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Swiss Travel is proud to have received the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT). This reaffirms our commitment with the natural resources of Costa Rica, its local communities, and our valued employees. By working around these three pillars, we are positive that the future will be as bright as ever. Over the past 40 years, our company has become a leading expert on inbound tourism and service operations. We carefully select each supplier for the programs that we prepare; this helps us guarantee the highest quality and safety standards in the industry. Our employees, professional tour guides, and a modern fleet of buses will help you enjoy the country, its history, culture, and natural wealth. The continuous trainings and evaluation sessions that the ICT performs for the benefit of our tour guides assure you an excellent service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and vehicles that are clean and always prompt; as well as the proper management of all behind-the-scenes logistics and coordination, are our seal of guarantee. This is all backed by our thousands of satisfied customers and their constant appreciation letters. That is why Swiss Travel is happy to be the best Destination Management Company (DMC) in the region; the continuous improvements and investments into our tours, facilities, personnel and all areas related to our services, allow us to be the best option for you, our most important customer.

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Aerial Canyoning & Hot Springs at Río Perdido Come and enjoy driving through a meandering country road, surrounded by a volcanic mountain range and a dwarf-forest. The Aerial Canyoning is an innovated activity, full of adrenaline! The inspiring Blanco River canyon is the main stage for the much-liked aerial slides, human pendulums known as “Tarzan swings” and world-class via ferratas. It consists of 15 platforms, 6 rock-based and 9 suspended on the canyon walls. Hike on one of the main trails where you will have the opportunity to swim in different parts on the crystal-clear river. After a visit to the springs, enjoy of an authentic Guanacaste culinary experience. Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, aerial canyoning tour, hot springs, lunch, and hiking to the river.

Canopy Tour - Half Day A total adrenaline rush! Suspended cables that go from one platform to another and that will let you zip from tree to tree over the forest. Duration: Half Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, local bilingual tour guide and canopy equipment.

White Water Rafting Level III & IV Embark on a journey that will get your adrenaline pumping and that will bring forth your love for adventure! A three-hour river ride will allow you to spot the wildlife and dense vegetation of the region. Paddle down the river with old and new friends, work as a team to maneuver in the strong currents, and enjoy the amazing views. Recover your energy with a tasty lunch. Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, river rafting activity and lunch.

Sky Tours 路 Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs The tour starts in the reception and reaches a wide observation deck at the highest point of the Arenal Reserve, from where you can observe the rain forest, its volcano and its lake. The journey in Sky Tram takes around 20 minutes enjoying its beauty in a safe and comfortable gondola! Then begins a tour of adventure full of adrenaline above the treetops, which consists on a system of zip lines, in an very innovative and different system providing a panoramic and unforgettable experience. Finish your day visiting the magical hot springs of healing waters surrounded by impressive, well-manicured tropical gardens that crisscross the entire property. Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, hiking, entrance to hot springs, lunch and dinner.

ATV Adventure Tour If you want to experience a great adventure but don’t have much time, the ATV is an excellent option! ATV stands for ‘all-terrain vehicle’, so this off-road tour will take you to explore totally different environments as: nature, beaches and small rural towns. If Mother Nature allows; you will enjoy of wildlife such as monkeys, birds, iguanas and much more. Duration: 1 - 2 hours or half Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, Bilingual guide, bottled water and equipment

Fishing trips We have some of the best sport fishing spots around the world, and the pacific area of Costa Rica is not the exception, there you can find incredible fishing for Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Rooster Fish, Marlin, Dorado, Yellow Fin, Snapper, and more. As you, we love fishing and we know the area like nobody else and have a fleet of boats waiting for people who wants to have the most complete fishing experience. Our professional crew will make an enjoyable half or full day fishing. Duration: Half & Full Day Tours. Includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, Equipment, bilingual crew, beers, water and snacks. Full day fishing includes lunch.

Surf Lessons Costa Rica is one of the best places to practice surf in the world. Your vacation would not be complete until you get on a surfboard and show your natural skills. Our professional instructors have years of experience working with kids, adults and advanced age, and are well trained to help beginners, intermediate and advanced students. All you need is the ability to swim and a good sense of humor. Our trained and fun instructors will help you to stand up on your surfboard and ride your first wave with us. Duration: Half Day Includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, equipment and bilingual instructor.

Scuba Diving Scuba Diving in Guanacaste is highly recommended. Our expert team invites you to live a great underwater experience. Just a few minutes from your hotel we have different and exciting places to dive. For example, the Catalina Islands are considered among the most attractive dive sites in Costa Rica; there you will have the possibility to find large schools of colorful fish, stingrays, sharks and much more. It is also very impressive to see how the geological formation offers a spectacular variety of marine life. Also, it is important to know that there are several dive spots to be explored. Duration: Half Day Includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, Bilingual staff, equipment (tanks, weights, belt, suit)


Land of Senses Discover with us an exclusive and unexplored rainforest sanctuary! If you are ready for a hike on a world of nature, rivers, blue waterfalls and hot springs, hidden on the Atlantic slope of Rinc贸n de la Vieja volcano, this is an adventure you cannot miss. We will discover a secret world during our walk in the primary forest and enjoy spectaculars blue waterfalls and pools. The bright blue color to the pool and waterfall is produced by the effect of sunlight on the volcanic silicon impregnated on its rocks. Duration: Full Day Includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual guide, hiking into rainforest, hot springs and lunch

Palo Verde National Park & Guaitil Pottery town tour The perfect experience for nature lovers!! A trip along the Tempisque River will take participants through Palo Verde National Park and mangroves abound. A park that is favored by many migratory birds and at the same time, the area's density gives it a rich mix of mammal, amphibian and reptile life, including the famous crocodiles. We will taste the delicious traditional meal of Guanacaste and in the end, participants will stop at an old Costa Rican Hacienda to have lunch and will have the opportunity to watch an old sugar cane mill. The residents of the town of Guaitil, located in Santa Cruz and San Vicente de Nicoya (towns with more than 5,000 years of traditions in pottery) make beautiful works out of clay and extracted raw materials using the same traditional and ancestral techniques of the Chorotega indigenous groups. Some of the pieces produced include Big bowls, ornaments, flowerpots, vases, plates and ceramic whistles. Very special Clay ovens are used to fire these exquisite ceramic pieces. Souvenirs may be purchased in the two communities, where pottery sales make up the main source of livelihood for their residents. Duration: Full Day Includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, boat ride and lunch.

Wonders of Costa Rica Come and see some of the reasons why Costa Rica is known as a biologic gem of the world and also as one of the best coffee producers in the globe. Take an interesting trip through the facilities of the MatambĂş Coffee Plantation and learn about the process that prepares coffee to be ready for brewing and serving, from planting to treatment to recycling waste. Then, learn about the indigenous and rural cultural values of the region. A two-hour boat ride along the Tempisque River will visit the Palo Verde National Park, a wildlife sanctuary. This definitely is the perfect tour for nature and coffee lovers!!! Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, entrance fee to the coffee tour, boat tour and lunch.

Treasures of Monteverde Have you ever thought of walking in a bridge hanging from giant treetops and feeling like walking in a grandiose green Cathedral? It is only possible if you visit the Monteverde cloudforest!!! Enjoy the wonders of Costa Rica Coffee plantations developed on this area and the exuberant biodiversity to the cloud forest. This is a unique experience, you cannot miss! Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, light breakfast, bilingual guide and lunch. * Meals and activities requested per guests

Arenal Volcano 路 Rainforest Walk & Hot springs Arenal Volcano is a majestic symbol of nature that must be seen! Cross the immense Arenal Lake in our covered and safe motor-boat and then walk through the rainforest that covers the area near the volcano. Visit the magical hot springs of healing waters surrounded by impressive, well-manicured tropical gardens that crisscross the entire property. This is an ideal tour for people who want to relax and replenish their energies in one of the most stunning places in the country. Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, hiking, entrance to hot springs, lunch and dinner.

Rinc贸n de la Vieja National Park Hiking Rinc贸n de la Vieja is one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica. It is a rigorous but spectacular, and breathtaking hike around the area of Las Pailas, geothermal wonders! Over 300 species of birds have been recorded to live within the park. Along the hike, some 32 rivers rise out of this protected area, including the Colorado River and the R铆o Blanco, which carve through a white volcanic ash call ignimbrite. Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, hiking, entrance fee to the National Park and lunch. * This park is closed on Mondays.


Costa Rica’s Roots This is how it all started‌ Travel back in time to see how Costa Rican towns shaped up and how the cultural aspects of these towns and our rural areas influenced the Costa Rican way of life. Visit a beautiful ranch in the middle of the rainforest. Once there, experience different activities, from an interactive cooking class, visit a medicinal plant garden, and an organic vegetable and fruit plantation. Visit the 50-student elementary school while lessons period, catholic church, and the clinic. Some dollars of this tour, contributes to help children of the community. For a final sampling of rural Costa Rican life, a proud, yet uncomplicated family will open the doors to their home just for you to enjoy an afternoon of snacks, their famous homemade bread, and a cup of freshly-brewed Costa Rican coffee. Duration: Full Day Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual tour guide, tractor transportation and lunch.

Discover Nicaragua Lakes & Volcanoes Experience yet another Central American Culture and explore the colonial charm of Granada. You will visit the San Francisco Convent which holds a large collection of stone sculptures dating back to pre-Hispanic times. After a wonderful Nicaraguan lunch, offered at a local restaurant, you will drive to the active Masaya Volcano - you will be given the opportunity to stand right at the edge of the immense crater! Before driving back to Costa Rica, you will stop at the picturesque Indian Market at Masaya where you can shop for unique pieces of arts and crafts, souvenirs and leather items. Duration: Full Day. Tour includes: Round trip private A/C transportation, bilingual guide, cold breakfast, immigration taxes, entrance fees to the Masaya Volcano, entrance fees to Convento San Francisco and lunch. *Passport is mandatory with 6 months of validity; please review visa conditions on this tour.

Costa Rica’s Wonders Costa Rica´s Roots Discover Nicaragua Lakes & Volcanoes

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Responsible Tips to become Responsible a Sustainable Tips to become Travelera Sustainable Traveler Swiss travel is a socially and environmentally responsible company, Verified by Rainforest Alliance and Certified for Sustainable Tourism by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. We would like to invite you through the following tips, to become a responsible traveler while in Costa Rica. • Get involved with Costa Rica’s local culture and its traditions. Learn and respect the Costa Rican way of life, customs and laws • Save water during your trip, good examples are: tell your hotel staff you don’t need your linens changed every day, take short showers, and turn off the water when brushing your teeth. • Save energy: turn off all lights and appliances, and turn down the heat or A/C, when leaving your room. • When taking a tour or performing activities within protected areas, follow all the recommendations made by your tour guide and/or the area’s personnel. These are meant to protect you and the environment. • Whenever possible, buy local products. This contributes to the communities you visit. • Please avoid purchasing any items made of animal parts such as shells, feathers, bones and endangered woods. • Use environmentally friendly products, those whose contents or recipients are biodegradable, reusable or at least recyclable and preferably without excessive packaging. • Please do not feed wild animals. This food may harm the animals, turn them dependent on non-natural food sources, and in time upset their natural role within the ecosystem. • In case you need to dispose of any item, look for the appropriate container, or ask your tour guide about the best way to do it. • Swiss Travel signed The Code of Conduct against commercial sexual exploitation of minors. If you see, or suspect of, any activities of this kind, or use of illegal substances, please report it to our collaborators or to the local authorities.

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Let our excursions fit into Responsible your vacations… Tips to become a Sustainable Traveler A personalized and professional guidance will be provided by our personnel at the hotel, to make your vacations unforgettable. We offer you: · Small groups operation · Customized tours · Luxury & moderate activities · Professional ecotourism bilingual guides · Brand new transportation · Amenities (if requested) · Helicopters tours · Small planes services

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Terms & Conditions 1. Swiss Travel will operate the tours (seat in bus) with a minimum of passengers per motor coach. Private tours are available upon request.

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2. 20% charge (80% refund) upon cancellation of tours and transfers, when more than 24-hour notice is given. If cancellation notice is less than 24 hours, no refund will be applied. No-show, 100% charge. 3. Swiss Travel notifies that acts only as Agent for one-day tour reservation. We assume no liability for: injury, loss, or damage to person or property, in connection with any service, resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, detention, annoyance, delays and expenses arising from quarantine, strikes, thefts, pilferage, force, failure, of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, civil disturbances, government restrictions or regulations, discrepancies, or change in transit over which we have no control. Swiss Travel reserves the right to adjust the process in US dollars, without notice, to reflect fluctuations in the Foreign Exchange Markets, and exchange rates. Swiss Travel also reserves the right to withdraw a tour, or any part of it, to make such alterations in the itinerary as it dreams necessary for the comfort or well being of the participants and to pass on to tour members any expenditure or loss caused by delays or events beyond its control. Tour durations are estimated and may be subject to change due to weather and/or traffic conditions and other situations that we cannot control. 4. Swiss Travel and its designated representatives reserve the right to disqualify any person as member of any trip or tour, should such person’s actions, or general demeanor and conditions, impede the operation of the tour, or conflict with the right of enjoyment and/or the welfare of other members of the trip. Refunds are not extended under these circumstances.

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5. Children under 3 years old are considered infants; those between 3 and 9 will be categorized as children and be subject to the rates established for the category. Some restrictions apply for certain tours. Please contact your Swiss Travel representative for further information. Will advance deposit to Swiss Travel or any of its agents, the depositor therefore agrees to be bound by the above recited terms and conditions.