories!

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Cole Rupp

What a beautiful way to celebrate a wonderful season! We thank the M u s e l m a n Wellness Pavilion and Habegger Furniture for decorating our Christmas trees! They are so beautiful! Many Residents have enjoyed the musical talents of so many this season. The South Adams Choir, the Lyrica String Trio, Carolyn Fletcher, the fifth grade choir and numerous carolers! You have added joy and we were blessed! We have enjoyed making ornaments and Christmas reefs along with numerous chocolate and candy favorites and had fun with word games and puzzles! As the year draws to a close we are thankful for YOU who have taken the time to come and visit, to play games, to encourage, to read scriptures, but most importantly, to use your Godgiven talent to bless us! Thank you so much for enlightening our days! Have a blessed Christmas season and a happy 2014!


Donna Stout

The month of December has gone by so quickly. We started off by putting all the Christmas decorations up and making several Christmas decorations. It looks like a winter wonderland. We have been practicing Christmas carols for our caroling through the hallways. Michele Bowling performed the special music for Healthcare & Alpenrose’s Christmas program. At the end of the month we have a Christmas lights ride scheduled, a Christmas Eve Brunch and a New Year’s party to finish off the year! January 2014


Emily Arnold & Rachel Rosswurm Happy New Year! All residents are invited to join the Winter Wellness Journey. This program starts the week of January 20th. This annual journey encourages residents to do a study and/or exercise program for an 8-week period. This year's study is titled “Prayers in the Bible.” All residents are invited to participate, whether you normally do an exercise class or not. Your participation may involve doing the study each week and/or walking, biking, or Nustepping on your own. Please stop by the South Campus Wellness Center the week of January 20th to pick up your binder of information. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

The Blumengarten residents enjoy their weekly exercise class to keep themselves in tip top shape.

Art & Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion — Do you need an incentive to lace up those gym shoes, pull out that swimming suit, and get into shape? The Arthur and Gloria Muselman Wellness Pavilion/Swiss Village Inc. and the Berne TriWeekly News are partnering up to offer the Sixth Annual Village Meltdown, a contest awarding prizes to the top three teams and a cash donation given to a charity chosen by the overall winning team. Participants of the Meltdown have lost a combined total of 4,081.5 pounds during the past 5 years! Let us be a part of your success story as you keep yourself accountable to your partner and us. We will provide you with

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Michelle McIntosh

healthy tips each week and encourage you as you take this big step in making 2014 the year that you chose to change your lifestyle and become a healthier YOU! The contest begins with the initial weigh-in on Monday, January 6th and concludes with the final weigh-in on Friday, March 21st. At least one team member must weigh in each Friday during regular business hours to remain eligible in the contest. Teams of two will compete to log the highest percentage of weight loss. You pick your partner and the results will be reported in the Berne Tri-Weekly. Only the teams’ weight loss percentages will be reported; contestants’

weights will remain confidential. To compete in the Village Meltdown, teammates need to come together to the Wellness Pavilion on January 6th at any time during open hours to register. The cost to enter is $20 per team. The Village Meltdown is open to the entire community and is not limited to Wellness Pavilion members. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the Sixth Annual Village Meltdown. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Muselman Wellness Pavilion at 260-589-4496. Participants of the Village Meltdown will receive a $5 discount off of their April 12, 2014 Swiss Village 5K entry fee.

January 2014



Margie Dougherty

January 2 Wendy Weaver & Rachel Rosswurm 3 Nancy Donahoe 5 Gabriella Sindone 6 Kara Haines 7 Susan Teeple 8 Whitney Matney & Beverly Liechty 10 Lora Sprunger 12 Maria Anderson, Lauren Turner, & 12 Olivia Turner 14 Dezaray Roberts & Sharon Allspaw 16 Fonda Fiechter 17 Rochelle Fox & Ariana Myers 19 Samantha Schwartz & Tanya Cuellar 20 Melody Dearmond, Judi Thomas, & 20 Laura Bryan

Our Maintenance Department traditionally spreads Christmas cheer by walking around Swiss Village in their Christmas costumes. They walk through the halls giving out candy canes and singing songs. They are a high-light of the Christmas season. Pictured l-r are: Front Row: Bruce Meyer, Steve Sommer, Paul Abnet, and Dale Sprunger Back Row: Terry Lehman, Paul Zerby, Jason King, Mark McIntosh, Dave Bauman, and Randy Reynolds.

RESIDENTIAL ACTIVITIES (cont. from pg. 5) also enjoyed the Lyrica Trio with 2 violinists and a cello at the Annual Christmas Program. We also enjoyed other holiday activities to celebrate the season including decorating a gingerbread house, Christmas carol sing-a-longs, baking and decorating Christmas cookies, a Christmas Lights Bus Ride, as well as the Adams Central 5th Grade Choir who presented their Christmas program. We also visited Alaska during our virtual tour as we tasted winter treats and rounded out the month with a New Year's Eve Celebration!

22 Chelsea Keller 24 Karla Farris 25 Kathleen Tibbs & Travis Landrum 26 Amy West 27 Nicole Rediger, Chandler Ingle, & 27 Joe Burkhead

NEW EMPLOYEES Swiss Village welcomes two new employees this month. Whitney Matney is a new LPN. Sydney Arnold and Hali Feaster are new CNAs. The ladies in the craft department are very creative on getting the results they desire from their craft projects.

Village News compiled by: Tammy Seffernick

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January 2014

Swiss Village, Inc.

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Did you know that there is a way to give a gift to Swiss Jan. Event Village while securing a fixed income for yourself? By giving 6 Village Meltdown Begins through a Charitable Gift Saturday Night at the Annuity you are able to enjoy 11 Village - Randy & Marilyn tax benefits for now and years Long 7 pm to come, secure a fixed income Wellness Pavilion 5th with often a higher rate of 15 Anniversary return than from existing 24 Health Meal Planning 2 pm assets, all while making a gift to those in need. John & Jane Sprunger who are 68 years old decide that they Be sure to check the Swiss Village would like to give $25,000 to Website at for the complete listing of this Swiss Village. They are able to months Residential and Healthcare take a charitable tax deduction Activities. of $7,041 in the first year. Each year they receive semi-annual payments totaling $1,100 for the year every year one of them is living with $812.90 being tax free for 23.5 years. A Charitable Gift Annuity

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Village News January 2014  
Village News January 2014